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                                                                                                  After 14 years in the
                                                                                                  wilderness, the WP
                                                                                                  team squeased

     AT LAST
                                                                                                  every mark possible
                                                                                                  out of their team
                                                                                                  dressage tests to pip
                                                                                                  Gauteng to the
                                                                                                  podium in the 2009
                                                                                                  SA Junior Team
                                                                                                  Dressage Champs.

                                                                                                  Team manager Michelle Moreira
                                                                                                  reports: Wow what a team! WP won
                                                                                                  the team throphy for the first time in
                                                                                                  14 years and we had quite a few new
                                                                                                  faces to the team! If there was an
                                                                                                  award for spirit, we’d have won that
                                                                                                  as well. Our riders had consistancy
                                                                                                  in their marks throughout the event.
                                                                                                  Gauteng finished in second spot and
                                                                                                  natal came third. Ingrid Malan and
                                                                                                  Octavius setting a high standard at
                                                                                                  66.46%, putting WP into an early
                                                                                                  lead. The other team members duly
                                                                                                  followed suit:

                                                                                                  Nichola Mohr – Equifeeds Vaderland-
                                                                                                  sche Sport Shu            66.85
Ernst Holtz (Judge), Michelle Moreira (Chef d’Equipe), Ella de Nicola (Reserve), Jessica Manig,   Lucas khohlakala – Voightskirch
Lucas Khohlakala, Ingrid Malan, Nicola Mohr and Sylvia Bruckner (Judge and WP Dressage Chair).    Babette                   65.38
                                                                                                  Jessica Manig and Orphius
                                                                                                  Reserve – Ella de Nicola and
                                                                                                  Midnight Sun

                                                                                                  The marks were very close but our
                                                                                                  riders rode for each and every mark
                                                                                                  and it paid off at the end of the day.
                                                                                                  It was an hounour being part of this
                                                                                                  talented team of riders who competed
                                                                                                  like true stars and were great am-
                                                                                                  bassadors for the sport. They were
                                                                                                  professional in every way.
                                                                                                                                           PHOTOS BY EQUERRY

                                                                                                  Michelle Moreira plus canine mascot,
                                                                                                  Ella de Nicola (sadly obscured by
                                                                                                  the flag), Ingrid Malan with Octavius,
                                                                                                  Jessica Manig with Orpheus, Nicola
                                                                                                  Mohr with Equi-Feeds Vaderlandsche
                                                                                                  Sportschu and Lucas Khohlakala with
                                                                                                  Voigtskirsch Babette.
                                                                      winning the Dressage, almost winning the Show Jumping and the
                                                                      Equitation and coming third in the Showing. Well done to our rid-
                                                                      ers who proved themselves on their home turf!
                                                                        Congratulations also go to our Individual riders, Sarah Wallace
                                                                      (Equitation) and Michaela Mohr (Showing) who won SANEF gold
Big bang theory                                                       medals. We are very proud of you.

Cherry Coleman dwells on our      THANK YOU
                                  The real stars of the show are the organisers, judges, officials and
2009 triumphs and the WP’s        helpers.
                                     The show would not have happened without the hard work,
huge success histing the SA       dedication, frustration, exhaustion and enthusiasm of the following
                                                                                   special people:
Junior Champs.               ‘The real stars of the show and the Dressage
                                                                                     *Janeese Silen

