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					                Country Pursuit Extruded Dog Food
              Country Pursuit Moist Muesli Dog Food
         Country Pursuit Moist Vegetarian Muesli Dog Food
Plain and Mixed Puffed Rice • Litterlac – Puppy & Kitten Instant Milk
    High Quality Pet Bedding • Stainless Steel Bowls and Dishes
                 Greenies® Breath Freshening Treats

              Rope Leads, Whistles, Badges and Treats

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                PET FOOD SUPPLIER
   Country Pursuit Extruded
                                                                            BY APPOINTMENT TO
   Dog Food                                                            HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II
                                                                            PET FOOD SUPPLIER

   Country Pursuit Moist
   Muesli Dog Food
   Country Pursuit Moist
   Vegetarian Muesli Dog Food
   Plain and Mixed Puffed Rice
   Litterlac – Puppy & Kitten      Judge’s Choice was formed by James and Hiroko Chester in1991
   Instant Milk                    having spent the previous ten years in the petfood industry. The
                                   business was initially based on supplying feed and accessories into the
   High Quality Pet Bedding        working dog sector and it’s excellence in this area was recognised in
                                   January 1996 with the
   Stainless Steel Bowls
                                   award of a Royal
   and Dishes
                                   Warrant. Subsequent
   Greenies® Breath Freshening     development has seen
   Treats                          sustained expansion
                                   into the general pet
   Rope Leads, Whistles, Badges    market where the
   and Treats                      companies ethos of
                                   quality and value have
                                   proved a winning
   JUDGE’S CHOICE is               combination.
   proud to have a
   reputation for absolute         Judge’s Choice now
   quality and all our             supplies a wide range
   products come with a            of quality accessories      The state-of-the-art processing and packaging plant used by
                                   in addition to it’s         JUDGE’S CHOICE Petfood Limited
   money back guarantee
   (on receipt of returned         renowned range of dog
   goods). Feel free to contact    foods. The business has also focused on finding solutions to dog
   us at the address below,        owners problems and this has led recently to it’s expansion into
   by phone or fax or              supplying puffed rice, breath freshening products and puppy milk
   alternatively on-line at        replacers.        Although based in East Anglia, Judge’s Choice supplies customers of
                                   all sizes from the Northern Isles to Lands End. With our excellent
                                   logistics management we can supply any order from a single whistle to
                                   a lorry load of dog food anywhere in the country. The year 2000 saw
                                   our first export orders leaving the UK as well as the creation of
                                   Judge’s Choice in Japan such was the demand now for our expertise
                                   in pet nutrition and marketing.
                                   James Chester was joined in the business in 2002 by Chris
                                   Winchester. With over 20 years sales and marketing experience in the
                                   agricultural supply industry, Chris has brought a new dimension to
                                   the company’s sales and marketing strategy and will be at the heart of
                                   the companies continuing development.

 Judge’s Choice Petfoods Ltd
Hill Farm, Watton Road, Barford,
  Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 4AR
    Tel: +44 (0)1603 759567
    Fax: +44 (0)1603 759585
The Country Pursuit Range
– Your guarantee of Healthy Performance
The Country Pursuit range offers a choice of top quality products specially formulated to match the
varying nutritional requirements of all breeds in all levels of work.

Country Pursuit Premium Puppy
Specially formulated for puppies over 3 weeks of age and working bitches in whelp. Country Pursuit
Puppy contains lamb rice and fresh tripe and is the perfect “first feed”.
                                                                                    Protein           29%
Country Pursuit Puppy is gluten free, has no artificial colourants, flavours or     Oil               17%
appetite enhancers and is preserved naturally with vitamin E. This healthy,         Ash                9%
high performance product offers superb value and is also recommended for            Fibre              2%
dogs under stress or where weight-gain is required.                                 Pack Size 15kg & 2.5kg

Country Pursuit Premium Rich in Chicken & Rice
A premium quality product for all dogs, especially those in hard work and working dogs in cold
climates or in need of “special” attention. Country Pursuit Premium contains high levels of only the
very best ingredients and does not contain any of the “less wholesome” chicken by-products
sometimes used in pet products.
Country Pursuit Rich in Chicken & Rice is also perfect for dogs suffering from stomach upsets and
disorders or those with sensitive digestion. The use of Omega oils ensures the
optimum fatty acid profile within the digestive tract, whilst added inulin        Protein       25%
improves coat condition and appearance.                                           Oil           12%
                                                                                    Ash                6%
Country Pursuit Rich in Chicken & Rice contains no soya, artificial
colourings and flavouring and is boosted with a full compliment of essential        Fibre              3%

vitamins and minerals.                                                              Pack Size 15kg & 2.5kg

