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					                 TES News                                                                   No 175 • Autumn 2009

  The newsletter of The Enfield Society

Concern over our Museum                                                           Relaunch of our Historic
                                                                                  Buildings Group
Since the loss of museum space in                                                 This Group has been dormant for a long
Broomfield House in 1985, when the
                                          From the web site of the                time, although Stephen Gilburt has been
disastrous fire occurred, the entire      Enfield Museums Service:                keeping a watching brief on the important
population of our large borough has       We aim to reflect the history and       buildings in the Borough as well as
had to be satisfied with just the         cultural diversity of Enfield through   giving talks on the subject and building
museum at Forty Hall. This is in the      advancing an understanding of           up his large collection of slides. Graham
                                          our collective past and shared          Dalling is now joining Stephen to
far north of Enfield in a magnificent
                                          future, and by providing a forum        relaunch the Group as an active branch of
historic house but which has never        for local people to participate in      the Society, and an open meeting for
had the accommodation or facilities to    the development of the service.         members will be held on Thursday 1st
house and display the type of museum      By collecting, caring for and           October at Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm.
and exhibits which a borough, such as     interpreting objects, we will create    Graham will give an illustrated talk on
ours, deserves and needs. When the        opportunities for everyone to           Enfield’s listed buildings and the aims
new extension to the Palace Gardens       experience, learn from and enjoy        and proposed activities of the Historic
Shopping Centre was planned,              the past and present.                   Buildings Group will be explained. The
provision was made for our Museum                                                 replies to our questionnaire, earlier this
                                          We are currently in a period of
and Museum Service to move there,                                                 year, showed that a considerable number
                                          planning for the new museum
into what is now named Thomas                                                     of members were interested not only in
                                          which will form part of the planned
                                                                                  our historic buildings but also in
Hardy House. Adequate space there         development in Enfield Town by
                                                                                  participating in the Historic Buildings
would fulfil Enfield’s needs and its      2009. Over the next 2 years we
                                                                                  Group. So we look forward to seeing
facilities could outmatch those in the    will continue to work with the local
                                                                                  many of you on the 1st October to join us
comparatively small towns of              community to further improve our
                                                                                  in re-establishing the Group which has a
Hertford, Ware and Hoddesdon, all of      services, and we welcome your
                                                                                  vital role to play both for the Society and
                                          ideas, views and feedback on the
which have outstanding centrally          re-development and our work in
                                                                                  for the Borough of Enfield.
located museums. At the present time      general.                                                               Colin Pointer
the first floor at Thomas Hardy House
houses the Local History Unit,                                                    Planning appeals
transferred from Palmers Green, and                                               Several recent appeal decisions, as
also the Central Library for the                                                  reported to the Conservation Advisory
duration of the construction work at                                              Group, have reflected the Planning
its premises in Cecil Road.                                                       Inspectors’ concerns that the character
When the Library returns home it                                                  and appearance of conservation areas
seems logical for the Museum and                                                  should be respected. A planned monopole
                                                                                  telecommunications antenna with control
Museum Service to move
                                                                                  cabinet on a grass verge next to Hoppers
permanently from Forty Hall into that                                             Road was turned down as an incongruous
first floor space. However it seems                                               and highly visible feature.
that there may be other plans afoot,                                              A Council enforcement notice against
perhaps to house a diluted museum                                                 numerous illuminated and non-
centrally but not on that ideal first                                             illuminated signs on the building at 80
floor. Enfield, with its long and                                                 Church Street, N9 was upheld, one of the
outstanding history, needs a major                                                reasons given being that the Conservation
museum to illustrate that past and also                                           Area Character Appraisal referred to a
the present, located in the heart of                                              proliferation of signs being one of the
Enfield Town, adequately housed and                                               issues facing the Conservation Area.
resourced. This would then be in a                                                An extension to the Trent Boys School
position to nurture small satellite                                               House adjoining Cockfosters Station was
museums in other parts of the                                                     refused as an incongruous addition and
Borough if this was considered                                                    again the Council’s Conservation Area
essential.                                                                        Appraisal is referred to.