Western Province Horse Society
                                                          are the organisers, judges,                                   * Sharron Trueb
                                                                                                                      and the Show
certainly ended 2009 with a bang!
The dust had barely settled after the
                                                          officials and helpers’                                      Jumping commit-
last float left Glenellen Farm after the                                                                                * Tina Farr and
most successful World Cup Show                                        the Showing Committee,
and the next National Show began.                                        * The Equitation Committee ( Natalie Vercuiel not only helped
  Debbie Slater (Para Dressage WP)                                    run the show, but also organised the social calendar)
and her team organised and hosted                                        * Di Arnold for helping in the office and Stewarding
the South African Para Equestrian                                        * Wayne Thurgood for Stewarding, running the stables and plot-
Championship at Constantia Valley                                     ting out the Dressage arenas
Riding Club from 26-29 November.                                         * Shirley Coxon, who we all know as “the Medic on Duty” for
Congratulations to Debbie, her Team                                   stewarding on a full time basis for the duration of the show.
and her sponsors for putting on a fantastic, memorable event for         * Herman and Kiki, from Cape Hunt and Polo Club, who went
these riders who are an inspiration to us all.                        out of their way to help WPHS and our visiting riders and officials
                                                                      from out of Province.
No sooner was that done and dusted when it was SA Junior
Championships 2009.                                                     EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU
  Due to the hard work of the Championship’s organising                 Danielle Pienaar formed the backbone of the show provid-
Committee and the generosity of Sponsors, WPHS can hold it’s            ing a multitude of services that she performed before, dur-
head high for presenting a well-organised show.                         ing and after the show.
  So as not to put WPHS at any financial risk, it was decided In           If someone was not there to do a job, Danielle stepped in.
the planning stages for this big event, that each discipline would      During the course of the event, she did Stewarding, Public
organise and run their own classes, raise their own sponsorship         Relations, travel and accommodation arrangements, earth-
and thus fund themselves.                                               works organisation, Show Jumping Judging as well as the
   A central fund was raised through sponsorship by Equimark who        work of a stable hand on top of her responsibilities of Show
made their stables available for the event at no cost to WPHS. In-      Convenor. If that was not enough, she was also appointed
come derived from the hiring out of the stables covered costs such      SANEF Rep due to Jimmy Dewar’s unfortunate hospitalisa-
as paramedics, security, the public address system etc. Equifeeds       tion. Thank you, Danielle!
saved WPHS a small fortune by sponsoring the exquisite rosettes
and Spur came on board feeding the starving Judges and Officials.
We are extremely grateful to these companies for their generosity.
The SA champs could not have been held in the Western Province
                                                                        ED: The promise of a summary of the financials from
without them.
                                                                        the SA Champs for the next issue of WP News is music
  Due to the office only opening again on the 18 January, the final     to the ears. Given some giant flops hosting national
reconciliation is presently being done and the financial breakdown      championships in the past, it’s a subject after many
will only be available for publication in the next News Letter.         people’s hearts. We wait with keen interest...
  The Western Province Junior Teams did themselves proud by

                              THE LUCKY
  Congratulations to Mione Heese who
  correctly identified Hayley Preen in the
  photo hiding under the peak cap. She wins a Capriole
  Streamline helmet worth R550 from The Tack Shack.
                                                                                                                                   Page 2
                                                                      Notable results:

                                                                      Healthtech Open (1.30m) Grand Prix
                                                                      3rd Chanel van de Zeshoek and Jeanne Engela WHS

WP Dressage Chair Sylvia                                              4th Beachhaven Aleyna and Jeanne Engela WPHS

                                                                      Healthtech Open Championship
Bruckner contemplates the                                             4th Eagles Cornflake and Monique Bekker WPHS
                                                                      5th Wanda and Liam Stevens WPHS
province’s laurrels and other
                                                                      Most Stylish Rider Liam Stevens WPHS
disciplines report back.                                              The Horsebox’s 1.20 Championships
                                                                      Rowan Visser (WPHS) and Cheetah came 3rd

