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									International Internship Resources

Other than the government, there are other sources where you can get an
international internship program. Some of these sources are public
multinationals or international organizations; private enterprise, non-
government organizations educational organizations, and private voluntary

Public Multinationals

Public Multinationals, also popularly known as international
organizations also offer internships. Some of these organizations are the
United Nations, the World Bank, and the European Community. Positions
here are usually unpaid, yet highly competitive. Most of the paid
positions are reserved for graduate students only. However, if you are an
American, the position they would likely give you would still be in the
United States.

There are some organizations that are selected as officially recognized
international organizations. Getting a work permit for these kinds of
organizations is very easy. You can try visiting the U.S. State
Department’s web site, where you can find links to the sites of a lot of
major international organizations that are offering internship programs.

Private Enterprise

You can also get international internships from private enterprises. Such
programs are usually sponsored by companies like Coca-Cola, Proctor &
Gamble, and others. However, positions are usually restricted for
students undertaking MBA programs. A lot of undergraduates, nevertheless,
have already arranged overseas internship programs with the U.S. or other
host-country companies, particularly by using the BUNAC or CIEE programs.

Generally, internships with private enterprises can pay enough in able to
cover your basic living expenses. However, they usually don’t shoulder
the cost of your transatlantic airfare. You can try searching the web for
these kinds of internships by using keywords like “company name +

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Organizations under this category are usually nonprofit. Most of the
time, they include human-rights or humanitarian watchdogs like Amnesty
International. Organizations dealing with health care provision like CARE
are also included. There are also research institutes such as the Bermuda
Biological Station, and educational exchange organizations like the
Institute of International Education that provide internships.

Most of the time, NGOs welcome interns via their U.S.-based offices.
However, there are times that you can also directly apply through their
overseas offices. Internships with this kind of organizations are usually
unpaid. To know more about the different organizations under this
category, you can try searching the Internet to find some NGO listings.
Educational Organizations

If you are looking for an internship in the educational field, then this
is the right source for you. There is a worldwide need for Teachers.
Generally, there are two categories for the position. First is teaching
English as a foreign language. In this category, all that is usually
required as a credential would be a bachelor’s degree. The second
category is teaching K-12 in taught in English in overseas schools. Here,
you would usually need a teaching certification.

In general, teaching positions entails a commitment of from you. This
commitment usually lasts for at least 1 academic year. If you’re eyeing
for teaching in the university level, you would probably need an advanced
degree, since this is what most employers require.

Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs)

You can also get internships from PVOs or Private Voluntary
Organizations. They usually offer a lot of overseas placements, which are
one of the most probable ways of working in developing countries.
However, most of the positions are usually designated as service or
"volunteer" positions, instead of internships.

Organizations vary from secular, like WorldTeach or Amigos de las
Americas, to religious-sponsored organizations. If you are applying for a
short-term placement, you will probably be charged with fees, or at least
get room and board provisions.

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