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									Raising dog for money (2)
Breeding dogs is an excellent business for anyone that loves being with dogs. You
nurture your puppies and brood stock. In return, you receive love and companionship
from your dogs and puppies. For a dog person, a dog breeding business can bring you
more joy than any other business.

Another joy for dog breeders is providing friendly, healthy puppies to caring families.
Responsible breeders sell puppies they have bred for temperament and these puppies
make great pets. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your puppies going to good
families that want a quality, breeder-raised dog.

Anyone can be a dog breeder. You just need a small space in your home as a maternity
ward. Later, you can add a breeding kennel when you want to grow your business. It
doesn’t take much money to start. The cost of the equipment is reasonable, and you may
have much of it already.

Here’s the best news of all, you can make a nice supplementary income from breeding
dogs. I know of many retirees, stay-at-home moms and dual-income couples that use dog
breeding to buy the nice things in life and as a safety net in case of job layoff. When you
want, you can expand your breeding business to a full-time livelihood. Dog breeding can
make you a millionaire. A banker friend based in Osun State says he makes more money
from selling dogs and puppies than his twelve month salary put together.

Isn’t this amazing?..

Tips to starting a dog breeding business
1- For a starter I advice you get a German Shepherd (Alsatian), a Doberman or a
Rottweiler. They are more friendly dogs. The German Shepherd is one of the most child-
friendly dogs. So you can start with a German Shepherd.

2- Start with female puppy. A female dog is the most ideal for dog business since your
consideration is to sell puppies. At nine months to 12 months your dog will be ready to
mate. The gestation period for a dog is 62 days which is about 2months.

3- Get a good male German Sherpherd to mate with your female. It is advisable to
allow dog of the same breed mate. i.e Doberman with Doberman and Alsatian with
Alsatian. Don’t mate Alsatian with Doberman.

4- Raise strong and healthy dogs. Dogs are meat and bone eaters. Give enough protein-
rich foods. Too much carbohydrate will not make the dog grow big.

5- Buy vitamins and others drugs from a veterinary shop in your area.
Deworm your dog regularly and give all necessary vaccinations.
6- Keep your dogs away from local dogs in your neighbourhood to avoid contact with
disease or infection. Most of the local dogs are not vaccinated.

7- Create time to play with your dog and walk with it. Dogs feel more loved when you
create time to play with them.

8- Your dog kennel must be well ventilated.

9- Most foreign dogs are very intelligent so training your dog should be a priorty. A
well trained dog will always obey you.

10- Return on investment begins to come 14 – 16 months after investment.

Investment analysis:
For a female dog with 6 puppies, each of the puppies can be sold for N20,000. A dog can
give birth to young ones thrice a year. 18 puppies in a year gives the owner N360,000.
Imagine if you have more than one female.

11- And lastly don’t forget to add Moringa powder to your dog and puppies feed. It
makes them strong and healthy. Moringa powder is also an excellent food supplement for
a nursing dog. It improves lactation. Immediately I discovered my dog was pregnant I
started adding Moringa powder to its food. I also was adding quail eggs to its food before
conception. Quail eggs also help with fertility.

Stay blessed. Wish you all the best in your farming endeavours!

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