Country Pursuit Premium Rich in Lamb, Rice and Tripe
A superior quality feed especially formulated for working dogs or dogs in hard
                                                                                    Protein          25%
work. Country Pursuit Rich in Lamb, Rice and Tripe is high in energy and
protein as well as vitamins, essential oils and protein. This product can also be   Oil              12%

used to give working dogs fed Chicken and Rice a variety change without the         Ash              8.5%
potential for nutritional upset. Country Pursuit Rich in Lamb, Rice and Tripe       Fibre              3%
contains a minimum of 25% rice flour and 17% lamb meat and is gluten free.          Pack Size 15kg

Country Pursuit Original
The original Judge’s Choice extruded food and still very popular with
                                                                                    Protein          26%
professional working dog owners and trainers. Originally developed in
                                                                                    Oil              12%
conjunction with leading gun dog trainers Country Pursuit Original has the
                                                                                    Ash              8.5%
perfect balance of energy and protein to ensure the health and vitality of the
working dog. Correct levels of vitamins, essential omega oils and minerals          Fibre            3.4%

complete the package of this high quality yet economic feed.                        Pack Size 15kg
Country Pursuit Maintenance (Maize Free)
                                                                                      Protein          21.5%
Ideal for resting working dogs or those requiring lower protein and energy            Oil                8%
Country Pursuit Maintenance ensures that the dogs still receive the correct
                                                                                      Ash              6.5%
levels of vitamins, oils and minerals essential for health. Country Pursuit
                                                                                      Fibre            3.4%
Maintenance suits many dogs that suffer from allergies associated with
                                                                                      Pack Size 15kg
excessive maize in many cereal based diets.

Country Pursuit Greyhound Maintenance
Although extremely competitively priced, Country Pursuit Greyhound                    Protein           18%
Maintenance uses only the best raw materials and has a full complements of            Oil                6%
vitamins, oils and minerals and is free from artificial colourants or flavourings.    Ash                7%
Country Pursuit Greyhound Maintenance can be used as a complete feed or               Fibre              3%
blended with tinned meat, real meat or chubs. It is ideal for injured, resting,       Pack Size 15kg
overweight or retired greyhounds.

Country Pursuit Muesli Moist Mix
A highly nutritious and appetising muesli mix, Country Pursuit Muesli
contains a balanced blend of flaked ingredients with real meat chunks, coated         Protein          21.5%
in a tasty lactose syrup. This product is suitable for most breeds including top      Oil                8%
quality working dogs. This type of moist mix is gaining in popularity within          Ash                8%
the market place as it appeals to both the dog and the owner given its high           Fibre            2.5%
performance and physical appearance.                                                  Pack Size 20kg

NEW Country Pursuit Vegetarian Muesli Moist Mix
In order to meet the desires and needs of all our customers and their dogs, this
                                                                                      Protein           20%
product has been specially formulated by our nutritional experts for those
                                                                                      Oil                8%
individuals wishing to feed their dog a vegetarian product. It is also suitable for
                                                                                      Ash                7%
dogs with severe meat protein allergies. Country Pursuit Vegetarian Mix
contains a unique meat protein replacer, is GM free and contains no artificial        Fibre              4%

preservatives or colourants                                                           Pack Size 15kg

Known for old fashioned British quality - All our products
are manufactured utilising the most sophisticated
cooker/extruder equipment, working on a self clean system. All
raw materials are conveyed by vacuum lines. There is an in-house
nutritionist and to attain Total Legal Compliance Accreditation
based on ISO 9002, there is complete control, from raw material
source to production batch, enabling the quality controller to
trace back any batch to any raw material. Samples from all
batches are obviously checked against all key parameters prior to
shipment and kept for six months after manufacture.
Quality Guarantee: As one would expect from the leaders and
innovators in any field, our products carry a full no quibble
money back guarantee. For a new customer, if your dog fails to
thrive from his very first bag of JUDGE’S CHOICE dog food let
us know and we will refund your money.
Litterlac – instant milk feed for cats and dogs
Litterlac is full of body building nutrients that will help your puppies
grow strong and healthy and give them vitality. It can also contribute to
the diet of adult animals.
In fact Litterlac is so nutritious it can completely replace bitch’s milk if
And of course because it’s so nutritious it’s ideal for nursing and
expectant mothers too.
Available in 600g, 2.5kg and 5kg.

Quality Pet Bedding
JUDGE’S CHOICE offers a huge range of top quality                             Deluxe Fibre Slumber Beds with
bedding, bean bags and beds for your pets. Available in a                     Removable Cushion
number of designs and assorted colours, all products have                     Sizes available:   18", 24", 27", 30", 35", 40"
washable covers and those that require it comply with British                 Bean/Fibre Beds & Spare Covers
Standard No: 5852, 1982 pt.2, source 5 (Furniture &                                      Small (19"x25"),
                                                                              Sizes available:
Furnishings Fire & Safety Regulations 1989).                                  Medium (25"x34"), Large (30"x48"),
                                                                              Extra Large (36"x50"), Jumbo (40"x50")
                                     Fabric Patterns Available                Oval Foam Basket Beds with
                                                                              Removable Cushion
                                            Regency Pin Stripe:
                                                                              Sizes available:   18", 21", 24", 27", 30", 35", 40"
                                            Green, Red or Blue
                                                                              Cushions & Quilted Fibre Mats
                                            It’s a Dog’s Life Paw &
                                                                              to fit Plastic Oval Beds
                                            Bone: Gold, Green, Light
                                            or Mid Blue, Khaki etc            Duvets, Deep Filled Deluxe
                                                                              Duvets & Spare Covers
                                                                                       Small (18"x23"),
                                                                              Sizes available:
                                            Red Check or Black
                                                                              Medium (28"x38"), Large (34"x54")

