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learn to play the piano


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									Learning to Play the Piano: Secrets Revealed

Pianos are popular instruments that need no further introduction.
Everybody knows that with every tone the piano makes marks the beginning
of a beautiful melody. But not all musicians can be the chosen ones. Not
all can cross the line between a novice and a competitive musician.

For expert musicians, the traditional way is just the start. They need to
discover new methods on how to play the piano no other musician can.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep on practicing, it just
doesn’t payoff.

Channeling your energy through the language of music is what a lot of
people wanted to learn. But to be an exceptional performer is more than
just learning the keys. One basic secret to become more adept is to
actually play and not continue with the boring rituals that most
beginners do. The money that you paid for those private lessons wouldn’t
be worth the while without you having a different view.

There are only 4 secrets to a successful and quick way to play the piano.
Yes, it’s not three this time. Just to be different. Those who are
interested, carry on…

Secret # 1

Know the notes efficiently. You could do this in 2 ways. First, you have
read the sheets. Play every note as it’s supposed to be. Then follow the
chords that were made for music. Choose songs that are easy to memorize
and imitate. Then, if you think that you’re skillful enough, learn the
hard ones.

The second way to effectively know the notes is to play it by ear.
Familiarize yourself with the notes just by using your ear. A blind
person can do this so why can’t you? Sometimes all it takes is dash of
creativeness to be able to play not by eyes or ears but by heart.

Once you have been keen in knowing these, you could try playing without
lead sheets.

Secret # 2

Develop a high level of self-esteem and confidence that wouldn’t be
shrugged by any problem or difficulty. Learning to play something totally
different requires pure patience. It’s all about attitude. Maintaining a
positive outlook will definitely help you conquer whatever shortcomings
may creep. Playing the piano is a tedious task. It is also quite boring
especially if you’re not just getting there; if you’re not crossing the

Aside from the latter, you have to invest a lot of self-confidence to
play whatever you want. A sprinkle of self-confidence make you shine and
look good.

Secret # 3
Practice. Even if it’s not working out the way you wanted it to be, just
do it. The best pianists are made through the hands of rigid practice.
Without practice there would be no professionals pianists. The best trick
to be adept in playing is the long hours spent in front of the piano.

Secret # 4

Get into the rhythm. Jam with it. Play with the music that you hear.
Improvise like a professional musician. The unity of music and the power
of song if achieved create a beautiful rhythm that entices listeners.

If you achieve in doing these four, you’re good to go. But you have to
remember that even in the event of impossible times; all you need to have
is faith in yourself and the music that you play. Oh and one more thing,
have fun.

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