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									                              SAI NEWSLETTER

               Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Toronto - York

   FROM THE DESK OF THE                        The Raj Samaroo Cup.
                                               During Bhagawan's Birthday Celebration        Volume No. 12, Issue No. 1
Seasons’ greetings and a very happy new        the recipient of the Raj Samaroo Cup was
year to all our members and families. An       announced. The cup was established in                 DECEMBER 2006
year has rolled by with ample                  memory of late brother Raj Samaroo.
opportunities to contemplate on His            As all of us who knew him, he was a real      Inside……..
glories by way of listening to the             role model at the Centre. He worked very
                                               hard for the organization for so many         1. FM the desk of the President
experiences of many guest speakers
including some of the blessed past             years. As president of the Centre he
                                                                                             2. Raj Samaroo cup
students of Swamy’s college. I am sure         demonstrated his excellent leadership
that this has strengthened our faith and       skills. He led a life in Swamy’s teachings    3. Editorial
deepened our devotion. But what does our       and was always an example of love,
                                                                                             4. Bhagwan’s Birthday Celebration
Lord want from us? He says, “Devotion is       dependability, creative leadership and
good but I want transformation.”               unconditional co-operation with each and      5. Did you know
                                               every member of the Centre. The cup is to
Transformation is the theme for the            recognize and honour every year a
                                                                                             6. Sai Jumble
year as put forward by our organization.                                                     7. Namaskaram – A Great Welath
                                               member, who has demonstrated in his or
Mahatma Gandhi, who made the change in
                                               her own life the values and ideals late
the lives of many and the great change in                                                    8. Nine piont Code of conduct
                                               brother has stood for in his life.
the political structure of a big nation that
                                                                                             9. From Wings
was impossible to many, once said, “If we      The past recipients were our youth Yalini
can change ourselves, we have done our         Jegatheeswaran, brother Praful Mistry and     10. Children’s Corner -
part in changing the world”                    brother Chantira Kumar.                        Twinkle
As we step into another year, let us all       After two years it was again awarded to a      Transformation
contemplate on our roles in His Mission        youth this year. After taking nominations
and work together towards our                                                                 Do you know ?
                                               from the centre membership, the honour
transformation rather than be just             was bestowed on Meera Gookool who is          11. Our Sai Family News
mechanical in what we do. As members of        at present one of our youth co-ordinators.
the Sai organization, we are again                                                           12. OUR Website
reinforcing our pledge to practice the nine-   Meera has completed the full term of the
point code of conduct this year. Also, I       SSE program and has been with youth
like to take this opportunity to thank all     group since graduation and has done
our members and their families for the         outstanding work within the youth group
tremendous support received during the         of the Centre. She is a resourceful,
year without which we couldn’t have            enthusiastic worker, always dependable
accomplished all the tasks we have done        who gave vitality and strength to the youth
during the year.                               group.
May our Lord continue to keep us under         We once again congratulate Meera and
His loving care and guide us.                  look forward for many many years of
                                               her excellent work and wonderful
Lovingly yours                                 presence in our community and Swamy’s
Param T. Parameswaran
                                                                                             Meera Goocool receiving the cup from
                                                                     Dr. Peter Hacker        sister Geeta Samaroo
                Editorial                     her experiences with Swami certainly            natures coupled with his excellent
                                              inspired all of us.                             leadership qualities are an asset to our
Salutations and Pranaams to our Beloved                                                       centre. We pray to Swami for His
                                              We had another memorable and blissful           continued Guidance and Grace for another
Lord Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba.
                                              Bhajan Workshop in the month of                 successful year ahead.
How fortunate are we to live as               September rendered by Hari Subramanian
contemporaries of the ‘Living God’. Our       who has been part of the Brindawan              We thank our Dear Lord for providing the
lives would never have been the same          bhajan group for 12 years. We learned to        means to experience such a wonderful and
without His presence. He changes our          sing Swami’s Glory using raga, bhava and        blissful moments. We pray that Swami
lives from the mundane to the                 thala. He explained the meanings of             keeps His loving Abhaya Hastha on our
magnificent. We are indeed truly blessed      bhajans in a very effectual and enjoyable       heads forever, brighten and lighten our
to be part of the ‘Sai world’.                manner. He was accompanied by another           hearts by showering us with His Divine
                                              student of Swami, Sai Subramanian, who          Grace.