                                                                      Alpha Macro 1.1m Championship
Sylvia Bruckner: Competitors are not always aware of the enor-        1st Chelsea Duffield & Cruise Split the Bill (WPHS)
mous amount of work that goes into making a show happen.              This combination also won the Victor Ludorum at this height
   For this Junior championships it was imperative that we            WPHS won the Team competition at this height
have sand arenas in order to maintain the standard of footing
required for a show of this standard. We’d created sand arenas        Hang Ten 1.00 Championship
on grass once before at Wyneberg Military base when we                Ist Tori Bosomworth & Badger’s Song (WPHS)
hosted the 1997 Adult Championships. This model used very             Victor Ludorum- Chelsea Duffield & Mr Graduate (WPHS)
successfully at the adult champs in Kimberley this year too and       WPHS also won the Novice Team competition at this height
this gave the dressage committee courage to go down this path         Alpha Macro 90cm Championship
again. Thanks to Henk Scholtz for his unwavering determination        1st Storm Barry & Blazing Star (WPHS)
to get this mammoth job done and also to thank the sponsors           Victor Ludorum- Apache Moon & Tayla Gordon (WPHS)
of the sand (Dirk Schlechter of JPS Transport). The arenas            WPHS won the Novice Team Event @ 90cm
rode like a dream and this was evident in the way the horses
responded.                                                            Neuland Stud’s 80cm Championships
   Janeese Silen, the dressage director, ensured that each day        1st Jus de Champagne & Lisa Bosman (WPHS)
ran like clockwork – thank you to Janeese for her sterling effort     Victor Ludorum- Sir Oliver Twist & Megan Torrington (WPHS)
to make everything just perfect. There are so many other thank        WPHS won the Novice Team Event @ 80cm
yous necessary, including the organisers of the venue and the
foundations of the show, but also to our dressage sponsors,
Laura Kotze and Mayla Malan.                                          Equitation
   There were many brilliant horses and some accomplished rid-
ing to watch leaving no doubt that the standard of juniors is ris-    Shayna Cowley reports on behalf of the Open Team: Consider-
ing all the time. Michelle Glover(EC), Anthea Michaleotos (GHS)       ing that Equitation is an ‘exclusive’ discipline, it has certainly
with her stunning mare, the two Jacobs brother from FS/NC and         produced many exceptional riders who go on through the years
Michelle Wing(KZN) are all talented riders for the future! And it’s   to become top ranking riders in our country. Most of the riders,
pleasing to see talent spread among the provinces.                    by just learning to ride correctly in Equitation classes, do well in
                                                                      all other disciplines.
Show Jumping                                                             Top Riders, who also instruct at top levels and who believe in
                                                                      the merits of this Discipline include Jonathan Clarke, who won
                                                                      the gold medal in 1980/83, Anmarie Eslinger, Rogan Asken,
Helen Trueb reports: Our Show Jumping team was so narrowly            Dominey Alexander, Gonda Betrix and Sarah de lay Hay to men-
beaten into second. Gauteng were fractionally faster, although        tion a few...
both teams carried forward three double clear rounds. Congrat-           To date the Western Province riders who have won the SA
ulations to our team: Jeanne Engela and Chanel, Liam Stevens          Championship are Vicky Sheppard (1995), Megan Coleman
and Wanda, Sarah Wallace and Swifty Lazar, Jessica Augustyn           (2008) and now, in 2009, Sarah Wallace has brought the trophy
and Leapy Cruise and Elizabeth Bryant and Pohlands Wizard of          home again.
Oz.                                                                      Our team also included Megan Coleman, Elizabeth Bryant and
Huge thanks to all our sponsors, large and small, who were            Nicola Landau. The girls rode beautifully but also effectively on
unfailingly generous and accommodating, and to all the officials      their own and on the swopped horses and produced fantastic
who gave up their time to make the event a success.                   scores. After the end of Part 3 WP had to challenge Kwa-Zulu
                                                                      Natal to a sudden death ride off to break the tie.
   ED: No showing report was submitted.                                  Our nails were down to the quick... and our top scorer, Sarah
Wallace was elected to ride for WP. The spectators were para-             jumps needed for part I of the competitions were set up early
lysed with anticipation whilst the scores were calculated... and          and competitors and their instructors were given ample time to
checked... and Western Province was JUST beaten by Kwa- Zulu              walk and plan. All judges were required to be at the venue in
Natal. Well done to Kwa- Zulu Natal for winning...and well done           good time to walk the courses and discuss judging parameters
WP! The Equitation Committee and Show Organising Commit-                  before the courses were opened to competitors. The judges were
tee, hosted an impeccably well organised and well run show.               then treated to a choice breakfast before the competitions began
                                                                          each day, which was much appreciated. Penny Lazarus’s lively
Intermediate and Novice Individual and Team Champs                        commentary was a welcome bonus and scribes were efficient.
Natalie Vercuiel reports: After a great deal of preparation and           Beautiful rosettes sponsored by Equifeeds, sashes and blankets
attending numerous clinics,                                                                                   supplied by sponsors (The
the big day arrived! Unfor-                                                                                   Riding Centre, CDSVintec
tunately we were unable to                                                                                    and Benchmark) and memen-
have a Novice Team Event,                                                                                     toes were given to Teams
as there were no teams                                                                                        and winners.
from the other provinces. We
agreed to allow the girls to                                                                                     Novice Individual Equita-
ride with the new team num-                                                                                      tion Championship:
nahs and browbands which                                                                                         This was a relatively small
were generously sponsored                                                                                        class with predominantly local
by Stellenbosch Horse Shop.                                                                                      riders, which is to be expect-
   The winner of the Novice                                                                                      ed when SA Champs is held
class was Madeleine Davis                                                                                        at a venue involving a long
of the Western Province on                                                                                       trip. This resulted in no team
Sweet Roxanne. Western                                                                                           competition being able to be
Province riders also filled the                                                                                  held. However, the riders had
fourth and fifth places.                                                                                         the opportunity to experience
   The intermediate riders                                                                                       riding under pressure at a big
and horses were beautifully                                                                                      show.
turned out. Being a relatively                                                                                      The competition was
inexperienced group of girls,                                                                                    marred by an instructor’s
their nerves were on edge.                                                                                       interference. There is no
They all rode superbly, but                                                                                      accounting for the human
made unfortunate errors                                                                                          factor and no amount of good
which I am sure will not be                                                                                      organization can do away
repeated. The girls kept                                                                                         with subjectivity. However,
smiling, kept their spirits up                                                                                   nobody should be allowed
and came in a close third                                                                                        to interrupt a judge during a
place with 178 points behind                                                                                     competition! The competitor
Gauteng (181 points) and                                                                                         had failed to change direction
Eastern Cape (180,5 points).                                                                                     for the last circle of the figure
Three WP riders were placed                                                                                      8. This instructor continued to
as Individuals: Karien du Toit                                                                                   be aggressive long after the
(4th ), Zandri Uys (5th) and                                                                                     completion of the class and
Georgia Biet (8th).                                                                                               was informed of the correct
   I am sure that the girls         Sarah Wallace, 2010 South African Equitation Champion (looking on is procedure to follow when
have gained huge experience Swifty Lazar, her mount for the competition) .                                        lodging a complaint – put it in
from riding in a Team and as                                                                                      writing and bring the written
Individuals at this high level of competition and I wish them well     complaint together with the required fee to the organizer.
for 2010.                                                                 Intermediate team and individual equitation Champion-
   Well done girls. It was an honour to be your Team Manager.          ships: Brendan Silen again designed an appropriate track for this
    I also thank the parents and instructors who supported their       competition, which was held in the B arena. Nineteen competitors
children by attending all the clinics with them and for coming         took part in the individual championship and four teams contest-
forward with sponsorship and help wherever it was needed.              ed the team event. There was a good general standard and both
                                                                       the individual and team competitions were closely contested.
Excerpts of the Equitation Report to SANEF                                Open Individual SA Equitation Championship: For the
By Pat Pohl (President of the equitation ground jury at SA             first time the track for the individual open championship was set
Junior Champs) reports: The Equitation show organizers set             at 1.20m. Kevin Spratley designed an appropriate track of 11
out to leave no stone unturned to facilitate the smooth running        fences, which required forward, thinking riding and included two
of all the equitation competitions. The show jumping tracks and        combinations and several related distances. This competition
                                                                                was held in the main arena. In keeping with the increased
                                                                                standard of show jumping now required, all judges agreed
                                                                                that the level of flatwork should be judged according to
                                                                                strict principles too.
                                                                                   Open Equitation Team event: This was again held in
                                                                                the main arena with Kevin Spratley designing an appropri-
                                                                                ate 1.10m track. Three teams took part and competition
                                                                                was close resulting in a ride-off between WP and KZN to
                                                                                determine the winning team. KZN can justifiably be proud
                                                                                of their choice of rider for this part 4 as she left nothing to
                                                                                chance in her assessment and handling of the mystery
                                                                                horse, although the WP’s choice by no means disgraced
                                                                                   Thank you to the Western Province Equitation commit-
                                                                                tee for a well-organized event, unfortunately marred by the
                                                                                “human” element, which cannot be controlled!

