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Fall 2008                                                                                                                     ACTR Letter

                                                                Newsletter   of the   AmericAN couNcil        of   teAchers      of   russiAN

                                                                                          VOLUME 35 NUMBER 1 Fall 2008

                                                                                                     IN THIS
                                               by Irwin Weil, Northwestern University

    n Pushkin’s «Дубровский» the protagonist meets a Frenchman traveling in Russia,        The 55-Year Meandering Odessy of an
    saying he answered an ad to become an “outchitel.” He didn’t exactly know what              Учитель .......................................... 1
    an “outchitel” might be, but since he had been a decent baker in Paris, he thought     Email Addresses....................................... 2
that would suffice.                                                                        Professional News.................................... 2
                                                                                           В память Claire Walker........................... 3
          One might think that our contemporary preparations to become yчителя             Reviewers’ Corner: Cinema for Russian
are perhaps more linguistically sophisticated than the Frenchman’s notions, but who             Conversation. Volumes 1 & 2 .......... 5
knows? In thinking back over my own experience in teaching Russian and Russian             2009 NPSREC ......................................... 6
literature, commencing back in 1953 at the Library of Congress and continuing through      2008 ACTR Olympiada of Spoken
four or five major American and Russian Universities, I ask myself: what worked in              Russian .............................................. 8
ways that would have made me an excellent Parisian baker (had I worked beside a            New Editor for Classroom Potpourri ....... 8
hot oven), and what flopped in ways that would have made Frenchmen throw the               ACTR 2008 Russian Scholar Laureates .. 9
obnoxiously baked dough in my face?                                                        С новым учебным годом! ................. CP-1
                                                                                           Игра – классная работа:
         Well, there was the matter of one’s attitude toward the subject. Back in                Акро-Макро............................... CP2
the post-WWII Cold War days there were always those who deeply resented any                Самый старый учебник РКИ ............ CP2
seemingly friendly attitude toward the Soviet Union. Often they had a difficult time       Бенджамин Франклин – член Петер-
distinguishing between a love and attraction toward such suspiciously Bolshevik                 бургской Академии Наук .......... CP3
creatures such as Dostoevsky and Gogol and a tendency to see everything good in            Люди готовы играть всегда! ............. CP4
the Soviet Union. And it was sometimes hopelessly ineffective to point out that the        Методический пунктир ..................... CP4
former’s novels were not exactly hosannas to the Five Year Plans, and the latter’s         International Olympiada of Spoken Rus-
presentations of Russian Provincial Life were not exactly dithyrambic descriptions of           sian – Results .................................. 16
local Soviet Administrative abilities.                                                     Twenty-Seventh Annual NREC............. 17
                                                                                           Russian in the News ............................... 19
         However, in spite of certain light-minded objections to the original              Database Development .......................... 21
establishment of ACTR, most American Scholars and the mass of our students                 Nominations for ACTR Board of
understood that enthusiasm for the teaching of Russian was not a purely political               Directors ......................................... 21
passion. We could react with humor to Majakovsky’s impassioned:                            Regional Educational Advising
         “Я� выучил русский только �а то,                                                       Coordinator Position ....................... 22
         Что так ра�говарывал Ленин.”

And we also understood that enthusiasm could be surprisingly contagious, especially         HAVE YOU RENEWED YOUR
when combined with the powerful expressions of Russian literary prose and poetry, not          MEMBERSHIP IN ACTR
to mention the addition of Russian folk music aided by such composers as Tchaikovsky
                                                                                            FOR 2008? YOUR MAILING
and Musorgsky. Any course in the study of the Russian Language has to include a
large dose of repetition and practice, often with language that does not exactly have        LABEL SHOWS THE YEAR
subtlety of metaphysics but which can certainly include its own doses of humor and            FOR WHICH YOUR DUES
pedagogically useful frivolity. And there were among us some brilliant practitioners of
                                                                                                 HAVE BEEN PAID.
irony and comic paradox blended in artistically with grammar learning exercises.
                                                                                             PLEASE SEE PAGE 23 FOR
                                                            Odessy, continued on page 
                                                                                             RENEWAL INFORMATION.

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     ACTR Letter                                                                                                              Fall 2008
Odessy, continued from page                                                        Perhaps the themes of conferences already organized
         I have in mind particularly the work of my late colleague        by the Center might illustrate some of the issues involved. In
Alexander Lipson whose exquisitely developed grammatical rituals          2005, the 60th anniversary of the end of what we call World
caused many a class to take wing with unusual but important points        War II and they call Великая Oтечественная война, we had
of Russian grammar and verbal conjugations. Naturally there were          presentations of that hideous war as seen through Russian
those who reacted violently against his unconventional ideas that         and through American eyes. On the Russian side was a very
sometimes bordered on deliberate linguistic hooliganism, but              intelligent and sensitive Russian professor, now in his eighties,
the very vehemence of their reactions added zest to the learning          who had fought in the Soviet Army. As you might imagine, his
of Russian. Needless to say, the Soviet observers were deeply             viewpoint was considerably different from the one gleaned from
shocked by his irreverence — and he took their hostile reaction           my memory as a Cincinnati teenager in the early 1940’s. For
published in the Soviet Press as another lesson in his method.            both of us it was an unforgettably dramatic, sometimes traumatic,
                                                                          time. But what a difference! Likewise, a year or two later we had
         All of these things took place in the old Soviet days of         a conference on “Myths We Tell About Each Other.” Several of
learning Russian when part of the slogan that supported us was            the presentations centered around political satire and caricatures in
“to know one’s enemy.” In vain did I argue that Pushkin and               the popular press. As you might imagine, the fertile use of humor
Bulgakov were hardly our enemies any more than were my normal             in both countries gave a good example of how both language
Soviet acquaintances whose friendship I enjoyed, thanks to the            and visual art can stimulate new viewpoints toward arguments
exchanges that existed at that time, especially with the agency of        which have become stale with too much thoughtless repetition.
                                                                                   The coming year of 2009 is the two hundredth birthday
          Of course we now live in an era considerably changed            of Abraham Lincoln, and our February conference will be devoted
since that time. That being said, I think it is a mistake to think that   to the theme “Problems of Democracy and National Unity in the
the earlier lessons of friendly exchange are in a sealed tube which       Light of Lincoln’s Work and Personality.” It’s interesting to keep
should be tautologically called “forgetful oblivion.” Obviously, the      in mind that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (1863) was
history of three or four Soviet generations is not going to disappear     separated by only two years from the liberation of the Russian
simply without a trace. The language has certainly taken on its           Empire’s Serfs (1861) under the regime of Aleksandr II. With all
load of Americanisms, and one can travel in ways that would have          of the social and linguistic effects of such large events it is clear
been unthinkable in Soviet times — the guy at the airport will even       what a wondrous range of scholarly and pedagogical investigation
smile at you and say, “Welcome!” But Russian bureaucracy is still         work is open to us.
there, and rules and regulations are still made for vast categories
of people and institutions without careful consideration of their                  The examples I have given from the American Studies
local effects.                                                            Center have many parallels in other current Russian academic
                                                                          and cultural institutions. I have been witness to many of them,
          And how does this affect us as teachers of Russian              sometimes participating as a visiting lecturer; many of my
language and purveyors of the best in Russian culture? It gives us a      colleagues can testify to similar experiences.
tremendous opportunity. English ways of thinking and expressing                                                    Odessy, continued on page 
thought are now much more up front in Russian — personalities
and style from the Russian Emigration, particularly figures like                           EMAIL ADDRESSES
Vladimir Nabokov, play an enormous role in the Russian public

psyche. Russian colleagues and students are openly eager and                         e sometimes have news or information that is too im-
ready to join with us in a cultural community of mutual expression                   mediate to await the next newsletter, and we would
and learning. ACTR continues to play a central role in aiding and                    like to help you keep informed by email. Please send
guiding these movements, and we have many opportunities to join           an email to <actrmbrs@sbcglobal.net> using your preferred email
in.                                                                       account. Please put “email” in the subject line. No message is nec-
                                                                          essary. This will serve to update and/or verify the address we now
         Our newly established American Studies Center at the             have on file.
Moscow Humanities University is a case in point. It’s close to my
heart since I have been involved from the beginning. American                           PROFESSIONAL NEWS
students and scholars are being welcomed there in an attempt to
understand American culture from a point of view originating
                                                                                          FROM MEMBERS

outside the U.S.A. At the same time many aspects of Russian
                                                                                  ave you recently been promoted, received an award, com-
history and culture are being observed through American eyes,
                                                                                  pleted a degree, retired? Want to share an interesting ac-
especially by our compatriots who are getting or who have already
                                                                                  tivity in your institution? Please send us your news, and
obtained some considerable knowledge of the Russian Language
                                                                          we will try to print it. Items should be short and succinct. Send
and culture.                                                              your news to <actrmbrs@sbcglobal.net>.

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Fall 2008                                                                                                           ACTR Letter
Odessy,continued from page 
          This is a tremendously interesting and potentially               В ПАМЯТЬ CLAIRE WALKER
instructive time for us — as Americans and as teachers of Russian.

