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					                                                                                                        WINTER 2008

 NEWS                                                                           CHECK OUT THE KARATE BC WEB SITE AT:

                                                                  to James
                                                                        Looking back at
                                                                        a long and
                                                                        career in karate
                                                                        See pages 8, 9 & 10
  Canada has lost                                                                         ‘I need to go back,
  a great sensei                                                                          I need to win’
                                    Two-decade gap
  When David Akutagawa
  suffered a massive heart attack
                                    between medals                                        The defining moment that
                                                                                          ignited my desire and motivat-
  on October 8, he was doing        Sometimes, the wait makes it all                      ed me towards gold, was the
  what he deeply loved – teach-     that sweeter. Sensei David Bent-                      disappointment of the recent
  ing karate in his home dojo to    ley is back on the winner’s podi-                     year’s championship.
  students who were like family.    um.

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                  KARATE BC • 225-3820 Cessna Drive • Richmond, B.C. V7B 0A2
   Tel: 604-333-3610 • Fax: 604-333-3612 • e-mail: • Web:
                 Karate BC has a new                                                                             Executive

                 executive director                                                                             President Dan Wallis

                                                                                                         1st Vice-President Roy Tippenhauer
                    We     are     moving                                    tional karate practitio-
                 smoothly along with                                         ners choose to remain        2nd Vice-President Mike Scales
                 transition plans to find                                    outside of our associa-    
                 a replacement for James                                     tion.
                                                                                                             Secretary Charles La Vertu
                 Johnson, our long-serv-                                        Robert Tuss has an      
                 ing Executive Director.                                     international reputation
                    James will be retiring                                   for helping companies             Treasurer Julie Zilber
                 in January 2009, and                                        take care of their busi-
                 your Executive has tried                                    ness by finding strate-       Membership Andreas Kuntze
                 to be very thorough and                                     gies that work for them   
                 thoughtful as we sought                                     and their clients.            Director-At-Large Rick Penner
                 out his replacement.                                           Bob’s background in  
                    The KBC Executive                                        tourism and sports tour-     Director-At-Large Ken Corrigan
                 struck a search commit-                                     ism ensures that he is     
                 tee consisting of Charles                                   uniquely positioned to
                 La Vertu (Secretary),                                       help us take an outsid-
                 Andreas Kuntze (Membership Director)       er’s look at our association, its goals,         Newsletter Team
                 and Dan Wallis (President).                strategies, successes and challenges.
                    Our task was to widely advertise for       We can expect him to initiate discus-                  Editor
                                                                                                                  James Johnson
                 potential candidates for this position,    sions throughout our membership in
                 to screen potential candidates, inter-     these areas to help us review and refine          Newsletter Committee
                 view those short-listed and then pres-     our vision and necessary strategies.              Charles La Vertu, Chair
                 ent two candidates for the full board to      We are also looking for a person with           Editorial Committee
                 interview.                                 strong marketing and fund-raising abil-         Cheryl Gray, Nicole LeMire
                    We used PSO and NSO websites and        ities. Please look at Robert Tuss’ blog:       Tammy Pilon, Jean Sorenson
                 job search web sites. Twenty-two peo-      http://www.craftingsuccess.blogspot.
                 ple applied for the position initially.    com/ and you will see the wealth of                       Design
                    We reviewed their applications and      expertise and experience he brings to                 Tamark Design
                 reduced the list of potential candi-       Karate BC.                                  
                 dates to five. While we were doing ref-       In particular, we are looking for lead-
                 erence checks one of the candidates        ership in the area of strategic market-                   Printing
                 announced she had secured anoth-           ing and how it can enhance Karate                     Infigo Imaging
                 er position, so the Search Committee       BC’s potential.
                 interviewed four people November 4.           He also has extensive experience
                    All four candidates were strong and     working with volunteers in sport orga-         Contact Karate BC at:
                 met most of our criteria. Two candi-       nizations and we look forward to his            Suite #225-3820 Cessna Drive
                 dates stood out above the others as        ideas and guidance as we continually                Richmond BC V7B 0A2
                 they both met all of our criteria, are     look for ways to extend our volunteer                 Tel: (604) 333-3610
                 very successful in their own careers,      base as well as to express our thanks to             Fax: (604) 333-3612
                 and are ready to tackle the challenge      our valuable volunteers. Bob is a dis-
                 we offer at Karate BC.                     tinguished leader in these fields, as his
                    At the end of November, the full        many testimonials speak to. People             Karate BC Newsletter
                 board interviewed both of these peo-       offering testimonials range from Stan
                 ple. Robert Tuss was clearly the best      Hagen, past-Minister for Tourism, Sport           is printed and published
                 candidate to lead Karate BC over the       and the Arts, John Cummings MP, and
                                                                                                                 by Infigo Imaging
                 next few years.                            even Kenneth Scott, Her Majesty’s Sec-
                    What were we looking for in a can-      retary (Buckingham Palace).                       #150-3820 Cessna Drive
                 didate? We have been an entity since          For the last number of years he has
                 1974 and we have evolved to the point      been offering expertise in marketing,              Richmond BC V7B 0A2
                 where we have two full-time employ-        governance, and areas of economic
                 ees who, in concert with many volun-       development in developing countries              CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS
                 teers, manage an association of over       around the world with CESO (Cana-            MAIL SALES AGREEMENT #40063490
                 4,000 members.                             dian Executive Services Organization
                    Karate BC was established as the pro-   – International Services) so he clearly                Sponsored by:
                 vincial sport governing body of karate     has the necessary organizational abil-
                 in order to regulate the development of    ity, oral and written communication
                 karate in British Columbia and to allow    skills, and diplomacy so necessary in
                 athletes to compete at the national        the Executive Director’s job today.
                 level. We are blessed to have over 4,000      Your Executive was also looking for
                 members, but as the provincial sport       a leader who could help provide more
                 governing body of karate we need to
                 look carefully at why so many tradi-            Continued on inside back page

   2                                                                                                 KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008
“Canada has lost a great sensei”