                                                                                  WP Open Equitation Team: Elizabeth Bryant, Sarah Wallace,
                                                                                  Nicola Landau and Team Manager Shayna Cowley.
                                                                                                                                           Page 4
Compiled by Hilde Ocenasek, Vaulting Chairman
                                                                       WPHS can also be proud of Bongani Mvumvu who is living
                                                                     his dream. He now vaults at B grade and assists with the coach-
                                                                     ing of the Sowetho Team. He works at Virgin Active and still
                                                                     calls Cape Town home.
Doing the province proud                                               On behalf of WP Vaulting I would like to thank Lesley Bend-
                                                                     ing (Paint Horse SA) who kindly sponsored R3500 towards our
Trish Lane reports: Kyalami is slowly becoming synonymous            expenses. It was a unanimous decision that her sponsorship be
with and the heart of vaulting in South Africa. The 2009 National    given to Barbie for the use of her lovely horse, her coaching and
Championships were again held in the KEP Hall from the 4-7           lungeing prior and throughout the competition.
December and recorded bigger entries and higher scores on              Thank you also to Paula Taylor and her organizing committee
average than previous events. For the first time in many years       for a very well run show. Finally to the team we left behind – WP
the event was held separately and not in conjunction with Junior     vaulters, coaches, lungers, grooms, physios and our horses
Champs. This positive decision favours vaulters who compete in       thank you for your support throughout the year.
other equestrian disciplines.
  Unfortunately the provinces have different school calendars        WP Individual D Grade Open Results and Scores (canter com-
and most of our schools in the Cape only closed on the 11 Dec.       pulsory walk freestyles)
This ruled out any WP vaulters in grade nine from competing          Anacy Tainton – 2nd - 2 points
except for Imogen who wrote all her exams in one week.               Natasha Miszewski - 5th – 2points
  In the end we had three girls that could go and thanks to          Imogen Moon – 6th -2 - point
Barbie Gertenbach they had a horse waiting for them at Riba
Stables.                                                             WP Individual C Grade Open Results and Scores (canter com-
  The girls had three training sessions on Enchanted Fantasy.        pulsory and canter
They took him for walks, fed him many carrots and by the start       freestyles)
of competition were quietly confident. All three girls competed in   Natasha Miszewski – 2nd – 2 points
both individual D and C grade events.                                Anacy Tainton - 4th – 2- points
  In addition WP was able to enter the Individual Team Inter-        Imogen Moon – 6th -1 - point.
provincial as a rule was amended allowing Anacy (under 14
vaulter) to vault in the open category.                              Open C Grade Individual Interprovincial
  This year our team again gave more than 100% and achieved          1st GHs
excellent results.                                                   2nd WP

