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									                                              TAGORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
                                                     VASANT VIHAR
                                                SYLLABUS SESSION 2010-2011
                                        CLASS XII-B
MONTH      ENGLISH              HISTORY       POLITICAL    GEOGRAPHY        HOME                                          FINE ARTS             ECONOMICS
                                               SCIENCE                     SCIENCE
March/   Note making         Theme –1 BRICKS,    Chap-1- The Cold          B-1-                 1.nutrition for self   Theory :                1.Introduction
         Comprehension       BEADS AND           War Era - Cuban           CHAPTER1             and family             Introduction to         2.Circular Flow
APRIL-   passages            BONES –THE          missile crisis,                                                       miniature painting in   Model
MAY                                                                        Nature and scope     2.modification of      India                   3.National Micro
                             HARAPPAN            meaning of cold war,
         Reading /                                                         of Human             family meals           Muhghal School of       Economics
                             CIVILISATION        Emergence of two                                                      miniature               1.Introduction
                                                 power-blocks, Arenas      Geography.
         Effective Writing                                                             drinking                                2.Consumer
                             Theme-2 KINGS,      of cold-war,
         Skills                                                            CHAPTER-2            water                  Practical :             Equilibrium
                             FARMERS AND         Challenge to bi-                               Hygiene in food        Copy of one             3.Demand,Supply
                             TOWNS-EARLY         polarity, New             The world            Handling               miniature painting      and Market
                             STATES AND          Economic Order,           population –                                Still life study        equilibrium
                             ECONOMIES                                     trends and           4. Food
                                                 India & Cold war
                             (c.600 BCE-600CE)                                                  adulteration                                   Macro Economics
                                                 Chap-2- End of Bi-                                                                            Income Accounting
                             Theme-3 KINSHIP,                              CHAPTER– 3        5. Physical and
                                                 polarity- What was
                               CASTE AND         Soviet Union,
                                                                           Population composition development
                              CLASS –EARLY       Disintegration,
                                                                           CHAPTER -4  and
                             SOCIETIES (c.600    Consequences of                                emotional
                               BCE-600 CE)       disintegration, Shock-                         development
                                  Theme –4       therapy, its
                                                 consequences,             DEVELOPMENT          7.cognitive and
                                 THINKERS,                                                      language
                                BELIEFS AND      tensions and conflicts,    CHAPTER - 5         Development
                                 BUILDINGS-      India & post              Primary Activities
                                 CULTURAL        communist countries                            8. Protection from
                              DEVELOPMENTS Chap-3- U.S                                          preventable
                             (c.600BCE-600 CE) Hegemony-                   B-2
                                  Theme-5      Beginning of the New                             9. Child with
                                                                           CHAPTER – 7
                                               World Order, the                                 special needs and
                               THROUGH THE
                                               Clinton years, 9/11 &       MINERAL AND          socially
                                  EYES OF                                                       disadvantaged
  TRAVELLERS:      global war on terror,   ENERGY
PERCEPTIONS OF     the Iraq invasion,      RESOURCES
 SOCIETY (c.tenth  meaning of
  to seventeenth   hegemony,               B-1
     centuries)    hegemony as hard        Manufacturing
                   power, as soft power    Industries
Theme-6 BHAKTI- and as structural
SUFI TRADITIONS: power, constraints,       B–2
CHANGES IN         India's relation with
RELIGIOUS                                  CHAPTER – 8
DEVOTIONAL         Chap-4- Alternative
                                           G INDUSTRIES
TEXTS (c.eighth to centres of Power-
eighteenth         EU, ASEAN, Rise of
centuries)         Chinese economy,
                   India-China relations

                    South Asia- The
                    military and
                    democracy in
                    Pakistan, Democracy
                    in Bangladesh,
                    Monarchy &
                    Democracy in Nepal,
                    Ethnic conflict &
                    Democracy in
                    Srilanka, India &
                    Pakistan conflicts,
                    India & its other
                    neighbours, Peace &

Evolution of U.N,
reform of the U.N
after the cold-war,
reform of structures &
processes, jurisdiction
of the U.N, India & the
U. N. reforms, the
U.N. in a uni-polar

Chap 7- Security in
the contemporary
World- What is
security, traditional
notions; external &
internal, traditional
security &
cooperation, Non-
notions,New sources
of threats, India's
security strategy

