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					CommsOffice CTI

                  Computer Telephony Integration
CommsOffice CTI™

Communications management for every business

                         CommsOffice CTI™ is available for Panasonic KX-TDA, KX-TDE and
                         NCP systems. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables you
                         to personalise telephone system-customer interaction, reduce call
                         times, and improve efficiency. CommsOffice CTI™ provides customer
                         information at user’s desktops as they make and receive calls.

                         CommsOffice CTI™ combines                            Consider the following:
                         information from telephone systems,
                         business applications and databases to               Do your customers experience lengthy delays
                         provide users with a more complete picture           whilst their details are being searched for?
                         of the customer enabling a more efficient
                         and appropriate response. This provides              Using Calling Line Identification (CLI) from
                         important benefits for any business including:       your telephone system CommsOffice
                                                                              CTI™ software will locate your customer
                         l   Identifying callers as the call starts ringing   details and “Screen Pop” this information as
                             saves 10-20 seconds off each call                calls start to ring.

                         l   Access to historical data as the call starts     Wasting time searching and dialling incorrect
                             ringing speeds up call resolution times,         numbers?
                             generates cross-selling opportunities and        With PC screen dialling, you can select any
                             lowers overall call duration times               number from; Microsoft Office applications,
                                                                              your database and any Windows application
                         l   Enables users to personalise customer
                                                                              that will allow highlight and copy. Using
                             interaction for greater customer
                                                                              progressive/predictive* dialling you can define
                                                                              dialling campaign lists of numbers to be called
                         l   Lowers time spent manually searching for         automatically by individual extensions or
                             data thus reducing customer on hold time         groups of agent extensions.

                         l   Screen-based telephony functions                 * Note: Progressive and predictive dialling requires
                                                                              purchase of additional licensing and is not included with
                             such as screen pop, screen dialling and          standard CTI functionality.
                             progressive/predictive* dialling significantly
                             enhance user and agent productivity
                         l   Enables businesses and contact centres
                             to handle more calls with lower or
                             existing staff
                         l   Significant cost savings for any business
                             not just contact centres

                         CommsOffice CTI™ reduces the time,
                         cost and complexity of deploying CTI
                         solutions, integrating with Microsoft Office
                         and other CRM applications.
CommsOffice CTI™

CommsOffice CTI™ Provides:

l   The ability to see who is calling before
    answering the call
l   Feature-rich screen based display that
    increases user productivity, visibility
    and call-handling capabilities
l   Differentiator when competing against
    other traditional and IP-based PBX
l   Allows users to efficiently manage calls                                CTI Client
    rather than simply answer phone calls
l   Presence, users can see visual status of
    other CTI clients
l   Runs with all versions of CommsOffice™
    so once installed additional functionality
    can be purchased and is enabled online
    by application of licence upgrade

Any business using a PC and a telephone
system will benefit from using CTI. More
efficient and accurate dialling, seeing who is
calling enabling prioritisation & more efficient
call handling are just some of the benefits.
                                                                           Address Book

                                                   The CommsOffice CTI™ Client can                 The users can Transfer Calls to:
                                                   manage calls and call functions as              l   An Extension
                                                                                                   l   An ICD or ACD Group
                                                   l   The user can Answer Calls
                                                                                                   l   To an External Number
                                                   l   The user can put Calls on Hold/Take
                                                       them off Hold                               l   To a Paging Group
                                                   l   The user can Hang Up Calls                  l   The User Can Transfer calls:
                                                   l   The user can Park Calls                          l   Unannounced (Blind)
                                                                                                        l   Announced
                                                   l   The user can Retrieve Calls
                                                                                                        l   Hold Pending Transfer
                                                   The user can Add Calls to Speed
                                                   Dial by:                                        The User can achieve this by:
                                                   l   Highlight the current call and select add
                                                                                                   l   Drag and Drop the call over the
                                                       to Speed Dial                                   appropriate extension

                                                   l   Highlight the current call and drag and     l   Can press the assigned “F” or other
                                                       drop over the Speed Dial List                   function key

                                                   l   Open the History tab and add to             l   Can right mouse click, open a menu and
                                                       Speed Dial                                      utilize the function

                                                   l   Open the Address Book and Add to
                                                       Speed Dial
CommsOffice CTI™

The user can Dial Calls from:                                                                      CTI Client users can:
l   The numbers on the Dial Pad                                                                    l   You can set your absent
                                                                                                       message (but no one else)
l   Select an Entry in the Address book
                                                                                                   l   You can operate the All Calls
l   Double Click on a Speed Dial Entry                                                                 tab (if you are given permission)
l   Highlight a phone number ANYWHERE                                                              l   Transfer via drag/drop, F
    in an application (other applications) and                                                         function or menu
    press Windows + F2 (configurable)
                                                                                                   l   Park, Hold Mute or Page a call
l   Select Windows + F3 (configurable and
    type the number into the pop up                                                                l   Set Modes (if you are given
l   Press the assigned key to auto dial
    (say “+”)                                                                                      l   Read or add notes to a call in
l   The user can Answer ANY calls that
    are within the system and that are not                                                         l   Read historical notes
    destined for the user. (They could
    say intercept a call ringing to another
                                                                                                   l   Send Messages
                                                 CTI Client Taskbar               Speed Dial Tab
    extension from an outside DDI)                                                                 l   Send E-Mails
l   The user can initiate a Chat session with                                                      l   Database look up for a range
    any other user                                                                                     of CRM packages
l   The user can send a Message to any user                                                        l   Initiate Scripts based on an
l   The user can send an e-mail to any user                                                            incoming DDI/DID

l   The user can see Absent Messages set
                                                                                                   l   Add to Speed Dials (System
    on any system extension                                                                            Only)

l   They can set the DND, The Call
                                                                                                   l   Dial from any Microsoft
    Diversion and the Call Forwarding                                                                  Application
    properties on their extension                                                                  l   Universal Dial from ANY
l   The user can add notes to a call that has                                                          Windows application
                                                                 Speed Dial Entry
    been answered                                                                                  l   Function key to open desktop
l   The user can read previous notes for                                                               dialer
    a call that has been answered (Icon                                                            l   Dockable statistics windows
    presented in Calls window tab)                                                                     settable for any group that you
l   The user can set themselves                                                                        are a member of
    Ready/Not Ready                                                                                l   Separate Statistics Window
l   The user can set themselves on a Break                                                             (mini wallboard)
    (definable types of break)                                                                     l   Login or out of any ACD group
l   The user can display as a separate                                                                 you are a member of
    window or dock into the CTI application
    a series of small windows with statistics
                                                                  Desktop Alert
    for the nominated groups they
    are a member of
CommsOffice CTI™

l   Enter Manual Wrap-Up (Busy) in any                                                                           l   How calls are presented via
    group you belong                                                                                                 screen or screen and popup
l   View (and notes to) your calls for the day                                                                   l   The type of calls that open a
                                                                                                                     popup (ringing or lamping or
l   View and listen to any recordings for the                                                                        none)
    day (
    module)                                                                                                      l   Their default status when
                                                                                                                     opening or closing the
l   Search for your recordings, add notes                                                                            application
    and or ratings and “risk” ( module)
                                                                                                                 l   The functions that are to
l   Run in Mediator mode (Mini Mode) and                                                                             happen on an inbound or
    access ONLY people status, messaging,                                                                            outbound call when using
    e-mail and tasks tab                                                                                             Outlook Contacts

Settings/Variables                                                    CTI Client Dialling                        l   By default use Outlook or an
                                                                                                                     HTTP based database for
In addition, the user can create up to 10                                                                            lookups
customisable modes that ANY user (CTI
Client) can use. Selecting the mode will then                                                                    l   Set up the Hot Keys
set the name of the mode as the person’s                                                                             (Command Keys) they wish
absent message on their phone, set them as                                                                           to use with the Telephone
unavailable for receipt of calls in all of the                                                                       functions (e.g. Answer,
ACD groups they are a member and record                                                                              Hang-up etc)
the start and stop time of the specific mode
they have chosen.
                                                                                                                 l   The Modes they wish to
                                                                                                                     setup and use for the 10
Depending on the settings, the dial,                                                                                 programmable buttons on
answer, transfer and hang-up functions are                                                                           the Modes tab. (Note - Reset
also available from the Pop-up (Desktop                                                                              is a fixed button)
Alert) if it is enabled. The system will                                                                         l  Enable the popup for Call
automatically display the associated
                                                                                                                    Recordings that do not have
extension list that belongs to a specific
                                                                                                                    notes attached (Note - you
ACD or DDI/DID when a call is received
                                                                                                                    will need the   module for
on that number. On receipt of specific
                                                                                                                 this to
numbers, the system will automatically
open a third party application to display a
“Script” for the operator (or agent) to read.                                                                    l   The colour, font size, and
The User can decide:                                                                                                 ACD group that the Statistic
                                                                                                                     panels will refer to

                                                                     Agent Call duration

Minimum System Requirements                      l   Windows 2000                    l   Internet connection for product updates
                                                 l   Pentium IV
                                                                                     l   and maintenance
                                                 l   2GB free on hard drive
                                                                                     l   RS232 serial port & cable connected
                                                                                     l   between your PBX and the computer
                                                 l   1GB RAM                         l   that will be logging calls (if the PBX is
                                                 l   USB and CD ROM                  l   not IP addressable)
                                                                                     l   Computers will require NIC (Network
                                                                                     l   Interface Cards) if the products are to
                                                                                     l   be used over a network
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