The vivaciousness of the last year            inspired all of us with his experience in
celebrations at the centre is remarkable.     close proximity with Bhagwan.                   Divine Father! How greatly indebted are
Enthusiasm, love and unity showed by the                                                      we to you! Our heads bow low in gratitude
children, youths, parents and gurus were      In November, we had a wonderful                 at Thy Divine Lotus Feet!
very encouraging. The active role of our      presentation by Karuna Munshi who is
                                              another ex-student of Swami. She shared         Loving Sai Ram.
parent-guru support team was worthy of
recognition. The team was newly               many of her experiences with Swami,
                                              while she studied in Swami’s college at         Dr. Venkata Neralla & Vidhya Shankar
established in 2005 and was a great
success.                                      Prashanthi Nilyam. Through her powerful
                                              presentation, she made us feel that we
We have been very fortunate to become         were in Prashanthi. Her charismatic talk
acquainted with many noble souls who          was indeed a blissful experience.
have been very near and dear to Swami,
                                              Swami’s 81st birthday celebrations took
during the past year. They inspired us with
                                              place on November 19th. The significant
                                                                                              THE feeling of ‘mine’ is the
their wisdom and divine experiences.
                                              part of the spiritual celebration was the       cause of great sorrow;
During the month of May, we had the           Yagna, performed at Devi Mandir.                absence of possessiveness is
privilege to listen to the insights and       Cultural performance by our SSE students,
experiences of Prof. Anil Kumar. As           Teen Youths and Youths was outstanding.         the cause of supreme
always, he inspired all of us with his        The drama entitled “ Where there is love,       happiness. Real happiness
                                              there is peace” was extravagant. The
powerful talk on his experience with the
                                              celebrations fell on the same day as the
                                                                                              lies in giving up
divine master. He enlightened our youths
through his inspirational talks and our       Ladies Day and our ladies group worked          acquisitiveness,
youths are truly blessed to be with such a    hand in hand with the birthday team in          surrendering to GOD and
noble personality. We all enjoyed not only    organizing the memorable event. Of
his talk, but also his vibrant Bhajan         course, the foods served with tender love       experiencing the bliss of the
singing.                                      by our brothers certainly deserve               Sprit (Atma-ananda).
                                                                                                                  - Baba
During the month of June, we were
fortunate to have a melodious and             The theme of the 81st Birthday of
devotional program Bhajan Sandhya,            Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba was “Peace”.            ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
rendered by Swami’s ex-students. They         It was a treat to end Swami’s 80th year
also shared their divine experiences during   with a program that fits into the divine
their stay at Swami’s college.                message through His Discourse delivered
                                              on November 23, 2005 entitled “ Realize
In the month of August, we had the            Your Innate Divinity to Attain Peace”.
pleasure of listening to the spiritual
presentation by Mrs. Geetha Mohan Ram         Looking back at the events that took place
at the regional retreat in London, Ontario.   in the past year, it is truly a series of
We were delighted to listen to her            memorable and blissful experience that
presentation once more at our sai centre.     will go in the history of our centre.
Sister Geetha and her family have been in     Behind every success, there is a leader
Swami’s fold for more than four decades.      who is chosen by the Lord to carry out His
She related enthralling incidents from her    Mission. We are fortunate to have a
life showing Swami's omnipresence and         dynamic leader, the President, who is a
                                              brother, a friend and a father in need to all
omnipotence. Her passionate talk about
                                              at the centre. His humble and loving
                                                                                                  81st Birth Day Celebration
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has              to their rescue and enlightens them about      ♥ Every minute a person in Canada
incarnated on earth to help the individual    how world peace can be attained.               needs blood
manifest his inherent Divine Love. Baba
says our life is His message and each of us   The play also consisted of stories from the    ♥ 600, 000 donors across Canada are
has a unique and valuable part to play in     life of Shirdi Baba, and the conversations     needed to sustain blood supply, but
His Divine mission by spreading His           between present, future, and Mother Earth      currently we only have 460, 000 active
message of Love, which will bestow Peace      revealed the inner significance of each        donors
in the world.                                 episode in the life of Shirdi Baba. His
                                              message was that of love and selfless          ♥ Every year, in Canada alone, about
The 81st Birthday Celebration cultural        service.                                       137,000 people are diagnosed with cancer
programme that was presented underlined                                                      and each of these patients will most likely
the theme PEACE. The theme PEACE              One could witness everyone’s love and          need blood to survive their treatments
was interwoven into the individual            devotion for swami during the planning,
presentations, which consisted of songs,      preparations, and performance. This was        ♥ The number of transplants has
dances, and a play. This bouquet of           an opportunity for everyone to learn the       increased steadily from 16 per one million
colourful presentations was offered with      lesson that by engaging in selfless service,   Canadians in 1981 to 59 per one million
love and devotion at the Lotus Feet of our    we can experience God’s presence in all        Canadians in 2000
Beloved Lord Bhagawan.                        beings.
