SF 424 Templates by ChrisThorman


									SF 424 Templates
    •   New
    •   New – Changed/Corrected
    •   Resubmission
    •   Renewal
    •   Renewal – Changed/Corrected
    •   Continuation
    •   Revision
    •   Entire SF 424 (R&R) Application Package Template (PDF)
A New application is an application that is being submitted to an agency for the first time. 
                                                                                                4. Federal Identifier:  New project 
                                                                                                applications should leave this field 
                                                                                                blank unless a change/corrected 
                                                                                                application is being submitted. 
New – Changed/Corrected
A New – Changed/Corrected application is an application that is being submitted to an agency for the first time and was changed after the initial
submission. If this submission is to change or correct a previously submitted “New” application, click the Changed/Corrected Application box.
Item 4 – Federal Identifier becomes a required field. Enter the Grants.gov tracking number. If you are unable to recall the Grants.gov tracking
number, enter “N/A.”
                                                                                               4. Federal Identifier:  Where Item #1 = 
                                                                                               Changed/Corrected Application and Item #8 = New, 
                                                                                               the Federal Identifier becomes the Grants.gov tracking 
A resubmission is an application that has been previously submitted, but was not funded, and is being resubmitted for new consideration. Do not
use the Changed/Corrected Application box to denote a submission of a resubmission or amended application. That will be indicated in item 8 –
Type of Application.

                                                                                          4. Federal Identifier:  Enter the 
                                                                                          previously assigned grant number from 
                                                                                          the eRA Commons. 
Resubmission – Changed/Corrected
                                   4. Federal Identifier:  When submitting a 
                                   Changed/Corrected Application for a 
                                   “Resubmission,” you should enter the previously 
                                   assigned grant number from the eRA Commons. 
A renewal is an application requesting additional funding for a period subsequent to that provided by a current award. A renewal application
competes with all other applications and must be developed as fully as though the applicant is applying for the first time.

                                                                                               4. Federal Identifier:  Enter the 
                                                                                               previously assigned grant number 
                                                                                               from the eRA Commons.  
Renewal – Changed/Corrected
A Changed/Corrected Renewal is an application requesting additional funding for a period subsequent to that provided by a current award that was
changed after the initial submission. When submitting a Changed/Corrected Application for a “Renewal” Type of Application the Federal
Identifier field (Item 4) becomes a required field. Enter the previously assigned grant number (an example of a grant number should be only
                                                                                                 4. Federal Identifier:  When submitting a 
                                                                                                 Changed/Corrected Application for a 
                                                                                                 “Renewal,” you should enter the previously 
                                                                                                 assigned grant number. 


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