                                          Have lunch in Middle Temple Hall
                                           on 15th September - see page 8                                     Chris Jephcott
                          Colin Pointer
The effects of the credit crunch are         Sadly we find the standard of the design    Parks
showing in the reduced number of             of the new houses very disappointing.       We commented on the draft Open
planning applications for major              The Society is still unhappy about the      Spaces Strategy for London and the
developments. Details of plans already       proposals for Southgate College as they     formal document has now been issued,
approved in principle are also slow in       affect the High Street frontage and         just in time to guide Enfield Council in
coming forward. The most significant         listed cottages. By contrast, we            its formulation of a new Parks Strategy.
to be approved recently are the latest       welcome the restoration proposals for       A Stakeholder Working Group recently
proposals for ‘enabling development’         the gardens at Myddelton House, which       held its first meeting. The appearance
of apartments in the grounds of Truro        even include replication of some stolen     of structures such as the blue MUGA in
House in Green Lanes, which will             stonework items!                            Enfield Town Park and the curious and
allow the restoration of this major listed                                               very large construction in the ancient
house to proceed. Also recently              In Enfield Town it seems as though
                                             agreement on the type of stone facing       woodland in Grovelands Park referred
submitted are detailed plans for                                                         to in the last newsletter [see letters,
residential development at the front of      for the new library has now been
                                             reached and likewise the latest plans for   page 4] emphasise the need for a
Arnold House Cheshire Home on The                                                        landscape architect to advise before
Ridgeway, following the appeal               the new Little Park Gardens Day Centre
                                             seem generally acceptable. It is good to    major installations are considered in the
decision to allow the rebuilding of the                                                  parks.
main building in the garden behind,          see that the Woolworths store is no
                                             longer empty.                                                          Chris Jephcott
within the Metropolitan Green Belt.

                           Publicity Group                                                      Trees Group
                                                                                         The Trentwood Side allotment plot has
                                                                                         now been rotovated and the first few
                                             New River Festival 2009                     trees, container grown, have been
                                             We attended the New River Festival on       planted. In the past various members
                                             Saturday 11th July with our stand in a      have notified us of tree saplings in their
                                             good position attracting a steady stream    gardens they wished to donate.
                                             of visitors. We gained 6 new members as     Unfortunately until now it has not been
                                             a result and possibly more to come from
                                                                                         possible to deal with their requests. I
                                             those who took away the TES application
                                                                                         don’t have a list of their names but if
                                             form. Thanks to Monica Smith and her
                                             team for staffing the stand, and Derek      anyone would like us to consider such a
                                             Stone for ‘put up’ and ‘take down’.         request I can be contacted, though it has
                                                                                         to be stressed that the condition and
                                             It was good to see the New River Action
                                                                                         species of the trees would have to be
                                             Group (NRAG) with a stand at the
The Enfield Society display and sales                                                    considered to ensure that they were
                                             Festival. The Group has been inactive for
  stand at the New River Festival            some time, but following its recent AGM     suitable for use. We expect to carry out
                                             members are getting activities moving       planting within the winter months when
                                             again. A number of walks are being          the trees are dormant.
                                             arranged and the newsletter should          Regrettably the Conservation Advisory
TES Publicity                                appear again soon. Any TES members          Group is still awaiting a report on
We have an updated poster in the Post        interested in joining NRAG should           Council policy regarding preserved
Office in Church Street, in a more           contact the Membership Secretary –          trees. The latest agenda received today
prominent position than previously.          Chris Royall, 27 Elm Park Road, London      again has no tree item. It is interesting
This poster is also appearing on             N21 2HP                                     that Barnet’s Tree Officer has, with his
‘Community’ Notice Boards that are                                          Bob Fowler   colleagues in the London Tree Officers
being placed at various National Rail                                                    Association, developed a system for
Stations across the Borough. Thanks to                                                   ascribing value to trees according to
Dave Cockle for organizing this.
                                              New members                                size, health, historical significance etc.
                                              We warmly welcome the following            For example, an oak in Southgate has
Spare copies of TES News continue to
                                              new members:                               been valued at £267,000. This should
be available from First Stop at the
                                              Ms. P. Allbutt, Miss M. Bayliss, Mrs.      help councils fight insurance claims. It
Central Library where our membership
                                              C. Bowden, Mrs. Donegan, Mr.T.             is all too easy to point a finger at a tree
application forms are also displayed.                                                    when the real cause lies elsewhere.
                                              Dowd, Ms. C. George, Mrs. Y.
                                              Griffin, Mrs. K. Humeniuk, Mrs. S.         Good news is that the proposal to fell
Enfield Town Show                             Ives-Moiba, Mrs. M. Lacy, Ms. M.           the magnificent oak in front of 244
We have booked space for our stand at         Lee, Mrs. C. Ranasinghe, Ms. M.            Chase Side, N14 has been refused.
the Town show, which takes place this         Randham, Mr. A. Rogers, Mr. P.                                          Chris Jephcott
year on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th           Starling.                                                                    Convener
September.                                                          Olive Sharman
                                               Historic buildings
Christ Church United Reformed Church
Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NB
Christ Church URC will be open to the         Christ Church is faced with Kentish
public from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday         ragstone on the outside and Bath stone
19th September, to coincide with the          on the inside. The reredos on the apse
Open House London weekend. There              wall is a stone relief copy of Leonardo
will be a display illustrating the            da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper.