                                                                                             ♥ Regardless of popular opinion that
The program began with Veda chanting by       Swami says, “The day when you resolve          donating blood is painful and will reduce
the youths followed by a presentation by      to practice My advice, to translate My         your energy level, studies have shown that
the ladies’ wing on the role of women.        message into acts of service ---that day       donating blood is believed helps
The Pre-SSE children presented a song         is My birthday for you. Let this be a          rejuvenate red blood cells and can help
entitled “Sai Brings Peace”. It was           day of celebration, celebration of your        reduce the risk of heart disease, especially
followed by a Qawali dance and the song       own awakening from the sleeping state.         in men.
“I Have Got Peace Like a River” from the      I have only one desire – to promote
group one children. After that, a vibrant     Ananda. You can be happy that you               As you can see, the need for blood is
bhangra dance by group two boys brought       have given Swami a proper gift only             rising rapidly. For Swami’s Birthday, the
out a festive atmosphere. The program         when you love your fellowmen, share             center has undertaken the goal of
concluded with the play “Where There is       their suffering, and engage yourselves          donating 81 pints of blood. Since, each
Love There is Peace”. This play was           in serving them”.                               pint can save up to three lives, that’s 243
enacted by the children in group two and                                                      lives that will be touched by us
three as well as the teen-youth.                                        Clotilde Fracassi     sacrificing an hour out of our daily
                                                                                              routine to make the trip to the nearest
The play Where There is Love There is         sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss             blood donation clinic and give the gift of
Peace was an attempt to highlight and                                                         liquid love.
bring to our hearts Swami’s message of                                                        Sindu Govi
Peace. Swami has told us that peace is
the flower that is born out of pure love.
Thus, it is only when transformation takes
place within each one of us that there will
be peace in the world. We must bring out
our inherent Divine Love and share it with
all living beings through selfless service.

The play opened with a dance. The first
part of the dance depicted peace and
serenity, which would prevail in the world
at all times if there would be harmony in
thought, word, and deed. The second part
of the dance reflected the conflict and
chaos that exists in the present day world.
It is because man lacks love and has
limitless desires that the world is
immersed in disharmony and unrest.
Afterwards, the present and future were
personified in the play and their dialogues
echoed the present state of the world and                                                    Sai Rupa Vangala
how the future will be a reaction, resound,
and reflection of the present situation. In   Did you know?                                   NAMASKARAM (PROSTRATING)
their state of despair, Mother Earth comes                                                          A GREAT WEALTH
Namaskaram “meaning prostrating to              “KANAKADHARA
another being symbolizes the humility and       STHOTHRAM”.
attitude of self-surrender by an individual.
It has been considered as a great wealth a      In the course of this happening, it is              Members of Sai organization are
person can posses and enjoy. Also, it has       believed, Goddess desired to give some              expected to practice the Nine
the capacity to realize and experience          grace to young Sankara, impressed by his            Point Code of Conduct which is
other forms of wealth a human mind can          sincerity of purpose, dedication and                the spiritual discipline given by
comprehend.                                     compassion. She asked him to make his               Bhagawan for our spiritual
                                                wish. Young Sankara was baffled by this             progress.
This concept has been well brought out by       offer.
