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Dos & Don’ts of
Repeat Business

  5 Ways to

                  Don’t Jump through hoops
 3 Sales Tips
                  simple tips every broker needs to know

 Sales Tactics for    Advice from an expert lender
Staying One Step                which will
     Ahead               set you apart.
                                                     Simply Stated. Simply Commercial.
                                                                                top 5 Ways
takIng aWay all thE hoops                                              to ImprEss BorroWErs
The difference between do-
ing something nearly right
                                                                           WIthout thE hOOps
and exactly right is the dif-
ference between failure and
success. At United Financial

we make sure things are                                                       Be knowledgeable and well informed of
done exactly right the first                                                  current loan programs and promotions.
time around. As the Senior
Operations Manager, my job
is to make the commercial
lending process efficient for

you. Here at United Financial                                                 Patiently explain terms in a clear way to
we’ll give you the peace of                                                   borrowers.
mind you’ve always wanted
with your commercial loans.

We understand that you’re really tired of the hoops you have to
jump through in order to close your loans. I would like you to
know that I’m willing to take away the hoops and all the frustra-
tions that come with the loan process. You’ll be left with a lender
                                                                       3.     Always make time for your borrower.

who truly wants to work with you. I know that you hear promises
all the time from other lenders but have they really lived up to
any of them? You work hard as it is already, so please allow us to
take the burden off your shoulders.

lender of Choice
                                                                       4.     Be pleasant to work with.

As a nationwide lender, United Financial is known for its person-
alized customer service, flexibility and efficiency. Our stated in-

come, stated assets program is ideal for the 90% of borrowers                 Make sure there are never any surprises
who are turned away by traditional and hard money lenders. In                 at closing.
speaking with brokers, I’ve noticed that they’re highly impressed
with our fast turn around time, competitive rates, fees, promo-
tions and loan structure. What’s even more impressive is that
United Financial gives brokers extra time to bring in additional
loans. That’s because we require only a submission form, 1003
and credit report. After that, we take the loan from there and do        “You don’t have to impress borrowers by
all the work for you. I’ve found that both brokers and borrowers
are attracted to our no hassle form of commercial lending. Thank        jumping through hoops. Borrowers look at
you for choosing United Financial, you’ll lose all the hoops and
gain an expert lender.                                                the simple things when they search for a good
                                                                        broker. When you’re comfortable with your
                                                                       skills you’ll be confident with what you do.”
                                                                             - Alexander (United Financial L.O.)
Latchmi Munian
Senior Operations Manager

        THE NEW fACE
        Of unItED fInancIal
                                                                        nEW anD ExcItIng
                                                                        WEBsItE fEaturEs
                                                                  •	 Chat live with a Loan Officer for quick
                                                                     answers to questions and scenarios
                                                                  •	 Submit your loan online
                                                                  •	 View current promotions and rebate offers
                                                                  •	 Read about our Program Highlights
                                                                  •	 Keep updated with events
                                                                  •	 Use our Broker Tools

                 Dos anD Don’ts for rEpEat BusInEss
Let’s face it, how many brokers can say they get bombarded all the time with
customers calling them for more business? The reality is brokers have to work
hard to get more deals. When they find borrowers the key is to keep them
for repeat business. How’s that done? United Financial has compiled a list of
useful tips that will help you to get more business and keep the clients you’ve
already worked with. There’s simply no need to jump through hoops.

                                     Do   ask previous clients if they have more loans for you

                                •	   Do   send reminders: postcards, phone calls, e-mails, faxes and flyers.
                                •	   Do   listen to borrowers’ suggestions on how to improve your customer service
                                •	   Do   offer special incentives
                                •	   Do   build on your strengths

 •	   Don’t   sound desperate for more business

 •	   Don’t   forget to keep in contact
 •	   Don’t   ignore borrowers’ suggestions for improvement
 •	   Don’t   forget to offer incentives to previous borrowers
 •	   Don’t   make your plan complicated

rEpEat BusInEss Equals loyal customErs
Today’s cutthroat world doesn’t allow for customer loyalty. It can be achieved though. Remember, building
a list of loyal customers isn’t like making instant pudding, it doesn’t happen all at once, but rather it will take
time. With much persistence and hard work it can be done.

EmployEE hIghlIght: ALMA LORENzO
                                                              loan procEssor
What is your job description and what are
some of your main responsibilities?                              What were some of the challenges you’ve
                                                                 faced in the last quarter?
I order appraisals, review files and collect all conditions
before they are submitted to underwriting. I keep an             some of the files have had environmental issues.
open line of communication with brokers on a daily               This presents challenges to the file, which must
basis to make sure all my information is updated.                be resolved before it can move forward.

                                                                 How did you overcome these challenges?
What do you find most satisfying about your
                                                                 I researched the exact procedures which would
                                                                 have to be taken to solve the specific problems
everyday I look forward to learning something new.
                                                                 that came up. This allowed me to offer my brokers
I enjoy the environment I work in and the people I
                                                                 full support and I was even able to recommend
work with.
                                                                 companies that would help them to resolve their

                                                                  What were motivating factors that made you
What specific things do you do to meet the                        want to go beyond what was expected of you?
needs of your brokers?
                                                                 I honestly always go beyond what’s expected. I
I keep my brokers up-to-date with the progress of                try to stay a few steps ahead. I know how hard
their loan. I make sure that I answer all of their               everyone works on a file to get issues resolved.
questions so that I can put their minds at ease                  Closing is always a priority no matter what file
with their file.                                                 or issue presents itself.

