Blogging with students by bethstill


									Blogging 101
The world is your
audience. What are
you going to tell
• Express your thoughts      • Connect with family
  and opinions                 and friends
• Market something           • Make a difference
• Help people                • Stay active in a field
• Establish yourself as an   • Have fun and be
  expert                       creative
Let the fun begin!
     Ready. Get Set. Start Your Blog!
1. Log in to Google
2. Navigate to Blogger by clicking More then Even More.
   Blogger is on the right side of the page under the heading of
   Communicate, show and share.
3. Click "Create a blog"
4. Give your blog a title
5. Create a unique URL for your blog
6. Fill out the verification
7. Select a template
8. Write a post or customize further

• How to Create a blog with
  Blogger (video)

• Crib sheets for setting
  up a blog on Blogger
• Layouts for your blog
• Templates for your blog
• Aka widgets
• Application that can be embedded within your blog
  to share “rich” information such as images,
  o   Link to other blogs
  o   Twitter feed
  o   Picture of the day
  o   YouTube channel
      If you can dream it you can embed it!

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