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Twinatix offer twin (and higher-order multiple) parents the opportunity to flaunt their miracles. We
have items available for the whole family. All designs on clothing are embroidery of high quality with
backing to ensure no scratching or skin irritations.

Colours of the designs may be selected according to preference and limited customisation may be

Twinatix offer the following items in any of the available designs:
•       Short and long sleeve body vests
•       Short and long sleeve t-shirts
•       Adult Fleece Jackets
•       Adult T-shirts
•       Bibs
•       Stickers
•       Mugs
•       Key Rings
•       Caps
•       Car Sunshades
•       Mousepads
•       Can coolers

New1                                                      New2

A                                                  B

                                                       Also available in:
    Also available in:                                 “I love my daddy/mommy”
    Monster 1, Monster 2, Monster 3 etc                “I love my twins”/ “I love my triplet”
C                                                  D

    Also available in:
    “My triplet is nt far behind”
E                                                  F

    Also available in:
    “Mommy/ Daddy/Grandpa/Brother/Sister etc of
    the Twinadoes”
     “Matthew the Twindo” (or any other name can       Also available in:
    be used)                                           “Under the influence of triplets”
G                                                  H
I   J

K   L

M   N

O   P
                        Car Stickers: ‘Twins on Board’ design or any of the above designs
                        available in a printed format

Graco twin stroller
                                           Convenient, easy to operate
                                           One-handed fold-and-latch mechanism for easy
                                           Lightweight, easily fits in the trunk of a car
                                           Drop-down basket with ample storage space
                                           Fits 2 Graco infant car seats

                                  Weight: 13.3kg
                                  Height 100cm
                                  Length (open) 87.5cm
                                  Width (open): 50 cm

Graco infant car seat

                          Item                                  Price
Baby Long sleeve body vest (0-24M)                              R70
Baby Short sleeve body vest (0-24M)                             R65
Kids Long sleeve t-shirt                                        R120
Kids Short sleeve t-shirt                                       R110
Bibs (printed Design)                                           R40
Adult Long Sleeve Fleece Jacket                                 R250
Adult T-shirt                                                   R180
Black / Emerald Green / Grey / Khaki / Lime / Maroon / Sky,     R80
Navy or Royal Blue / Orange / Pink / Red / Yellow or White

Ceramic Mugs                                                    R80
Can Cooler                                                      R60
Car Sticker                                                     R50
Mousepad (rectangular)                                          R85
Dome Spinner Key Ring                                           R70
Car Sunshades (38x44cm)                                         R75
*Twin stroller                                                +/- R4499
*Infant car seat                                              +/- R2499

*Please request a quote
Please Note:

     -    All designs are embroidered on clothing, but printed on bibs and other items.
     -    All prices exclude postage costs

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