architecture, history and activities of the   Late 19th century memorial stained
church, which will be decorated for the       glass windows represent Christ the
Harvest Festival service the next day.        Saviour and the Good Shepherd, the
The Grade II listed Victorian Gothic          four gospel writers, Peter and Paul, three
church was opened in 1875 on the site         1st century Christian deacons and three
of Zion Chapel (built in 1780), whose         Christian virtues.
members had agreed to unite with the          For more information telephone (020)
members of the adjoining Chase Side           8363 0031 or (020) 8363 4571, or visit
Chapel (rebuilt in 1830).                     online at
                                                                         Stephen Gilburt

                                                                                                       Christ Church
                                                                                                  (1874-5, extended 1885)
                                                                                                     seen from the west

     Chase Side Chapel (1830) and Zion Chapel (1780)
                 in the mid-19th century

               Stained glass window representing,                                          Interior at Harvest Festival
             from the left, Belief, Charity and Hope                                        looking towards the apse
                                                 Letters to the editor
In our last issue Tony Connolly wrote
about the new climbing structure in
Grovelands Park:
“This development is further damaging the
natural woodland that remains in the park.
It will have an adverse effect on the habitat
and security that wildlife enjoys there and
be ecologically damaging. The enjoyment
of people who like to walk quietly among
the trees will be much reduced.”
We have received the following letters in
From Valerie Martin (neé Jemmett, ex-
“Your summer ‘09 edition contained a
letter regarding Grovelands Park ... a
beautiful habitat, explored personally for
more years than I care to remember.
We visited over the weekend of 9th-10th
May with our son and two grandchildren                                     “Risk experience” in Grovelands Park
and surveyed the new (to us) climbing
facilities for 8-13 year old juniors. This did   Wheelie bins
blend so well in the relatively small area
                                                 From Mrs Mavis Cullingford:
provided and to our eyes had no injurious
effect whatsoever. In fact, it was great to      “What a catastrophe if these monstrosities
see the happy faces of all those around us.      were to be forced on us in Enfield. Without
The remaining walks in the Park –                saying, their presence would ruin our
including around the lake – surely must be       whole environment and drag us into slum
more than adequate.                              conditions in no time at all. I hope that
                                                 everyone will urgently revolt against this
We do question ‘natural woodland’. This          awful idea before it’s too late.
is an urban park, is it not? There is
sufficient habitat (including the banks of       I have written to the Enfield in Bloom
the lake) to protect the wildlife.               Committee, as I have serious concerns as to
                                                 whether any residents would have the heart
Finally, a London park should provide as                                                         A new category: “Bins in bloom” ?
                                                 to beautify their frontages and enter their
much enjoyment to the younger set, as            competition if gardens and pavements had           From <>
well as their elders. ‘Long live the play        to accommodate these huge ugly
area!’ ”
                                                 containers. Many friends already vow they       Newsletter
Another reader who asked that her name           will not co-operate with such a scheme.”
should be withheld, wrote by email:                                                              contributions
                                                 From Norman Bennett:
“My husband and I have passed the area                                                           Contributions to the newsletter from
                                                 “I have read recently that the Council is
several times and were pleased to see                                                            members are most welcome, and may
                                                 introducing Wheelie Bins to Enfield
young people enjoying the area in a                                                              be in the form of letters, articles, news
                                                 sometime in September.
sensible way. The playground area near                                                           items, responses to previous articles,
the cafe is more suited to younger               I am quite worried about the prospect of        opinion pieces or photographs. We
children. We cannot see why young people         having three of said bins adorning the front    cannot undertake to publish
and wildlife cannot share the same area.         of my house and wondered if the Society         everything, and we reserve the right to
After all the park is there to be enjoyed by     had raised any objections to this Council       shorten or edit items before
everyone.”                                       Policy. I would also like to know the time-
                                                                                                 publication. Copy in electronic form is
                                                 table for their introduction if you have that
                                                                                                 most convenient, and can be sent as an
 Community matters                               information. Apart from anything else, after
                                                                                                 email attachment to
                                                 watching the Bin Men in action; I would
 TES was selected by Waitrose in                                                       , but
                                                 have thought that it would take them about
 Enfield Town to take part in their              ten times as long to collect the rubbish and    items on paper can also be accepted.