DEal of thE quartEr:                             mIxED-usE                            COmmIssIOn:
  PROPeRTy TyPe:                                                                            $24,000

 Brooklyn, ny

 PROBLems enCOUnTeReD:                                               sOLUTIOn:
There were problems with the Title. There were 20             Our legal department spoke with representatives
year old liens on the property. This was a rollover           from the previous liens so that the issue could be
from the seller’s side.                                       settled. The deal was closed in 45 days.

 UnIqUe TO THIs DeaL:                                            LessOns LeaRneD:
The loan amount was $800, 000 and the liens
                                                              Both brokers and borrowers need to be up-front
amounted to $1.7 million.
                                                              right from the start.
        RECENT dEALS
 Auto Repair Shop            Location: Chicago, Illinois            multi-family         Location: Jersey City, new Jersey
                             Loan amount: $675,000                                            Loan amount: $930,000
Broker Commission:                                              Broker Commission:
     $10,125                    Closed in 39 days                    $18,600                     Closed in 43 days

        Motel                Location: Houston, Texas               Retail Store              Location: miami, Florida
                             Loan amount: $275,000                                            Loan amount: $550,000
Broker Commission:                                              Broker Commission:
      $8,250                    Closed in 28 days                    $16,500                     Closed in 34 days

   salEs tactIcs:               stayIng onE stEp ahEaD
   What is your current position at United Financial?
According to Forbes magazine the mortgage industry is the most profitable business in America. For mortgage
   What the commercial field, this and what are some of your main responsibilities?
brokers in is your job descriptiongrowth means big profits. As one of United Financial’s Senior Loan Officers, I
help brokers fine tune their marketing and networking skills. Here are a few methods that have been proven to
   What do you find most satisfying about
help you through the commercial lending hoops. your job?

   What specific things do you do to meet the needs of your brokers?
     1. Forget, borrow and learn.
    What were methods the challenges you’ve effective the last quarter?
Forget about old some of that haven’t produced thefaced in results you want. Borrow
ideas from other brokers that work and tweak it to make it your own. You can call up
    How did you overcome these challenges?
brokers to share and compare your methods. They may be willing to open up to you if
you offer a percentage at closing with referrals. Most importantly, learn new techniques
    What were motivating factors try new things. If want to go from technology,
by getting out of your comfort zone andthat made you you shy away beyond what was expected of you
                                                                                             Juan Perez
    this past aquarter?
try setting up website and getting it listed in the major search engines.                senior Loan Officer
   What advice would you give to brokers who want to originate more commercial loans?
     2. Know your loan programs.
Borrowers look at this to measure how qualified you are to handle their business. Become familiar with your area
and commercial properties which will fit your program criteria. For instance, at United Financial our Stated/Stated
program is a major attractor for small business owners because of our rates and terms.

     3. network, network, network.
For some, this may not be second nature because it requires a certain finesse of charm, self confidence, and boldness.
Once you get the hang of it, though, it will become much easier. Try these simple ideas. Every time you visit a business,
for personal or professional reasons, leave your business card and flyers, even at the mom and pop shops. Do the
same thing at trade shows and other events. This creates a network of lead generating sources, which will in turn
allow you to have a steady influx of target customers.

At United Financial we understand how hard brokers like you work to close your loans. When you work with United
Financial you’ll be working with a lender who will remove all the hoops blocking your path to a closed commercial
loan. Call United Financial and see what it’s like when a lender puts you first.
   COMMERCIAL                                                                           ExclusIvE promotIons
                                                                                                 United Financial always looks out for our Brokers.
                                                                                                 That’s why our special promotions will attract more
                                                                                                 borrowers and get you the commission you deserve.
                                                                                                 Keep an eye out for our current offers and feel free to
                                                                                                 use them as incentives for your borrowers.

  Hotel / Motel
                  Assisted Living
                                    Self Storage                                                                             Closing Rebate
                                                                                                                                 up to:   $2,000

                                                                                                                    NATIONWIdE CONTACTS
                                                                                                                    nationwide    866-939-8384                    

                                                                                                                    West Coast    866-940-8384

                                                                                                                    Midwest       866-941-8384

                                                                                                                    South         866-942-8384

                                                                                                                    northeast     866-943-8384

                                                                                                                    Southeast     866-945-8384

Call or e-mail us today to get started on your loan. as a nationwide lender, United Financial has turned more
than 10,000 frustrated brokers into more than 10,000 happy brokers. Come experience what commercial
lending is like without all the hoops.

                                                                                                                             THE COMMERCIAL
   United Financial, LLC
   14400 nW 77th Court, suite 202                                                                                                          CLOSER
   miami, Florida 33016

    kEEp an EyE out
     for our most
      RECENT AdS!                               At United Financial we know each broker by name.
                                                We focus on your individual needs and customize our programs to meet them.
                                                Call 866 - 520 - UFTG now to start lending on a first name basis.
                                                                                                                                                      In 2007 we turned more than 10,000 frustrated brokers into more than 10,000 happy brokers.
                                                                                                                                                      And we treated each broker like they were number one.
                                                                                                                                                      Join United in 2008 and be one of the thousands.

                                                                                                                                                                              UnitedSales          866 - 949 - UFTG
                                           866 - 520 - UFTG                                      
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