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Hepatitis is a type of disease that can have adverse effects on your
liver. It can affect a person very differently though and that means you
need to seek ongoing medical treatment. Some people are diagnosed with
hepatitis but they don’t ever have any symptoms of it. Others do
experience symptoms but their body is able to recover from it. Still
there are some that continue to see their health deteriorate due to the

Hepatitis that does affect the liver has some very serious effects for
the body. Some people end up with it from excessive use of alcohol while
others get it due to exposure to blood or bodily fluid from others. A
person may be diagnosed with either chronic or acute hepatitis. It
depends on what their symptoms are and what the results of a complete
health assessment end up showing.

Most people have heard of Hepatitis A,B,and C but there are categories
that go all the way up to G. A,B, and C are the most common that you will
find being diagnosed though. If you are diagnosed with hepatitis your
doctor will let you know which category of it as well as what you can do
to treat it.

The classification often depends on what they cause of the hepatitis is.
Generally it has to do with sexual activity where there wasn’t protection
to prevent bodily fluids from being shared with each other. A person can
also develop hepatitis due to excessive use of either drugs or alcohol.
Some forms of hepatitis are also believed to be caused by exposure to
certain types of chemicals.

Many individuals ignore jaundice when they have it. They may have another
type of infection but allowing the jaundice to continue can result in
toxins in their body that develop into a form of hepatitis. Too much iron
or copper in the body has also been found to cause various types of
hepatitis in some individuals.

Some forms of hepatitis can be life threatening while others will only
affect a person for a short period of time. If you are diagnosed with any
form of hepatitis you should get all of the facts about it. Do everything
you can to make a full recovery from it. Damage to your liver is very
serious and some types of hepatitis can leave yours in very bad shape.

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