 Community Matters programme for the             three times as long to collect the              Contact the Newsletter Editor,
 month of July. This is where customers          compostable and re-cycleable material.”         Leonard Will, at the above email
 at the check out are given a token to use                                                       address or by telephone at (020) 8372
 in the selection of one of three charities      The Enfield Society understands that a pilot
                                                                                                 0092 if you have any questions about
 for a share of a fund donated by                scheme is to be run in the Autumn. It has
                                                                                                 making a contribution. The copy date
 Waitrose. The fund is allocated between         been discussed at some length at Area
                                                                                                 for the next issue is 16th October
 the charities according to the number of        Forums and other open meetings and
                                                                                                 2009, but items can be sent at any time
 tokens received by each. At the time of         concerns have already been raised by the
                                                 minority group in the Council. The Society      and having them in advance is most
 writing all three charities, including                                                          helpful. The newsletter is distributed
 TES, were being well supported.                 will consider making a reasoned response
                                                 when we know the result of the pilot            about three weeks after the copy date.
                            Tony Langston
                                                 scheme.                                                                     Leonard Will
        Jubilee Hall                                        The President’s column
          meetings                                 The national response to the news that the         to the fund. Further
                                                   Civic Trust had gone into administration,          details can be found
Tuesday mornings 10.00 for 10.30am                 referred to in our last News, reinforces           on line at
29th September                                     the view that there is a need for a body to
Belgravia and Kensington Palace                    co-ordinate and represent the civic
                                                   society movement nationally. A                     The demise of the Civic Trust is a stark
Gardens by Peter Lawrence (with slides)                                                               warning to charitable bodies on the
27th October                                       groundswell of support following the
                                                   news has led to formation of the Civic             dangers of becoming too reliant for
Dick Turpin – the reality by Margaret                                                                 funding on competing as providers for
Bale (with slides)                                 Society Initiative. Launched in Convent
                                                   Garden on 2nd June by its new Director,            public services. When a contract is lost,
24th November                                      Tony Burton, it is appealing for £50,000           as for running the Green Flag
The history of the Royal Gunpowder                 funding to be reached by the end of the            programme, the result can be disastrous
Mills by Richard Thomas (with slides)              year. Prominent among its supporters is            for the charity. This is a problem, not
15th December                                      Griff Rhys Jones, former President of the          only for amenity bodies but also in areas
Christmas quiz                                     Civic Trust, and over 500 local civic              such as health and social service
                                                   societies have already said they wish to           provision. Fortunately the Enfield Society
Thursday evenings 7.30 for 8.00pm                  be kept in touch with the new venture.             has kept well clear of this risk.
August – no meeting.                               The Enfield Society has contributed £200                                        Chris Jephcott
17th September
Norfolk by Frank Bayford, with slides.                                                 Diary dates
15th October
Libya revealed by Monica Smith, with               Until 6th September                                12th September, 12.00 noon to 4.00pm
slides.                                            Designer style: home decorating in the             Grand Finale and Centenary reunion,
19th November                                      1950s. Following the Festival of Britain           Enfield County School Old Girls
Inland waterways by Richard Moules,                there was an emphasis on good design for all       Association. MC Sharp Building, (enter
                                                   aspects of home furnishing, The exhibition         from Silver Street). £10 per person to include
with slides.
                                                   illustrates this by showing a wide range of        buffet lunch and wine. Book by 4th
                                                   wallpapers and textiles. The Museum of             September with ECSOGA Treasurer, Ann
          Sales table                              Domestic Design and Architecture,                  Wickert, 84 Hoodcote Gardens, N21 2NE
                                                   Middlesex University, Cat Hill, EN4 8HT.           (020 8360 5573)
The 2009 Christmas card is the view of the         Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm,            19th-20th September
frozen New River towards Trinity Church on a       Sunday 2 to 5 pm. Admission free.                  Open House London weekend. Details
cold February day when the pigeons perched
                                                   14th August                                        available from mid-August on
on the railings were my only companions.
                                                   Tatem Park butterfly and dragonfly walk (2         <> or local
The price remains £1.50 for a pack of five of
                                                   hours) with the Herts & Middlesex Butterfly        libraries.
these cards with envelopes. The message
inside is “With best wishes for Christmas and      Conservation Group. Meet at 2 pm by the            20th September, 10.00 am
a Happy New Year”.                                 speed skating track, Tatem Park, Hedge             Walk from Albany Park to Trent Park
The only packs of previous years’ cards            Lane, Palmers Green. The Parks Outreach            (London Loop section 17). 9 miles. Meet at
available are Forty Hall Dining Room               Team.*                                             Albany Swimming Pool car park, Hertford
decorated for Christmas and with the turkey        16th August, 3.00 to 5.30 pm                       Road. Free transport back provided. The
on the sideboard and the painting by Emma          Hillyfields bandstand concert. Salsa with          Parks Outreach Team*
Collins, a young local artist, of Trent Park       Merengada. Collections will be in aid of           26th February 2010, 7.30 for 8.00 pm
House. Packs of four different cards are also      local charities. Full details are on the website   Joint meeting with Edmonton Hundred
on sale at £1, including envelopes.                <>                             Historical Society on John Keats. The
The full range of books stocked is listed on the                                                      poet’s association with Edmonton is
                                                   23rd August, 10.00 am
enclosed Order Form if you wish to order                                                              commemorated by a plaque and a bench in
                                                   Forty Hall circular walk. (4-5 hours)
direct. Former residents of Enfield often                                                             Church Street, and the meeting will be held
appreciate books on the area as gifts – the        through Forty Hall grounds, Gough Park and
                                                   Whitewebbs. Meet at Forty Hall Car Park.           in the nearby Charity School Hall .