Adi Sankara Bhagawathpada in the                                                                    1. Daily meditation and prayer.
sixteenth verse of his famous work titled       Basically, he had no liking or need or
“KanakaDhara Sthothram”.                        aptitude for any form of wealth since the           2. Group devotional singing or
                                                spirit of renunciation was his inborn trait.        prayer with family members
“KanakaDhara Sthothram” meaning                 However, he realized that refusal of a              once a week.
“Shower of Gold” is an assemblage of            boon from Goddess will be a sign
twenty-one verses and is associated with        impertinence. His sharp intellect guided            3. Participation in Sai Spiritual
an incident in the life of Adi Sankara.         him to this verse.                                  Education by children of the
When he was a Balabramhachari (young            “I do not need anything other than the
student of spirituality), prior to his taking   ability to do Namaskaram to YOU, Oh                 4. Participation in community
up the vows as Sanyasi (ascetic order), on      Lotus eyed Goddess that will bring                  service work and other
a day he went looking for alms as per the       prosperity, ability to enjoy it with all            programs of the organization.
system ordained for young students for          senses, enhance my kingdom of concern
survival during students days. In the           and remove all sins I commit from time              5. Regular attendance at the
course of this ritual on that day, he           to time.” ( The sanskrit version is given           Center's devotional meetings.
approached a house occupied by a poor           below)
Brahmin family who were living much                                                                 6. Regular study of Sathya Sai
below the accepted poverty line. That day       SUCH IS THE POWER OF A SINCERE                      Baba literature.
happened to be a Dhwadhasi (twelfth day         NAMASKARAM. A SYMBOL OF
                                                                                                    7. The use of soft, loving speech
of lunar cycle) on which traditionally the      TOTAL SURRENDER AND
                                                                                                    with everyone.
orthodox people break the fast they             HUMILITY.
undertook the previous day, Ekadasi                                                                 8. Not speaking ill of others,
(eleventh day of lunar cycle).                                        -    Vidhya Shankar           especially in their absence.
The lady of that household, on seeing                                                               9. Practice placing a ceiling on
young Sankara and hearing his formal                                                                desires - consciously and
request “Bhavathi Biksham Dhehi”                                                                    continuously strive to eliminate
(please give me alms) was immensely                                                                 the tendency to waste time,
disturbed since she had nothing to offer                                                            money, food and energy - and
the Divine child Sankara. She searched                                                              utilize the savings for service to
and searched her kitchen and at last came                                                           mankind.
up with a partially spoiled Amlika
(gooseberry fruit) that she had kept for
breaking her Ekadasi fast. On realising her
plight, young Sankara was immensely
moved and he at once commenced intense          “S a m p a t h k a r a a n i           sakalendriya         nandanani
prayers in the form of spontaneous verses
in praise of Goddess Mahalakshmi,               Samrajya                  d hanavibhavadhi sarouhakshi
presiding deity of wealth and prosperity,
to shower her grace on the poor Brahmin         Tvadhvandanani                        dhurithaharanedhyadhani

Goddess Mahalakshmi’s grace came down           Maameva                matharanisam kalayanthu manye“
instantaneously in the form of a shower of
Gold Amlikas (golden gooseberries)                                                             FROM WINGS
inside the house of the family. Hence
these series of verses are aptly titled                   Nine Point Code of
Tree Planting: In honour of our             At your lotus feet : Seva wing rolled       shift into high gear with lot of
Mother Earth the Seva wing                  out a year long seva project for the        enthusiasm, excitement and love in the
participated in a Tree Planting Session     members of our centre , the primary         air. This is exactly what transpired this
conducted by the city of Toronto,           aim of this project is to encourage all     year too. Due diligence was given to
despite inclement weather and heavy         members to participate in the seva          the review of the theme and the script
rains we had over 30 participants and       activities and enjoy the true benefits of   and it was made available to the
planted well over a 100 plants.             service .We humbly request all              children for auditioning in the second
                                            members to pledge a few hours for           week of September. Once the roles
Mother’s Day : Seva wing showed             seva in the coming year .                   were assigned the other committees
our love and respects to all Mothers at                                                 were established and we were on our
                                            Seva wing is constantly looking for         way to stage setup etc.