                                                                                                                                 REMEMBERING KARATE LEADERS
By Jean Sorensen                                                                   “institution” of Shito-ryu karate using the
                                                                                   Shito-ryu symbols.
   When David Akutagawa suffered a mas-                                               Akutagawa’s Renskikan organization pro-
sive heart attack October 8, he was doing                                          moted traditional karate, in particular, kata
what he deeply loved – teaching karate in                                          as was originally taught by the founders of
his home dojo to students who were like                                            various styles such as Chito-ryu, Shito-ryu
family.                                                                            and, to a lesser degree, Goju-ryu.
    Akutagawa Sensei died later that day in                                           Akutagawa was one of the early members
hospital, but not before achieving mile-                                           of Karate BC, realizing the need for a sports
stones in karate, founding an organiza-                                            body representing karate.
tion with dojos from BC to the Maritimes,                                             “In my view,” said Karate BC President
becoming a major force in shaping Karate                                           Dan Wallis, “he was a critical player in creat-
BC and karate at a national level.                                                 ing harmony amongst styles in Karate BC.”
    “Canada and the world has lost a great                                            His contribution to karate included an
sensei and a respected leader in karate,”                                          original member of the KBC technical com-
long-time friend and colleague Masami Tsu-                                         mittee, a member of the NKA technical com-
ruoka wrote as a condolence.                                                       mittee for many years, long-time head of the
   Tsuruoka, often referred to as the Father of                                    NKA and KBC officials committees, and head
Canadian Karate and head instructor of Chi-                                        of the Canadian Chito-Ryu Association of
to-ryu, was only one of the distinctive leaders in karate that     Western Canada for 20 years.
Akutagawa Sensei would be linked to over a 51-year career.           Karate BC Executive Director James Johnson remembers
   Akutagawa was born into a family with deep roots in mar-        him as one “of a group of forward-looking instructors” who
tial arts. The Akutagawa family castle had 300 samurai but         set out in a cooperative effort to improve karate.
400 years ago, in the 1600s, it was destroyed by a ruling            As with most building processes there is discord and dis-
member of the Tokugawa dynasty, which sought to retali-            agreement and “we experienced an era of turmoil and dis-
ate against those who showed any favor toward European             harmony, both nationally and provincially,” tells Johnson.
cultures.                                                          Yet, throughout, Akutagawa remained resolute.
   Yet, Akutagawa family members moved to another cas-               “He stood up to those who would bully and intimidate
tle and Akutagawa’s grandfather continued teaching young           and stuck to his principles. That was character!” recalls
samurai, especially the art of the spear.                          Johnson.
   Akutagawa studied both Shotokan-ryu and Shito-ryu                 When he last spoke with him, Johnson said: “He expressed
styles while at Japan’s Kohnan University in Kobe, where he        the excitement he felt as he continued to explore the mys-
earned a degree in economic science. Years later at B.C. tour-     teries behind the martial arts.”
naments, seated next to Hiroo Yamashiro, founder of Van-             Close friend Dr. Chee Ling provided the eulogy for his
couver’s first dojo, he would discover they had, in different      “teacher”. He spoke of Akutagawa’s devotion to karate but
years, shared the same sensei, Jun Sugano.                         also of his strong Christian faith, which was an equally-im-
   Sugano became vice-chairman of JKA from 1928 to the             portant underpinning of his life.
time of his death in 2002. Yamashiro remembers that Akuta-           Akutagawa’s father served as a pastor in Calgary for many
gawa would good naturely refer to him as “his sempai.”             years and his mother played piano in church. The spiritual
   In Canada, he taught RCMP instructors for over a decade         devotion was also reflected in Akutagawa, who studied the
at the RCMP Self-Defense Depot in Penhold, Alberta and the         scriptures with theological teacher Pastor Ellie Nessim.
RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan.                                “Akutagawa Sensei has often used stories and examples
   Tsuruoka, in 1966, introduced him to Tsuyoshi Chito-            of the Old and New Testament to teach us, in the midst of
se, founder of Chito-ryu and he began training in the style        karate classes, about life, about developing character and
until Chitose’s death in July 1984. He founded Renshikan           growing the ideals of humanity in our hearts,” Dr. Ling told
Karate Association in January 1997.                                funeral attendees.
   Akutagawa achieved a personal goal in June 2006 when              Student Tom Mah became one of several who followed
Soke Kenei Mabuni of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do promoted him              Akutagawa’s devotion to religion. He recalls: “For many
to 8th dan and Shihan. (He had also received his 7th dan           years, Sensei felt alone, spiritually, because no one respond-
from Soke Mabuni Kenei).                                           ed to the message of the gospel,” he said at the service. But,
   Mabuni also aligned Akutagawa’s organization as an              Akutagawa’s patience, humility, and love for his fellow man
                                                                   won Mah over and “God finally opened my eyes and soft-
                                                                   ened my heart.”
                                                                     While Akutagawa’s legacy remains the many students he
                                                                   helped over the years, both with karate and personal prob-
  Mark C. StaCey                      Singleton Urquhart LLP       lems, Mah maintains it is also “being remembered as a man
  Partner                             #1200 - 925 W. Georgia St.   who cared more for others than for himself.”                   Vancouver, BC V6C 3L2          As with most sudden deaths, there was not the opportu-
  A Law Corporation                   Telephone: 604. 682 7474     nity for teacher and students, friends or family to exchange
                                      Fax: 604. 682 1283           good-byes. But, when Akutagawa received his 8th degree
                                                                   and Shihan certificate, he wrote a simple message on the
                                                                   Shito-ryu website that reflected the humility of the man.
                                                                     It said: “Mr. Akutagawa wants to thank all the many sen-
                                                                   seis from the different styles he has had long-term relation-
                  SINGLETON                                        ships with and the support they have given over the years.
          L   E   G   A   L   C   O     U   N    S   E   L         He would also like to thank the members of the Renshikan
                  U R Q U H A RT                                   Karate-Do Association for their support and diligent pursuit
                                                                   of traditional karate-do.”

KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                                                  3
                         Fernando Correia
KARATE-KAS IN THE NEWS   on wall of fame
                           Sensei Fernando Correia has been induct-
                         ed into the North Cowichan/Duncan Wall
                         of Fame.
                           Correia has been tireless in his efforts to
                         promote and develop a high-level of karate
                                                                             gap between
                         in the valley.
                           Originally from the Azores, Correia relo-
                         cated to Kitimat in 1963 and came to the
                         valley in 1981. Soon after arriving, he start-
                         ed teaching karate at the Vimy Hall and
                         eventually moved to the Cowichan Centre
                         where the prominent school bearing his
                         name still exists today.
                           Correia has trained countless students in
                         karate discipline who’ve gone on to reap
                         rewards from those teachings. He’s also
                         been an official and administrator, bear-
                         ing a passion for karate that’s unequalled
                         in B.C.
                                                         – Don Bodger,
                                   Cowichan News Leader and Pictorial

                         Awards for six                                      A two-decade hiatus proved
                                                                          fruitful for Sensei David Bentley
                                                                                                                a cracked rib!”
                                                                                                                   He endured five fights and
                           Excellent performances at the Canadi-          of the Kimura Shukokai Karate         defeated a Swiss fighter in the
                         an National Championships in July in St.         dojo in Brentwood Bay on Van-         semi-final only to succumb to an
                         John, NB have resulted in cash awards for        couver Island.                        American in the final which was
                         some members the BC Karate Team.                    Representing Canada at the         filmed by Swiss television.
                           “Your sacrifice in regards to training and     2008 Kimura Shukokai Interna-            Bentley lead a team of seven
                         devoting all your time to the sport of Kara-     tional World Championships in         from the Brentwood Bay dojo.
                         te is a difficult endeavor and we are pleased    Zurich, Switzerland in July, Bent-       Since the Brentwood Bay dojo
                         to offer you this award to say thank you for     ley won silver medal in the vet-      opened in 2000, this has been
                         your hard work and dedication,” wrote Roy        erans heavy-weight kumite com-        the largest representation from
                         Tippenhauer, High Performance Chair, in          petition.                             Canada at this event.
                         congratulatory letters to the winners.              The last time he sparred in the       The seven competitors this
                           Based on the number of Gold medals at          same tournament was in 1987           year have inspired others to
                         the nationals, the following awards were         with the British team.                begin preparation for the next
                         made:                                               It was one of the largest cate-    KSI world championships set for
                           • Reuben James             $400                gories with representation from       Portugal in 2010.
                           • Victoria Barusic         $200                over 20 countries and 18 com-            Visit their website for more
                           • Cody Martin              $200                petitors with no competitors          information: www.shukokai-can-
                           • Valentyna Zolotarova $600                    under 3rd Dan.               or to learn more about
                           • Cassy Schouten           $400                   Bentley jokes, “I brought home     Kimura Shukokai Karate and the
                           • Jusleen Virk             $200                two trophies: a silver medal and      Brentwood Bay dojo.