Let’s take joyous advantage!                                                                             laire Walker, one of the
                      — Prof. Irwin Weil, Northwestern University                                        founders of the American
                                                                                                         Council of Teachers of
                                                                                                 Russian, our first Executive
                      Please join the                                                            Secretary, and founding Editor of
                                                                                                 the ACTR Letter, died on August
             Friends school alumni association
                                                                                                 11 at the age of 96. She and
             and head oF school matt micciche
                                                                                                 her students were the first U.S.
                         in attending a
                                                                                                 participants in the International
                  Quaker memorial service                                                        Olympiada of Spoken Russian in
                   For Friends school’s                                                          Moscow and she developed the
       visionary teacher, mentor, and beloved Friend                                             model for ACTR’s Olympiada.
                                                                     Claire Walker in 994 with
                                                                     Zita Dabars who succeeded Claire may be best known among
                                                                        her at Friends School    our readers for the intermediate
                Claire G. Walker                                                                              омик
                                                                                                 reader «Домик на болоте   болоте»
                          9-008                                  which she edited and made available to American students
                                                                     through her Russian Packet along with a great variety of
            Saturday, October 4, 008                                other classroom materials in an era when little was available.
                                                                     She taught Russian at Friends School of Baltimore for many
                   :00 a.m.                                        years before retiring in 1975. Irwin Weil, another of ACTR’s
                                                                     founders, wrote in part:
                 stony run Friends meeting
                 5116 north charles street                                 “What an unusually powerful figure she was! ... She
                   baltimore, md 21210                                  stimulated thought and action at the very highest level
                                                                        of humane values. She was direct and plain spoken to
                                                                        an extreme degree, and you never had the slightest doubt
                                                                        where she stood on any issue. Yet, at the same time, she
               Followed by a recePtion at the                           had a human quality of sympathy and compassion that
            james l. Zamoiski ‘68 alumni center                         overwhelmed any possible sense of fanaticism or
          Parking available on the Friends camPus
               5114 north charles street                                   “I remember most especially when others attacked us
                                                                        for reaching out to cultural exchange with Russians in the
                                                                        USSR [through the then newly-established МАПРЯ�Л -
                                                                        ed.] it was Claire Walker, with her old-fashioned way of
                                                                        talking and direct eye contact that made it possible, and
                                                                        almost easy, to continue our work while at the same time
                                                                        recognizing the feelings of those who were attacking us.
Claire Walker                                                              “Later on, when she was appraising some of my cultural
as a young                                                              and literary work, she did it in a way that encouraged
                                                                        the better part while still indicating the places where it
woman.                                                                  simply left her in the cold. That would have been out of
                                                                        place or discouraging from other people, but from Claire
                                                                        it indicated understanding and encouragement; a serious
                                                                        person was taking seriously what I was trying to get across.

                                                                          “Her speech was the direct rendition of the old-
                                                                        fashioned U.S.A. Without affectation or even a trace
                                                                        of pomposity she argued and worked for what she most
                                                                        deeply believed. When they created her, they broke the
Thanks to
                                                                        Claire Walker was a friend, colleague, teacher, and
Heidi Blalock,                                                       inspiration to many of us. This woman of slight stature stood
Friends School                                                       tall in the ranks of our profession; those of us who knew her
of Baltimore.                                                        are the better for it.
                                                                                                                     — George Morris

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  ACTR Letter                                                                                                               Fall 2008

            From American Council of Teachers of Russian and Kendall/Hunt Publishing...
                              An intermediate-to-advanced-level program!

Russian Faces and Voices                                                   Mir russkikh
Textbook                    0-7872-0504-4                                  Textbook               0-7872-2471-5
Workbook                    0-7872-1423-X                                  Exercise Book          0-7872-2733-1

Russian Faces and Voices is an American-Russian intermediate               Mir russkikh is an intermediate-to-advanced-level textbook
textbook developed by ACTR and CORLAC (Center of Russian Language          that presents interesting and important aspects of contemporary
and Culture), containing new vocabulary, authentic cultural reading        Russian life. The 12 lessons illustrated with drawings and
materials, explanations of grammatical structures, communicative           color photographs build communicative competence and
exercises, and suggestions for speaking and writing tasks.                 mastery of Russian grammatical structures while examining the
                                                                           daily life and culture in today’s Russia.
• The text is a lively, e ective communicative-based book for              Features:
   intermediate-level pro ciency                                           • The exercise book contains written and oral activities that
• The exercise book includes written and oral activities to activate          enrich the learning experience, activate new vocabulary,
                                                                              and provide practice of new grammatical structure
   new vocabulary and grammatical structures
                                                                           • Available audio les contain recordings of the main texts and
• Available audio les o er authentic renderings of the interviews and
                                                                              listening comprehension passages of lessons by native
   listening comprehension materials

Contact our Customer Service
Department :                                    International:
Call (800) 338-8290                             Call (563) 589-1000

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Fall 2008                                                                                                               ACTR Letter
                                                Russian Conversation offers a thorough,
                                                well-organized, and interesting resource for          Each chapter in both volumes is
                                                encouraging spoken language development          devoted to one film and presents tasks for
                                                in a classroom environment.                      developing language proficiency in both
                                                                                                 spoken and written forms. Each chapter
                                                     Kashper, Kagan, and Morozova state          begins with a still photograph from the film
                                                that Cinema for Russian Conversation is          and information about the film including
                                                especially beneficial for heritage speakers      the year of release, a short summary of
Reviewers’ Corner                               of Russian and “provides the learner             the plot, and a list of professionals who
 Aimee M. Roebuck-Johnson &                     with a wealth of culture-based authentic         worked on the film. Following this factual
  Waclaw Mucha, Co-Editors                      materials that can be used on several levels     information comes a varied set of exercises
                                                of language proficiency (vii).” To receive       intended to guide learners in discussions of
                                                the greatest benefit from the text and its       characters and plot elements. In keeping
Kashper, Mara; Kagan, Olga; and                 incorporated films, students should have         with Russian language speakers’ tendency
Yuliya Morozova. Cinema for                     at least intermediate-level proficiency in       to make references to favorite movies, the
Russian Conversation. Volume 1.                 Russian.                                         authors introduce famous quotes and songs
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing/                                                               from the film.
R. Pullins Co. 2005. 194 pages. ISBN                 Cinema for Russian Conversation
10: 1-58510-188-4. $29.95                       covers mainly events in the 19th and 20th             The main strength of this two-volume
                                                century in Imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet     series is the variety of instructional tasks
                                                Russia. Outside of the 19th and 20th centuries   available to the instructor. Kashper et al
Kashper, Mara; Kagan, Olga; and
                                                there are forays into the 16th century of Ivan   have gone to great lengths to offer many
Yuliya Morozova. Cinema for
                                                the Terrible, the fairy tale period connected    kinds of exercises and assignments that
Russian Conversation. Volume 2.                 with the Cinderella story, and World War         will help instructors not only present the
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing/              II-era France. Volume  covers seven             events of the film under discussion but
R. Pullins Co. 2006. 175 pages. ISBN            movies released between 1936 and 1979 in         also to go into greater depth about the
10: 1-58510-119-2. $29.95                       the Soviet Union: Цирк (1936), Золушка           themes and conflicts present in each film.
                                                (1947), Летят �уравли (1957), Иван               Exercises range from those connected with

          ood films are thought-provoking       Васильевич �еняет �ро�есси� (1973),              basic comprehension to ones requiring the
          and enjoyable experiences in which    Ирония судьбы, или С лёгки� �аро�!               execution of complex evaluative tasks.
          plot, picture, and sound combine      (1976), Москва слеза� не верит (1979),           Task types include ordering the film’s
to transport the viewer to another time and     and Осенний �ара�он (1979). Volume               events; matching statements to still photos;
place. The viewer often remembers and            covers seven movies released between           morphological exercises on prefixes, roots,
reflects on the fashion, music, language, and   1984 and 1999 in the Soviet Union and the        and suffixes; crosswords; translations;
behavior of the film long after the showing                           :
                                                Russian Federation: Жестокий ро�анс              extended writing assignments; and
is over. Based on successful experiences        (1984), Ребро Ада�а (1990), Кавказский           pronunciation work involving well-known
with teaching through film, language            �ленник (1996), Вор (1997), Принцесса            songs from each film. To promote students’
and culture specialists offer courses and       на бобах (1997), Сирота казанская                use of the highest level of evalutation,
products that use the vehicle of film to        (1997), and Восток-За�ад (1999).                 amateur and professional reviews of the
further the student’s linguistic and cultural                                                    films are offered as models for student
understanding (Conditto 006, Deutsch                The authors’ criteria for selecting these   language.
006, Jordan 000, Oideas Gael 008,            14 films were “films that are representative
Peterson and Coltrane 00, Slavic and          of a variety of periods, themes, and                  A particularly creative and thoughtful
East European Language Resource Center,         genres, and that cover 70 years of Russian       task put together by Kashper et al is each
Duke University 007). For students of          filmmaking (vii).” They consider that “all       chapter’s comprehensive assignment to
Russian language well-chosen 20th-century       movies [in both volumes] are well-known          discuss the film combining crucial photo
Russian and Soviet films handily package        in Russia and many have become classics          scenes with questions and vocabulary
the context of a time period or event and       (vii).” Another criterion they used for film     organized by time stamps from the film.
offer the potential for language modeling       selection was accessibility which is defined     Such methodical work on the part of the
and proficiency development. Watching           as “of general human interest and universal      authors allows instructors to utilize class
a movie in Russian can serve as a one           appeal, well-developed plot, and most are        time in maximizing language production
or two-hour immersion setting in which          available on DVD (vii).” Accessibility           instead of navigating through the film to
picture and sound work together to engage       meaning the availability of these films for      find key scenes.
the student in the language, history, and       purchase will be addressed later in this
culture that the film depicts. Cinema for       review.                                                           Review, continued on page 6

