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					                                               Mercedes Homes Inc.
                                   77 Bloor Street West, Suite #1410 • Toronto, ON • M5S 1M2
                                  Tel 416-923-6230 • Fax 416-923-6398 •

A PPLICATION                      FOR      L EASE
Check one of the following: Tenant                    Occupant
ONE APPLICATION FOR EACH (Children under 17 - names/ ages on parent's application)

* Please print in block letters

Building Address:                                               Landlord Details: Mercedes Homes Inc.
Suite Applied For:                                              77 Bloor St. W, Suite 1410, Toronto, ON M5S 1M2
                                                                Head Office: 416.923.6230 fax: 416.923.6398
Move-in Date:                                         
Name:                                                           Present Occupation:
Present Address:                                                Present Employer:
City:        Province:       Postal Code:                       Annual Income:
Landlord Name/ Ph #:                                            Length of Employment:
Length of Current Residence:                                    Supervisor's Name:
Yrs          Mnths                                              Supervisor's Telephone:
Social Insurance Number:                                        Previous Occupation:
Birth date (YYYY/MM/DD):                                        Previous Employer:
Home Telephone:                                                 Length of Employment:
Business Telephone:                                             Previous Supervisor's Name:
Cell Number:                                                    Previous Supervisor's Telephone:
Fax Number:                                                     Previous Address & Landlord name/ Ph #:
Email:                                                          Length at previous residence:
Pets (check): Dog             Cat        Other                  Years          Months
                                                                Car - Year/Make/Colour:
                                                                License Plate Number:
                                                                Driver’s License Number:
Submit First & Last Month's Deposit with application by Bank    First Month:           $
Draft, Certified Cheque or Money Order. Also submit             Last Month:            $
references - for example Employment Letter, or Notice of
Assessment if self employed, proof of Student [transcript or
                                                                Parking:               $       (F&L)
timetable].                                                     Total Rent Deposit: $
CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: MERCEDES                                    Hydro extra at:
HOMES INC. CHEQUES must come from                               30 Charles St. E., 44 Walmer Road, 4 Sherbourne N,
Tenant.                                                         135 Isabella St.

The applicant hereby gives permission to the Landlord (Mercedes Homes Inc), or his Agent, to use
information collected herein to obtain consumer report; to contact employers, previous landlords,
references, agencies that provide landlord information; to enforce the terms of any Tenancy Agreement
that may be subsequently entered into with the Applicant; or to reasonably use it otherwise to assess this
                                             –2–                                   March 9, 2011
rental Application. If an applicant requests more than one credit check, each subsequent credit check is
subject to a $50.00 fee. SIN number is optional; however, this may result in the wrong data. It is agreed that
where the Application is rejected, the Landlord shall not be required to give reasons therefore; and the
deposit will be returned with no interest and picked up in person or COD.

I hereby certify the information provided above to be true. I agree that upon acceptance of this Rental
Application by the Landlord, the Rent Deposit, consisting of the First and Last Month's rent, will be
deposited immediately, and I shall forthwith enter into a Tenancy Agreement with Mercedes Homes Inc. the
Landlord. Proof of Content Insurance required prior to signing lease. IF I SHOULD FAIL TO ENTER

If the Landlord is unable to give possession of the rented premises on the date of commencement of the
term for any reason, the Landlord shall not be subject to any liability to the Applicants and shall give
possession as soon as the Landlord is able to do so. Repairs, except floor refinishing, can be conducted after
tenant move-in if necessary. Failure to give possession on the date of commencement shall not in any way
affect the validity of the Tenancy Agreement, the obligations of the Tenant or in any way be construed to
extend the term of this Tenancy Agreement. In the event that a Tenancy Agreement is entered into, this
Rental Application will be deemed to form part of the Tenancy Agreement. Any omission or misstatement
by the applicants in this Rental Application may result in the termination of your tenancy by the Landlord
even after occupancy has been taken.

I have read and accept all terms and conditions as stated in this agreement:

Applicant’s Signature: ______________________________               Dated: _________________________

Photo ID Type (for identity verification): ________________________ Number: ________________

Other Applicants in your group: ________________________________________________________

□   I authorize that upon lease signing, Mercedes Homes will give Rogers my contact information
    to arrange possible cable, internet, home phone.

Office Use Only:    □   Credit Check               □   Landlord Check              □    References