Chap 8-
Environment and
Natural Resources-
concerns in Global
Politics, protection of
global commons,
common but
                                                common property
                                                resources, India's
                                                stand on
                                                environmental issues;
                                                Indigenous people

                                                Chap 9-
                                                Concept of
                                                globalization, causes
                                                of globalization,
                                                consequences, India
                                                & globalization,
                                                resistance to
                                                globalization & India

JULY   Literature        Theme-7 AN             Chap-1- Challenges           B- 1         10.substitute care   Theory :           Micro Economics
       Reader - Prose    IMPERIAL               of Nation Building-                       at home and          Deccan Miniature   4.Law of Returns
                         CAPITAL:               Three challenges,         CHAPTER - 7     outside              school             5.Costs
       L-1 – What’s      VIJAYANAGARA                                                                          Introduction to
                                                partition-process,        TERTIARY AND
       Your Dream?       (c.fourteenth to                                        income     Rajput miniature   Macro Economics
                         sixteenth centuries)   consequences,             QUATERNARY      and expenditure      Practical :        4.Govt Budget
       Ruskin Bond                              integration of princely   ACTIVITIES                           Painting and
       Literature        Theme-8                states, government                         12.savings and      composition and
       Reader - Poetry   PEASANTS,              approach, re-               CHAPTER - 8   investment           sketching
                         ZAMINDARS AND          organisation of states.
       Introduction to                                                    Transport and   13. Consumer
                         THE STATE:
                                                Chap-2- Era of one                        protection and
         Poetry             AGRARIAN         party dominance-       communication      education
                            SOCIETY AND      Challenges of building
         Poem 1 –           THE MUGHAL       democracy, Congress
         Sympathy Paul      EMPIRE           dominance in first
         Laurence           (c.sixteenth –   three elections,
         Dunbar             seventeenth      Congress as Social &
         Literature         centuries)       ideological coalition,
         Reader –                            tolerance and
         Drama                               management
                                             emergence of
         Introduction to                     opposition party

         D 1 An
         Adventure Story

         - Terence
         Mervyn Rattigan

         Poem 2

         Survivors –

         Listening /
         speaking skills

AUGUST   - Prose            Theme- 9 KINGS   Chap-3- Politics of       BOOK – 2 in its     Theory :              Micro Economics
                            AND              planned                                   relation to            Bengal School Art     6.Revenue
         L-3 The Hum of     CHRONICLES:      development-              CHAPTER- 10     personality            and artist            7.Market Forms
         Insects - Robert                                                              Selection of clothes   Practical :           8.Producer
                            THE MUGHAL       Political contestation,   Transport and
               Lynd                                                                    and fabrics            Still life study in   Equilibrium
                            COURTS           ideas of development,     Communication                          Water colour and
         Poem 3             (c.sixteenth-    planning, rapid                                                  poster colour         Macro Economics
                            seventeenth      industrialisation,        B-1                                                          5.Money and
         Ars Poetica -      centuries)       Agriculture vs            CHAPTER-9                              20 Sketching of       Banking
         Archibald                           Industry, major                                                  Human figures
       MacLeish          Theme –10         outcomes, land         International
                                           reforms, Green         trade                                Study of any one
       L4                COLONIALISM                                                                   Bengal school art in
                         AND THE                                  B–2                                  water colour
       The Actress –     COUNTRYSIDE      Chap-4- India's
       Ilya Ehrenburg    EXPOLRING        External Relations-     CH APTER– 11

       Poem 4            OFFICIAL         Policy of non-          INTERNATIONA
                         ARCHIVES         alignment, distance     L TRADE
       Of Mothers,                        from two camps,
       Among Other       Theme –11        Chinese invasion,       BOOK - 1
       Things -          REBELS AND THE 1962, Bangladesh
                         RAJ: 1857 REVOLT war 1971, India's       CHAPTER-10
       A K Ramanujan     AND ITS          nuclear policy          Human