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     ACTR Letter                                                                                                              Fall 2008
Review, continued from page                    and NTSC format only. See <http://www.                December 2003. 15 July 2008.
     After the seven chapters of each           dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html#.0>).                <http://www.cal.org/resources/
volume the authors present valuable             Focus Publishing offers some help in                  Digest/0309peterson.html>
learning aids including Кинословарь, an         finding both volumes’ films on <www.              Slavic and East European Language
organizational tool that reminds speakers       amazon.com>. In instances when this site              Resource Center, Duke University.
of the elements that should be included         does not sell the film, other advice on renting       Language and culture through film.
in any discussions about Russian film.          or purchasing the films is given at <http://          1999-2007. 15 July 2008. <http://
At the end of both volumes learners find        www.pullins.com/txt/CinemaGuidelines.                 www.seelrc.org/projects/ctf.ptml>
“Expanded List of Opinion Words and             htm>. Newer resources such as sites with
Connectives,” lists of expressions used in      streaming video (for example, <www.
any kind of discussion in Russian language      memocast.com>) and Russian film rental                      2009 NPSREC
related to films or not. Additionally,          (such as <www.moscowflix.com>, <www.

Russian-English glossary lists and answers      russart.com>, <www.blockbuster.com>,                      hair Patricia Zody has announced
to crossword puzzles can be found at the        <www.netflix.com>,         <www.russiandvd.               that the 2009 National Post-Sec-
end of each volume. If, upon finishing          com>) may alleviate the problem of                        ondary Russian Essay Contest will
Cinema for Russian Conversation, a              finding films. However, streaming video           follow this schedule:
student has completed all tasks and utilized    and DVD rental services can involve long
all instructional resources, he or she will     queues and unresolved copyright issues at         • January 30, 2009 – Registrations must
have quite thoroughly discussed and             least connected with some Russian films                be received
evaluated each film and will be prepared        not in the public domain. Due to these            • February 2 through February 16 – writ-
to enter into conversations about film with     problems with film acquisition, instructors            ing of essays
any native speaker of Russian. Even using       should plan for courses involving Cinema          • March 2009 – review of essays
only selected tasks will reinforce given        for Russian Conversation well in advance          • April 15, 2009 – announcement of win-
vocabulary and expressions enough to            of the actual time when the course should              ners
allow students to understand and discuss        be taught. Not having access to the series’
the film at several stylistic levels.           films limits instructor flexibility in using           Selected excerpts from last year’s
                                                Cinema for Russian Conversation and               competition should appear in the next is-
     In order to make the best use of the       almost any text that treats specific films.       sue of this newsletter. The winter issue will
                                                                                                  also provide complete registration materi-
materials presented in Cinema for Russian                         — Aimee Roebuck-Johnson
                                                                 TechTrans International, Inc.
                                                                                                  als. The chair can be reached by email at
Conversation, Kashper et al recommend
                                                                                                  < zodyp@beloit.edu>.
that instructors ask participants to watch
the entire film outside of class time, either   References:
individually or in small groups. Class time                                                                 ПРО УЧЕНЬЕ
can then be spent on exercises and the          Conditto, Kerri. Cinéphile: French                           И ЗНАНИЕ
development of speech. The authors note             Language and Culture through Film.
that showing short episodes from the film           Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Co. 2006.             • Ученье в счастье украшает, а при
may be useful in the process of completing      Deutsch, James. “Popular Culture in the           несчастье утешает.
exercises and understanding particularly            United States.” 31 August 2006. 15
complex or culturally- or historically-             July 2008. <http://www.usembassy.                 • Ученье лучше богатства.
specific scenes of movies.                          at/en/embassy/photo/deutsch.htm>
                                                Jordan, Barry. “How Spanish is it?                   • Ученье — свет, а неученье
     Using      Cinema       for    Russian         Spanish cinema and national                   — тьма.
Conversation brings up only one                     identity”. In Contemporary
problematic issue for the instructor. The           Spanish Cultural Studies. Eds. Barry              • Знание лучше богатства.
issue is not the fault of the authors but is        Jordan and Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas.
connected with the whims of distributors            London:       Arnold, 2000.                       • Знать птицу по перьям, а молодца
of Russian films in the U.S. and the            OIDEAS GAEL Language Courses.                     по речам.
Russian Federation. Although the majority           Gearrscannáin! DVD of Irish
of the films treated are available from             language film shorts. 1998-                       • Знай больше, да говори меньше.
multiple catalogue and Internet sources,            2008. 15 July 15, 2008. <http://www.
                                                    oideas-gael.com/gearrscannain_dvd/                • Знайка всё с полуслова понимает,
some films such as Принцесса на бобах
                                                                                                  а не�найка всё только пот ра�евает.
cannot be purchased (as of the printing             gearrscannain.html>
of this review) for play in Region 1 DVD        Peterson, Elizabeth and Bronwyn
                                                                                                      • Бе� уменья и сила ни при чём.
players. (Most North American DVD                   Coltrane. “Culture in Second
players are programmed to read region 1             Language Teaching.”                               • Бе� терпенья нет ученья.

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Fall 2008              ACTR Letter

            Page - 
     ACTR Letter                                                                                                          Fall 2008
                                                 v	Zelenogorsk International Study
 2008 ACTR OLYMPIADA                               Program (teachers in italics):
  OF SPOKEN RUSSIAN                              Scolaighe Goebert (CD Hylton H.S. – Paul
                                                                                                Мальчик приходит на ферму:

                                                                                                — Мама просила
       he 2008 ACTR Olympiada of                 Severino Gonzalez (Brackenridge H.S.
       Spoken Russian provided positive            – Mary Bordes)                               литр коровьего
       results with a variety of opportunities   Ian Myre (Sparta H.S. – Eric Hood)             молока.
for finalists. One group of finalists (8)        Anne Redmond (St. Paul Central H.S.            — Но твой кувшин
participated in the Moscow International           – Oksana Cox)                                для этого слишком
Olympiada along with a study/homestay            Lilly Skyla (West Babylon H.S. – Lisa          мал.
program in Vladimir. A second group                Shelor)                                      — Тогда дайте литр
of finalists (6) participated in the annual                                                     ко�ьего.
Vladimir study/homestay program, and a              Acknowledgement is extended to school
third group of finalists (5) participated in a   finalists who were not able to participate     — Тебе нравится ходить в школу,
special program sponsored by the Moscow          in the summer offerings. They are (non-        Вова?
Ministry of Education for four weeks at          heritage students): Jesse Baum (Start          — Да, и и� школы идти нравится,
Zelenogorsk — a resort-like facility set         H.S. – Jennifer Philip), Ryan Doyle            только вот эти часы между ходьбой
up for Olympiada finalists worldwide to          (B.T.Washington H.S. – Gwen Palace),           — самое противное.
enhance the study of Russian through a           Andrew Farell (Shaker H.S. – Anna Shkaf),
variety of activities. The actual participants   Noe Franco (Furr H.S. – Anna Levina),                            Мать будит утром
of the above programs are as follows (see        Kristen Gartside (Sparta H.S. – Eric                             Вовочку:
page 16 for photos of the group - ed.):          Hood), Baila Sara Hall (Bruriah H.S. – Ann                       — Вставай сынок.
                                                 Brodsky), Rebecca Jankovitz (Sparta H.S.                         Пора в школу.
v	oscow International Olympiada and
 M                                               – Eric Hood), Terra Laughton (West H.S.                          — А надо ли, мама?
 Vladimir (teachers in italics):                 – Michele Whaley), James Ma (Shaker                              — Надо, сынок. Ты
 Erik Anderson (Staten Island Tech – John        H.S. – Anna Shkaf), Stephanie Morris                             ведь учитель.
   Callahan and Natalia Ushakova)                (Sparta H.S. – Eric Hood), Ethan Sneed
 Miesha Devres (Craigmont H.S. – Anna            (B.T. Washington H.S. – Gwen Palace),          Учитель фи�ики:
   Karpovich)                                    and Jessica Tyler (Thomas Jefferson H.S.       — Почему мы сначала видим молнию, а
 Leah Farinola (Abington Heights H.S.            – Betsy Sandstrom).                            потом слишим гром?
   – Amy Wojack)                                                                                — Потому что гла�а находятся впереди
 Bronwyn Koehl (Thomas Jefferson H.S.               Following are the heritage learner          ушей, Пётр Иванович.
   – Betsy Sandsrom)                             finalists: Ines Gimmelbrand (Manalapan
 Alicia Lau (Bellaire H.S. – Lisa                H.S. – Beverly Ignatovicz), Grisha
   McLendon)                                     Inventichev (Friends School – Lee Roby),
 Christiana Lenamond (West Anchorage             Moisey Khanimov (Staten Island Tech                  NEW EDITOR FOR
   H.S. – Michele Whaley)                        – Anna Levina), Oleksandra Motovylets
 Andrea Reany (Start H.S. – Jennifer             (George Washington H.S. – Emma                         CLASSROOM
   Philip)                                       Reznick), Christina Semenchuk (West                    POTPOURRI
 Kara Woo (Friends Upper School – Lee            Babylon H.S. – Lisa Shelor), Yulia