                         7th Dan awarded to Norma Foster
                                                                                                       The highest-ranking female
                                                                                                       JKF Wadokai karateka
                                                                                                 Sensei Norma Foster has been award-
                                                                                              ed 7th dan by Japan Karatedo Federation
                                                                                              Wado-Kai. A student of Hideho Takagi, she
                                                                                              is the highest-ranking female JKF Wadokai
                                                                                                 Foster was the only one of four candi-
                                                                                              dates to pass the grading in Sendai, Japan
                                                                                              in October, and the only non-Japanese.
                                                                                                 She was the first woman in the world to
                                                                                              be qualified as an international judge, the
                                                                                              first female World Karate Federation refer-
                         Norma Foster (front left) during Dan grading in Sendai, Japan, where ee in the world and the first woman to be
                         she became the highest-ranking female JFK Wadokai karateka.          appointed to the WKF Referee Council.

       4                                                                                                       KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008
Ailing McDonagh recognized

                                                                                                                             HONOURING KARATEKAS
   Hundreds of Isshin                                                                            “For more than 20
Ryu karate students and                                                                       years    he’s    commit-
supporters packed coun-                                                                       ted his life and train-
cil chambers October 8                                                                        ing to the community
as Sensei Tom McDon-                                                                          and karate,” said Atebe.
agh received a special                                                                        “Karate has been a way
recognition award.                                                                            of life for him, a cul-
   McDonagh has been                                                                          ture. He’s inspired so
providing a number of                                                                         many. The youth in our
karate-related programs                                                                       community are better
in the district for more                                                                      off because he chose to
than 20 years. He has                                                                         live in this communi-
touched thousands of                                                                          ty.”
young lives, and he’s                                                                            However, he couldn’t
made a difference in                                                                          have done it alone,
the lives of his older                                                                        Atebe continued. “Every
students as well.                                                                             one of us that contrib-
   That’s why it was                                                                          utes to the commu-
with bittersweet emo-                                                                         nity can’t do it alone.
tion that Mission coun-                                                                       We need our famiily to
cil presented McDonagh McDonagh with Mission Mayor James Atebe after ceremonies help.”
with a certificate of rec- honouring the long-time karate teacher in October.                    Atebe         thanked
ognition and apprecia-                                                                        McDonagh’s wife, chil-
tion for the work he has done in this     “I know he’s touched many, many dren and grandchildren for “loaning
community. Last month McDonagh people in the community,” said Mayor him to us.”
was diagnosed with terminal cancer.     James Atebe, who led the presentation.    Although McDonagh is stepping
   The news not only sent shockwaves “He’s an inspiration and a leader.”       down from instruction, he is passing
through the club, but also throughout     The district will recognize other on what he has built to his students.
the community, as past students gath- leaders in Mission at a ceremony on         “Tom’s legacy will go on,” said Atebe
ered to honour him earlier this week, October 25, but it couldn’t wait until as he presented McDonagh with the
including world champion swimmer then to tell McDonagh how much all coveted award, and the crowd rose to
Brent Hayden and world champion the work he’s done means to every- their feet to show him their apprecia-
karate competitor Shaun Dhillon.        one.                                   tion. – Carol Aun, Mission City Record

  Rébecca Khoury first                  The Search Is On for the Chunky
  woman to head NKA
     Rébecca Khoury of Montreal is
                                        MVC: Most Valuable Coach
  the new president of the Nation-      New partnership brings opportunity for honours
  al Karate Association (NKA). She
  is the first woman and first Que-        The Coaching Association of Can-        recognition for the outstanding work
  bec resident to hold the position     ada (CAC) is thrilled to announce to       they do, then go to
  as well as the youngest president     all those who have taken a National        mvc and nominate that coach to be
  in the association’s history.         Coaching Certification Program work-       the Chunky MVC.
      Khoury will combine duties as     shop its new partnership with the            Get your printable poster with all
  president of Karate Québec and        Campbell‚ Chunky brand.                    of the details here. Print some off and
  the national association                 This partnership kicks-off with the     post them in your sports community!
       ‘’I felt there was a wind of     Chunky MVC: Most Valuable Coach            Let your friends, family, teammates,
  change,’’ said the former high        contest in which sport organizations       and sport organizations know about
  performance athlete. ‘’I have a lot   can invite their teams and communi-        the contest and help CAC and Chunky
  of support. I’m proud that all four   ties to nominate dedicated coaches         shine the spotlight on our great coach-
  members of my team were named         who make a real difference.                es. Invite them to nominate their most
  to the board of directors.’’             This campaign is designed to give       valuable coach at
      ‘’Everything must be redone,’’    and share the recognition great coach-     mvc!
  she continued. ‘’There’s a heavy      es deserve.                                  CAC is pleased to have a new lead
  workload. We also have to pol-           Each year, thousands of coaches self-   partner in Campbell/Chunky to help
  ish our international image.’’ The    lessly give of themselves to continu-      raise awareness on the importance of
  NKA has 14,000 members across         ally improve their team, their sport       good coaching. This exciting new pro-
  the country, almost half from         and their community, and Campbell/         gram would not have been possible
  Quebec.                               Chunky and CAC want to recognize           without CAC‚ long-time partner TSN,
     Khoury holds a Masters in busi-    that effort.                               who will promote and administer the
  ness administration from Concor-         The winner will receive the Chunky      Chunky MVC online contest.
  dia University. She retired from      MVC Tribute Day to be featured on                            •••
  the sport as a competitor in 2002.    TSN, among other prizes.                     For more information, contact:
                                           If you know a coach that deserves

KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                                           5
                     Competing at the Pan-Ams in Chile
KARATE ON THE MATS   ‘I need to go back, I need to win’
                     By Jusleen Virk

                        The defining moment that ignited my desire and
                     motivated me towards gold, was the disappointment
                     of the recent year’s championship.
                        I lost the chance at gold by a fatal mistake, step-
                     ping out of bounds once too many.
                        Without a doubt I was upset, yet it did not truly
                     consume me until I watched that same girl fight and
                     win in the finals. That is when I realized how close I
                     had been and what my mistake had really cost me.
                        Our team was contemplating on whether we
                     would even attend the Pan American Champion-
                     ships the next year, as there could be other benefi-
                     cial international competitions, but now, this was
                     not an option for me.
                        While packing up in the change room I told
                     Nicole that I needed to come back and I needed to
                     win. If I had ever absolutely set my mind to some-
                     thing, this was it.
                        The entire year of training was very different than
                     before, not only was the intensity soaring, but I was
                     pushing myself harder than ever towards my goal.
                        Training with world champions took the entire
                     dojo to a new level, and drove our bodies to limits
                     we never thought possible.
                        Getting through two to three trainings a day Jusleen Virk (centre) with training partners Andrea and
                     would have proved considerably more difficult if we Cody.
                     did not have the support of our training partners.
                     Andrea and Cody were with me the whole ride.
                        Not only did we tough it out through train-
                     ing together but they helped carry me over various
                     obstacles that I could not have done alone.
                        After arriving in Chile, my weight became a sub-
                     stantial issue and a stress on top of the existing anxi-
                     ety of the tournament.
                        Andrea and Cody were beyond supportive and
                     were by my side throughout the struggle. Stepping
                     off the scale registered was an incredible feeling; my
                     work had almost paid off.
                        Seeing my draws detonated my nerves, I was ner-
                     vous but at the same time excited and ready. I felt as
                     though nothing was missing from this year of prep-
                     aration and the day of the competition was no dif-
                        Although many issues arose, such as protests
                     delaying my event and the bitterly cold venue,
                     nothing could get in the way.
                        Andrea was, like always, there, to warm me up
                     and maintain my mindset.
                        As soon as my division was called and I saw my
                     opponents a million thoughts were racing through
                     my mind. Doubt was one of them, however it was
                     quickly stomped out, knowing I had many special
                     people behind me, supporting me.
                        From the moment I stepped on the mats to the
                     moment the referee calls yame, my mind was calm.
                     Apart from many other fighters, my strength is my
                     seeming lack of emotion.
                        Sandeep and Nicole remain my strong base while
                     I fight. Any confusion or doubt and I could look and
                     listen to them to clear it. Everything that went on
                     inside me during my final match is a blur.
                        Walking off the mat, embracing my proud friends
                     and coaches, and knowing that I had reached my
                     goal was, and still is, an unexplainable feeling.

