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									What kind of property can a community develop                   Will Government be providing any support for
under the new right?                                            communities using the Community Right to Build?
The type of property to be built will be for the community to   The Government are considering the scope for a
decide.                                                         collaborative resource which would allow communities to
                                                                take advice and learn from the experiences of others and
Communities might wish to build a mixture of market             may include some supportive element.
housing for sale, affordable housing for rent, sheltered
housing for older local residents, or low cost starter homes
for young local families struggling to get on the housing
ladder or they might wish to build a new playground for
                                                                How will the introduction of the Community Right                                                    THE ACCORD GROUP
children. The Accord Group has experience of developing
                                                                to Build make places better?
                                                                The responsibility for the outcome rests with the community.
hundreds of sites and is a Registered Housing Provider.
                                                                The fact that the local community have got together to form
Accord can support local communities looking to exercise
                                                                an organisation to take control of how their community can
the Community Right to Build with business planning
                                                                be improved for the benefit of that community is democracy
support and financial appraisals on Community Right to

                                                                                                                               Community Right to Build
                                                                in action at a very local level. The chance for members of
Build proposals.
                                                                the community to play a meaningful part in shaping their
                                                                community is a golden opportunity to make it a better place.

Can communities take forward other types of
As well as housing, the Community Right to Build will allow
                                                                Our Community wants to explore the Right to Build                                       The Accord Group Guide
the community to provide other services for the benefit of
                                                                what should we do?
                                                                Contact the Accord Group! We can provide a comprehensive
local people. For instance, they might offer long-term low
                                                                package to help you or we can help in the following ways:
rent commercial accommodation for a village shop on a
serviced tenancy, a community hall, or a sports facility.                                                                      What is the Community Right to Build?
                                                                • Help developing a shared vision for a build in the
                                                                                                                               The Community Right to Build gives groups of local people the power to deliver the development that their
                                                                  Community – “Planning for Real®”
                                                                                                                               local community wants, with minimal red tape.
                                                                • Establishing Community Owned Co-operatives and Mutual
Where can the Community Right to Build be used?                   Housing Organisations through bchs
The new right is likely to be most relevant to rural            • Assistance in creating plans and bringing them forward to    Communities may wish to build new homes or new community amenities, and providing they can
communities, where local people agree that more affordable        construction – Indesign                                      demonstrate overwhelming local support, the Community Right to Build will give communities the powers
homes or, for example a new village hall are needed. The        • Assistance in financial appraisal – The Accord Group         to deliver this directly.
Government are proposing to initially restrict the size of      • General support in the Community Right to Build Process –
community that might use the right to build.                      The Accord Group

                                                                Carl Taylor is co-ordinating the Accord Group’s response
                                                                to communities exploring the Communities Right to Build
                                                                programme and can be contacted for an initial chat on
                                                       or on 07808 054562.
Under what powers will the Community Right to                     People go on to use their knowledge of living in the area
Build be created?                                                 to make suggestions by placing cards directly onto the
The Government are introducing a Localism Bill which will         model. These resulting priority lists form the basis for an
pave the way for the creation of Community Right to Build.        Action Plan that the community can begin the process of

                                                                  Community engagement is not just about consultation
Where will Community Right to Build be used?
                                                                  and the provision of information, important as these
We see Community Right to Build as a means by which like
                                                                  are, it should also be a means by which local people can
–minded people come together with a shared vision of what
                                                                  be fully involved in the process of change, interacting
they want to achieve in their community and how they can
                                                                  equally with other stakeholders and wielding real power.
achieve it. The Government believes that only people who
                                                                  Anything less is unlikely to result in the development of
live in the area should be able to use the Community Right
                                                                  sustainable communities or the implementation of effective
to Build.
                                                                  neighbourhood renewal.