   Roby)                                         Shyroknis (B.T.Washington – Gwen
                                                                                                        eginning with this issue the Class-
                                                 Palace), Kristina Shigaeva (Langley
                                                                                                        room Potpourri section will be
 Vladimir Study/Homestay (teachers in
v	                                               H.S. – Valentin Cukierman), Mykhail
 italics):                                       Tereschenko (Wasilla H.S. – Cherie                     written, edited, and formatted by
 Ellen Blonder (Western H.S. – Jim               Koss), Victoria Usova (Bellaire H.S. – Lisa    Olga Chesakov of Pittsburgh, Pennsylva-
    Sweigert)                                    McLendon), and Stefan Zavalin (M.L.K.          nia. Olga has been a valued contributor to
 Atticus Brigham (Amherst Regional               Magnet School – Nina Skruber).                 the Classroom Potpourri for several years.
    H.S. – Judith Wobst)                                                                        We are grateful for her willingness to un-
 Rachel Sipser (Buckingham, Browne and              The 1142 student participants repre-        dertake this task for ACTR. We are sure
    Nichols School – Armen Dedekian)             sented 79 schools. Competitions were           you will enjoy the new look and will find
 Shaun Nesheim (Juneau Douglas H.S.              held in 13 states/regions beginning in late    the materials interesting and useful.
    – Janna Lelchuk)                             February and ending April 27th. Gratitude
 Liesl Schille (South St. Paul H.S. – Julia      is extended to all organizers and volunteers     Olga can be contacted by email at
    Finn)                                        involved in the successful results of the      <ochalk@yahoo.com> or by mail at 5903
 Grace Taylor (Buckingham, Browne                annual competition.                            Phillips Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.
    and Nichols School) – Willa                                    — Halina Danchenko and       She will appreciate your comments, sug-
    Chamberlain)                                                  George Morris (Co-Chairs)     gestions, and contributions.

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Fall 2008                                                                                                            ACTR Letter

                              ACTR 2008 RUSSIAN SCHOLAR LAUREATES
The American Council of Teachers of Russian proudly presents fifty-six Russian Scholar Laureates for 2008. This award has been given
annually since 2005. Each high school where Russian is taught was asked to nominate one outstanding Russian student from the class
of 2009 or 2010 for this award. These fine students received a letter of commendation, a certificate of award, and an ACTR Russian
Scholar Laureate lapel pin. Principals and teachers also received letters of announcement. Students, principals, and teachers will receive
a copy of this issue of the ACTR Letter.

                 Chelsea Abraham                                Amy J. Allen                                    Sonia Ammu
                 Class of 2009                                  Class of 2009                                   Class of 2009
                 St. Mary – St. Vincent                         Illinois Math and                               Walt Whitman High
                     High School                                    Science Academy                                School
                 Akron, Ohio                                    Aurora, Illinois                                Bethesda, MD
                 Willia O’Neil, teacher                         Paavo Husen, teacher                            Michelle Quacken-
                                                                                                                   bush, teacher

                 James Axelrod                                  Inna Bosenko                                    Ross H. Brandow
                 Class of 2009                                  Class of 2009                                   Class of 2010
                 Buckingham, Browne, &                          Edward R. Murrow                                Romulus Central
                    Nichols School                                 High School                                     High School
                 Cambridge, MA                                  Brooklyn, NY                                    Romulus, NY
                 Armen Dedekian, teacher                        Yuliya Garmel, teacher                          Risa Lobkovsky,

                 Yared Brooks                                    Gabia Calkaite                                 Hugo Calvo
                 Class of 2009                                   Class of 2010                                  Class of 2010
                 Norwich Free                                    Cherry Creek High                              Thornton High
                    Academy                                         School                                         School
                 Norwich, CT                                     Greenwood Village,                             Thornton, CO
                 Sonia Palkes, teacher                              CO                                          Anna Borodina,
                                                                 Liudmila Bein, teacher                            teacher

                 Shannon Cochrane                               Evan Conley                                     Katherine Credit
                 Class of 2010                                  Class of 2009                                   Class of 2009
                 Cherokee High School                           John Carrol School                              Roland Park Country
                 Mariton, NJ                                    Bel Air, MD                                        School
                 Marian Barnum, teacher                         Edward H. Miller,                               Baltimore, MD
                                                                   teacher                                      Tatiana Blumenthal,

                 Erica Dermer                                    Colin Donahue                                  Robert Donoghue
                 Class of 2009                                   Class of 2009                                  Class of 2009
                 Manalapan High                                  Thomas Jefferson                               Middlebough High
                    School                                          School for Science                             School
                 Manalapan, NJ                                      & Technology                                Middleboro, MA
                 Beverly Ignatovicz,                             Alexandria, VA                                 Jim Michael,
                    teacher                                      Elizabeth Sandstrom,                              teacher
                                                                                                    Laureates, continued on page 0

                                                               Page - 9
   ACTR Letter                                                                    Fall 2008
Laureates, continued from page 9
               Tyler Dubberke           Nicholas Eshelman                 Samantha Evans
               Class of 2009            Class of 2009                     Class of 2009
               Chippewa Falls High      St. Louis University              Gaithersburg High
                  School                    High School                      School
               Chippewa Falls, WI       St. Louis, MO                     Gaithersburg, MD
               David C. Licht,          Robert Chura, teacher             Alla Sonsev, teacher

               Steven Farabaugh         Anna Garbuzov                     Sererino Gonzalez
               Class of 2010            Class of 2009                     Class of 2009
               Chugiak High School      Fort Vancouver High               G.W. Brasckkenridge
               Anchorage, AK               School                            High School
               Valerie Ekberg-          Vancouver, WA                     San Antonio, TX
                  Brown, teacher        Irene Khvatkova,                  Mary Bordes, teacher

              Cader Hancock            Melissa Harrington                  Marcus B. Hill
              Class of 2009            Class of 2009                       Class of 2009
              Kamiak High School       Western High School                 Booker T. Washing-
              Mukiltyeo, WA            Baltimore, MD                          ton High School
              Elena V. Brown,          James Sweigert, teacher             Tulsa, OK
                 teacher                                                   Gwen Palace, teacher

              Lysander Jaffe           Matt Jansen                        Emily Keamy-
              Class of 2009            Class of 2010                        Minor
              Northfield Mount         Cesar Chavez Acad-                 Class of 2009
                 Hermon School            emy High School                 Friends School of
              Mount Hermon, MA         Detroit, MI                           Baltimore
              Elena Michelson,         Sydney Skully,                     Elizabeth Lee Roby,
                 teacher                  teacher                            teacher

              Ebony Lemons              Timothy MacKenzie                  Caroline Wren
              Class of 2010             Class of 2009                        Martin
              Craigmont High            Austin Preparatory                 Class of 2009
                 School                    School                          Maggie L. Walker
              Memphis, TN               Reading, MA                           Governor’s School
              Anna Karpovich,           Robert Hennessy,                   Richmond, VA
                 teacher                   teacher                         Michael F. White,

              Matthew Martinez          Chelsea McShurley                 Audra Miner
              Class of 2009             Class of 2009                     Class of 2010
              E.L. Furr High School     Jefferson High School             A.C. Flora High
              Houston, TX               Lafayette, IN                        School
              Anna Levina, teacher      Todd Golding,                     Columbia, SC
                                           teacher                        Raisa Rabinovich,
                                                                 Laureates, continued on page 

                                      Page - 0
    Fall 2008                                                                          ACTR Letter



Осень, и мы опять идём в школу. Новый выпуск Classroom Potpourri надеется быть полезным
всем, кто преподаёт и изучает русский язык. Вы найдёте в этом выпуске скороговорки,
считалку, образцы народной мудрости, игру в слова, материалы для чтения, размышления и
дискуссий. Своим новым дизайном Classroom Potpourri демонстрирует готовность помогать
учебному процессу, обогащая школьный курс разнообразными по содержанию и по форме
публикациями. Желаем успехов в новом учебном году!

             МЫ ИДЁМ В РУССКИЙ КЛАСС                                НАРОДНАЯ МУДРОСТЬ
                             СЧИТАЛКА                                 У нас в народе говорят:
Раз, два, три, четыре, пять –    Мы идём в русский класс – это раз.   считай по осени цыплят.
       лето кончилось опять!     Учим русские слова – это два.            Но если осенью
Шесть, семь, восемь –            Три – сидим, четыре – пишем.            учиться начал ты,
             наступила осень.    Пять/шесть – слушаем и слышим.          успехи ты весной
Девять, девять –                 Семь – учебник мы читаем.
                что же делать?   Восемь – говорим порусски.
Десять дел                       Девять – вот как мы считаем!                как цветы!
            мы можем делать:     Десять – мы хотим знать русский!              