                                                                     his guidance and will travel to compete in various European
                                                                     events, from Saumur to Aachen.
                                                                        In September they will leave for Kentucky to compete in what
Compiled by Merri Spratley                                           promises to be a show-stopping event. This is the first year that
                                                                     the games will be held in the United States and the Kentucky
                                                                     Horse Park is able to host all eight disciplines in its 1200-acre
SA TBs go global for WEG                                             spread, including the newest FEI discipline, Para Dressage.
                                                                        Visitors to the park also have the opportunity to meet A living
Published on The international suc-             legend of the turf, Cigar, winner of the first Dubai World Cup,
cesses of our very own home-grown horses cannot be disputed.         and Kentucky Derby winners Alysheba and Funny Cide. The
From Hawaii to London News, Horse Chestnut, Victory Moon,            Keeneland Yearling sales which start on 13 September will end
Desert Links, Paris Perfect and Jay-Peg, to mention but a few        the day after the opening of the WEG, so September in Ken-
that have succeeded on international tracks, writes CATHERINE        tucky looks like the place to be.
HARTLEY. They have all made us feel “Proudly South African”             For the team to qualify for this level of competition overseas
and have helped to put South African breeding and racing firmly      is a great achievement. It just goes to show that our SA Thor-
on the map.                                                          oughbreds can compete internationally even beyond their racing
   Now, for the first time, two SA Thoroughbreds have qualified      careers!
to represent South Africa in Eventing, to compete at the World          On the realistic side, although the SA National Equestrian
Equestrian Games (WEG) to be held at the Kentucky Eques-             Federation is assisting where they can, most of the approxi-
trian Park in Lexington from 25 September 2010.                      mately R850 000 for each competitor and horse will need to be
   The five members of the South African team are Paul Hart,         self -funded.
Douglas Welsh, Graham Winn, Heidi Wood and Alex Peternell.              This is a huge undertaking by the team members and they
Paul and Douglas are both competing on South African Thor-           will need all the support that they can get to fulfil this incredible
oughbreds.                                                           opportunity and make SA history.
   Paul’s horse, Heartbreak Hill, is a 13 year old bay gelding by
Rocky Marriage out of the Jungle Cove mare, Boomy Hill and
Douglas rides the 11 year old Bel Byou gelding, Kings Courier.       The going gets sicky at Nelson’s
   The horses go into quarantine next week and then on to
France to compete in Europe, for six months, in preparation for      Who would have thought that the Western Cape would have record
the Equestrian Games.                                                rainfall in November! The week prior to the original show date it
   The team will be based in Fontainebleau with Jean-Philippe        rained, rained and rained. The officials went out to inspect the go-
Camboulives, their coach and advisor. There they will be under       ing and had no choice but to call the show off for November. Now it