latest publications are Graham Dalling’s The
Enfield Book and David Pam’s booklets on           The Parks Outreach Team.*
                                                                                                       *Contact details: The Parks Outreach
Edmonton and Enfield Town. Small items             5th-6th September, 10.30am to 6.00pm
such as pencils, pens and badges are useful
                                                                                                      Team. Phone (020) 8441 8272 or email
                                                   Autumn Show, Town Park. Visit the Enfield
stocking fillers.                                                                           
                                                   Society stand.
                                  Monica Smith

        Frozen New River Loop                              Forty Hall Dining Room                                Trent Park House
                                               available). Full route about 7.5 miles but   River Lee. Bring lunch or pub/café food
      Future walks                             many shorter options. Details: 8366 2242     available. Leader: Christine Fookes
                                               or 07948 204 025. Leader: Dave Cockle        Mon 19 Oct. Mid Hertfordshire. Meet
Train details are correct at press date but    Sat 12 Sept. River Quin & River Rib          10.45am Watton at Stone Station
we cannot accept responsibility for last       Valleys. Meet 10.30am at public car park     (10.21am train from Enfield Chase
minute changes.                                in Huntsman Close (off High Street) in       Station) for 8 to 9 mile circular walk in
Enquiries: for operating train                 centre of Puckeridge village (6 miles        the attractive Upper Beane Valley which,
companies’ enquiries and times ring            north of Ware via A10) for about 9 mile      although close to Stevenage, remains
08457 48 49 50; for TFL London area            circular walk in scenic countryside with     unspoilt and remote. Possibility of shorter
Tube, DLR, London Overground and bus           lunch stop in the pretty village of          option by using buses. Bring lunch or pub
details, ring (020) 7222 1234.                 Braughing. Possible to shorten route to      food probably available. Leader: Stuart
                                               about 5 to 6 miles by ending at              Mills
Reduced price train travel: Groupsave
                                               Braughing and returning to start by either   Sat 31 Oct. Lower Ash Valley. Meet
Off-Peak Day Return (previously Cheap
                                               bus or 1 mile walk. Bring lunch or pub       10.25am Ware Station (9.44am train
Day Return) tickets allow 3 or 4 adults to
                                               food available/village shop. Leader:         from Southbury Station change Cheshunt
travel together for the price of 2 adults on
                                               Stuart Mills                                 for 10.09am train) for 8 to 9 mile circular
First Capital Connect, London Midland,
Southeastern, Southern, Chiltern or            Tues 15 Sept. London Visit to Middle         walk via River Ash Valley & Wareside.
National Express East Anglia. Even for         Temple Hall. Brian Pask has arranged         Possibility of shorter option by bus. Bring
travel to the start of linear walks            with The Honourable Society of the           lunch or pub food probably available.
Groupsave tickets are usually cheaper          Middle Temple for a professional guided      Leader: Brian Frear
than buying a standard price single but        tour of this magnificent Elizabethan Hall.   Wed 4 Nov. Trent Country Park. Meet
you must travel as a group.                    Booking essential as numbers limited.        10.15am. Oakwood Station (121, 307
                                               Please note this is a smart dress event,     and 377 buses) for about 2.5 hour circular
Please bring your Freedom Pass /               not a walk. For full details see page 8.