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   ACTR Letter                                                                          Fall 2008

                       ☺            
                                                              РОЖДЕНИЯ!
                                                        С ДНЁМ РОЖДЕНИЯ!     
    АКРОМАКРО                            СМЫЙ СТРЫЙ УЧŠБНИК РКИ
Народная мудрость гласит:
повторенье – мать ученья.           исплнилось двšсти    срок лет старšйшему учšбнику
 Существует множество               рŸсского язык как инострнного! Смый пšрвый учšбник
  методических приёмов
                                    за всю истрию преподавния РКИ в²шел в свет в Санкт
   повторения лексики
   предыдущих уроков.               ПетербŸрге в т²сяча семьст шестьдес¿т восьмм годŸ и
Предлагаю вам ещё один –            предназначлся для обучšния францŸзов рŸсскому языкŸ
  лингвистическую игру
                                    в рŸсскояз²чном окружšнии. Учšбник содšржит глвы
                                    изучšния алфавта, фонšтики, морфолгии, снтаксиса.
Учитель пишет на классной
                                    В кждой главš имšются псьменные упражнšния, тšксты
доске    слово,    например
"книга",   и     приглашает         для чтšния и Ÿстные диалги. В приложšнии дан словрь
студентов играть с этим             рŸсских послвиц с перевдом на францŸзский яз²к и
словом как с акронимом —
аббревиатурой, которую они
                                    с францŸзскими анлогами.
должны как бы «раскрыть».           а  вторы смого пšрвого учšбника рŸсского язык для
Студентам надо вспомнить и          инострнцев, два талнтливых лингвста и преподавтеля
по очереди произнести слова,        францŸзы Шарпантьš и Маринь¿н жли в столце Росси
которые начинаются на буквы         и преподавли францŸзский яз²к для рŸсских и рŸсский
"к", "н", "и", "г", "а".
                                    яз²к для францŸзов.
Предположим, что первые
пять учеников произносят            с овремšнные учёныеруссты высок оцšнивают их труд.
слова: "Катя", "нет", "иду",                              
"газета", "арка". (Лучше, если
каждый студент произносит и
одновременно пишет слово на      
классной доске).                  Игра АкроМакро требует небольшой подготовки. Игровое
На долю шестого студента         слово надо выбрать заранее. Это слово
выпадает слово на букву "к",         должно быть понятно студентам;
но он уже не имеет права             должно состоять из букв, с которых начинаются знакомые
использовать слово "Катя".             студентам слова;
Седьмой студент произносит           не должно иметь в своём составе две одинаковые буквы.
и пишет слово на букву "н", и
так далее. За последним в           Если играют начинающие студенты, хорошо иметь под рукой
классной цепочке студентом          иллюстративный материал, использованный на предыдущих
наступает очередь первого, и        уроках – предметные и ситуационные картинки, чтобы с их
он использует не первую, а          помощью «подсказывать» студентам, это сделает игру живее.
очередную букву слова.           Конечно, от начинающих студентов нельзя ожидать раскрытия
Если у студентов словарный       акронима как построения фразы; скорее всего результатом их
запас достаточно велик, они      работы будет группа отдельных слов. Но с увеличением
смогут продемонстрировать        словарного запаса и знания грамматических норм студенты
свои знания несколько раз.      будут готовы к продвинутому, синтаксическому этапу игры,
                                                                    ☺ Акро continued on page CP4

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Fall 2008                                                                                   ACTR Letter

    БЕНДЖАМН ФРНКЛИН –                                       АЛЕКСАНДР
                    ЧЛЕН                                      СОЛЖЕНИЦЫН
   ПЕТЕРБРГСКОЙ АКАДŠМИИ НАК                            

Начло т²сяча семьст всемьдесят пšрвого
гда. Бенджамн Фрнклин нахдится в Парже
как представтель молодй америкнской
респŸблики. Он – смая попул¿рная лчность во
Фрнции и в Еврпе.
Двдцать четвёртого январ¿ Фрнклин получет
по городскй пчте пакšт с псьмами от свох
англйских друзšй и с запской от не знакмой
емŸ княгни Дшковой. В запске он
объясн¿ет, что ег англйские друзь¿, котрые
явл¿ются ткже её друзь¿ми, просли передть
                                                          11 декабря 4 августа
емŸ псьма. Фрнклин нансит госпожš
Дшковой визт и благодарт за услŸгу.                    1918 2008
                                                          Умер Александр Исаевич Солженицын – 
Он узнаёт, что Екатерна Ромновна Дшкова –
рŸсская    путешšственница.     Он     хорош            лауреат Нобелевской премии. Его книги
образвана и прекрсно владšет англйским,                «Архипелаг ГУЛАГ», «Один день Ивана
францŸзским и немšцким языкми. За нšсколько              Денисовича», «Матрёнин двор» сделали
лет он объšхала едв ли не все столцы и                 его имя бессмертным.
крŸпные город Еврпы. Он энергчна и
любознтельна. Её интересŸют совремšнные
достижšния в наŸке, искŸсстве, литератŸре,
филосфии, эконмике.
Дшкова знакма с мнгими европšйскими           появлось сообщšние об америкнском учёном,
интеллектулами. Он провел два с половной     изучвшем атмосфšрное электрчество. За ³той
гда в нглии и Шотлндии, так как её сын        статьёй послšдовали друге, и рŸсская
учлся в ЭдинбŸргском университšте. Её друзь¿,   читющая пŸблика узнла фкты из жзни
               рšктор университšта Вльям        знаментого америкнца. Фрнклину б²ло чуть
               Рбертсон и профšссор Адм        бльше двадцат лет, когд
               Смит, чсто упоминли в           он организовл кружк
               бесšдах     мя    Бенджамна     молод²х интеллектулов в
               Фрнклина, вел дискŸссии о       Филадšльфии. На ег бзе
               его политческой дšятельности.    он создл Америкнское
               О Фрнклине как учёном, о ег     филосфское бщество, а
               откр²тиях и изобретšниях он      потм ещё блее крŸпный
               знла рньше, из журнлов и       соºз   –    «Америкнское
               книг, котрые читла в Росси.    филосфское бщество в
Действтельно, мя Бенджамна Фрнклина          Филадšльфии    для    содšйствия   развтию
б²ло извšстно в Росси. Пšрвое упоминние ег    полšзных знний». Такм бразом Бенджамну
мени в россйской печти отнсится к т²сяча     Фрнклину удалсь консолидровать наŸчные
семьст пятьдес¿т дев¿тому гду. Двендцатого    слы СšвероАмерикнских колний.
иºня в газšте «СанктПетербŸргские вšдомости»                  ФРАНКЛИН  

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    ACTR Letter                                                                             Fall 2008

☺ Акро
когда в результате получается предложение           Немного истории
или фраза.                                          ЛЮДИ ГОТОВЫ ИГРАТЬ ВСЕГДА!
                                                    В конце двадцатых годов двадцатого века в
                                                    Москве появился магазин Торгсн. Слово
                                                    «торгсин» – аббревиатура, сокращение фразы
                                                    «торговля с иностранцами». Войти в магазин
                                                    мог лишь тот, кто имел валюту. (В двадцать
                                                    восьмой главе романа «Мастер и Маргарита»
                                                    Булгаков    дал    сатирическое   описание
                                                    И вот, в середине тридцатых годов, в разгар
Например, однажды студенты «раскрыли»
                                                    сталинских        репрессий,      появился
слово «дом» как несколько акронимов:
                                                    удивительный образец устного народного
"для очень маленьких",        "дай очки мне",
                                                    творчества: новое раскрытие сокращения
"делаешь очень мало",     "думаю о Москве",
                                                    Торгсин, на этот раз в форме акронима, а по
"друг открывает машину", и т.п.
                                                    сути – отчаянный и смелый призыв:
Начинать лучше с короткого игрового слова,          «Товарищи, опомнитесь! Россия гибнет.
не больше четырёх букв.                             Сталин изнуряет народ».

           ☺                           ☺                 МЕТОДИЧЕСКИЙ ПУНКТИР
                                                                           Гните свою линию пунктиром!
ВАМ ТАКОЙ КОСТЮМ ПОДХОДИТ?           СКОРОГОВОРКИ                                          В.Высоцкий
РŸсский пистель Крылв                – ДИАЛОГИ              Уважаемые коллеги,
(1769—1844) писл бсни и                                     Надеюсь, вам нравится идея вспомнить
                                  — Почему ты грустный?       в начале учебного года об эпохе
пьšсы и был знамент на всю       — Изучаю русский...         просвещения, о её больших и малых
Россю. Сред свох друзšй        — Русский – это грустно?    звёздах. Возможно, студенты захотят
он был знамент как нер¿ха        — Русский – это трудно.     сделать творческие проекты по
(sloven). Однжды, в сезн                                    истории двух стран, двух жизней, или
костюмрованных балв и           — Что ты, ветер, с веток    двух эпох.
карнавлов     он     получл     рвёшь?                      Тексты для самостоятельного чтения
приглашšние       на      бал     — Листья клёна и берёзы.    содержат знаки ударения. В считалке,
фантастческих костºмов. Он       Я деревьям первый друг –    скороговорках, фразах рифмованность
пришёл к своšй дброй             укрою корни от мороза.      – указка правильного произношения.
знакмой и попросл помчь                                    Считалка начинается словом "раз".
                                  — Где Клара и Коля?         Уместно объяснить студентам феномен
ему придŸмать костºм, в
                                  — Где Варя и Боря?          замещаемости числительного "один"
котром он бŸдет неузнавем.      — Варя и Клара, и Коля, и
Та позвал дочерšй, потомŸ                                    существительным "раз" в разговорной
                                  Боря в школе!               речи, – краткое и более выразительное
что у молод²х дšвушек есть
                                                              звучание побеждает.
вкус к нар¿дам и хорош           НАРОДНАЯ МУДРОСТЬ      В «народной мудрости» на первой
рзвито воображšние. Смая                                    странице смысл пословицы «Цыплят
                                    Одно и то же слово и
млдшая из дочерšй сказла:                                   по осени считают» как бы перевёрнут в
“Ивн Андрšевич, Вы прсто                                    календарном цикле оценки результатов
                                     на пользу одному,
умйтесь, причеште влосы,                                   труда, и поэтому ещё раз поздравляю
                                         другому –
надšньте чстую одšжду, и
                                                              С Новым Учебным Годом!
Вас никт не узнет!”                                                               Ольга Чесакова

