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The American Revolution Unit - Laurens County School District 55


									      The American Revolution:
       The Shift from Colonial to Self-Rule


The French and Indian War was over. As the dust settled and the smoke cleared
Britain stood victorious over France, having won some prime real estate in the
process. This meant everything was hunky dory in the British Empire, right?
Wrong! Britain had spent a beaucoup amount of bread on this altercation. They
had to find a way to pay for this foray. To do so, they looked to their colonies.
Hadn’t they played a part in all of this? Dang Skippy they did and now it was
time to ante up. The problem was that some of the colonists were growing
weary of this heavy handed way of business, especially from a king an ocean
away. To make a long story short, Britain began taxing the colonies and placing
other restraints upon them. The colonists, in turn, began defying their
benefactor little by little. It was a like a rubber band stretching and stretching till
it reaches its maximum elasticity. The colonists took Britain there, and vice
versa, until the band snapped. From that moment forward it was on like Donkey

The American Revolution would be a bitter battle of attrition, one that saw a
new dawn in warfare. The British way of gentlemanly fighting would be tested
to its limits with the guerilla tactics employed by some of the partisan troops.
This coupled with the ever-present threat of French intervention caused the
Royal Army to lose its grip on victory and end with the surrender of Lord
Cornwallis and the Treaty of Paris.
Standards: 8-2.1, 8-2.2, 8-2.3, 8-2.4, & 8-2.5


      - Terms to Know:
           o Mercantilism
           o “Taxation without Representation”
           o Stamp Act
           o Tea Act
           o Whigs/Patriots
           o Tories/Loyalists
           o Royal Army
           o Continental Army
            o   Militia/Partisan Troops
            o   Guerilla Warfare
            o   Constitutional Convention
            o   Federal Constitution
            o   South Carolina Constitution of 1790
            o   Political representation
            o   General Assembly
            o   Regulators
            o   Vigilantism
            o   Smuggling
            o   Boycott
            o   Repeal
            o   Bill of Rights
            o   Articles of Confederation
            o   Amendment
            o   Three-fifths Compromise
            o   Suffrage
           o Electoral college
      - Events to Know:
           o Battle of Camden
           o Battle of King’s Mountain
           o Battle of Cowpens
           o Capture of Charleston
      - People to Know
           o Edward Rutledge
           o Arthur Middleton
           o Thomas Lynch Jr.
           o Thomas Heyward Jr.
           o Francis Marion
           o Andrew Pickens
           o Thomas Sumter
           o Christopher Gadsden
           o Henry Laurens
           o Charles Pinckney
           o Charles C. Pinckney
      - Places to Know
           o Low country
           o Upcountry


      -   Hesitations About Resorting to War
      -   Mock Interviews
      -   Journal Entries
      -   Timeline Activities
      -   Choosing Sides for the Revolution
      -   Loyalists Versus Patriots
      -    Traditional Army Versus Militia Troops
      -    The Southern Campaign – research and presentation
      -    US Constitution Versus State Constitution of 1790
      -    Low Country Versus Upcountry


      - 1776 = Declaration of Independence
      - 1776 = Fighting erupts in SC at Sullivan’s Island. Colonists repel the
        British attack which sends morale skyward, for the time being.
      - 1780-1781 = The Southern Campaign takes place in South Carolina.
           o Charleston is put under siege and ultimately falls
           o British win many battles up until a point
                    Battle of Camden is a huge disaster for the Patriots
           o Battles of King’s Mountain and Cowpens are a turning point in
               this campaign
      - 1782 = British leave Charleston
      - 1783 = Treaty of Paris


      - Lesson 1
             o Appetizer: complete the following
                   Construct a K-W-L Chart on the American Revolution.
                      Use the “K” to list what you already know about this topic
                      and the “W” to list what you would like to know about it.
                      Leave the “L” blank for now.
             o Salad: discuss and preview topic
             o Entrée: Causes of the American Revolution
                   Split the class in half – one side will be finding causes for
                      the American Revolution and the other will be finding
               reasons the colonists did not want to go to war with
                   Use pages 102-107 in the book for help
           I will pair opposite sides together and they will share their
              findings with each other. Also talk about the reactions of
              South Carolinians to the Stamp and Tea Acts.
      o Dessert: review
           To-go: workbook page 81 or 84
           Assign The Road to the American Revolution