                                                                  “Planning for Real®” allows local people to engage hands-
Can property developers use the Community Right                   on with issues that affect them and is especially useful for
to Build?                                                         Community Right to Build proposals because “Planning for
The Government believes that only the people who live in an       Real®” provides a means of giving local people a voice, and
area should be able to use the Community Right to Build.          professionals a clear idea of local peoples’ needs.
Whilst communities may wish to employ an agency to work
alongside them, for example the Accord Group, they may            “Planning for Real®” is a flexible tool and has been
also wish to develop their own ideas. The Accord Group            effectively employed in heavily urban areas such as inner
can also assist communities who would prefer to do it             city London, in very rural areas in the Highlands and Islands
themselves!                                                       of Scotland, in very diverse communities, for example those                                                                                                                   TREFOIL GARDENS
                                                                  found in Birmingham and in very divided communities such
                                                                  as Newtown Hamilton in South Armagh.                            A community land trust co-operative or mutual housing             Once a project proposal has been finalised and community
How would a community use the Community Right                                                                                     organisation will overcome the argument that the                  buy-in has been secured and assuming that there are no
to Build?                                                         By utilising “Planning for Real®” we believe it is possible     development will not be for the benefit of local people; not      other legal bars to the project, the community organisation
It is likely that members of a community will come together       for communities to create a sense of ownership over             only will it be for local peoples’ benefit but it will be owned   will need to hold a referendum. The Government anticipates
and decide that they would like to take forward development       proposals for the Community Right to build. It enables          by local people.                                                  that the local authority will be able to do this on the
in their community - be it homes, shops, businesses or            a community to have the discussion about what their                                                                               community organisation’s behalf. bchs has experience of
facilities. We can help in providing this vision. Planning for    community needs in a constructive manner and to identify                                                                          many residents’ ballots and will be able to advise you on the
Real offers communities a way of getting real ownership           the most appropriate places for these developments and                                                                            best way to approach the ballot to ensure the community
over the vision for their community. By giving the people         also gives the community ownership over the sort of             We form a Co-operative or Community Land Trust
                                                                                                                                                                                                    has the opportunity to get its views across fairly.
the power to physically shape the built environment using         proposals that should be bought forward.                        then what?
models, it brings the planning process to life.                                                                                   Once established these community organisations will want
                                                                                                                                  to begin developing their projects. This will include engaging    Are there going to be any restrictions on a
                                                                                                                                  with their community in firming up ideas and in identifying       scheme?
                                                                  We have identified a site and have an action plan,                                                                                Under the scheme, any community which wishes to benefit
                                                                                                                                  local needs, discussing opportunities with land owners,
How does “Planning for Real®” help?                               what next?                                                      engaging designers and identifying suitable project finance.      from development will be able to seek the Community
                                                                  The Government anticipates that the community will                                                                                Right to Build as long as they can demonstrate that they
                                                                  need to set themselves up as a corporate entity. We can         They will also want to have some early discussions with           have met various minimum criteria to ensure development
                                                                  help with this process. For over 20 years bchs has been         developers and local authorities to identify development          is sustainable and have the overwhelming support for the
                                                                  working with communities to establish Co-operatives and         opportunities and obstacles to delivery. We can assist in         development through a referendum.
“Planning for Real®” events are famous for involving              community owned mutual housing organisations which give         this process, the Accord Group have a design service called
models and getting communities to come together over an           communities real power over the housing they live in and        “In-design”. In-design can assist in developing projects
action plan for the future of an area - though these are only a   develop.                                                        from the stage of being identified by “Planning for Real®” to     What is the maximum size of a development using
part of the whole process.                                                                                                        completion. Employing design professionals and a range of
                                                                  We have helped hundreds of communities to form their                                                                              the new right?
                                                                                                                                  construction experts all with vast experience of community        The Government vision is that communities should have the
The model of a neighbourhood is often made by local people        own enterprises which are now managing and controlling          architecture, In-design can work alongside you in the design
                                                                  housing in their communities. We believe that either                                                                              freedom to develop housing and other facilities that they
themselves in order to create a sense of ownership over                                                                           process.
                                                                  community land trusts, or co-operative and mutual housing                                                                         agree that they want, subject to minimum criteria to ensure
the process. A number of events are run depending on the
                                                                  organisations will work particularly well with the Community                                                                      the development is sustainable. However, communities will
number and nature of the participants. Sometimes separate
                                                                  Right to Build as they are managed and owned by local                                                                             only be able to expand in size by a maximum of 10 per cent
events are run for specific groups, such as young people.
                                                                  communities.                                                                                                                      over any 10 year period.

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