National Bus Pass with you as we might                                                      walk in the late autumn colours of Trent
use a bus for access.                          Mon 21 Sept. Enfield’s Countryside.          Park. Leader: Carol Cope
                                               Meet 10.10am Gordon Hill Station             Sat 14 Nov. Border Country. Meet
Please wear walking boots or stout             (access by W8, W9 (5 mins walk) & 610        10.00am at front door of Forty Hall
walking shoes – trainers are not usually       buses or 10.01am train from Enfield          Mansion (in case the car park closes
suitable, even for London parks.               Chase Station). About 2.75 hour linear       earlier than expected, recommend car
Sat 22 Aug. New & Old. Meet 2.30pm             walk (with 1.5 hour option) using many       drivers park in Forty Hill and walk to the
at front entrance to Forty Hall Mansion        of Enfield’s rural field paths via Tingey    Mansion). 9.5 mile circular walk from
for 3 to 3.5 hour circular walk including      Tops, East Lodge and Holly Hill Farm         Enfield into Hertfordshire using some
New River, the Whitewebbs & Forty Hall         and ending at Botany Bay. Both options       newly created paths. Lunch stop at Goffs
Estate and newly created bridleways just       return to Enfield by 313 bus. Leader:        Oak where the group can be left or joined
over the border in Hertfordshire. Leader:      Carol Cope                                   (options are 4.25 miles in morning, 5.25
Stuart Mills                                   Sat 26 Sept. Hertfordshire Swallow           miles in afternoon). Bring lunch or food
Sat 29 Aug. Three Villages. Meet               Holes. Meet 2.25pm Potters Bar Bus           available. Details: 8364 0300. Leader:
2.20pm The White Hart, South Mimms,            Station, adjacent rail station (2.01pm 313   Colin Adams
(84 & 398 buses from Potters Bar               bus from Cecil Road, Enfield Town) for       Wed 18 Nov. East London Waterways
Station) for 3 to 3.5 hour circular walk       3 to 3.5 hour circular walk via North        & Marshes. Meet 10.00am Cambridge
via Ridge village with tea break in            Mymms with tea break in Water End            Heath Station (9.29am train from Enfield
Shenley village. Leader: Ken Cooper            village. This part of the valley of the      Town or 9.43am from Seven Sisters
Bank Holiday Mon 31 Aug. Roding                Mimmshall Brook is noted for having          Station). 3 hour linear walk via Victoria
Valley. Meet 10.40am Theydon Bois              exceptionally varied geological features.    Park, Hertford Union (or Ducketts)
Station (Central Line, about 30 minutes        Leader: Ken Cooper                           Canal, Walthamstow/Hackney Marshes
from Liverpool Street Station) for 10 mile     Wed 7 Oct. From 1066 to an Olympics          and Lea Valley Walk ending at
circular walk via Abridge and                  Site. Meet 10.20am at the main front         Tottenham Hale Station. Optional lunch
Lambourne. Shorter option or return by         entrance to the Abbey Church, Waltham        facilities at end. Details: 07703 470 156.
bus from Abridge (lunch stop). Bring           Abbey (frequent buses from Waltham           Leaders: Toby Simon & Margaret
lunch or food available. Leader: Brian         Cross bus station – 5 mins journey time),    McAlpine
Frear                                          for about 3 hour circular walk from the      Sat 28 Nov. Green Chain Walk. Meet
Wed 9 Sept. Capital Ring. Either travel        Abbey grounds via the arboretum, Lea         10.47am Falconwood Station (10.25am
with Dave from Enfield Chase on the            Valley Park, Fishers Green and               Dartford train from London Bridge
9.34am train to Moorgate, then via             waterways. After walk: choice of eating      Station). Alternatively, travel with Roy
Northern Line to London Bridge mainline        facilities in Waltham Abbey &/or be a        on the 9.29am train from Enfield Chase
station for frequent trains to Woolwich        tourist and see the Abbey, Abbey gardens     or meet Roy at 9.55am when this train
Arsenal Station. Alternatively, join group     and the Epping Forest District Museum        arrives at platform 9, Kings Cross
by 10.55am in the ticket hall of               (free admission) in Sun Street. Leader:
                                                                                            mainline station. About 7.5 mile circular
Woolwich Arsenal Mainline Station (not         Norman Coles
                                                                                            walk via woods, open spaces, historic
DLR). Note: if you use the DLR to reach        Sat 10 Oct. Lea Valley Park &                buildings and Avery Hill Park. Shorter
Woolwich Arsenal, please go to the             Waterways. Meet 10.44am Broxbourne           options including ending at lunch stop in
mainline station. From the Thames, the         Station (10.14am train from Southbury        Mottingham (bring lunch or food
Capital Ring heads inland through a            Station change Cheshunt for 10.39am          available). Details: (020) 8360 0282.
succession of parks, commons and woods         train) for a maximum 8.5 mile circular       Leader: Roy Nicholls
to end at Falconwood Station. Lunch stop       walk (with shorter 6 or 7 mile options)                                      Stuart Mills
en-route (bring lunch or food probably         via New River, Rye House, lakes and
Walking on water                                       Enfield Society visit to Hackney, 20th June 2009

This photo shows Enfield Society members
disembarking from the Woolwich Ferry on
3rd June whilst walking Section 15 (Beckton
to Woolwich) of the “Capital Ring”, a 78-
mile footpath which encircles London.