Carefree Lodge and Norwood Nursing
                                            new members to support the regular
                                            activities both internal and external.      Swami says, “Education has two
Park clean up: Clean up session at          Please contact our centre President or      important characteristics. One is
James Edward Park in Markham took           any of the Seva wing Co-ordinators          exposition of facts relating to any
place during the summer . Our way of        for more details .                          subject. The other is the unfolding of
showing Gratitude to Mother Earth .                                                     the individual's personality. The first is
                                            “Hands that Help are Holier than the        concerned with matter. The second is
Walk for Values: The fourth annual          lips that Pray” - Baba                      with divine energy. Education is a
walk for values of the Sathya Sai                                                       combination of the two. It is a
                                                        Sudhakar Voora                  combination of worldly and spiritual
School was well supported by the
Seva wing of our centre in various          SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS                knowledge. Education cannot be
capacities, the most notable of all “                                                   confined to stuffing the head. It has to
Route Marshalls”, as a first time           Education Wing                              melt the heart, refine it and turn it
venture we had youth members take                                                       towards God. Man has to be
leadership roles and it was a great         Education wing is always busy with          transformed into an ideal human being
success. Seva wing thanks all the           activities for children, gurus and          with a compassionate heart. Every
youth who helped us in this year.           parents. During the summer months           effort should be made to utilize
                                            the SSE children were busy learning         education for the purpose of divinizing
Car Care: Members of the Seva wing          Veda Chanting whilst others were            man.”
had a hands on training with the youth      practicing their bhajan singing on a
about Preventive maintenance of cars,       weekly basis. There was a workshop          Preparing for Bhagawan’s birthday
we      demonstrated        Flat     tyre   conducted for the gurus and a picnic        celebration is in fact a learning, a very
replacement, filling essential fluids,      for all parents and children.               subtle learning. This practical
how to give a battery boost and check                                                   experience revitalizes the heart of all
essential fluids in a vehicle, it was fun   I am sure the centre members have           the children. Who at the end of all the
and informative .We are planning on         been delighted to hear bhajan               celebrations often express their
more sessions in future.                    renditions from our SSE children and        learning and love for Bhagawan. It
                                            the teen youth. In the recent past the      seems the Divine energy just enters the
Please Note : This was a Youth              teen youth have exemplified                 pores of all the children and anoints
initiated programme .                       responsibility and dedication to            them with Bhagawan’s love.
                                            Bhagawan at several occasions and
Wheel Chair Clinic : We had a               have stood up to the challenge in                                      Preeti Grover
couple of wheel chair cleaning session      taking responsible roles. We look
and over 40 wheel chairs were cleaned       forward to these young adults               SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
in these sessions.                          becoming leaders in the Sri Sathya Sai
                                            Baba Organization.
Birthday Celebrations : Seva wing is
pleased that many of our new
members participated in different
                                                                                        Spiritual Wing
                                                                                        Excerpts from Bhagwan’s Krishnaashtami
                                                                                        Discourse in 1990
                                            As summer holidays come to an end
activities to help out at Swami’s 81st      we know it is time to prepare for our       Krishna was born in the month of
birthday celebrations.                      Beloved Lord’s birthday. Activities         Sraavana, in the Krishnapaksha (dark
fortnight), on Ashtami day, in a dark       Krishna cultivates the field of our       What if we carried it around in our
room, as a dark child. Sraavana means       hearts by removing the weeds of bad       purses or pockets?
that which gives sravanam, delight to       qualities, watering it with love,
the ear. It is significant that among the   ploughing it with the use of sadhana,     What if we turned back to go get it if
nine forms of devotion, the first place     and sowing the seeds of devotion. This    we forgot it?
is given to Sravanam, listening to the      is how Krishna cultivates out hearts.
                                                                                      What if we flipped through it several
glories of the Lord, and the final stage
                                            The second meaning of the word is:        times a day?
is Atmanivedanam (total surrender).
Today men tend to listen to all kinds       "Karshathi iti Krishnah." (The one
                                                                                      What if we used it to receive
of evil things, but do not lend their       who attracts is Krishna). Krishna
ears to hear what is pure and holy.         attracts you by His eyes, His speech,
What you should hear is sravana, all        His sports, and by every action of His.   What if we treated it like we couldn't
about God and not other trivial gossip.     By His words, He softens and calms        live without it?
