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									Internship Lessons from Gossip Girl

[Preview: Even though the hit TV show Gossip Girl is a drama, there are lessons to be learned for
how to handle a internship. Here's some tips based on the storyline.]

I’ll admit it: I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan. And it did not escape me that the recent plot surrounding
Blair Waldorf (who also happens to be my favorite character) has centered around the
significance of her internship at W Magazine.

Short summary for those who’ve missed it (tsk tsk):

First, Blair and arch-rival-slash-new-friend-and-love-interest Dan Humphrey both scored the same
internship at W. Dan’s an aspiring writer, and Blair’s an established fashionista, so it was perfect
for both of them — except that neither wanted to share the spotlight. So they each set about to
sabotage the other, in classic GG style, and ended up making fools of themselves. Dan
graciously took the fall, and lost his internship. Next, Blair realized that her boss Epperly could
use some fun, and with reviews coming up, she wanted to be the one to show her a good time.
Epperly ended up reconnecting with an old flame, leaving NYC lickety-split, and passing the
baton to Blair, who stepped up to the plate. Blair worked her butt off, but lack of sleep got to her.
She started delegating tasks to her ―minions‖, none of whom actually worked for W, and things
went awry. She lost the internship and (as of this writing) is unemployed. Side note, the whole
situation brought her closer with Dan and further away from her former love, the dashing-yet-toxic
Chuck Bass. Whew!

Aside from being outstanding entertainment, it struck me that there are several great real-world
internship takeaways from my favorite show:

       Sabotage is not good in the workplace! Is that not obvious? Every time Blair starts
        with her scheming, it ends up going the wrong way. Take a lesson: Treat your co-
        workers as you’d want to be treated. Good old-fashioned strong work is always well

       Keep personal relationships out of it. There are plenty of romances that start in the
        office — sometimes you can’t fight fate. But let it interfere with your work, and you’re both
        doomed to failure.

       Work hard, but take care of yourself. If you’re suffering from lack of sleep (or if you’re
        sick, or even if you just forget to eat lunch!), you’re bound to make mistakes. In that case,
        you’re no good to your employer and your co-workers. You won’t be performing to your
        full potential, and you’re doing yourself a disservice.

       As an intern, chances are, there’s no delegating. Sorry guys, but it’s true – you can’t
        pass your work off to others, even if you do have three well-trained non-colleague
        followers waiting their orders. Maybe you can have them get you that lunch!

And who else is ticked as hell that the next new episode isn’t till mid-April? Guess we’ll have to
wait to see what awesome internship Blair lands next!

Lauren Porat
Urban Interns

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