Further sections will be included in our walks                          The Enfield Society group outside Sutton House
programme as we make our way round in a
clockwise direction. The next section will be     Hackney is an area that never seems to             Huguenots, the Monger almshouses and a
covered on 9th September when I will lead         receive a good press and arguably has one          Baptist chapel of 1847.
the walk from Woolwich to Falconwood.             of the worst images of any part of                 In Cassland Road, we saw Hackney
                                  Dave Cockle     London, and so I was pleased to have a             Terrace, built in 1792 by three
                                                  party of sixteen join me at Victoria Park          speculators, and unusual for the area in
                                                  for an exploration of part of this east            that it is designed to appear at first as one
Photos from the past                              London Borough.                                    large house. The individual houses are
sought for railway                                Hackney has a long history and a                   unified with a line of stone at first floor
centenary exhibition                              surprisingly large number of buildings of          level and a large pediment over the
                                                  different ages survive as evidence of this.        middle two houses. This speculative
                                                  One difficulty for the visitor is that they        venture was not a financial success. The
                                                  are spread thinly over a relatively large          houses did not appeal to the businessmen
                                                  geographical area, so an afternoon visit           of the City of London, as they were not
                                                  meant that only a small selection of these         prepared to commute so far. The unified
                                                  could be seen.                                     style contrasts with the Georgian terrace
                                                  We started in Victoria                             in Clapton Square seen near the end of
    New railway bridge, Holtwhites Hill           Park, (actually in                                                 the walk. In 1864, a resident
                                                  neighbouring Tower                                                 of Clapton Square became
                                                  Hamlets) which was the                                             the first person murdered on
                                                  first public park created                                          a train in this country.
                                                  to serve the rapidly                                               Before we arrived at this
                                                  expanding suburbs to the                                           attractive area, we had a tea
                                                  east of the City. It was an                                        break at Sutton House, the
                                                  attempt to improve the                                             oldest surviving house in
                                                  environment and stave                                              East London. The National
                                                  off possible civil                                                 Trust is now the custodian
  Freight train on bridge at Grange Park          insurrection. The                                                  of this Tudor property. The
                                                  government purchased                                               surviving tower of
April 2010 will be the centenary of the Great     290 acres from the                                                 Hackney’s medieval parish
Northern Railway extension line from Grange       Crown and the Church,                                              church dedicated to Saint
Park to Cuffley. An exhibition celebrating the    and James Pennethorne                                              Augustine and the larger
event will be staged next year at Cuffley
library during April before moving to Forty
                                                  designed the flower beds,                                          replacement of 1797, St
                                                                                Drinking fountain in Victoria Park
Hall for May and June.                            shrubberies and                                                    John at Hackney, together
                                                  promenades in time for it                                          with a terrace of houses in
I am particularly seeking any old photos from
private collections that may include the          to be opened to the public in 1845. A              Sutton Place, built in 1809 were all
stations at Grange Park, Enfield Chase,           later amenity provided as a result of the          passed on route to Clapton Square. A
Gordon Hill, Crews Hill and Cuffley for           generosity of Baroness Angela Burdett              short walk then took us to Hackney
possible inclusion in the exhibition. Copies      Coutts, was the elaborate drinking                 Downs station for the return home.
would be made of any originals which would        fountain of 1862 in Victorian Gothic style         Fortunately many of these buildings are
be promptly returned. I already have many of      with Moorish touches. This survives but            listed and, as many of the period houses
the local post card views of these stations and   sadly is closed off to the public, awaiting
photos from local history books.                                                                     of the area are now fashionable and well
                                                  restoration. We passed out of the Park             cared for, they should be around for you
Any memorabilia relating to the line such as      into a residential area of predominantly
old tickets/timetables would also be                                                                 to visit in the months to come. However,
                                                  middle class housing of the 1870s but              nothing lasts for ever, not least in
considered for display at the exhibition.
                                                  containing a disused Jewish burial ground          Hackney, so I suggest that you explore
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated; I    founded in 1788, a former hospice
can be contacted on (020) 8366 2242.                                                                 the area for yourself at an early date.
                                                  designed for the distressed descendents of
                                   Dave Cockle                                                                                           Mick Coe
   TES Directory                               Visit to Polesden Lacey and Painshill Park, Surrey on
                                               Saturday, 26th September, 2009
President: Dr C.J.A. Jephcott                  Polesden Lacey is a Regency country
Chairman: Colin Pointer                        house with renowned Edwardian interiors
                                               and gardens, set in the beautiful North
Hon. Secretary: Richard Stones                 Downs countryside. There is a NT gift
Hon. Treasurer: David James                    shop, garden shop and farm shop and
Office: 2 Parsonage Lane, Enfield,             gourmets should find something of
        Middlesex, EN2 0AJ.                    satisfaction in the licensed restaurant.