SEP.   L 5 The             HALF YEARLY  Chap-5- Challenges        B–2             15.Checking size                            Macro Economics
       Judgement of                     to and restoration of                     and quality in            Half Yearly       6.Foreign
       Paris - Leonard 20 SEPT-30 SEPT the Congress               CH APTER– 4     readymade                                   Exchange Rate
                                                                                  garments             Miniature painting
       Merrick           THEMES 1- 11   System- Challenge of      HUMAN                                schools to Bengal
                                        political succession,     SETTLEMENTS
       Poem 5 -                                                                                        School
                                        from Nehru to Shastri,
                                        Fourth general            HALF YEARLY                          Theory :
       Ode to Autumn - Theme-12
          John Keats                    elections, Non-                                                Modern trends in
                       COLONIAL CITIES;                                                                Indian Art
       L 6 On          URBANISATION,                                                                   Practical :
       Education -     PLANNING AND                                                                    Flora study
                                        Presidential election
                       ARCHITECTURE                                                                    Nature study
       Albert Einstein                  1969, restoration of                                           Copy of landscape by
                                        Congress.                                                      any one artist
                                                                                                       20 Sketches
OCT.                     Theme-13          Chap-6-The crisis of   B- 2            16.Care of clothes   Theory : Study of art Macro economics
       L 7 Asoka -       MAHATMA           democratic order-                                           works of Modern       7.Determination of
                         GANDHI AND THE                           CHAPTER – 1                          trends in Indian Art  equilibrium level of
         Charles John     NATIONAL          Economic contest,                                                                           Income,Output and
           Canning        MOVEMENT: CIVIL   conflict with judiciary,   POPULATION –                            Practical :              Employment
                          DISOBEDIENCE      emergency,                 Dist,Den,Growth                         Painting Composition
       Poem 6             AND BEYOND                                   and composition                         in different mediums
                                                                                                               creating texture in
       Curtain - Helen                      lessons of                 CHAPTER – 2                             Poster colours
          Spalding                          emergency, politics
                                            after emergency,           MIGRATION –                             20 sketches
       D 2 The                              Janta government,          Types, causes
       Monkey’s Paw –                       legacy.                    and
       William Wymark                                                  consequences
       Jacobs                               Chap-7- Rise of
                                            popular movements-
                                            Chipko movement,
                                            Dalit panthers, BKU,
                                            Anti- Arrack
                                            movement, Narmada
                                            Bachao, Right To

NOV.   L 8 - Grief -      Theme-14          Chap-8- Regional           CHAPTER – 3       17. Things I can do   Theory :                 Macro Economics
                          UNDERSTANDING     Aspirations- Indian                          with my home          SECOND REVISION          8.Balance of
       Anton Chekov       THE PARTITION:    approach, roots of the     HUMAN             science training      TEST                     Payments
       Word usage –       POLITICS,         problem, Insurgency        DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                               ENTIRE SYLLABUS
                          MEMORIES,         in J & K, separatism       REVISION
                          EXPERIENCES       in Punjab & North-                                                 Practical :
           sounds                                                      TEST – 2
                                            East, secessionist                                                 Advance Still life
                          Theme-15          movements,
          L / S skills                                                                                         study in Poster colour
                          FRAMING THE       movements against                                                  and water colour
        Reading Skills:   CONSTITUTION:     outsiders, National                                                20 sketches
                          THE BEGINNING
           Literary,                        Integration
                          OF A NEW ERA(
                          TO BE CONTD)      Chap-9- Democratic
                                            upsurge and
                          SECOND            coalition politics-
                                            Upsurge 1990s, rise
       Grammar-             REVISION TEST    of J.D & B.J.P,
                                             increasing role of
                            ENTIRE           regional parties and
                            SYLLABUS         coalitions, election
                            EXCLUDING        2004, UPA govt, UF &
                            THEME -FIFTEEN   NDA govt

DEC.   Recapitulation -:    Theme-15         Chap-10- Recent            REVISION     Theory :         REVISION
                            FRAMING THE      issues abd                 WORK         Revision
       Extracts –           CONSTITUTION:    challenges-                             Practical :
       Reading and                                                      B-2          Completion of
                            THE BEGINNING    Challenges of and
       comprehension                                                                 practical File
                            OF A NEW ERA     response to                (5,6,9,12)
       skills retested.                      globalisation, New
       Writing skills re-                    economic policy and
       emphasized                            opposition, Rise of
                                             OBC in north Indian
                                             politics, Dalit politics
                                             in electoral and non-
                                             electoral politics,
                                             challenges of
                                             Ayodhya dispute,
                                             Gujarat riots etc

                                             2nd Revision Test
                                             with Pre-boards
                                             being followed in

JAN.   Writing skills re-   PRE-BOARD                                   PRE BOARD    PRE BOARD
       emphasized /
       sample papers

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