                                             Page --CP4
                                              Page 4
Fall 2008                                                                  ACTR Letter
Laureates, continued from page 0
               Lukas Moisan            Layne Morowitz                 Oleksandra
               Class of 2009           Class of 2009                    Motovlets
               Enloe High School       Syosset High School            Class of 2009
               Raleigh, NC             Syosset, NY                    George Washington
               Richard Uzzell,         Stephanie Latman,                 High School
                  teacher                 teacher                     Gaithersburg, MD
                                                                      Emma Reznik, teacher

               Shaun Nesheim           Katherine Newlon               Adam Parower
               Class of 2009           Class of 2009                  Class of 2009
               Juneau-Douglas High     Langley High                   Shaker High School
                  School                  School                      Latham, NY
               Juneau, AK              McLean, VA                     Sara Detmer, teacher
               Janna Lelchuk,          Valentin Cukierman,
                  teacher                 teacher

              Matt Pellegrini         David Prince                     Rebecca Rothstein
              Class of 2009           Class of 2010                    Class of 2009
              Watervliet High         Clawson High School              Tamarac High School
              School                  Clawson, MI                      Troy, NY
              Watervliet, NY          Larisa Okun, teacher             Angelique Wright,
              Stephen Leggiero,                                           teacher

              Stephany Sakharny       Parker Schabel                  Stanford Schor
              Class of 2009           Class of 2009                   Class of 2009
              Marlboro High School    Kenston High School             Brighton High School
              Marlboro, NJ            Chagrin Falls, OH               Rochester, NY
              Beverly Ignatovicz,     Ted Krejsa,                     Elena Coyle, teacher
                 teacher                 teacher

              Ethan Shapera           Renee Slawsky                    Celia Thomas
              Class of 2009           Class of 2009                    Class of 2009
              Glastonbury High        Farragut High                    C.D. Hylton High
                 School                  School                           School
              Glastonbury, CT         Knoxville, TN                    Woodbridge, VA
              Jan Eklund, teacher     Anna D. Arapakos,                Paul Rischard,
                                         teacher                          teacher

              Victoria Tielebein       Daniel Trouba                  Vicky Usova
              Class of 2009            Class of 2010                  Class of 2009
              Abington Heights         Papillion La Vista             Bellaire World Lan-
                 High School              High School                    guage Academy
              Clarks Summit, PA        Papillion, NE                  Bellaire, TX
              Amy Wojcik, teacher      Julie A. Phillips,             Elizabeth McLendon,
                                          teacher                        teacher
                                                             Laureates, continued on page 6

                                     Page - 
    ACTR Letter                                                                                                     Fall 2008
Laureates, continued from page 
                 Oleg Yuzhbabenko
                 Class of 2010
                 Kellam High School
                 Virginia Beach, VA
                 Alfreda Pohrivchak,


       esults of the International Olympi-
       ada of Spoken Russian in Moscow:
       Kara Woo - gold; Eric Andersen
and Bronwyn Koehl - silver; Alicia Lau,
Andrea Reany, Leah Farinola and Miesha
Devres - bronze. Congratulations to these
outstanding student representatives of U.S.
high school Russian programs. [[[[

Olympiada Finalists in Moscow (related story on page 8 )

st row (L-R): Alicia Lau, Christiana Lenamond, Ellen Blonder, Miesha Devres, Andrea Reany, Rachel Sipser,
nd row (L-R): Atticus Brigham, Grace Taylor, Erik Andersen, Shaun Neisham, Kara Woo, Leah Farinola and Liesl Schille.
Missing: Bronwyn Koehl.

                                                           Page - 
Fall 2008                                                                                                                    ACTR Letter

                                             NOVEMBER -, 008
                              REGISTRATION SHOULD BE RECEIVED BY OCTOBER 4, 008

REGISTRATION INFORMATION                          was born in the U.S. in a family where Rus-       4. Send the essays to the Co-Chair within 48
1. We would prefer that all teachers register     sian, Ukrainian, or Byelorussian is spoken.       hours of the time that students finish writing
electronically. Please send an e-mail to bev-     d) Native Speaker — student arrived in the        them.
erlyig@aol.com to request the on-line regis-      United States at or after age 10, and is from a   5. Essays will be turned over to a panel of
tration form. Teachers may also complete the      family where Russian, Ukrainian. or Byelo-        judges for evaluation. No teacher who has a
attached form, if preferred, as in past years.    russian is spoken.                                student participating will be allowed to judge
                                                                                                    the essays. A numbering system will be used
2. You will receive the topic for the essay       2. Teachers who are members of ACTR               on the essays, rather than names, to insure the
contest and one master copy of the test paper     may register students at $4.00 per student.       anonymity of the authors. The Co-Chairs will
by mail in November. Teachers are asked to        The fee for students whose teachers are not       have the key to match the names and num-
make the necessary number of copies for the       ACTR members for 2008 will he $5.50 per           bers after the judging is completed.
students that they have registered. Please al-    student. Send the registration form with the
low enough time to copy the Essay Contest         registration fees to the Co-Chair of the Na-      EVALUATION OF ESSAYS
forms before the date of your school’s com-       tional Russian Essay Contest. Please send a       1. Judges will assign one of the following
petition.                                         single check made out to ACTR for the entire      award categories to each of the essays:
                                                  amount due. Please do not send cash.              Gold - Excellent, Silver - Very Good. Bronze
3. Co-chair Beverly Ignatovicz will pro-                                                            - Good, Honorable Mention. No award will
cess this year’s registration forms and con-      3. You will receive the topic for the essay       be assigned to essays of less than five Rus-
test. Please send your registration forms         contest and the test papers by mail, in time      sian phrases or essays with inappropriate
and checks to her at the following address:       for the contest date you select. Please make      content.
197 Ely Harmony Rd., Freehold, NJ 07728.          your own copies. The students should not          2. All students whose essays receive Gold,
732-303-0772 (h), 801-730-3449 (fax). She         be told the topic of the essay before they sit    Silver, Bronze, or Honorable Mention will
must receive your registration by October 14,     down to write.                                    receive an award diploma. Gold, Silver, and
2008.                                                                                               Bronze essays will also receive ACTR med-
                                                  CONTEST GUIDELINES                                als.
DESCRIPTION                                       On the date selected for the Contest, students    3. Advanced and Native Speaker level es-
     This is a contest of written Russian for     are to meet in an appropriate place to write      says that receive an award of Gold will be
students studying Russian in American sec-        their essays. The teachers are expected to be     forwarded to the Pushkin Institute in Mos-
ondary schools. Foreign nationals residing        present during the contest to act as proctors.    cow. Members of MAPRIAL (The Inter-
outside the United States are not eligible for    Students may use their class textbooks for        national Association of Teachers of Rus-
participation, nor are exchange students at-      reference only. This use is limited to look-      sian Language and Literature) will read the
tending American schools. Students write an       ing up occasional single vocabulary words         essays and evaluate them for Gold, Silver,
essay, in Russian, on the topic or theme an-      or grammatical structures. Students may not       and Bronze awards. All students whose es-
nounced at the beginning of the period allot-     copy entire sentences or paragraphs from          says are forwarded to Moscow will receive a
ted for writing the essay.                        their textbooks. Dictionaries, class notes, and   MAPRIAL certificate.
                                                  any other materials should not be used. Stu-
REGISTRATION GUIDELINES                           dents may not work together or ask for or re-     IMPORTANT
1. Complete a separate registration form for      ceive help from another person. Essays must       1. Please do not substitute students. We can-
each school, listing participants’ names and      be written legibly on the paper provided.         not make changes once your registration is
levels. Please type. Group your students by       Students and teachers will be asked to sign       submitted. Do not try to register students by
separate levels and do not combine names          a statement certifying that the essays were       phone at the last minute. No refunds.
into one alphabetized list. You decide which      written by the students without the help of       2. Any papers which have been written on or
stage fits your students best. If you have stu-   any other person.                                 changed by anyone other than the student will
dents who are in their first year and would                                                         be automatically disqualified. If questions
like to enroll them in the contest, do so. The    1. Time limit for writing the essays will be      arise about essays, including questions about
decision is yours as to which level is most       one two-hour session.                             appropriate registration level, the Co-Chairs
appropriate for your students.                    2. The essays must be written on the paper        will consult as necessary. The Co-Chairs
Guidelines for determining student levels:        provided in black or blue-black ink. Pencil is    will have final decision on appropriate level
a) Beginner – Russian II.                         unacceptable.                                     placement and awards, based on comparison
b) Intermediate – Russian III                     3. The essays are to be collected and the         to all the essays written in a given year and
c) Advanced – Russian IV, V, AP                   teacher should make a photocopy of each es-       other pertinent factors.
For the above three categories, please also en-   say, before sending the originals to the Co-
ter a check in the heritage speaker column if     Chair. Photocopies should be retained until               — Beverly Ignatovicz & Jane Shuffelton
the student came to the U.S. before age 10 or     students have been informed of the results of                                  Co-Chairs, NREC
                                                  the contest.