     6                                                                                     KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008

                                                                                                                        KARATE ON THE MATS
in Portugal
By Dan Wallis

   Karate followers of Tatsuo Suzuki
gathered in Braga, Portugal this past
July to train with their sensei for three
days and also to compete in the 5th
Wado International Karate-do Federa-
tion World Championships.
   Competitors from 27 countries
attended this event surpassing even
the highly successful World Champi-
onships in 2005 in Dallas, Texas.
   Jeric Ross of Campbell River won a
silver medal in kata for the 16/17 divi-
sion and placed fifth in kumite. Sam
Shaffie from Ontario fought very well
and just missed out on a medal in the
Open division.
   At the World Congress meeting
Suzuki Sensei began his speech by say-
ing, “I’m back from Hell,” referring to
the heart attack he suffered three and
a half years ago.
   The recovery he has made is noth-
ing short of miraculous as he is back       Suzuki Sensei teaching kata: Team Canada members: Sam Shaffie-Ontario,
in his karate Gi doing what he loves:       Ashely Power-Nova Scotia, Laurel Hache-Nova Scotia, Jeric Ross-BC, Brian
passing on the teachings of Ohtsuka         Simmons (coach)-BC, Dan Wallis (coach)-BC, Suzuki Sensei (seated)
Sensei to followers of Wado Ryu Kara-
te. Sensei concluded his speech by say-                                                               FAR LEFT:
ing that he has no plans to retire: he                                                                Silver medal-
only wants to keep training.                                                                          list Jeric Ross
   What made the trip to Portugal                                                                     on the podi-
extra special for the B.C. participants                                                               um in Braga,
was that each took a family member                                                                    Portugal.
with him to this World Champion-
ships. Jeric was accompanied by his                                                                   NEAR LEFT:
father Barry, Brian Simmons took his                                                                  Dan Wal-
85-year-old father Geoff, and I took                                                                  lis and his
my youngest daughter, Kaylee.                                                                         daughter,
   What times, what memories! We are                                                                  Kaylee, enjoy
looking forward with great enthusiasm                                                                 the Portu-
to the next World Championships, in                                                                   guese sun-
Norway in 2011.                                                                                       shine.

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KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                                      7
HONOURING JAMES JOHNSON                                                          KBC’s first executive director retires
                                                                                    By Jean Sorensen                                       core value for Johnson, a former University of Cal-       as there was a feeling of creating a new entity for        But three decades of shaping a karate association
                                                                                                                                           ifornia student who attended anti-war demon-              karate that unified many of the styles and groups.      has also earned Johnson a wealth of knowledge. He
                                                                                        James Johnson, Karate B.C. Executive Direc-        strations during the Sixties, only to be struck by a         “At the beginning, all senior senseis had a sense    has served as an official provincially, nationally,
                                                                                    tor, will retire at the end of the year, finishing     police officer’s baton in the stomach.                    of purpose and a sense of working together and          and internationally.
                                                                                    a career with the provincial association that             That strike launched his karate career, first study-   cooperation,” he said. “I started to see outside my        Positions he has held include: a member of the
                                                                                    spans three decades and efforts to forge a pro-        ing with Bill Burke (a Hidetaka Nishiyama student)        own style and experience other styles of karate and     KBC technical committee, KBC president, NKA pres-
                                                                                    fessional organization from a concept.                 in Santa Barbara in 1969.                                 their techniques.”                                      ident, vice-president of the Pan American Karate
                                                                                      Johnson, a 1991 inductee into Canada’s Kara-            Johnson was also president of the universi-               This sense of unity extended beyond the orga-        Federation, an executive member of the Pan Ameri-
                                                                                  te Hall of Fame, said: “Once we got into Sport           ty’s black student union and that was enough to           nization in camaraderie. Dojos of different styles      can Karate Federation, and an executive member of
                                                                                 BC, we were able to see what other organized              make him a police target to hassle. Usually, once a       would get together for Christmas parties.               the World Karate Federation for six years.
                                                                                 sports were doing and got ideas from them. We             month, he recalls. After a visit to Canada to see an         Mentors that Johnson credits for shaping his            Since 1980, Johnson has maintained a club in
                                                                                 began having organized annual awards banquets             alumni friend, he immigrated in 1970 to Vancou-           views on karate today include senseis Hidetada          Burnaby (where he was inducted into the munic-
                                                                                 and awards. We were also able to find other sourc-        ver, never looking back. (See Norma Foster’s story        Narumi and David Akutagawa. He credits Masami           ipality’s sports hall of fame in 2005). He plans to
                                                                                 es of funding to help our athletes and programs as        on Johnson below).                                        Tsuruoka (known as the father of Canadian kara-         continue teaching karate, spend more time with
                                                                                we began seeing what others were doing.”                      In Canada, he worked with problem youth as a           te) with encouraging local senseis to work together     his wife Bernice and work, perhaps, in sports con-
                                                                                  Originally focused on competition, KBC today             childcare worker and later started a landscaping          within an association.                                  sulting, part-time.
                                                                                has broadened to include coaches training and cer-         business and continued studying karate, making an            “Akutagawa was one of the senior senseis who            Reflecting on the years, the development of KBC
                                                                                     tification, high-performance training for ath-        indelible mark.                                           had a deep sense of integrity,” he says.                has been a source of pride but also one of challeng-
                                                                                      letes, high school credits for teens that partici-      He trained with Hidetada Narumi, received Shod-           The experience of travelling internationally to      es.
                                                                                      pate in karate programs, and KidSport, which         an in 1973, ascending to Rokyu dan in 2002.               Europe and South America as well as the US and             “There were some years I enjoyed more than oth-
                                                                                      provides funding for children wanting to par-           In 1975, 1976, and 1977, he was the Canadi-            Canada has given Johnson the opportunity to gain        ers,” admits Johnson, especially as pressure groups
                                                                                      ticipate in sports.                                  an kumite champion, an era before weight classes          insight into how many countries and governments         formed and attempted to upset the balance that
                                                                                         “We are more professionally run now,” says        were established.                                         approach karate today.                                  Johnson felt essential in deriving a fair association.
                                                                                      Johnson, adding that this professional struc-           In 1980, he coached the Canadian team bound               At one time, BC dominated Canadian compe-               “The last few years have been pretty good. Over-
                                                                                      ture is also the framework for ensuring a fair       for Germany. And, in 1984, he won, for the fourth         tition, but today Quebec and Ontario lead, main-        all, it’s been an interesting experience,” he says. “I
                                                                                      and impartial treatment for all members with-        time, the title of men’s kumite champion and              ly because of provincial policies rewarding medal       don’t regret the time I have spent here.”
                                                                                      in Karate BC.                                        retired from competition. He remains the only             winners.                                                   A celebration of James’ career is planned for mid-
                                                                                         “What I have tried to do with the organi-         individual to hold the title four times, with the last       Other South American countries have empha-           January. Please call Mike Scales (604-945-9877) or
                                                                                      zation is play fair and ensure that it does not      victory at the age of 39.                                 sized financial support for sport, rather than recre-   e-mail Mike at, or Bob Howlett
                                                                                      play any favorites. Today, we have clear pol-           A year later, he began working for KBC as a Pro-       ational karate and that has enhanced and shaped         (604-970-8048) or e-mail Bob at howlett.richview@
                                                                                      icies that apply to all situations and that we       gram Coordinator and in 1986, spent eight months          their stature in international competition.    if you would like to speak or make some
                                                                                      can rely upon in given situations to ensure          (unpaid) as the Executive Director.                          In B.C. today, Johnson feels that there has been a   type of contribution to the evening or if you want
                                                                                      fairness.”                                              In 1987, with the help of Mark Stacey, a full-time     diversification of karate with only 10-20 per cent of   to buy dinner tickets.
                                                                                         Ensuring a level playing field has been a         paid position was created. It was an exciting time        students interested in competing.