                                                                                                                                   Page 5
was up to the organisers to find another date.                          The W’rite Shoppe For Printing The Cross Country Numbers
   We all know how full the calendar is at the end of the year, and     Noordhoek Village Assocation for the loan of equipment
after much discussion a date was finally decided on. The organis-       Vedi Security for the loan of the radios for the officials
ers also had to take into consideration that Nelson Wine Estate is
a private farm that caters to many other sporting events, functions     As it can be in Wellington, after all the rain, it was hot, but it was an
and weddings, so we had to fit in. Luckily for Eventing the 5th & 6th   Eventing Show and Eventers are nothing if not tough! The tracks
December was available.                                                 were lovely and well designed by Andy Balula – a well known face
   The change of date was never going to work for all and the event     at our Eventing shows now – thank you Andy.
did lose numbers, but not enough to prevent the show from going            Dressage day went off with out a hitch, thanks to our Dressage
ahead. Thank you to the sponsors and individuals who helped             guru Debbie Slater and then it was Cross Country day – which is
make this event a success:                                              what all eventers prefer. The novice class went off first and the
                                                                        track rode really well, although riders had to make sure their lines
Sponsorship:                                                            where straight for the skinnies! The intermediate track was tricky
Courier-It (Pty) Ltd                                                    and caught out quite a few riders – a skinny after the drop was not
Canterbury House                                                        fun. Our CNC riders all had fantastic rounds and it was great for
Trinity Asset Management                                                the younger riders to watch and see how it is done – something
Lane Stables                                                            they can all aspire to. Cross Country ended with the Welcome and
Man Truck & Bus                                                         the Pre-Novice classes, the more inexperienced horses found the
Banners And Prize Donations                                             big wide open space quite something to take in and all the fences
Patrick Thomas Equine Physiotherapy                                     before them, quite a lot to look at…For the first time in a while, ev-
Caviar Group                                                            eryone got to show jump after the Country, good practise for those
Noordhoek Village Tack                                                  who had not had this chance in the year. Congratulations to all the
Equi-Feeds                                                              prize winners.
Creature Comforts                                                          A full list of results is on the WP Eventing website: wpeventing.
Cape Animal Physiotherapy                                      Congratulations to the organisers who put their heads down
Boats 4 Africa                                                          and made this show happen, and thank you to Alan Nelson of
La Estancia Farm                                                        Nelson Wine Estate for hosting the event. We hope that the 2010
Thank you to:                                                           competition will have perfect weather conditions.
Susan Turner For Providing The Show Jumping Equipment

