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Soap Works December 2010

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					                         The Soap Works

                              Prices in effect from December 2010

This small Ontario company makes pure, natural bar and liquid soaps, pet shampoo and septic-safe
laundry products. All products are biodegradable, free of sodium laurel/lauryl/laureth sulphates, and
are not tested on animals. For more details, visit
If you’re really into stocking up, I can get these bar soaps in large case lots (usually 60-100 bars).
Please ask for case pricing for your favourites.


Aloe vera and vitamin E (110g bar)                                     6 bars        $8.65
Lightly scented. All-vegetable base with aloe vera
and vitamin E to heal and soothe the skin.

Bee pollen (110g bar)                                                  6 bars        $9.35
Pure bee pollen—an abundant source of vitamins,
minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones and
enzymes. A luxurious all-vegetable face and bath treatment.
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Blue Glass Glycerine (120g bar)                                    6 bars    $17.35
100% lavender essential oil. Looks and smells gorgeous!

Camomile (110g bar)                                                6 bars    $9.35
Gently soothing all-vegetable herbal treatment for normal
or oily skin. Contains real flowers. Natural scent.

Carbolic (110g bar)                                                6 bars    $8.65
Anti-bacterial, mildly antiseptic. Excellent deodorant bar.

Creamy clay (110g bar)                                             6 bars    $9.95
A rich all-vegetable soap with bentonite clay. Absorbs excess
oils without drying. Cleans and tones skin. For all skin types.

Cucumber & calendula (110g bar)                                    6 bars    $9.95
An all-vegetable soap with cucumber (a mild cleansing agent
and skin toner) and calendula, which is high in flavonoids.
Helps treat minor skin abrasions. Anti-inflammatory
properties. Effective for all skin types.

Emu Oil (110g bar)                                                  6 bars   $9.95
Deep penetrating, natural emollient for softening and moisturizing
dry, irritated or damaged skin. Contains fatty acids and vitamins A
and E. Good shaving soap and shampoo for untreated hair.
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Evening primrose (110g bar)                                        6 bars   $9.35
Dry skin treatment for face and body. Rich in
amino acids and polyunsaturates. All-vegetable.

Ginseng (110g bar)                                                 6 bars   $9.95
All-vegetable, deep cleaning, ginsenocide-enriched.

Goat Milk Soap (90g bar)                                           9 bars   $17.00
Unscented, pure and highly moisturizing. Recommended for
eczema, psoriasis, acne and extremely dry or irritated skin.

Hemp oil (90g bar)                                                 6 bars   $15.25
Unscented, all-vegetable moisturizing soap with essential
fatty acids. Lathers extremely well.

Lavender liquid soap                                               400ml    $7.50
All-vegetable soap scented with pure lavender essential oil.

Oatmeal (110g bar)                                                 6 bars   $8.65
All vegetable, lightly scented. Gently abrasive complexion soap.

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Olive oil (110g bar)                                                6 bars            $9.95
All-vegetable, unscented. Luxurious lather, moisturizing.

Pine tar (110g bar)                                                 6 bars            $9.95
All-vegetable. Useful for treating seborrhea, eczema, scabies,
and psoriasis. A touch of peppermint oil added for fragrance.

Pumice (99g bar)                                                    6 bars            $8.65
Lemon scented, all-vegetable soap base with finely ground
pumice grit. Cleans dirty hands without chemicals. Great for
gardeners and farmers!

Pure glycerine soap (120g bar)                                      13 bars           $24.35
Unscented, pure, mild and gentle. Recommended
for sensitive and dry skin, and good for the highly allergic.

Pure liquid glycerine soap                                            455ml           $6.60
Unscented biodegradable, all-vegetable mild liquid soap for hands 1L                  $12.15
hair, bath or shower. PH adjusted. Suggested for the highly allergic. 4L              $42.65

Pure vegan glycerine (110g bar)                               6 bars          $9.95
Coconut and palm oil base; ideal for sensitive skin and fragrance
allergies. No perfumes, deodorants, preservatives, detergents or colour.
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Sea kelp (110g bar)                                               6 bars     $9.95
All-vegetable, lightly-scented soap with North Atlantic kelp—a
rich source of vitamins, organic minerals and amino acids.

Shampoo bar with conditioner (110g bar)                           6 bars     $9.95
All-vegetable shampoo bar with aloe vera gel as a conditioner.
Herbal scent, contains no detergent. Economical and convenient.

Tea tree oil (110g bar)                                           6 bars     $9.95
All-vegetable with Australian tea tree oil. Mildly
astringent, non-irritating. Antiseptic and fungicidal.


Liquid laundry soap recommended for the chemically-sensitive      950ml      $8.95
Concentrated for convenience and economy. Free of detergent.      case (6)   $47.80
Earth-friendly, natural, all-vegetable. Good for pretreating      4L         $34.80
stains, and effective in cold water.                              Case (4)   $127.60

Old fashioned laundry bars                                        227g       $1.75
Fully biodegradable. What grandma used on collars, cuffs,
floors… and even grandpa!

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Pure laundry soap powder                                           4 pounds     $11.95
Contains borax. A pure soap with no detergents. Organic,           case (12)    $139.00
biodegradable, septic-safe and non-polluting. Farmers
members love this product, as it really gets the dirt out!

Safe bleach                                                        600g         $6.10
Environmentally safe, biodegradable, odour free. Highly concen-    case (12)    $71.20
trated. No chlorine or phosphates. Safe for colours and fabrics.


Pet Shampoo                                                          455ml      $7.65
No pesticides, insecticides or detergents. All- vegetable, mild and case (12)   $87.90
non-irritating. Environmentally safe. Contains chlorophyll and cedar
leaf essential oil as a mild deodorant and flea repellent.

                        ellora natural & organic foods
                          3772 Highway 331, R.R.#1, LaHave, N.S. B0R 1C0
                               Phone: 902-688-2541 Fax: 902-688-1553

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