Krishna was born during the                 the hearts of even those filled with
Krishnapaksha, the dark fortnight of        hatred and makes them rejoice.            What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
the month. The effulgence of the Lord
is seen with greater effect when it is      A third meaning of the word Krishna       What if we used it as we traveled?
dark. In a world of disorder, Krishna       is "Kushyathi iti Krishna"(one who is
                                            always blissful). Krishna was always      What if we used it in case of an
was born to establish order. He was
                                            in a state of bliss.                      emergency?
born on Ashtami day. Ashtami is
associated with trouble and                 It was because He had these various       What if we upgraded it to get the latest
difficulties. When do troubles arise?       qualities, the sage Garga named Him       version?
When righteousness is forgotten.            Krishna. The ordinary meaning of the
Krishna's advent signifies the              word Krishna is "one who is dark."        Does this make you think, "Hmmm.
dispelling of darkness, the removal of      But people think only of this meaning     where IS my "Bhagavad Gita"?
troubles, banishing of ignorance and        and forget the deeper and truer
teaching mankind the Supreme                                                          Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our
                                            meanings of the Lord's name. The
Wisdom.                                                                               cell phones, we don't ever have to
                                            essence of Krishna's life is, He
                                                                                      worry about our "Bhagavad
Krishna is said to have stolen butter       proclaimed the Truth to the world,
                                                                                      Gita" being disconnected because the
from the houses of the gopikas. The         propagated the eternal verities and
                                                                                      Lord has already paid the bill!
butter, which He stole, was the pure,       delighted the world by His Leelas.
milk-white hearts of the gopikas.           Every Avatar is an amazing                            Yamuna Muruganandan
Butter is pure and soft. The hearts of      phenomenon. When the Avatar
the gopikas were like butter. People        principle is understood, you
tend to look upon the devotion of the       experience real bliss. When you have
gopikas in worldly terms. Their minds       faith in the Divine, life becomes a
never turned towards any sensory            victorious journey.
objects. They were completely free          Swetha Shankar
from sensual desires. All their desires
were concentrated on God. They
viewed the entire universe as the
manifestation of God.

We must understand properly the             Youth Wing
meaning of the term Krishna. The
word has three meanings. One is:            Cell Phone vs. The Bhagavad Gita
"Krishyathi iti Krishnah" (The one
                                            I wonder what would happen if we
who cultivates is Krishna). What is it
                                            treated the "Bhagavad Gita" like we
that has to be cultivated? The
                                            treat our cell phones.
Hridayakshetra (field of the heart).
                                                 taste that lingered on my tongue, I loped                  Transformation
            TWINKLE                              off, pleased to have helped.
Sai Ram and Neighs to you all!                                                                   My Name is Non Violence,
                                                 Days later, one of the farm hands was
Hi! I’m back! It is Twinkle, Twinkle,            working nearby, and I noticed that the
                                                 back of his shirt was full of dirt, hay, and    I follow the trail of war, mending wounds
Twinkle—little star…! Suspense,                                                                  of grief
Suspense! I know you can’t wait to read          straw. I think he needs a good grooming!
this story; but, but, please, let me go on for   And who would give it but me! I walked
                                                                                                 My companions areLove, Respect and
a little while. The past few months have         up to him and began cleaning his shirt
been long, challenging, and strenuous.           with my lips and teeth, just like I would do
They have been filled with despair, hope,        to my fellow pony friends. Instead of           I am Non Violence,
and of course, hard work. Oooooooooooh!          being grateful, the farm hand shrieked his
But the ending is great, just great!             head off! Then, he chased me away!              Mankind has always had me,
(However, you’ll never know it, until a          (What is going on? I’m cleaning him!
long, long time) (Well, maybe not THAT           Humph, I guess humans have very                 Trust in me and you will have no wars.
long). Enough nonsense; let’s begin!             different opinions about cleaning
                                                 methods!)                                       I am Non Violence, I am Non Violence,
I was sitting under the shade of a large
apple tree, chewing a super delicious            At another time, I was walking in the           Sit a moment and think in Silence
apple (Mmmmmmmm) as the sun was                  woods when I encountered a flooded
                                                 stream. I noticed a big group of people         You will know the best way is Non
setting on the horizon. My thoughts
                                                 across, wondering how to cross it. They         Violence.