DRESSAGE                                                                fer perfect conditions, to get the four-legged cracks ready for the
                                                                        outdoor season, to train young horses and check their improve-
                                                                        ments or to attend a complete training program with students
                                                                        and clients. Top stars as Rodrigo Pessoa (Brazil), Peter Wylde
Laura Kotze makes the A-list                                            (USA), John Whitaker (Great Britain) or the dressage riders
                                                                        Nicole Uphoff (Duisburg/Germany) and Alexandra Simons-de-
                                                                        Rider (Aachen/Germany) already came to Spain. The Sunshine
WP senior judge, Laura Kotze has just been promoted to                  Tour is the start into the outdoor season!
National A Panel dressage judge. Well done Laura! This is a
brilliant achievement and is a testament to her dedication, com-        The schedule offers the following tours:
mitment and unwavering enthusiasm.                                      a) YOUNG HORSES – These classes are every week on Tues-
                                                                        day, Wednesday and Thursday. You can start 5, 6, or 7-years
Mariette Withages coming soon                                           old horses, which do not compete in other international class-
                                                                        es in the same week. You could enter 3 horses per age.
                                                                        b) SMALL TOUR – This
Mariette Withages (Olympic judge, clinician, chairwoman of              tour is also called „Owner
the International Dressage Judges’ Club etc.) will be coming to         Classes” and is divided into 4                   Kevin Spratley
Cape Town on 16th/17th April to give a Judge’s Seminar. More            classes (1,10 m, 1,20 m, 1,30
details to follow or check out the WP Dressage website.                 m and 1,40m). In the Small
                                                                        tour you can start 4 horses
Dual Adult SA Champs for PE                                             per weekend, 1 horse per
                                                                        class. In the Grand Prix of
                                                                        the Small Tour (21.3.10) each
The Adult Dressage and Showing champs are scheduled to be               rider is allowed to start with 1
held in Port Elizabeth this year, and in the same 10 day period,        horse.
which means you can get two disciplines for hte price of one            c) BIG TOUR – This tour of-
this year!                                                              fers 4 classes (1,35 m – 1,50
                                                                        m) every Friday, Satur day

SHOW JUMPING                                                            and Sunday. In these classes
                                                                        each rider is allowed to start
                                                                        with 1 horses, that means 4
                                                                        horses per weekend.
The sun shines on Kevin Spratley
This is big news for South African Show Jumping: Anne-Marie
Esslinger (GHS) and Kevin Spratley (WPHS) have been invited
to be Course Designers at the Spanish Sunshine Show Jump-                                                          You can still buy Team
ing Tour which runs from 16th February to 21st March 2010 in                                                       SA shirts and peak caps
the South of Spain, near Jerez de la Frontera.                                                                     to support our 2010 rid-
   Every year in February and March Dehesa Montenmedio                                                             ers. WPHS Show Jumping
becomes the most frequented showground of Europe. Nowhere                                                          committee has given riders
else meet as many horses and riders on one square kilometer.                                                       permission to ride in Team
                                                                                                                   SA shirts for graded com-
The Sunshine Tour – has been carried out for the first time more
                                                                                                                   petitions. Phone Merri to
than ten years ago on different Spanish showgrounds – attracts                                                     order your gear:
riders from all over the world to the Spanish Atlantic coast.                                                      082-777-6243.
Eleven weather proofing arenas, paddocks and fixed stables of-
                                                                                                                                          Page 6
                                                                                                                     Graham Haddow

                                                                    ponies completed a 4.5 km marathon route through the forest.
                                                                    After a short 10min cool down period, the ponies were off again
                                                                    to complete the 8 designated hazards and another 6km route.
                                                                    Times and positions were still very close and clearly all would
WP Driving Champs success                                           be decided by the cones course.
                                                                       After a short lunch and rest for the ponies/ horses and driv-
Lou Docke, Driving Chairman reports: On Sunday the 29th of          ers, the cones course was opened. The course contained 16
November 2009, the Western Province Driving Champs were             elements and proved to be more technical for many drivers than
held at the Stellenbosch District Riding Club. The championship     initially thought when they walked it. After a nail biting re-count
show consists of a driven dressage test, a marathon and hazard      of the scores to ensure they were correct, as they were so
section and a cones course. This year saw one of the largest        close, Roland Croxford driving Toby, took the Western Province
turn out of ponies and horses than previous years, allowing for a      Driving Championship Title for Open ponies, with Lou Docke
pre-novice, novice and open class.                                  driving Sally in second place.
  The standard of dressage in the province has greatly im-             Yvonne Hertzog driving Kaleidoscope Iris took the novice
proved, and scores were close in all of the classes by the end      championship title and Merle Hertzog driving Kaleidoscope Gold
of this stage. In the marathon and hazard section, the pre-         Dust came first in the pre-novice championship class.
novice and novice ponies/ horses only had to complete selected         Well done to all of the drivers, grooms and ponies on a very
hazards so as not to let them cover too far a distance. The open    successful championship show, and good luck for 2010.

