Aggregate Knowledge Releases Its Game-Changing Analytics and Reporting Suite

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					Aggregate Knowledge Releases Its Game-Changing
Analytics and Reporting Suite
AK Platform DMP Offers the Easiest and Most Transparent Way to Turn Tens of Billions of Daily Events
into Action

March 09, 2011 08:08 AM Eastern Time 

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Aggregate Knowledge, the leading data management
platform (DMP) on which the world's largest advertisers make their digital data and media decisions, today released
a suite of seven daily reports packaged with its patent-pending AK Platform. The versatile analytics and reporting
suite combines granular audience profiles with impression-level campaign data to generate actionable insights into
exactly what (creative), where (inventory/placement), and who (audience profiles) is driving the best performance. It
is the most scalable and transparent data management platform to date and can handle tens of billions of data points
daily and turn them into actionable insights.

The reports are powered by the highly scalable AK Platform infrastructure that pivots off the user instead of
inventory. By pivoting off the user, the AK Platform delivers unique insights into data waste, audience quality, global
reach, frequency, and inventory overlap. The reports allow advertisers to audit, scorecard, and optimize their data
and media channels with actionable granularity.

“Companies like Aggregate Knowledge have the emerging technology platform required to measure deep granularity
and provide actionable insights that allow agencies to ask questions that they couldn’t before,” said Aaron Reinitz,
supervisor, brand relations, VivaKi Nerve Center.

AK automates the delivery of actionable campaign and audience analytics as part of its core data management
platform.The AK Platform runs on a robust data management infrastructure that collects and normalizes all
advertising data from any data source. The AK Platform delivers unique insights into traffic data coming from
advertiser websites, customer information from CRM systems, third-party category data sellers, impression and click
data, media cost from ad servers, media channels, and DSPs.

“In combination, AK Platform reports deliver deep and actionable insights into audience, media, and creative,
enabling our customers to see the intersection of all three,” said Pascal Bensoussan, chief strategy officer of
Aggregate Knowledge. “The core infrastructure behind the AK Platform is designed to collect, manage, and
aggregate massive amounts of data and then make sense of it. Our reports not only show that young moms favored a
particular campaign, AK Platform reports show why young moms worked great for a campaign. Whether it was a
specific creative or a specific media channel, certain age ranges, or number of children, AK Platform reports provide
unmatched transparency into data.” 

The seven AK Platform reports include:

    l   Campaign Dashboard Report thattracks all campaigns and replays them to show how budget is spent
        against impression and performance goals.
    l   Campaign Delivery Details Report that adds audience-centric insights to ad server data with just enough
        details to uncover exactly what (creative), where (inventory/placement), and who (audience profiles) is driving
        the best performance.
    l   Creative Delivery Details Report thatlists the best dynamic creatives, showing which messages, offers,
       and calls to action work best for each audience or inventory channel.
   l   Audience Reach and Performance Report that helps data buyers scrutinize their audience reach to
       measure overlap across inventory channels and data bleeding, and to uncover what constitutes the most
       promising audiences and where to find them.
   l   Audience Distribution Report that tracks the number of unique users that were distributed to media
       channels, effectively providing a baseline against which to measure their reach and overlap.
   l   Audience Delivery Details Report thathelps data buyerstake the guess out of their data campaigns,
       particularly if they buy their data on cost-per-stamp basis. By overlaying the full and detailed profile of the
       audience reached, the people who engage with the ads, and those who convert, this report makes it easy to
       build large, performing audiences across multiple data sellers.
   l   Discrepancy Report thatautomates the daily reporting of impression and click count discrepancy between
       the AK tracking server and advertiser ad server.

About Aggregate Knowledge

Aggregate Knowledge is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) company delivering the neutral data management
platform (DMP) on which the world's largest advertisers make their digital media decisions. The patent-pending AK
Platform™ combines data management and multi-touch attribution to make media accountable helping advertisers,
agencies, ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, and publishers manage and exploit all of their data around a single view of the
user. The platform automates "trading desk" like features by bundling hardware, software, science, tools, reports,
and services into a single, highly scalable offering.

Aggregate Knowledge is funded by premier venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures,
First Round Capital, and OVP Venture Partners.

More information can be found at and you can find us on Facebook at

Aggregate Knowledge is a registered trademark, and AK Platform, is a trademark of Aggregate Knowledge, Inc., in
the United States, other countries, or both. All statements regarding plans, directions, and intent of Aggregate
Knowledge are subject to change without notice.

Aggregate Knowledge
Barry Strauss, 650-293-2942 (direct) or 650-293-2919 (main)
Director, Marketing


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