                          Making history: Johnson led fight for gender equity in karate
                          By Norma Foster                                what.                                          kumite competition, referee, coach,              tially permanent and negative conse-           member of the WKF Gender Equity com-          Executive Director would demoralize and
                                                                           One of them was James. The others            administrator, stop smoking and start a          quences of being a black man fighting for      mittee.                                       decimate a weaker spirit. But that is not
                            In 1979 I arrived in Vancouver and           were Bino Felix and Masami Tsuruoka.           new job.                                         civil rights in 1960’s California – a battle      He has been very active in ensuring that   James.
                          looked for a Shotokan club.                      James looked at me rather sardonical-          From running his own landscaping               that one individual could not win.             karate remains included in the BC Winter         The contributions that James has made
                            None was listed in the phone book,           ly and my image promptly changed from          company, he became the first Executive              To me, this is the essence of James.        Games, in having karate recognized by         to the growth and development of karate
                          except for one that mentioned Shoto Ryu        the “nice” person on the phone to this         Director of Karate BC. He also became               He believes in a cause, and then he will    the BC Sport Hall of Fame and the Burna-      in BC, Canada and the world, should be
                          and the contact person was called Hide         scary, disconcerting individual who nod-       NKA President.                                   fight and stake his life on it.                by Sport Hall of Fame, in establishing pol-   recognized and appreciated.
                          Narumi. However, the number did not            ded from a cloud of smoke.                       He was inducted into the NKA Hall of              The opposite is also true, as he has lit-   icies and procedures that affect and pro-        Many have tried to minimize, ignore
                          seem to work.                                    That impression persisted for a long         Fame and received the prestigious Ross           tle time for illusions. One could say that     tect us all.                                  or make light of those contributions and
                            I then called another Japanese name in       time as I met Mike Scales at that event        Rumbell President’s award for lifetime           James does not deal in shades of grey,            He has devoted countless hours to seek-    achievements, and appreciation has not
                          the phone book, and Mr. Akira Sato gave        and learned that it was not necessary to       contribution to the development of kara-         even though such ability could be consid-      ing funding and sponsorship opportuni-        always been forthcoming.
                          me a phone number for James Johnson.           go from the West End to White Rock for         te in Canada.                                    ered a requirement for a successful admin-     ties for Karate BC recreational members,         However, the facts are undeniable and
                            I talked to a soft spoken, polite and        training, I only had to go to Burnaby.           As NKA president, he accomplished              istrator.                                      coaches, instructors and athletes and         Karate BC remains one of the best dem-
                          helpful person on the phone and formed           By 1983 I was beginning to make some         many changes, one of which established              James was president of the NKA dur-         ensuring that such sources will endure.       ocratic karate models in Canada, in great
                          an image based on that conversation.           small successes in competition and was         the National dan ranking process pav-            ing 1990 when I was told that women               For example, James was responsible for     part thanks to the efforts of one man to
                            I ended up going to White Rock to            invited to join the Provincial, and subse-     ing the way for people outside the major         could not judge men in WKF competition         having karate athletes carded by the fed-     fight for what he strongly believed in –
                          study with Mr. Tak Sameshima, who sug-         quently the National team.                     styles of karate to join the NKA.                because it was “against the rules.” He did     eral government and certainly, Karate BC      the value of karate to change a life forever
                          gested I attend a course with a clinic given     James was reaching the end of his com-         He served as the Canadian delegate to          not hesitate to challenge the WKF Refer-       athletes have personally benefited from       - for the better.
                          by Mr. Masami Tsuruoka – someone I had         petitive career at that time and I came to     the WKF and PKF and was much respect-            ee Council to find this so-called rule, and    this.
                          never heard of.                                know him better. I got to know the chip        ed by those organizations, which in turn         the rest is history.                              He established the first Karate BC mar-                         •••
                            Upon entering a hall full of men for         on his shoulder, the insecurities with         increased their respect for Canada.                 Thanks to him, Canada is perceived as       keting plan and countless other strategies
                          the course, acrid smoke drifted out from       which he wrestles, the beliefs that he           During those times, James showed that          a model of gender equity by the rest of        for growth and set directions that could
                          a small room off the training area. I was      holds close to his heart and his nature,       he was not afraid to defend a viewpoint          the world. He has also supported other         often be completely neutralized by the          – Norma Foster is a member of the World
                          introduced to three men who were enjoy-        rather than the façade.                        to the death, or to expose a lie.                women in terms of officiating, coach-          wrong board of volunteers.                    Karate Federation referee council and the first
                          ing cigarettes while drinking who knew           I watched him retire, undefeated from          He came to Canada to escape the poten-         ing and funding and currently serves as a         Thus, one could posit that the job of      woman to become an international referee.