                                                    Lou Docke                                                          Yvonne Hertzog
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Compiled by Debbie SLater, Chairman

WEG Qualifier a first for SA
Constantia Valley Riding Club, by kind permission of
SARDA Cape Town, was the spectacular setting for the
inaugural World Equestrian Games Qualifier, which was
awarded to Cape Town in November 2009. Not only was
this the South African Para Equestrian Championship, but
it also meant that the riders who qualified at this event are
now eligible to compete at the 2010 WEG in Kentucky.
   The riders who qualified are Marion Milne (Grade Ib),
who was a member of the South African Paralympic Team,
Hong Kong 2008, Wendy Moller (Grade II), Cathy Lloyd
(Grade IV) – all from Gauteng – and Anthony Dawson
(Grade II) from KZN. Although Western Province riders
narrowly missed qualifying, three of the horses ridden by
qualifying riders were from WP – Dicatan (kindly loaned
by Melina Frey), Flaming Gun and Shadow Dancer (kindly
loaned by Alison Notley).
   It was an absolute honour to host Jane Goldsmith and
Chris Porterfield, both from Great Britain and Liz Day from
KZN. Consumate professionals in all aspects of dressage
and para equestrian sport, these ladies were delighted to
share their knowledge and experience and were a pleasure
from start to finish.
   Two FEI Classifiers, Lyn Lawford and Elsa Matthee were
also present, ensuring that all twelve riders were correctly
classified and Lyn was quick to volunteer her scribing
services, when one of our regulars was unable to get to the
   Our stewards, Danielle Pienaar and Di Arnold did a
‘back-to-back’ stint, straight after the World Cup in Hout
   This event was an overwhelming and humbling experi-
ence for the team who put it together – Sharon Boyce,
Teri Smith, Lisa Hudson-Peacock, and Debbie Slater. The
support from South Africa Sport for Physically Disabled was
wonderful, as was the backing from the SANEF power-
   What cannot be underestimated is the incredible
response and commitment from so many in our Western
Province equestrian community to our plea for donations
and sponsorship. It seems disloyal to single anyone out,
but a full list will be published on the Western Province
website in February, as we prepare to take our riders ‘out of
Province’ and up to Gauteng for the second 3* WEG Quali-
fier from 18 – 23 March 2010.
   This momentous show was rounded off with The Riders
Dinner. Guest of Honour, Philppa Johnson, Paralympic
double gold medallist brought her humility and flair to the
table! Lisa Hudson-Peacock made this mammoth task look
simple and threw in a fun auction, for good measure, to
raise funds for WPPE. You had to be there!
    Incorporated into SANEF in January 2009, the Para
Equestrian Discipline is in its infancy. We have very few
riders compared to other disciplines (this, we see as a posi-
tive, for obvious reasons!) yet Western Province hosted the
first International event of its kind in South Africa and the
compliments are still rolling in!!!
   It is our fervent hope that Para Equestrian dressage will
be incorporated into mainstream able-bodied dressage
shows in Western Province in 2010, and hopefully, nation-
ally, with classes for Para riders in the 2010 SANEF Com-
petition and South African Dressage Championships in Port
Elizabeth, as was promulgated by SANEF Para Equestrian
and approved by SANEF Dressage Technical Committee
early in 2009.
                                                                TOP: Lizette Smith and Solitaire.
   It has been an honour to be part of this small but vibrant
discipline and its committee. It’s been an even greater         MIDDLE: International Judges Jane Goldsmith (GBR), Liz Day (RSA) and
privilege to realise how supportive many members of our         Chris Porterfield.
Society are to our ‘parallel’ riders – you know who you are,
and that we couldn’t have done it without you.                  BOTTOM: Inter-provincial team parade.
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Boarding, Spelling, Rehabilitation,
Retirement – 130km from Cape Town
Lying at the foothills of the Kleinriviersberg in the heart of the Overberg, is Shabach
Endurance Stud's property. The horses have their own safe large paddocks with shelters
or roam in the veld as part of a heard.
Daily grooming and regular visits by a farrier and equine physical rehab practitioner,
makes it ideal for horses requiring special attention.

Owner, SA National Team Endurance Rider, Naomi Müller, is closely involved with
all the horses on the property.
                Contact: Naomi Müller at 082 783 1802