                                                                  Page - 
      ACTR Letter                                                                                                                                 Fall 2008

                                                              NOVEMBER 17-21, 2008
                                  REGISTRATION SHOULD BE RECEIVED BY OCTOBER 4, 008

NAME OF SCHOOL ...........................................................................................................................................
SCHOOL ADDRESS ...........................................................................................................................................
SCHOOL TELEPHONE .................................................SCHOOL FAX .............................................................
TEACHER ............................................................................................................................................................
TEACHER’S E-MAIL ADDRESS ........................................................................MEMBER OF ACTR: yes / no

           LAST NAME                                FIRST NAME                                    LEVEL                            HERITAGE ( Y / N )

                                         DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATIONS IS OCTOBER 4, 008
                                  Mail to: Beverly Ignatovicz, 9 Ely Harmony Rd., Freeholds, NJ 08

                                                                           Page - 8
Fall 2008                                                                                                              ACTR Letter

                                     Basil Products
                                 Russian Language Ancillary Teaching Materials
                                     developed and published by Basil Products and the
                            Center of Russian Language and Culture, Friends School of Baltimore

                                Visit to Russia: Friends and Places Video Program
    Leonid Shamshin        Joseph Liro                                                         Zita D. Dabars Renate Bialy
  A perfect supplement to any high school or college advanced novice or intermediate Russian course, Visit to Russia:
  Friends and Places enhances understanding of Russian language and culture. Shot entirely in Russia, the video depicts
  the homestay visits in Moscow of two teenagers, a girl from Belarus and a boy from Ukraine. They interact with four
  Muscovite teenagers — discussing topics of interest to young people, visiting various sites in Moscow, participating in
  school life, and celebrating personal and official holidays: 94-min. video, 192-page Resource Manual, $75.00.
             Language Learning Cards (3 sets)                                       Russian Face to Face, Level 2
                                                                                       Assessment Package
  161 original illustrations, specific to the Russian situation:      Includes 60 tests useful as tests as well as classroom or
    • family, animals              • seasons of year, actions         homework review material. Listening comprehension
                                                                               section recorded by native speakers.
    • cartoon characters           • sports, public facilities              218 Pages/1 90-min. audiocassette/$75
    • people, actions/verbs        • national holidays               ---------------------------------------
                                                                          Readings and Dialogues to accompany
  … and many more. For use with any textbook to facilitate                     Russian Face to Face, Level 1
    communication and familarize students and heritage
  learners with Russian settings. All drawings in black and           These readings and dialogues allow for additional work
             white on durable card-stock paper.                         with the textbook materials. Useful as review/test
                 $35 per set or $90 for all three.                                    materials. 34 Pages/$10

                                                          Basil Products                             tel/fax: (410) 821-1994
  For further information and an
                                                         7223 Lanark Rd.                             e-mail: zitad@aol.com
  order form, contact:
                                                       Baltimore, MD 21212                           Website: <http://basilproducts.com/>

                                              RUSSIAN IN THE NEWS
                                                                        — Bill Rivers, Information Technology Specialists <wrivers@itsnc.net>

           hile the Russian world has        UCLA Starts Heritage Russian Program            Cox Communications Adds Russian
           seen tumult and crisis and                                                           Channels
           the loss of a Nobel Laureate,          One of our own programs is featured in
the impact on the coverage of Russian        the UCLA Daily Bruin as the National For-            Earthtimes.com reports that Cox Com-
language issues in the media has been        eign Language Center’s StarTalk program         munications will add two Russian language
slight. Your correspondent sees the trends   funded a summer program aimed at Russian        channels to its U.S. lineup, RTN and Chan-
from the summer continuing – more            for Native Speakers. Our own board member,      nel 1 Russia.
Russian language media on U.S. cable         Dr. Olga Kagan, led the program, building
systems, more Russians traveling abroad,     on the work of the UCLA National Heritage            Earthimes.com, September 2, 2008,
more interest in Russia and Russian.         Language Resource Center.                       “Cox Communications Expands Interna-
Google’s continuing travails in breaking                                                     tional Programming and Calling Plans,”
the code for Russian are also documented                                                     <http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/
                                                  Daily Bruin, August 25, 2008, “Heritage
– morphologists among us wonder why a                                                        show/cox-communications-expands-in-
                                             Classes Aim for Preservation,” <http://www.
smart company missed this one... A brief                                                     ternational-programming-and-calling-
sampling follows:                                                                            plans,523349.shtml>

                                                                                                          In the News, continued on page 

                                                            Page - 9
ACTR Letter               Fall 2008

              Page - 0
Fall 2008                                                                                                               ACTR Letter

          DATABASE DEVELOPMENT                                                     NOMINATIONS FOR ACTR
                                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS

    n association with the U.S. Department of Education’s

    International Research Studies (IRS) Program, JBL Associates,               he Nominations Committee seeks your input. If you would
    Inc. (JBLA) and the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)                    like to suggest a current ACTR member for an open seat
are developing a database of all projects funded by this program                on the Board of Directors, please submit the name, contact
since 1958. CAL and JBLA are currently gathering data to build          information, and a brief description of the candidate’s qualifications
the database. The project includes an evaluation component that         to serve on the Board. All candidates must be dues-paying, active
will investigate the impact of the funded projects on the foreign       members of ACTR. The current Board of Directors will vote on the
language teaching and learning field. The database will also            slate of proposed nominees at the December 2008 meeting in San
inform potential applicants as well as the Department of Education      Francisco. You are encouraged to attend the membership meeting
in determining needs and priorities for future funding.                 to vote on the presented slate of directors. Please submit candidate
                                                                        names to Betsy Sandstrom, chair of the Nominations Committee,
     This project will build on previous efforts to collect             <Betsy.Sandstrom@fcps.edu> by November 1, 2008. Jeanette
information on IRS funded projects. The public database will            Owens, ACTR and Michael Gorham, University of Florida also
provide investigators with a history as well as other data such as      serve on the Nominations Committee.
the availability of developed products and contact information.

     In order to provide a database that is as complete as possible,
CAL and JBLA are talking with principal investigators, authors
and project directors about the project histories and asking a
series of short questions about project impact and influence.               The Sunday Times, August 24, 2008, “Russians Dent Google’s
Professionals with direct knowledge and understanding of specific       World     Domination,”     <http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/
IRS funded projects will be contacted through August 2008 and           business/industry_sectors/technology/article4596416.ece>
asked to provide their specialized knowledge.
                                                                        Russian on Kodiak Island
     If you have any questions or would like to know more about
this project, please call or email JBL Associates, Inc. or the Center        Linguist Evgenii Golovko from SPbU is cited in the Kodiak
for Applied Linguistics at the phone numbers or email addresses         Daily Mirror for studying the dialect of Russian spoken by the
below:                                                                  descendants of Russian traders in Alaska where a 19th century
                                                                        variant of Russian has survived to this day, albeit with significant
Gina Shkodriani, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate       JBL             changes such as the loss of grammatical gender.
Associates, Inc., 6900 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 606
Bethesda, MD 20815 301-654-5154                                             Kodiak Daily Mirror, August 14, 2008, “Linguist studies
<gshkodriani@jblassoc.com>                                              unique variant of Russian found on Kodiak Island,” <http://www.
Margaret Malone, Ph.D., Senior Testing Associate
Center for Applied Linguistics, 4646 40th Street, NW                    Flagship Program Awarded to Oregon State University
Washington DC 20016 202-355-1565
<mmalone@cal.org>                                                            The Oregonian reports that the latest Flagship Program under
                                         — from Internet sources        the National Security Education Program is for Russian at Oregon
                                                                        State University with immersion programs in K-12 at Kelly
                                                                        Elementary and Franklin High schools in Portland, Woodburn
                                                                        Elementary, and some schools in Anchorage, Alaska.
In the News, continued from page 9
                                                                            The Oregonian, August 9, 2008, “PSU Gets Advanced
Google versus Yandex: Morphology Trouble                                Russian Program,” <http://www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/
    According to the Times of London, Russia is only one of four
countries where Google doesn’t dominate the market, holding                 Finally, we note that the New York Times has launched a
only 21% of the search engine market to Yandex’s 55%. Founder           Russian language blog: <http://community.livejournal.com/
Arkady Volozh attributes this to the specific focus Yandex put          nytimesinmoscow/>. The main paper occasionally runs English
                                                                        summaries of postings with the intent, it seems, to give its audience
on handling Russian morphology, from the very inception of the
                                                                        a window on Russia.
company. Linguists rejoice!