                                                 seemed very worried. Fireworks (Poom,
“Hmmm, what do you think—apple tree,”
                                                 pam, pam)! I can carry them on my back! I                         Sai Sumithra Voora
I added just in case the tree was listening,                                                                           Group 2 B
                                                 joyfully trotted through the stream and
“Wouldn’t it be nice to go see Baba again?
                                                 motioned to my back as if to say, “Come
Yup! How ‘bout I ask him!”
                                                 on my back, I’ll take you across!” Finally,
                                                 the humans understood. One by one, I                Do You know
I loped off to a quiet place in the pasture
                                                 brought them safely to the other side. In
where the wind whispered in the trees and                                                       1. In Indian mythology, which king was
                                                 the end, they showered me with pats and
prayed, “Dear Baba, can I come see you?                                                         the symbol of self sacrifice?
                                                 Later that evening, I went to the same         2. Name the twin sons of Madri in
I listened and waited. Then the wind                                                            Mahabharatha?
                                                 quiet spot in the pasture where I had first
rustled again and I heard, “Not now,
                                                 prayed. I now prayed again. “Dear Baba,
Twinkle.” I began to pout, my lower lip                                                         3. Which is the most ancient living
                                                 may I come now?”
wiggling (wein, wein). Stomping my hoof,                                                        instrument in India?
I thought until my brain almost broke.
(Just to let you know, it’s still in one                                                        4. What does Quran, The Holy book of
piece) Light bulb! I know! If I do lots of                                                      Muslims, mean?
good deeds, I can earn the reward of going
to see Baba! And so it began                                                                    5. What are the prophets or Gurus of the
One day, I was wandering around the                                                             Jains known as?
pasture when I came across a fellow pony
who seemed to have too many carrots to                                                          6.   Name the king who played veena?
eat. Therefore, I decided to help—by             And the voice replied, “…”
eating some of the carrots. What a handy         Sai Ram and Neighs to you all!
                                                                                                7. Which great dramatist is known as the
good deed! (Not)                                                                                Indian Shakespeare?
                                                 P.S. I hope you’ll all live through the
Another day, I decided to do something of        suspense to hear Baba’s reply in the next
                                                                                                8.   Who is known as Saint of the Gutter?
more value. I was wandering around the           issue!
barnyard, when I saw a big truck coming                                                         9. who said,”Awake arise and stop not till
                                                 - Francesca & Emmanuela
towards the farmhouse. I ran up to                                                              the goal is reached”?
investigate. A man was lifting some stuff
into the back of the truck. Hey, I could
                                                 *************************                                              Sandhya Shankar
help! So, I took some papers in my teeth
and threw them into the truck. The man
looked up with surprise and horror in his
eyes. (hey, I’m helping you) I grinned my
horsey grin and continued to help. (Pooh!
That stuff tasted bad!) Despite the awful                                                            Answers to Sai Jumble:
   Good:                                       14 Jan 2007 : Makara Sankaranthi             WE WISH ALL OUR READERS
                                                                                            A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS
                                               16 Feb 2007 : Maha Shivarathri Venue:
                                               Gur Mandir
                                                                                                NEW YEAR…..2007
                                               Time: 8:00pm – 6:00am (Saturday)
   TRUTH                                                                                              Jai Sai Ram
                                               20 Mar 2007 : Ugadi
   Evil:                                                                                    Man is a spark of the Divine.
                                               27 Mar 2007 : Sri Rama Navami
                                                 KINDLY NOTE THE CHANGE
                                                                                            “The year becomes
   Mystery Phrase:                                 Date for Walk for                           new, the day
                                                    values changed                            becomes holy,
                                                                                            when you sanctify
    Answers to Do you Know !!!
    1.   King Shibi
                                                   Fm: 27th May , 2007                         it by spiritual
    2.   Nakula and Sahadeva
                                                                                              discipline, not
                                                 To:10th June , 2007                        otherwise.” - BABA
    3.   Rudra Veena

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