Rope Leads
All our rope leads are made from marine quality rope, they are spliced at the joints (not stitched) so are
immensely strong, even with the strongest dog. All come with a full one year unconditional warranty, as
do our nylon lead range.
                                     Marine Rope                                      Braided Nylon
                                     Leads & Collars:                                 Leads & Collars
                                     8mm slip lead 1.5m with rubber stop              8mm slip lead 1.5m with rubber stop
                                     12mm slip lead 1.2m                              8mm clip & ring lead 1.2m
                                     12mm slip lead 1.7m
                                     8mm clip & ring lead 0.65m                       flat nylon slip
                                     8mm clip & ring lead 0.95m                       flat nylon slip - wide
                                     8mm clip & ring lead 1.2m
                                     8mm clip & ring lead 1.7m                        Any length of training lead can be made,
                                     12mm clip & ring lead 0.65m                      special leads can be made to your own
                                     12mm clip & ring lead 0.95m
                                     12mm clip & ring lead 1.2m                       specification.
                                     8mm slip collar 0.66m with rubber stop
                                     8mm brace slip collar 0.71 in branches
                                     12mm slip collar 0.76m
                                     8mm clip couples 0.35m branches
Gundog Training Whistles and Dummies
JUDGE’S CHOICE are the largest supplier of dog training whistles etc., to the pet trade in the UK.
We supply the essential equipment for both gundog trainers and private dog owners.
210: with pea, 4,750 fluctuating to 5,250          660 Referee Plastic or Nickel plated
210.5: single frequency 4,850 hertz                Girl Guide Whistle
211.5: single frequency 4,700                      Fish Whistle: 2000/2100 hertz
(The above three whistles are available cast in    Double Tone Model 640:
sterling silver)                                   A:3200 hertz fluctuating to 3600 hertz.
Short Trialer Model 212:                           B:single note - 4000 hertz
constant 5050 hertz                                Loch Ness Monster Call: 2100
Silent Dog Whistle - variable                      hertz fluctuating to 3100 hertz
frequency (pitch) between 5,400 and 12,800         Lanyard Black
                                                   Lanyard Olive, 3mm.
Nickel Shepherd: wide range, all
below 4,000 hertz                                  Lanyard Olive, 4mm.
Plastic Shepherd: as above
Staghorn: natural material so frequency Also available: Duck Call and
cannot be accurately guaranteed.        Predator Call.
Plastic Combination:
211.5/Thunderer - The Thunderer         For retailers, we supply a full display board
produces 2,500 hertz                               (the Whistle Stop) to aid sales.

Dog and Wild Bird Treats
Hard Dog Biscuits each packed in 10kg boxes; they are Powercrack, Tripe, Fish & Lamb & Rice.
Puffed Rice mixed and plain, packed in 1kg and 5kg bags – gluten free, extremely digestible, ideal for
working dogs with problem digestive tracks.
Other Dog Treats include: giant sows ears, pigs ears.
Wild Bird Treats include: genuine fat balls (3 sizes).

Greenies the original smart-treat ®                                                                          ™

                                                       Greenies® is the first and only treat to provide all these benefits in
                                                       one complete enjoyable chew: dogs can’t resist the taste; cleans
                                                       teeth & freshens breath; reduces doggy odours; decreases build up
                                                       of dental plaque. A product without any by-products,
                                                       preservatives, artificial flavours or colours; created by veterinary
                                                       surgeons, chemical nutritionists and agricultural specialists;
                                                       improves digestibility; highly nutritious (protein 55%, fat 4%, fibre
                                                       5%, moisture 12%).

Stainless Steel Pet Dishes                                                                   – Lifetime Guarantee –
Newly imported into the UK, these stainless steel bowls are
                                                                                                 FREE shop display rack with
available in a selection of printed patterns and variety of styles                               bulk orders
including classic feed bowls, heavy duty feed bowls, non-tip and                                 The best way to save space and
non-slip feed Bowls and double diners.                                                           boost your sales! These unique
                                                                                                 and sturdy floor display racks take
     Hygienic • Rust Proof • Chew Proof                                                          1sq ft of floor space and are 53
          Easy to Clean • Odour Free                                                             inches tall. Please ask for details.
  Unique Look • Long Lasting • Never Cracks

     Judge’s Choice Petfood Limited, Hill Farm, Watton Road, Barford, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 4AR
         Tel: +44 (0)1603 759567 Fax: +44 (0)1603 759585 Email: