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					Key Priorities for 2010
Goal: Operate in a Sustainable & Accountable Manner
Objective: Promote positive relationship with municipal partners to provide library services to
the public in an efficient and cost-effective manner
Task: Establish an Alternate Sources of Revenue working group

Goal: Provide and Promote Opportunities for Lifelong Learning
Objective: Use technology to deliver library resources, programs and services, and expand access
to other learning opportunities
Task: Develop and evolve the eBranch
                                                                                                          Strategic Plan Update
Objective: Create a customer-focused culture by responding to and anticipating customers’ needs
Task: Develop guidelines for community consultation process
                                                                                                           EMBRACING the FUTURE
Goal: Align Governance and Organizational Capacity to Achieve Strategic Goals and Objectives
Objective: Support a well-functioning governance structure and Board                                          Key Priorities for 2010
Tasks: Develop municipal survey tool
       Analyse municipal survey results                                                                      GREATER VICTORIA PUBLIC LIBRA RY
Objective: Develop a coordinated and comprehensive facilities plan, within the regional context
Task: Complete Library Facilities Plan

Objective: Align staff and organizational resources to meet strategic objectives
Tasks: Develop annual staff training plans
       Develop and refine orientation process for new employees

Goal: Act as a catalyst and partner to support and promote community, economic and cultural development
Objective: Build new and enhance existing relationships with multiple community partners to position
GVPL in the community as a major provider for information, education and literacy programs and services
Tasks: Develop a communication strategy to most effectively profile GVPL
       Provide advocacy training for Board and staff
       Explore potential for Board to establish committee liaison positions with key strategic
       community partners
                Strategic Plan Update                                                                       Communication
                                                                                                            We have undertaken a number of initiatives to improve communication within the Library, with our mu-
                                                                                                            nicipal partners and our community. Through LibSat, our online feedback tool, we invited and received
                              Key Priorities for 2010                                                       useful information from our customers, which assisted us in improving our service. Our monthly High-
                                                                                                            lights newsletter connects us more regularly with municipal Councils.
        Seven themes continue to be the basis for our activities by both the staff and the Board.
         These themes have been guiding the Library since 2005, when our first strategic plan               Our Facilities
       ”Embracing the Future: The Greater Victoria Public Library’s Strategic Plan” was adopted.            The past year has seen the development of a new facilities plan “Making Space for the Future”. With the
                                                                                                            assistance of CitySpaces Consulting Ltd. and
            Before looking ahead to 2010 activities we have a brief summary of some of the                  Chow Low Hammond Architects, the Library
                                     highlights from 2008-2009.                                             Board undertook a far reaching consultative
                                                                                                            process in creating this blueprint for the fu-
                                                                                                            ture of our facilities. A detailed needs assess-
Commitment to Community                                                                                     ment and more than 40 consultations result-
One of our best commitments to our community is in the form of a new branch – and we have opened            ed in a plan that recommends a new model of
two in the past three years. Saanich Centennial in the Gorge-Tillicum neighbourhood and Goudy Branch        service developing over the next 15 years. The
in downtown Langford have both proved to be welcome additions and are heavily used. In 2009 we held         Plan recommends ongoing improvements in
a number of Open Houses in the branches to facilitate direct interaction with our CEO and senior staff      several branches make them better places for
and to obtain feedback from our users.                                                                      both our customers and our staff to use.

                            Children and Youth                                                              Our eBranch
                            Creating a Teen Librarian position was a first step toward improving our        We are committed to using technology wherever it can improve our service. Many activities have moved
                            commitment to teen literacy. Friends of the Library assisted us with funds      online, including program registration, fines and fees payments and due date alerts to name a few. Do-
                            to create more inviting space and build the teen games collections with         nations may now be made online. Our network was upgraded to improve reliability and a new Manager
                            material that appeals to youth today. As well through the use of social         of IT Solutions position was established and filled.
                            media we delivered more service to teens through the technology that is a
                            part of their daily lives. The Teen Reading Club, a program previously run by
                            the Library Services Branch of the Provincial Government was taken over by                                Accountability
                            GVPL and offered as a national program.                                                                   We improved the usefulness of a number of our reports, including the annual
                                                                                                                                      budget documents, for both the Board and our municipal partners and intro-
                                                                                                                                      duced several new and revised financial policies. A standard agreement for
Community Collaboration                                                                                                               contracted services was developed and implemented. On the staffing side we
We continue to search out mutually beneficial relationships in the community. Over the past several                                   introduced performance planning to achieve the strategic goals identified by
years we have worked with University of Victoria, Camosun College, the People’s Law School and the                                    the Board.
Salmon Kings on various programs which promote the Library and literacy. Working with Literacy Victo-
ria GVPL provided paperback donations to various social agencies and homeless shelters. In partnership
with Vancouver Island Regional Library we established our first Writer In Residence program. Our most
important partnerships continued to be with our ten municipal Councils and a new five year operating
agreement was reached with them all.

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