      8                                                                                                          KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                               KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                                            9
                         Panamanian judge proves he’s worthy
ACHIEVEMENTS IN KARATE   By Norma Foster                                                                     truncated just below the elbow.
                                                                                                                As time marched on he became
                            I first met Jaime Cardenos of                                                    immersed in karate and is pres-
                         the Panama Karate Federation at                                                     ently 3rd Dan in Shotokan.
                         the PKF Referee Course in Cara-                                                        He started officiating in 2002
                         cas, Venezuela, May 2008.                                                           and attended his first internation-
                            He was already a certified Cen-                                                  al course in Honduras, where Mr.
                         tral American Referee A and a PKF                                                   Katsutaka Tanaka of Anchorage,
                         Kumite Judge C. He was attempt-                                                     Alaska encouraged him to show
                         ing an upgrade to Judge B.                                                          that his ability to judge competi-
                            The examiners evidently con-                                                     tion was just the same as – or bet-
                         sidered that he was worthy of                                                       ter than – anyone else’s.
                         an upgrade, having shown with-                                                         He became interested in refer-
                         out a doubt that he could make                                                      eeing because he enjoys tourna-
                         good decisions with a fast reac-                                                    ments, and has received much
                         tion time.                                                                          positive encouragement from Mr.
                            Being in the same ring as Jaime                                                  Tanaka as well as Mr. Javier Man-
                         for three days provided ample                                                       tilla, PKF Referee Council Chair,
                         opportunity to confirm that the                                                     both of who Jaime holds in high
                         examiners were correct.                                                             regard for their willingness to
                            What makes Jaime so interest-                                                    give him a chance.
                         ing is that he judges international                                                    His advice for the able-bodied?
                         competitions single-handedly.                                                       Teach handicapped people all
                            That’s right.                                                                    aspects of karate just like every-
                            He uses one hand to manip-                                                       one else.
                         ulate both the red and the blue                                                        His advice for the handicapped?
                         flag for all gestures.                                                               Avoid developing an inferiori-
                            Jaime started karate in 1984       Jaime Cardenos of Panama was successful ty complex based on a disability
                         for reasons of self-discipline and    in achieving his PKF Kumite Judge B rating, and follow your dreams.
                         to learn how to defend himself,       proving that karate is for everyone with tal-     Sage advice for all of us
                         since he was born with a left arm     ent, drive and desire.                         indeed.

                                James Johnson in photos                                                                      A photo or two
                                                                                                                             from James
                                                                                                                             Johnson’s long
                                                                                                                             career as both
                                                                                                                             a competitor
                                                                                                                             and leader in
                                                                                                                             karate, includ-
                                                                                                                             ing (far left) a
                                                                                                                             rare shot of a
                                                                                                                             James from a
                                                                                                                             few years back.

 10                                                                                                         KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008

                                                                                                                 BUILDING KARATE
July 4, 5, and 6 in Nanaimo
by Linda Deugau,
Nanaimo Shotokan Karate-Do

   Nanaimo Shotokan Karate-Do and Sho-
toCanada hosted Kancho Kanazawa, 10th
Dan, and his son, Nobuaki Sensei, 6th
Dan for a weekend seminar July 4 to 6.
   This was the first time in over 30 years
Kancho had taught in western Canada.
   Kancho and Nobuaki arrived on Mon-
day, June 30th and were guests of Sam
McGee, the founding Sensei of Nanaimo
Shotokan Karate-Do and his wife, Inge on
Gabriola Island. Sam and Kancho have
been friends for over 30 years and first
met in Germany when Sam was stationed
there with the armed forces.
   Kancho and Nobuaki settled in very
quickly on Gabriola Island, and spent
some time discovering the island where
they enjoyed the wildlife, and especially
the eagles and deer, a great deal.
   Sam and Sensei Nairn Semple also took
them sightseeing during the week to
Butchart Gardens and to see the incredi-
ble trees at Cathedral Grove. They were
well rested for instructing the weekend
   The seminar included 100 karatekas
(almost all Shotokan stylists) from Van-
couver Island, all over B.C., and as far
away as Whitehorse, Yukon Territories.
   It was fascinating to see Kancho and
his son work together teaching, as they
seemed to be able to sense each other’s
needs at all times.
   Friday night consisted of two hours of
training; Saturday and Sunday each had
four hours of instruction. There was a
good balance of kihon, kata, and kumite,
and everyone enjoyed each and every
minute. This was the opportunity of a
lifetime for many of the participants to
train with a living legend of the karate
   Saturday night, Sandan Doug Rathy
and his wife Ruth hosted a BBQ at their
home. Many seminar participants took
the opportunity to enjoy the social time,
and have some one-on-one conversation
with Kancho and Nobuaki Sensei.
   During the evening, Sensei Nairn Sem-
ple presented gifts of a carved and paint-
ed First Nations Talking Stick to Kancho,
and a carved and painted plaque of a Kill-
er Whale to Nobuaki.
   Over the course of the weekend partici-
pants took many photographs and some
video. There was also time set aside for
autographs as well. Kancho and Nobua-
ki were more than accommodating and           From left, Nobuaki Kanazawa, 6th dan; Doug Rathy, 3rd dan; Sam
stayed until the last book, photo, or         McGee, 4th dan; Kancho Kanazawa, 10th dan; and Nairn Semple, 5th
T-shirt was signed.                           dan.

KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                            11
IKGA North America Seminar 2008

                                                                                                                              KARATE-KAS IN ACTION
By Donna Gardecki                                                                             the class) and a demonstra-
                                                                                              tion from members of the
   This past summer, West                                                                     University of Alberta’s dojo
Coast Gojukai, in conjuc-                                                                     and Edmonton’s Women’s
tion with the Internation-                                                                    dojo.
al Karatedo Gojukai Asso-                                                                        A second demo was from
ciation (IKGA) of Canada,                                                                     Yamaguchi Shihan, Yamada
hosted the North America                                                                      Shihan and myself (eek..). I
Seminar 2008.                                                                                 wasn’t sure I was going to
   Goshi Yamaguchi Shi-                                                                       pull that one off. However,
han (8th dan) was our spe-                                                                    with a lot of help, I man-
cial guest instructor along                                                                   aged.
with his assistant Shigeki                                                                       The seminar formally
Yamada Shihan (7th dan).                                                                      ended with the banquet
Yamaguchi Shihan is the                                                                       dinner on Sunday night
president of the IKGA.Also                                                                    with presentations for all
assisting with instruction                                                                    those passing their exam
was Canada’s Shibucho,                                                                        and food enough for every-
John Priegert Shihan and                                                                      one.
from the USA, Ian McGar-                                                                         There were 98 people at
rity Shihan.                                                                                  the banquet – a wonderful
   Friday morning started                                                                     group of people!!
early with the instructor                                                                        All went very well and we
class at my dojo in Coquti-                                                                   have many people to thank
lam – West Coast Gojukai.                                                                     for their endless support
Twenty IKGA instructors                                                                       and words of encourage-
were in attendance and we                                                                     ment, especially the many
were able to train hard for                                                                   members of West Coast
three hours (in the heat).                                                                    Gojukai who helped with
   How we all fit into that                                                                   this event.
small space I am not sure                                                                        Thank you to Yukiko Sen-
but everyone seemed to be                                                                     sei from Calgary for her sup-
aware of where everyone Participants in the workshop got a good workout, and a port with translations, Rob
else’s feet were going and chance to relax and enjoy the company of Goshi Yamagu- Richardson Sensei for his
no one got injured.             chi Shihan, as well.                                          work on the beautiful pro-
   Yamaguchi Shihan said                                                                      gram, Priegert Shihan and
the the space was “just right.”            at the last minute – doesn’t it?       his dojo for the wonderful cloth bags,
   Lunch was delivered, courtesy of          Training during the weekend was Ron’s Auto in Yellowknife for the pens,
West Coast Gojukai. Meetings in the fabulously hot and wonderful. The West Coast Gojukai for the instructor’s
afternoon took us to 3:30 p.m. It was grading on Saturday night was long class lunch, and junior karateka, Dun-
quite a rush to get to SFU with all the (5:15 – 10:00 p.m.), hot and probably can and Calum Scott, for the pipes and
registration stuff for 5:00 p.m. Friday stressful for most. I was so tired and drums performance just prior to the
night. However, with help, we man- full of camp “stuff” that the exam was opening class.
aged.                                      a welcome relief.                        Yamaguchi Shihan and Yamada Shi-
   Thanks to some helpful colored belts,     I didn’t have to think, just to work han had a nice three days of resting,
Master Gogen Yamaguchi (whose pic- hard and spill my technique onto the sight-seeing and shopping after the
ture I forgot at the dojo) made it to the mat (ok, a couple of stressful bits).   seminar and left happy (I think) and
training just in time to sit at Shomen       The training weekend ended with rested (I hope).
where he always is.                        the open class (thanks to all of you     Overall, it was a great event – one of
   “Stuff” just always seems to happen Karate BC members who came to enjoy the highlights of my karate life so far.