                                                               Page - 
     ACTR Letter                                                                                                          Fall 2008

POSITION DESCRIPTION SUMMARY                                           * Fluent in English and one or more regional language, Russian

        he Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC)            * Experience living and traveling in the region, and a demon-
        for Eurasia is responsible for supporting the network of         strated willingness and ability to undertake an ambitious travel
        EducationUSA Advising Centers (EACs) in the Eurasian             schedule
region specifically and cooperating with REACs in a worldwide          * Expert knowledge of the system of higher education in the U.S.,
team. The Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC)               including such issues as accreditation, distance learning, the ad-
Program, funded by the Department of State, Bureau of Educa-             missions process, standardized testing, and financial aid, as well
tional and Cultural Affairs (ECA) is designed to foster interna-         as of the educational system of the region and current reform
tional student mobility between the United States and the rest of        issues
the world through the EducationUSA network. The REAC serves            * Experience in budget and human resources management
as a liaison between the EAC network in the region and U.S. gov-       * Supervisory experience; experience supervising host-country
ernment agencies, institutions of higher education in Eurasia and        national staff
the U.S., and other international education organizations. Primary     * Cross-cultural skills, especially in the area of communication
responsibilities include consulting with Public Affairs Sections       * Excellent time management, strategic planning and implementa-
(PAS) in Eurasia and Central Asia as well as the Bureau of Edu-          tion, analytical, and computer/internet skills
cational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and Institute of International     * Experience in public speaking and in professional training ac-
Education on the direction and priorities of educational advising        tivities
and carrying out initiatives to build the capacity of the Education-   * Ability to forge and develop connections and work cooperative-
USA network. The REACs work directly with EACs and admin-                ly with partners and stakeholders from various sectors including
istering organizations to ensure high-quality services are delivered     higher education communities, U.S. and host country govern-
across the region. The position also oversees the implementation         ment, private companies, NGOs, and media
of Opportunity Grants in countries in the region.
                                                                       TO APPLY
     The REAC is based in Moscow, Russia and works directly
with PAS and ECA and the worldwide network of REACs, as                    Send letter/resume and salary requirements to HR (Human
well as the Director of REAC Services at the Institute of Interna-     Resources) Department, American Councils, 1776 Massachusetts
tional Education which provides services to the REAC Program.          Avenue, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036. Fax: 202-572-9095
The REAC for Eurasia also works closely with the leadership of         or 202-833-7523; email: <resumes@americancouncils.org>. Af-
organizations providing advising services. The REAC for Eur-           firmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.
asia works in especially close consultation and cooperation with
REACs working in bordering regions to provide necessary support             American Councils improves education at home and abroad
to EACs in countries with shared history and languages.                through the support of international research, the design of in-
                                                                       novative programs, and the exchange of students, scholars, and
    The position involves a rigorous schedule of about 50% of          professionals around the world. American Councils employs a
time spent traveling. Funded by ECA and others.                        full-time professional staff of over 370, located the U.S. and in
                                                                       40 cities in 24 countries of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Asia and the
QUALIFICATIONS:                                                        Middle East.
                                                                                             — from an announcement by American Councils
* Graduate degree related to region in: economics, international
  education or development, history, or related area

       Анекдоты и шутки                        Учительница:                                   Молодая мать говорит своей
                                               — Вовочка,          почему     ты    опять     подруге:
    Во время празднования нового               опоздал?                                       — Знаешь, мне кажется, что я
2000-го года телерепортер спросил                                                             слишком    строго    воспитываю
прохожего на улице Лондона:                    Вовочка:                                       своего Серёжу. Вчера мы пошли
— Какие у вас планы на это                     — Hу, Марь Ивановна,                           записываться в детский сад, и он
тысячелетие?                                   ну вы же сами говорили,                        сказал воспитательнице, что его
— Довольно скромные. Большую                   что учиться никогда не                         зовут Серёжа Перестань…
его часть я буду мёртв.                        поздно!

                                                              Page - 
Fall 2008                                                                                                              ACTR Letter

          ADVERTISING RATES AND POLICIES                                                      ACTR OFFICERS
You are invited to advertise in the ACTR Letter. Commercial          President: Robert Channon (2006-2008), Purdue University, West
ads of interest to the profession, including tour and book ads are       Lafayette, IN <channon@purdue.edu>
accepted at the following rates:                                     Vice President: Elizabeth Sandstrom (2007-2009), Thomas Jefferson H.S.
                                                                         for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA <betsy.sandstrom@fcps.
      Size of Ad          ChArge             Size of Copy                edu>
                                                                     Secretary: Zita Dabars (2008-2010), Friends School (emerita),
 Full Page                $150.00     7.25” X 9”                         Baltimore, MD <zitad@aol.com>
 One-Half Page            $100.00     7.25’ X 4.5” or 3.5” X 9”      Treasurer: George Morris (2007-2009), St. Louis University H.S.
                                                                         (emeritus), St. Louis, MO <actrmbrs@sbcglobal.net>
 One-Third Page           $85.00      2.25” X 9” or 3” X 7.25”       Executive Director: Dan Davidson (2008-2010), Bryn Mawr College,
 One-Quarter Page         $75.00      3.5” X 4.5”                        Bryn Mawr, PA and American Councils for International Education:
                                                                         ACTR/ACCELS <ddavidson@americancouncils.org>
Price is for publication in the ACTR Letter one time. Multiple       Chair of ACCELS: Richard Brecht (2007-2009), University of
insertions receive a 20% discount for each repeated use of the           Maryland, College Park, MD <rbrecht@casl.umd.edu>
same advertisement. Photoshop, InDesign, PDF, EPS, or other
usable file required for each advertisement. Advance payment                          ACTR BOARD OF DIRECTORS
is appreciated.                                                      Kathleen Dillon (2008-2010), University of California, Davis, CA
The ACTR Letter is published four times per year in the fall,        Ruth Edelman (2007-2009), Tenafly H.S., Tenafly, NJ <rpedelman@
winter, spring, and summer. Usual copy deadlines are August 15,           hotmail.com>
November 1, January 31, and April 15. Contributors of major          Elena Farkas (2008-2010), Turnagain Elementary School, Anchorage,
articles should observe a deadline two weeks earlier.                     AK <russianaz@alaska.com>
                                                                     Thomas J. Garza (2007-2009), University of Texas, Austin, TX <tjgarza@
        REVIEWS OF SELECTED MATERIALS                                     mail.utexas.edu>
                   Review Co-Editors                                 Michael Gorham (2008-2010), University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  Aimee M. Roebuck-Johnson        Waclaw Mucha                            <mgorham@germslav.ufl.edu>
  2200 Space Park Dr., Suite 410    2200 Space Park Dr., Suite 410   Paavo Husen (2008-2010), Illinois Match & Science Academy, Aurora,
      Houston, TX 77058                 Houston, TX 77058                 IL <paavo@imsa.edu>
     Phone: (281) 483-0774             Phone: (281) 483-0783         Beverly Ignatovicz (2006-2008), Marlboro H.S., Freehold, NJ <beverlyig@
     Fax: (281) 483-4050                Fax: (281) 483-4050               aol.com>
<aimee.m.roebuck-johnson@nasa.gov><waclaw.j.mucha@nasa.gov>          Olga Kagan (2006-2008), University of California, Los Angeles, CA
               CLASSROOM POTPOURRI                                   Maria Lekic (2008-2010), University of Maryland, College Park, MD
                   Olga Chesakov, Editor
                                                                     Peter Merrill (2007-2009), Phillips Academy, Andover, MA <pmerrill@
        5903 Phillips Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217                        andover.edu>
    Phone: (412) 421-5470 Email: <ochalk@yahoo.com>                  Jeanette Owen (2007-2009), American Councils for International
                                                                          Education, Washington, DC <jowen@americancouncils.org>
    ADVERTISING AND GENERAL SUBMISSIONS                              Benjamin Rifkin (2008-2010), University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
            George W. Morris, Executive Editor                            <brifkin@temple.edu>
                 ACTR Member Services                                William Rivers (2006-2008), Information Technology Specialists
     3109 Yale Boulevard, St. Charles, MO 63301-0462                      <wrivers@itsnc.net>
    • Phone: (636) 946-8780 (cell) Fax: 636-724-8270                 Cynthia A. Ruder (2006-2008), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
             Email: <actrmbrs@sbcglobal.net>                              <raeruder@uky.edu>
                                                                     Jane Shuffelton (2006-2008), Brighton H.S. (emerita), Rochester, NY
       MEMBERSHIP DUES (CALENDAR YEAR)                                    <shuffelton@aol.com>
            • Associate and Full Professors - $35.00                 Mara Sukholutskaya, (2007-2009), East Central University, Ada, OK
    • Assistant Professors, Lecturers, Pre-College Teachers,              <msukholu@mailclerk.ecok.edu>
                & Independent Scholars - $30.00                      Irwin Weil (2006-2008), Northwestern University, Evanston, IL <i-
 • Retired Persons - $25.00      • Life Membership - $500.00              weil@northwestern.edu>
• Students - $10.00 (with Russian Language Journal - $20.00)         Patricia Zody (2008-2010), Beloit College, Beloit, WI < zodyp@
        ($10.00 per year overseas mailing supplement)                     beloit.edu>
                     Send dues payments to                           (Terms of board members are for three years, beginning on the Janu-
         George Morris, ACTR Membership Secretary                    ary 1 immediately following election.)
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