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          Joanne Woodward was born in Thomasville, Georgia on February 27th,
1930 with the full name of Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward. She was
born in the middle of the Great Depression, in a family that she describes as
being a Joan Crawford movie, Our Modern Maidens. She was a natural movie
lover, inheriting this from her mother, Elinor Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward.
Although her father, Wade Woodward, disapproved, he was not surprised that
acting was her chosen profession. Her first noteworthy encounter with the
movie world was when she was nine years old at the premiere of the Gone with
the Wind in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, she got to meet one of her favorite actors,
Lawrence Olivier, in the fateful occasion of jumping into his lap after seeing him
in his limousine. In her excitement, she told him of her adoration. He
remembered this later in 1977 when they worked together in the filming of
Come Back Little Sheba.
         In the second grade, Woodward and her family moved from the
small town of Thomasville to live in Marietta, Georgia. In Georgia, she
won several beauty pageants, her mother saying that “she was the
prettiest girl in town.” However, Woodward claims it was only the first
steps toward her dream. Once in junior high, her family moved to
Greenville, South Carolina, where she graduated from Greenville Senior
High School in 1947.
         Woodward attended Louisiana State University, in Baton
Rouge, with a drama major from 1947 to 1949. She graduated and
performed in small plays and competed in contests such as the
Louisiana State University Darling Contest where she ranked as runner
up. After the two years in college, her father was relocated to New
York and Joanna followed. She moved there and she pursued her
acting career with the aid of Sanford Meisner. She modeled and played
small roles on television. As a member of the Actors’ Studio and the
Neighborhood Playhouse, Joanne was finally on the brink of making it
         It was by chance that she met her future husband, Paul
Newman, when her agent introduced her to the young and
handsome, yet undiscovered actor. Joanne claims that, though
thinking he was good looking, she did not like him at first. Married
to wife Jackie, he said, “Jeez, what an extraordinarily pretty girl,”
when they first met. The two got closer over time while working
on the Broadway production of Picnic.
          In 1955, Joanne received her first major debut in Count
Three and Pray. Paul Newman was given the same fortune in his
movie The Silver Chalice in 1954. They found themselves in the
same social circles and their liking to each other strengthened.
They married in Las Vegas, January 29, 1958 after less than a
week of his divorce. Just a few months later, Joanne was awarded
an Academy Award for her talent in the Three Faces of Eve, only
her third screen role. Also in 1958, Joanne and Paul starred in
their first movie as a couple, The Long, Hot Summer.
         Woodward become a mother on April 8, 1959, when she gave
birth to Elinor Teresa Newman. Two sisters soon followed with
Melissa Newman on September 17, 1961, and Claire Olivia Newman
on April 21, 1965. Both Woodward and Newman’s acting careers
continued through the birth of their daughters.
         Rachel, Woodward’s most acclaimed film, was released in
1968. This film was directed by her husband. She was later
nominated for three Academy Awards, a New York Film Critics Circle,
and a Golden Globe. She won three Emmys. In 1990, Woodward
earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Her
daughter, Claire, attended Sarah Lawrence College at the same time
as her mother.
         Woodward continued to stay busy in theatre, film, and
television. Currently, she directs and stars in stage plays, and she is
the artistic director at the Westport Country Playhouse. She gives
back to community charities, such as The Hole in the Wall Gang
Camp, a camp for children with serious illness. In the past she has
donated a fair amount of money to the Greenville Little Theatre,
where she got her start. Today, Woodward and her husband make
their home in Westport, Connecticut. Her talent took her far in life
and continues to do so.
                  Interview with Sister Tate
#1. What is your relationship with Joanne Woodward? Do you continue to
keep in contact with her?

         In high school we were in the same sorority, Phi Theta. We also
attended Christ Church together. After high school, Joanne went to college,
and Bob McClain, the director of the Greenville Little Theatre, helped her
pursue her acting career. Today, we do not keep in touch. The last time we
saw each other was the Greenville Little Theatre’s production of The Glass
Menagerie. We went to lunch together and Paul Newman surprised his wife
with he and his daughter’s appearance at the show. They disguised
themselves by each wearing a red wig.
#2. What was Joanne Woodward like in high school? What were her
aspirations and how did she attempt to fulfill them?

        Joanne was very friendly and smart, the typical beauty queen.
She was a very good student, very popular, and she often had many dates.
She knew right away what she wanted to do, and she took advantage of
her opportunities. She was in all of the school plays and dances.
#3. Did Joanne Woodward always want to pursue acting, or
was it something she “fell” into?

        Joanne always wanted to pursue acting. She absolutely
loved to act!

#4. How was Joanne Woodward involved in
the community?

        Joanne was very involved in the
Greenville Little Theatre productions. When
they built the new theatre, she came to the
dedication and donated $10,000 to the
                          • In 1960, Joanne
                                                   • Bette Davis is
                          Woodward was the
• Joanne Woodward’s                                Woodward’s all-
                          first woman to
trademark is playing                               time favorite
                          receive a star on the
mentally or emotionally                            actress.
                          Hollywood Walk of
disturbed women.
                                                   •Laurence Olivier
                                                   is her favorite
• At the Academy
Awards, she wore her
own hand-sewn dress
that she made for                                 • Joanne Woodward
$100.                                             was born at 4:00pm
                          Personal Quotes
•“Who could direct you
                                 •“I don’t like getting myself in
better than the person
                                 hot water. But suddenly I find
you live with? Paul
                                 that every minute I have to
knows everything there
                                 stop and think about what I’m
is to know about me. I
                                 saying. I can see what’s going
wish he could direct
                                 to happen. I’m going to have
every movie I ever do.”
                                 to stop giving interviews
•“Being married to Paul is       because I’m always saying the
being married to the most        wrong thing. I don’t want that
considerate, romantic man.”      to happen.”

            •“The September 11th
            tragedy forced us all to look
            at the world in a different
            way and it reminds us all of
            the importance of living
            every moment.”
          Review of The Three Faces of Eve
          In The Three Faces of Eve, directed
by Nunnally Johnson, the wide range of
Joanne Woodward’s acting skills can be seen.
Based on the actual events that occurred
during the first studied case of multiple
personalities, Joanne Woodward portrays the
three personalities of the main character, Eve
White. The story opens with Eve White and
her medical condition. She is disturbed by the
“coming out” of the mischievous party girl,
Eve Black. As the story deepens, the
audience discovers a new woman by the
name of Jane, who actually is the dominate
and original of the three personalities. While
Eve is under hypnosis, the viewers learn that
an event in Jane’s childhood was the catalyst
that divided her personalities. With medical
assistance, Jane is able to overcome her
multiple personality disorder.
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