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									        THE CITY OF TORONTO

BFP Device Survey Completion

     A Step-by-step Guide To Completing The
   Submission Forms For Backflow Compliance

                    June 2010

Getting The Forms Online

BFD Surveys

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How to Contact the City

                 June 2010   2
Survey Forms
These are needed when a facility has
multiple water meters or upon request
from the General Manager of Toronto

              June 2010                 3
            BFD Survey Requirements
In order to survey a facility for its premise isolation Backflow
Prevention Device(s), the certified surveyor must…
   Be A Certified Surveyor As Described In Schedule 6 of the By-Law.
   A certified surveyor must submit copies of the
   required documents in order for the survey to be approved.

   Provide a system sketch, indicating the following…
   - All City of Toronto Water Meter’s present, including the by-pass
   - All BFP Devices for premise isolation.
   - Any branch, hose, or split connections between the water meter the
   premise isolation BFP device (providing an explanation).
   Complete the form in full; incomplete forms will be
                                June 2010                                 4
Getting The Forms

       The Survey & Test Report forms can be
       found online at the backflow website.

       For additional support, please note the
       Backflow Groups’ contact information at
       the end of this presentation.

      June 2010                                          5
Getting The Forms

            Scroll down…

      June 2010            6
Getting The Forms

      June 2010     7
Getting The Forms

      June 2010     8
Getting The Forms

      June 2010     9
Getting The Forms

      June 2010     10
BFD Survey’s (part 1 )

        June 2010        11
BFD Survey’s (part 2 )

        June 2010        12
BFD Survey’s (part 3 )

        June 2010        13
        BFD Survey’s (part 4 )

Information including who can conduct the
survey, building permit requirements,
owner’s responsibilities, device information,
and all criteria that must be met before the
survey is conducted.

                          June 2010             14
    BFD Survey’s (part 5 )

All Facility information must be
completed for any surveys conducted.

                      June 2010        15
            BFD Survey’s (part 6 )

The Facility and Owner information must be completed in full.
The number of Toronto Water meter’s present is essential for
the survey. Please make note of the top floor static water
pressure, to ensure that there is adequate water pressure after
the installation of the premise isolation backflow device.

                                   June 2010                      16
             BFD Survey’s (part 7 )

List the type of property being surveyed. Ex: All residences
of 5 or more units would be “Multi-Residential” or a Metal
Fabrication facility would be “Industrial.” These & other
classifications are listed in Municipal Code Chapter 851
Schedule 5.

                                    June 2010                  17
            BFD Survey’s (part 8 )

A system sketch must be provided with each survey
conducted. It will provide a visual description of the
system’s setup & is vital in identifying the location(s) for
premise isolation devices.

                                     June 2010                 18
             BFD Survey’s (part 9 )

This section is dedicated to each service connection supplying water
into a facility. If there are more than one water service connections,
fill out “Service Connection 2…3….” until you have identified all water
supply-pathways. If there are more than 4 service connections, the
surveyor can print out multiple pages & fill out as many as needed.

                                     June 2010                            19
              BFD Survey’s (part 10 )
Identify the main use of the service connection (domestic, fire, sprinkler, etc..) its
hazard classification ( Moderate, Severe), and all the sizing, model, make, & serial #
information. The surveyor must also fill in the date of any existing device
installations, note any by-passes or branch connections, and remark on any
additional important information the owner, tester, and the city should be aware of.

                                     June 2010                                           20
           BFD Survey’s (part 11 )
The water meter serial and account number are crucial to note down. The
Backflow group will correlate this information with the facility being

                               June 2010                                  21
         BFD Survey’s (part 12 )
The condition of the BFP device as well as its orientation and
location must be noted.

                           June 2010                             22
           BFD Survey’s (part 13 )

This section is completed ONLY if there are multiple BFP
devices protecting the same service connection. Fill out all of
the device information in full.

                                June 2010                         23
            BFD Survey’s (part 14 )

Having multiple BFP devices protecting one service
connection usually means the system has a unique
setup. The “Remarks” section provides a clear
understanding of why the device is installed, and any
other important information.

                                 June 2010              24
        BFD Survey’s (part 15 )

Use this field only if there is a 2nd service connection
present at the facility.

                            June 2010                      24
           BFD Survey’s (part 16 )

Use these fields only if there is a 3rd or 4th service
connection present at the facility being surveyed.

                              June 2010                  25
         BFD Survey’s (part 16 )

Some facilities have non-City Of Toronto water sources.
Please make note of these additional water sources and their
devices (if any).

                              June 2010                        26
            BFD Survey’s (part 16 )

If there is a BFP device for this water source, please fill
out all of the devices’ information.

                                   June 2010                  27
          BFD Survey’s (part 16 )

This section is for the surveyor to fill out his contact information and
his credentials (OWWA #) as a certified surveyor, described In
Schedule 6 of the By-Law. If the surveyor has not submitted copies of
his credentials, the survey form will be rejected.

                                June 2010                                  28
         BFD Survey’s (part 16 )

The blank isometric grid paper, to clarify the system-setup or
any unique situations.

                                June 2010                        29
        BFD Survey’s (part 16 )

Any survey’s being submitted must be signed by both the
surveyor and the owner. Both party’s confirm that the survey
is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and
acknowledge all other terms of the survey form.

                             June 2010                         30
             Form Submission
• Documents can be submitted by…
• Email to :
• Fax to : (416)-394-5716

• Mail to:    Backflow Prevention Program
              Toronto Water
              Environmental Monitoring &
              30 Dee Avenue,
              Toronto, Ontario
              M9N 1S9
                   June 2010                31
        Frequently Asked Questions
 Here are a few common FAQs…
1. Is a building permit required to install a backflow
   prevention device?
   Yes. the Water Supply Bylaw Chapter 851 requires a building
   permit for projects involving new or altered plumbing, including
   backflow prevention devices.
                    For the nearest location, go to:

2. Do Survey’s need to be submitted on a specific form?
   Yes. Survey Forms must be submitted on a City of Toronto
   Backflow Prevention Device Survey Form.

                              June 2010                               32
                  FAQs (cont...)
3. Who is qualified to conduct a backflow prevention
   device survey?
  An Authorized Person as defined under the City of Toronto
  Water Supply By-law, Municipal Code Chapter § 851-8G
  (Schedule 6). An Authorized Person must prove their
  qualification by submitting copies of their required
  documentation to the City Of Toronto.

         • For more FAQs, please visit…


                             June 2010                        33
       City Contact Information
• Call 311 to report an emergency incident such
  as a spill or backflow event.
• For general inquiry, concern, issue, or failure /non-
  compliance of backflow protection, contact:
    Backflow Prevention Program
      Environmental Monitoring & Protection
      Toronto Water
      30 Dee Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
      M9N 1S9
      Tel: 416-394-8888
   Or, you can send your email inquiry to:

                         June 2010                        34

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