  Gold, bronze medals from Junior Pan-Ams
    Results of the Junior Pan American    in the 16/17 boys -61kg division. He     BC has won in kumite in the history
  Championships in Chile:                 won 4 matches, and lost a very close     of the Junior Pan Ams, and the first
    Josephine Shiu won a bronze           match against Venezuala in the semi-     in ten years.
  medal in the 14/15 girls kata divi-     final.                                     Congratulations, Jusleen.
  sion.                                      Jusleen Virk won a gold medal in        Andrea Maikawa, Reuben James,
    She won several tough matches         the 16/17 girls -48kg division.          Victoria Barusic, Valentina Zolotoro-
  before losing a close one to Peru in       She needed 4 matches to win the       va, Aishah Muhommad and Desmen
  the semi-final.                         gold, including an overtime match        Jaldbert also did a great job represent-
    She did an excellent job in the       against Chile and a very close match     ing BC and Canada at this event.
  repecharge.                             against Ecuador in the final.
    Cody Martin won a bronze medal           This is only the second gold medal                             – Sandeep Gill

KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                                         13
KARATE ON THE MATS   My Winter Games experience
                     Representing Zone 5                         eru Karate) and me.                        remember; it was only fitting that
                     and West River Karate                          For team Kumite my teammates
                                                                 were Thien and Paulo. We were all
                                                                                                            we split gold in Kata and Kumite.
                                                                                                            Even though we have fought fiercely
                     By Avneet Matharu                           pumped up like we had an over-dos-         with one another, our friendship has
                                                                 age of Red Bull or something. I was        strengthened with respect for each
                        From the moment we participat-           first up at bat. None of my fights last-   other’s abilities. I am proud to have
                     ed in the opening ceremonies to the         ed over 30 seconds. During one of          competed against and with Thien.
                     moment we marched through the               my fights, my opponent took a cheap           I cannot forget our third mem-
                     Gym door, I knew this tournament            shot at me and after the referee said      ber of West River. Even though I was
                     was definitely unlike any other Satur-      yame (stop/end) I kicked him. Man          focused with the tasks at hand I could
                     day tournament I have ever attended.        that was the best feeling ever!            hear that Victoria Barusic (West River
                        We came in representing Zone 5,             Thien made mincemeat out of his         Karate) was doing great in her ring
                     yet my heart and soul was West River        opponent. We only needed two wins          with her Kata and Kumite matches.
                     Karate.                                     to advance and we did it. Paulo stood      She had a few great battles and came
                        The drive and fire in me was             on the sidelines taking notes.             up on top as well.
                     building up. I had a volcano in my             We won the Team Kumite and we              The three of us put on School of
                     stomach ready to erupt and at that          were on our way to the finals. Ush-        Karate Excellence for everyone to
                     moment I was starving for that elu-         aaaay!!!                                   see and admire. We each took home
                     sive gold medal at the palm of my              My opponent for gold was none           three medals and it really felt great.
                     hands.                                      other then Thien. We are from the             It was a great experience from the
                        It was quite an experience staying       same Dojo. This was going to be the        moment I was on the bus to the time
                     with Zone 6 and the coaches. We had         battle.                                    we left. It was an experience I will
                     a lot of laughs and a lot of fun; like         It was the kata finals and it was       never forget and am proud to have
                     we had our fair share of pranks and         between Thien and me. Thien did            shared it with Thien and Victoria.
                     had pranks being pulled on us. But          Niseishi                                      I want to thank Sensei Kenny, Sem-
                     Zone 5 dominated the pranks.                   Feeling super confident I did my        pai Cindy, Sempai Andrew, Thien,
                        It was obvious that the best of          bread and butter Matsumura Rohai. It       and Victoria, and the parents who
                     each zone came together to compete          was not enough as Thien took gold.         came and cheered us on.
                     for that gold medal, and I knew that           During the Kata finals you could           I could hear Randy (Thien’s Dad)
                     some of them were going to give 110         hear a pin drop, with only one ring        and my dad (Paul) cheering on Thien
                     per cent, but I was determined to give      for both the boys and girls. It was        and me together when we were not
                     a lot more than the others.                 very eerie.                                competing against one another.
                        In my first round of Kata, it was           It was a daring match between              Thien and I cheered one another
                     a smooth sail but as I advanced it          Paulo and me. We were both very            on as well. We all cheered Victoria.
                     became more difficult. My three Kata        aggressive and I took the gold medal.         I am grateful to have experienced
                     choices were Wankan, Matsumura                 Team Kumite was the best of all.        the BC Winter Games with all my
                     Rohai, and Juroku.                          We must have been the smallest team        friends and family.
                        I went through eight rounds of kata      there and the Island had their giants.        I am proud to have represented
                     and I was in the Kata finals. It came       We won every round. In one match           West River Karate and Zone 5, and
                     down to the two best for gold. Thien        my opponent poked me in the eye            showed the rest of BC that we are the
                     Nguyen (West River Karate) and I            and I got mad but ended up winning.        Best of the Best. …. On to the Nation-
                     would go for gold on Sunday                 It is true that the taller they are the    als.
                        After the Kata round was over I was      harder they fall.
                     changed and geared up for Kumite. I            To the surprise of everyone we took        (Avneet Matharu is the 2008 BC Win-
                     walked over to Sensei Kenny Lim and         the gold.                                  ter Games Kumite Champion and the
                     he gave me the pep talk of my life.            Thien and I have always split           2008 12-13 Wado-Ryu World Champi-
                     “Avneet you can do it, I know you           first and second for as long as I can      onships Bronze Medalist.)
                     can. Just listen and don’t do anything
                     stupid.” I listened (for the first time).
                     I took my first fight too easy, my
                     fighting was very crappy for the first
                     minute, then I literally kicked it into
                     overdrive and after that I was unstop-
                     pable. With Sensei Kenny and Sempai
                     Cindy yelling at me, I was working
                     like a well-oiled machine.
                        Most of my opponents were my size
                     but man, some of them were huge! I
                     was not intimidated by their size and
                     they fell one by one.
                        One of my hardest matches was
                     between Thien because he knew most
                     of my moves. Instead of fighting
                     aggressive I fought smart. The match
                     could not have been closer at 8-6.
                     I won and I was moving on to the            Vancouver Island referees were out en masse for the Victoria Interna-
                     finals between Paulo Santillian (Kim-       tional Karate Tournament.

