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Pedigree or Moggy


									Pedigree or Moggy – which Kitty’s for you?

Having made the decision to add a kitten to your family, you then need to
think about what kind of kitty would be best. There are so many to
choose from, and not all of them will be a perfect match for your home.

Once you know that you’re in the market for a kitty, you need to decide
one of two things – pedigree or moggy. If you want to buy a moggy, that
is a kitten that isn’t of any particular breed, or perhaps a cross
between two specific breeds, then you will find them most places. Small
ads in local newspapers, on grocery store bulletin boards, or asking at
your local veterinary clinic if they know of anyone who is looking to
sell a kitten should locate you a choice in your local area. All you
need to do is go and take a look at what’s available and choose the one
that seems to reach out for you! Moggys are generally friendly. Unless
they are cross-breeds with one or other of the parents being a known
temperamental breed, you can assume they’ll be good with kids. They also
should be easy on your pocket book.

Pedigree cats on the other hand are harder to locate, especially if you
have a specific breed in mind. If you have children in the home, read up
on the breeds you are interested in and discount any of them that have
known issues with kids! Some cats are very temperamental and have zero-
tolerance with children. Whereas a moggy, or even a different breed,
will have no problem being dressed up in a doll’s clothes and being
pushed around in a stroller, a breed such as a Siamese or Burmese will
usually take great offence at this and will scratch and claw its way out
– not the best choice for a home that has small children. You should
also be aware of which breeds are prone to illnesses, and which of them
have relatively short life spans and take all this information into
account before finally deciding what kind of cat you want.

Having chosen the breed that seems to suit your family and lifestyle, the
best place to get your kitten is through a reputable breeder. Check on
the Internet for any breed associations, or ask at your local veterinary
clinic for recommendations, and you’ll find breeders who specialize in
the kind of kitten you’re looking for. Make sure that your pedigree cat
comes with all of the paperwork so that you’re sure of getting a 100%
healthy pedigree kitten. You should research the “average cost” of a
kitten in your chosen breed before making your purchase.

A kitten will be with you for many years so take the time to find the
perfect match for your family. Sometimes a breed with a recorded
pedigree going back feline generations will suit your needs best, and
other times, a moggy kitten born from the cat next door will be just
perfect. Consider the options and choose which one is right for your

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