- Lesson 2
     o Appetizer: Imagine that you are about to sign the Declaration of
        Independence, one of the most important documents in
        American history. Why was this a momentous occasion for all
        involved? Why do you think this was a potentially hazardous
        decision for the signers? Now, practice your best signature and
        sign your paper as if you had actually signed the document itself.
     o Salad: go over and discuss
     o Entrée: the American Revolution
            Declaration of Independence
                   What was it?
                   Why important?
                   Who signed from SC?
             Read “The Middleton Boys”, “The Rutledge Brothers”, and
              “Two Thomas Jr’s.”
             Timeline of t
             The four men’s lives
                   Group activity
      o Salad: review
     o To-go:
          Assign a writing assignment (choose one of the
                  Choose one of the men from SC to sign the
                    Declaration of Independence and write a journal
                    entry from his point of view for the day on which
                    he signed it.
                  Choose one of the men from SC to sign the
                    Declaration of Independence and create a mock
                    interview. Pick 5-7 questions to ask him and give
                    the answers he might have given. Include the
                    emotions he might have felt when signing this
                    document and the fears he might have had.

- Lesson 3
     o Appetizer:
            Define the following terms in your own words and use
             each one in a sentence.
                  Whig
                  Patriot
                  Tory/Loyalist
                  Stamp Act
                  Townsend Act
     o Salad: go over
     o Entrée: Faces of the American Revolution
           Tory or a Patriot
                  Students will write at least two paragraphs on
                    whether they would have been a Tory or a Patriot
                    prior to the American Revolution. The paragraphs
                     must include whish side they would be on, why they
                     would choose that side, what is their occupation
                     would have been, etc. they also must include why
                     they would not have been the other.
      o Dessert: review
      o To-go: complete the paragraphs
      o Assign big 7-2 project

- Lesson 4
     o Appetizer: complete the following
            Choose a major political and social issue. List the different
              perspectives on this issue. Why does this issue divide
            During the American Revolution people had divided
              loyalties. What were the main sides during the American
     o Salad: go over and check hw
     o Entrée: The American Revolution
            Divide the class into groups to look at the following
               people and the side(s) they would have chosen during the
               American Revolution:
                   Backcountry men
                   Low country elite
                   African Americans
                   Native Americans
                   Politicians
           Have the students come together and discuss these groups
           Whole group discussion
      o Dessert: review
     o To-go:
          hw read pages 115-120
          Assign project/paper
                  You are to rewrite history. What if the British had
                    won and the colonial usurpation had been repelled?
                    You are to write a 2-3 page paper on how life would
                    be different today and since that time had the
                    British been able to defeat the colonists.
                  You will be graded on a letter grade scale.
- Lesson 5
     o Appetizer: answer the following
            What is a revolution? Was the American Revolution really
              a “revolution” for America? Explain.
            When you think of the fighting during the American
              Revolution, which battles come to mind? What are some
              battles in SC that you have heard about?
     o Salad: go over and check hw
     o Entrée: The American Revolution
            Partisan warfare
                  Discuss what a partisan is
                  Discuss what the militia was
                  Techniques used in partisan warfare
            Battles in SC
                  Read aloud “A Great City Under Attack”
                  Have them read and react to the following articles:
                    “A Disaster at Camden”, “Join the Militia”, and “The
                    Tables Turn”
     o Dessert: review
     o To-go: answer the following
          Read pages 120-124
             What is guerilla warfare?
             Why was guerilla warfare useful for the militia? How was it
              viewed by the British high command?

- Lesson 6
     o Appetizer: complete the following:
            Page 103 in the workbook
     o Salad: check and go over hw
     o Entrée: The American Revolution Comes to SC
            Divide the class in half
                   Half come up with “Strategies of the British Army”
                   Half come up with “Strategies of the Militia Troops”
                     Bring halves together for whole group discussion or
                     pair them up and let them discuss their findings
      o Salad: review
      o To-go: complete the following:
            Page 94 and 95 in the workbook

- Lesson 7
     o Appetizer: complete the following:
            Why do you think SC was important for the British to
              control in order to squash the uprising of the colonists?
              Give at least two reasons and explain.
     o Salad: check and go over hw
     o Entrée: The American Revolution in SC
            Have students in groups of 4-5
            Have the laptop cart ready for them to use
            Have them research one the following:
                  Capture of Charleston by the British
                  Battle of Camden
                  Battle of King’s Mountain
                  Nathanael Greene name commander of the Army
                    of the South
                  Battle of Cowpens
                  British leave Charleston
                  Andrew Pickens
                  Thomas Sumter
                  Francis Marion
          After researching the event or person, each group will give
             a short (3-5 minute) oral and visual presentation to the
             rest of the class describing the details of the event or
             person, as well as its/their overall impact on the American
     o Dessert: review
     o To-go:
          prepare to present
          assign unit project

- Lesson 8
     o Appetizer: complete the following:
            Describe the daily life of a soldier fighting in the
              Continental Army? How might his life be different from
              that of a militiaman?
     o Salad: begin presentations
     o Entrée: American Revolution
            Begin Power Point on the American Revolution
                  Ask questions as presentation is given
     o Dessert: review
     o To-go: complete the following:
          What emotions do you think the men in charge were
             feeling as they began to realize the revolution was turning
             in their favor? Explain.