Telephone: 020 8363 9495                       The gardens and shops are open at 10.00
When there is nobody in the office, messages   am and the house at 11.00 am, which
left on the answering machine will be dealt    should allow time for exploration until
with as promptly as possible.                  we depart for Painshill Park at about 2.00
Website:             pm. We should have about two and half
                                               hours to explore one of the most
                                               important 18th century landscape gardens
For information on TES activities or to        of Painshill Park before making the
report matters you think need                  journey back to Enfield .
investigation or action, please phone the
appropriate number below:                      The cost of the trip is £26.50 per person
Architecture and Planning
                                               (£17.50 for National Trust members) and
020 8363 7707 (John Davies)                    includes coach fare, driver’s gratuity, and
                                               entrance fees to both venues.To reserve a
Coach Outings
020 8360 8974 (Jim Deamer)                     place please apply to Jim Deamer, 32 The
                                               Orchard, Winchmore Hill N21 2DH, tel:
Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings,          (020) 8360 8974, enclosing your cheque
Green Belt                                                                                                Polesden Lacey
020 8360 5677 (Chris Jephcott)                 payable to The Enfield Society. Please
                                               include a stamped, addressed envelope to
Edmonton Group                                 receive confirmation of your booking,
020 8367 5920 (Monica Smith)                                                                  The management committee recently
                                               made ONLY on receipt of an sae. Please
Footpaths and Walks                            remember to indicate your preferred pick-      confirmed that these trips are for paid-up
020 8367 5168 (Shirley Cotton)                                                                members of the Society. If anyone who is
                                               up point for the coach, either Village
Historic Buildings Group                       Road at the junction with Bush Hill            not a member wishes to come, they can
020 8363 0031 (Stephen Gilburt)                Road, Winchmore Hill at 8.15 am, or            easily join for a minimum subscription of
Jubilee Hall Bookings                          Genotin Road, Enfield at 8.30 am. Your         just £2.50 per year. Application forms
020 8360 3873 (Pat Keeble)                     telephone number would also be useful          are available from Jubilee Hall or may
                                               where possible.                                be downloaded from our web site at
020 8367 6189 (Olive Sharman)                                              Janet McQueen

Press and publicity
020 8363 5732 (Bob Fowler)                     Visit to Middle Temple Hall – Tuesday 15th September
Records and Research                           Brian Pask has arranged with The
020 8372 0092 (Leonard Will)
                                               Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
Trees                                          for a professional guided tour of one of the
020 8367 9696 (Emma Collins)                   finest examples of an Elizabethan Hall in
Management Committee                           the country. Begun in 1562, it has
Dave Cockle, John Davies, Robert               remained almost unaltered to the present
Fowler, Stephen Gilburt, David James,          day.
Tony Langston, Stuart Mills, Peter
Perryman, Colin Pointer, Olive Sharman,        Although the tour itself is free, afterwards
Monica Smith, Derrick Stone, Richard           an optional pre-booked 3 course lunch and
Stones, Leonard Will.                          coffee (at a set price of £18.50 per person)
Vice-Presidents                                is available in this awe-inspiring hall. The
Mr A. J. Skilton, Mr D. Pam,                   attractive surrounding gardens may be               Middle Temple garden
Mr S. R. Smith, Mrs P. Lowen,                  seen after lunch.
Lord Graham of Edmonton,
Mr M. Saunders, MBE, Mr C. Pointer.            Either pre-assemble for morning coffee at      to Mr.B.J.Pask and send to 161 Wellington
                                               The Knights Templar pub nearby at 95           Road, Enfield EN1 2RJ. Enquiries: 020
Newsletter Editor
Leonard Will                                   Chancery Lane and leave from there with        8360 5593. Please enclose a stamped
(             Brian by 10.25am, or meet at the Middle        addressed envelope with your application
                                               Temple Hall, Middle Temple Lane (off           for confirmation of booking.
The Enfield Society.
Registered in England as a limited             The Strand/Fleet Street) at 10.50am.           Please note that the Middle Temple has a
company no. 312134.                            Tour numbers are strictly limited and          smart dress attire code – men: please wear
Registered Charity no. 276451.                                                                suits or smart casual clothes with ties
                                               access is only available by booking in
Printed by Studio Projects Ltd                 advance with Brian. If you wish to also        (town shoes – no walking boots or
                                               have the lunch, then when booking for the      trainers!).
                                               tour please enclose a cheque made payable                                      Stuart Mills

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