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                                    Collagen Induction Therapy
                      Dr Maureen Allem explains this novel technology for Skin Rejuvenation and
                      The anti-ageing revolution is gradually making significant      collagen with hardly any downtime at all.
                      inroads here in South Africa. It seems that everyone wants      Needle dermabrasion is a novel way to treat fine lines and
                      to stay firmer and look younger, especially in the work place   wrinkles around the eyes and mouth as well as the cheeks,
                      where youth is often valued as essential for success. Ageing    neck and décolleté. Other areas of the body such as the
                      itself may be inevitable but the process can be delayed.        abdomen, the back of the hands and the arms can also be
                                                                                      treated. In addition, all forms of acne scars, most surgical
                      As technology advances, we do not have to wait very             scars, including those from facelifts, abdominal surgery,
                      long before the discovery of yet another cosmetic,              breast augmentation, liposuction, orthopaedic operations,
                      medical breakthrough is made. One such breakthrough             stretch marks and burn contractures can be treated. The
                      is Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT. CIT is an almost          only type of scars on which the CIT would not have a
                      side effect-free concept for both facial and non-facial skin    positive result is keloidal scar tissue.
                      rejuvenation which is also known as Skin Needling or Needle     There is enormous demand for less invasive skin procedures
                      dermabrasion.                                                   that achieve maximum results and modern day aesthetic
                      In 2006, at an internationally published study, a German        practitioners have to stay ahead of the rapid advancement
                      plastic surgeon proved that using a cosmetic derma-roller       of technology in this realm. Progressive aesthetic clinics
                      induces new collagen formation to between 200 and               need to offer a full range of non-invasive treatments which
                      1 000%. Collagen Induction Therapy is non-ablative,             are affordable for the average person. Today’s new concept
                      meaning that the epidermis is not destroyed during the          is to start a patient on these kinds of treatments early (in
                      procedure (unlike ablative technologies which use carbon        their 30s) and thereby avoid or postpone surgical solutions
                      dioxide, Erbium Lasers and Deep Chemical Peels in order         for as long as possible. Collagen Induction Therapy has
                      to destroy the epidermis and require at least two weeks of      minimal downtime, has negligible complications and is
                      patient down-time).                                             affordable by most people, making it the perfect alternative
                      With CIT, the minute wounds caused by the needling trigger      for slowing the ageing process. continues on pg 28
                      growth-factors that form new tissue layers and natural
Photo: Skin Renewal

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