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					Department for Culture, Media and Sport

February 2010

Museums, Libraries & Archives Council – Member

Margaret Hodge, Minister for Culture has appointed Angela Dean as member of the
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. The appointment will be for a term of four years
from 1 February 2010 to 31 January 2014.

Angela Dean spent more than 25 years in international finance, working for much of her
career as a managing director for the American investment bank, Morgan Stanley. She
specialised in financial analysis of technology companies and ran Morgan Stanley’s global
technology research team. In 2005 she was appointed director for socially responsible
investment at Morgan Stanley to promote the inclusion of environmental, social and
governance issues in the firm’s financial research. She was a member of the United Nations
Global Compact’s initiative to develop a framework for such issues in the global financial
In 2009, she became a trustee of International House, one of the largest independent world
organisations for the teaching of languages and the training of language teachers. AAngela
read modern history and completed a doctorate in early 17th century English politics at
Somerville College, Oxford.

Notes to Editors

   1.      Leading strategically, the MLA promotes best practice in museums, libraries, and
           archives, to inspire innovative, integrated, and sustainable services for all. The
           MLA engages with its sector across the UK and internationally, collaborating on
           measures that deliver improvement. MLA works particularly closely with
           partners in England, locally, regionally and nationally, to put museums, libraries
           and archives at the heart of lives and communities. It does so in the wider
           context of the cultural sector as a whole, through supporting learning and skills,
           and by adding value to social, economic and environmental objectives for
           renewal, regeneration and place-making. In particular, the MLA is responsible
           for leading and administering Renaissance in the Regions, the government’s
           investment programme to build capability and capacity in England’s regional

   2.      This appointments process was carried out in accordance with the OCPA Code
           of Practice for Public Appointments. Appointments are made on merit and
           political activity plays no part in the selection process. Angela Dean has not
           undertaken any political activity during the past five years.


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