    14                                                                                                      KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008
  A new executive director for KBC
  value to individual members and clubs        how we best can tailor our programs to         I invite all Karate BC members to
  for belonging to Karate BC. Bob is           meet these needs.                            embrace this transition period with
  interested in helping clubs look closely        Bob and James will be working             the spirit of goodwill, openness and
  at how to operate their clubs for a prof-    together in January: Bob as Execu-           growth, and to make sure you intro-
  it as well as look carefully at today’s      tive Director and James as consultant        duce yourself to our new Executive
  market and how Karate BC clubs can           to Karate BC to ensure a smooth tran-        Director and make him welcome.
  occupy a greater share of this market.       sition as Robert needs to get acquaint-
  He has exciting ideas relating to the        ed with the provincial sport system in       Respectfully yours,
  needs of today’s youth and adults and        British Columbia.                            Dan Wallis

                                    NCCP Course Schedule
Competition - Introduction Part A
Modules Included in this package - Make Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice and Nutrition **If you are required by your sport to take
only specific multi-sport modules and not the full Part A or B package, please contact the CABC to request module specific courses in
your area.
Jan 9, 10, 2009                      Vancouver                              Field Hockey BC (open to all sports)         (604) 737-3145
Jan 10, 11, 2009                     Vancouver                              Langara College                              (604) 323-5322
Jan 17, 18, 2009                     Surrey                                 Tong Louie YMCA                              (604) 575-9622
Jan 30, 31, 2009                     Kelowna                                Pacific Sport-Okanagan                       (250) 469-8852
Jan 30, 31, 2009                     Penticton                              Pacific Sport-Okanagan                       (250) 469-8852
Feb 7, 8, 2009                       Kamloops                               Pacific Sport-Interior                       (250) 828-3583
Feb 7, 8, 2009                       Victoria                               Pearkes Recreation Centre                    (250) 475-5400
Feb 13, 14, 2009                     New Westminster                        Douglas College                              (604) 527-5472
Feb 27, 28, 2009                     Kelowna                                Pacific Sport-Okanagan                       (250) 469-8852
Mar 7, 8, 2009                       Vancouver                              Langara College                              (604) 323-5322
Mar 21, 22, 2009                     Surrey                                 Tong Louie YMCA                              (604) 575-9622
Mar 27, 28, 2009                     Prince George                          Pacific Sport-Northern BC                    (250) 960-5348
Apr 17, 18, 2009                     New Westminster                        Douglas College                              (604) 527-5472
Apr 18, 19, 2009                     Vancouver                              Langara College                              (604) 323-5322
May 2, 3, 2009                       Victoria                               Pearkes Recreation Centre                    (250) 475-5400
May 30, 31, 2009                     Surrey                                 Tong Louie YMCA                              (604) 575-9622
Jun 12, 13, 2009                     New Westminster                        Douglas College                              (604) 527-5472

Competition - Introduction Part B
Modules Included in this package - Design a Basic Sport Program, Teaching and Learning and Basic Mental Skills **If you are
required by your sport to take only specific multi-sport modules and not the full Part A or B package, please contact the CABC to
request module specific courses in your area.
Jan 10, 11, 2009                    Vancouver                         Field Hockey BC (open to all sports)          (604) 737-3145
Jan 17, 18, 2009                    Vancouver                         Langara College                               (604) 323-5322
Jan 31, Feb 1, 2009                 Surrey                            Tong Louie YMCA                               (604) 575-9622
Feb 13, 14, 2009                    New Westminster                   Douglas College                               (604) 527-5472
Feb 28, Mar 1, 2009                 Kelowna                           Pacific Sport-Okanagan                        (250) 469-8852
Mar 7, 8, 2009                      Kamloops                          Pacific Sport-Interior                        (250) 828-3583
Mar 7, 8, 2009                      Victoria                          Pearkes Recreation Centre                     (250) 475-5400
Mar 14, 15, 2009                    Vancouver                         Langara College                               (604) 323-5322
Apr 4, 5, 2009                      Surrey                            Tong Louie YMCA                               (604) 575-9622
Apr 17, 18, 2009                    New Westminster                   Douglas College                               (604) 527-5472
Apr 25, 26, 2009                    Vancouver                         Langara College                               (604) 323-5322
May 1, 2, 2009                      Prince George                     Pacific Sport-Northern BC                     (250) 960-5348
May 30, 31, 2009                    Victoria                          Pearkes Recreation Centre                     (250) 475-5400
Jun 12, 13, 2009                    New Westminster                   Douglas College                               (604) 527-5472
Jun 13, 14, 2009                    Surrey                            Tong Louie YMCA                               (604) 575-9622

Theory Level 3
Jan 17, 24, 31 & Feb 7, 2009         Abbotsford                          PacificSport - Fraser Valley                   (604) 557-4019

KARATE BC NEWS, WINTER 2008                                                                                                          15
                                                                                  The KARATE BC NEWSLETTER is printed and published

                                                                                          by Infigo Imaging, 150-3820 Cessna Drive,

                                                                                                  Richmond, B.C. V7B 0A2

                                                                                             CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS MAIL

                                                                                              SALES AGREEMENT #40063490

Canada Post: Please return undeliverable pieces to: #225-3820 Cessna Drive, Richmond, BC V7B 0A2

                                        Calendar of Events
Jan 11        Zone 5 Karate BC                   Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way,        Andreas Kuntze @ 604-321-1815
              Provincial Qualifier               North Vancouver, BC
Jan 17        Shito-Ryu Seiko-Kai                English Bay, Vancouver, BC:                   Andreas Kuntze @ 604-321-1815
              39th Annual Beach Practice         12 noon to 1:00 pm
Jan 18        Zone 6 Training Session &          TBA                                           Jacquie Smith
              Officials/Scorekeeping Clinic
Jan 18        Zone 3 Karate BC                   Rick Hansen Secondary School Gym,             Donna Gardecki @ 604-936-9067
              Provincial Qualifier               31150 Blueridge Dr, Abbotsford, BC
Feb 7         Sato Cup 2009                      BCIT, 3700 Willingdon, Burnaby, BC            Andreas Kuntze @ 604-321-1815
Feb 21        Zone 4 Karate BC                   Burnsview Secondary School,                   Bob Mooney @ 604-525-0480
              Provincial Qualifier               7658 - 112th Street, Delta, BC
Feb 28        Zone 6 Karate BC                   Carihi Secondary School,                      Dan Wallis @ 250-923-3916
              Provincial Qualifier               350 Dogwood St, Campbell River, BC
March 7       Zone 2 Karate BC                   Immaculata Regional High School,              Elizabeth Wijnstra @ 250-765-5853
              Provincial Qualifier               1493 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC
March 7       36th Steveston Invitational        Steveston Martial Arts Centre,                Takeshi Uchiage @ 604-272-4660
              Karate Tournament                  Richmond, BC
May 9 - 10    2009 Karate BC                     BC Institute of Technology,                   James Johnson @ 604-333-3610
              Provincial Championships           3700 Willingdon, Burnaby, BC
Aug 5 - 6     2009 World Police and Fire Games   Bill Copeland Arena, Burnaby, BC              James Johnson @ 604-333-3610
              Karate Competition

Karate on IOC                                          Please note our new address
short list again
  Karate has been once again selected on
the short list of the International Olym-
pic Committee and, along with four other
sports, it will be examined by the IOC Exec-
utive Board for inclusion in the Olympic
  The IOC session that will take place in
Copenhagen in October 2009 will review
the Olympic Games Programme and will
decide on the inclusion of new sports.                                       Karate BC
  The IOC Sports Director, Mr. Christophe
Dubi, has sent a letter to the WKF President,
                                                                     #225 - 3820 Cessna Drive
Mr. Espinos, congratulating him for the tre-                               Richmond, BC
mendous work accomplished in complet-                                         V7B 0A2
ing the relevant questionnaire for IOC Rec-                 Telephone: 604-333-3610; Fax: 604-333-3612
ognised International Federations.

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