- Lesson 9
     o Appetizer: complete the following
            What elements must a constitution have in order for to
              be effective and long-lasting?
     o Salad: go over and discuss – check hw
     o Entrée: American Revolution
            Complete Power Point
                  Ask questions
            Begin Flow Map of the creation of the Constitution and
             the creation of a state constitution
                  Half the class up – one half works and one and the
                    other half the other
                  Pair them up to discuss their Flow Maps
                  Come together as a whole class to discuss
     o Dessert: review
     o To-go: complete the following:
          Page 111 in workbook

- Lesson 10
     o Appetizer: answer the following:
           Who was Henry Laurens? What role did he play in shaping
              the history of SC? What makes him such a unique
           Why is it important to have rules? What do you think
              would happen if this country was void of a set of rules and
              guidelines by which to abide?
     o Salad: go over and check hw
     o Entrée: The Constitution
           Create a Flow Map Activity continues
                  Finish up and discuss
           Begin Power Point on the creation of the Federal and
              State Constitutions – students will take notes
     o Salad: review
     o To-go: read pages 131-137

- Lesson 11:
     o Appetizer: complete the following:
            Have the students read a copy of “The Road to Statehood”
              and respond to their reading
     o Salad: preview the day
     o Entrée: The Constitution
            Finish power point
            The Pinckney boys and the role they played
                  Have students use their book to see how they were
                   integral in shaping the federal Constitution
                  Read Aloud – “Hello Charles Pinckney”
                       o Discuss
     o Dessert: review
     o To-go: page 109 in workbook
- Lesson 12
     o Appetizer: complete the following
            The date is May 23, 1788 and South Carolina just ratified
                 the US Constitution. You are to write an official statement
                 announcing the historic event. The statement should be
                 2-3 paragraphs in length and needs to explain what it
                 means to ratify the constitution and why this event was
      o   Salad: go over and check hw
      o   Entrée: The Constitution
              The students will view a video on the creation of the US
                 Constitution and/or the South Carolina Constitution of
              Discuss
      o   Dessert: review
      o   To-go: complete the following
              What if South Carolina or any of the other colonies had
                 decided not to ratify the Constitution?
              What if South Carolina had chosen to have remained an
                 individual colony rather than joining the rest of the
                 United States?

- Lesson 13
     o Appetizer: complete the following
            Why do you think there was such animosity between the
             Low Country and the Upcountry? Were they not both
             peoples of South Carolina? Explain your answer.
             When you think you are being treated unfairly, how do
                you react to this? Give examples. Are you open to
                compromises? Why or why not?
     o   Salad: check and go over hw
     o   Entrée: The US Constitution versus the State Constitution of
             Students will create in pairs a double bubble map that
                compares and contrasts the two documents
     o   Dessert: review
     o   To-go: get mentally prepared for the new unit and study for the

- Lesson 14
     o Appetizer: complete the following
            How did South Carolina fair during the American
            What do you see as being the biggest key to victory for
              the Patriots in the Revolutionary War? Explain.
     o Salad: go over
     o Entrée: SC after the Revolutionary War
          Students will compare the importance of SC to England
             prior to the American Revolution and SC as a state in the
             Union after that same conflict.
          Students will also make predictions about SC in the years
             after the Revolutionary War.
     o Dessert: review
     o To-go: study for the test

- Lesson 15
             o Appetizer: students will complete their K-W-L Chart
             o Salad: the students will share what they have learned
             o Entrée: American Revolution Test Review
                   Students will work on a review sheet
             o Dessert: answer questions
             o To-go: study for the test

     - Lesson 15
          o This will be a culminating test on the American Revolution


  1. Why would the American colonists “bite the hand that was feeding
  2. Do you see the American Revolution as being avoidable? Why or why
  3. What do you think was the major cause of the American Revolution?
     Explain why.
  4. Why were a lot of South Carolinians wary about going to war with the
  5. If Britain hadn’t mistreated the colonists of SC after the fall of Charleston,
     what might have been different about the outcome(s) of the revolution.
  6. How important was the militia in SC? How might a regular army soldier
     view a militiaman? Why?
  7. Why do you think that signing the Declaration of Independence was
     treasonous in the eyes of Britain? Explain.

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