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SVA zHosting by wuxiangyu



SVA zHosting
Optimum software development environment
Sva zhoSting – optimum SoftWaRe development enviRonment

       Sva zhoSting – optimum SoftWaRe development enviRonment
       With the new IBM certified offering on a system z server, SVA’s dedicated Hosting Service allows qualified
       members of IBM PartnerWorld/Independant Software Vendors (ISV) program the ability to transfer their
       development environment onto SVA’s state-of-the-art computing center.

       incReaSed developeR demand                                  the optimum WoRking enviRonment
       With the need for more capacity, availability and           The high availability and reliability of the IBM system z
       security to support their development environments,         an ideal platform for members of IBM PartnerWorld/
       many IT enterprises have opted to outsource their           Independant Software Vendors (ISV) program.
       resources. Despite global communications allowing
       for such resources to be thousands of miles away,           At the heart of SVA’s state-of-the-art computer
       some of these solutions often show up weak points,          facility lies an IBM z990 system, offering up to 24/7
       particularly in terms of human communications and           availability with capacities that can be tailored to
       support issues. Capacity, availability and timescales       individual customer requirements. The choice is the
       are often compromised, and as such, not totally             customer’s – just like at a hotel – a single room,
       suitable to the customers’ requirements. This results       luxury room or a suite! All adapted to the customer’s
       in reduced capabilities and flexibility.                    needs, whether transferring an existing development
                                                                   environment or creating a new one.
       What is missing is a “comfort factor” – a convenient
       environment accompanied by perfect service, akin to
       the service offered by a First Class Hotel.

         Sva zhoSting – technical detailS

                                  IBM Mainframe z990
                                  • 2 CP, 1 IFL processor
                                  • 16 GB Main Storage
                                  • 2 OSA-Express Adapters
                                  • 2 FICON Adapters with      IBM Tape Library 3494              IBM Tape Storage System 3490E
                                    eight channels             • 2 3590 Drives                    • 2 3490E Drives
                                                               • 1 ESCON channel                  • 1 ESCON channel

                     FICON                                         ESCON

                                                                           • High Performance
                                                                             dedicated link
                                                                           • Local Area Network
                                                                             at 1000 Mbit/s
            IBM Disk Storage System DS6800
                                                                           • Customer access
            • 10 TB Disk capacity               VPN Server                                                      3270 Emulation
                                                                             via VPN
            • RAID-5 Architecture                + Firewall                                                     for the end user
                                                                                                  SVA zHosting

SVA’S zhoSting SeRvice                                     our fIVe-StAr SerVIce
The service offered can be compared to that of a
smooth running Five-Star Hotel, with SVA never               Comprehensive economic and technical
obtrusive, but always there in the background and            consultation: we plan the optimum individual
available if need be. Highly qualified systems engineers     solution together with our customers.
combined with IBM’s legendary technology with its
                                                             We will work with the customer to determine
proven reliability and high availability makes SVA’s
                                                             the workload, migration and security of the
zHosting a great solution.

World-WIde SerVIce for All needS                             Installation of all systems according to
Thanks to SVA’s “Full Service” philosophy and work           your requirements and migration of your
ethic, customers will have access to consultation            development environments: start working
and migration/installation planning for an optimum           effectively and securely on an IBM z990.
solution. SVA will transfer and administer the
development environment for ISV members who                  Administration of the system in conjunction
will still qualify for the free AD/CD.                       with the customer and IBM’s support.

In the meantime, for customers with existing FLEX-ES         For your development environment, we offer
systems, there will be special benefits.                     the basic system (z/VM and RACF/VM security

BetteR facilitieS foR leSS money                             Then, the ISV members can chose their own
A permanent top-class hotel suite is obviously               operating system, z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and/or
going to be more expensive than one’s own home.              Linux for z/Series, under SVA’s z/VM.
With SVA’s zHosting, the opposite will be true.
                                                             SVA’s ‘Full Operation Service’ includes backup
This is due to the fact that the initial costs of            processing using tape and disk sub-systems.
purchasing the hardware (including peripherals)
and the recurring maintenance costs will be high.
With SVA’s offering, overall costs can be significantly
reduced and all operational aspects become cost-
Sva: technology integRation foR the data centeR
Sva gmBh is one of the largest systems integrators         SVA is an IBM Premier Business Partner in Germany
for data centers in Germany, employing over 130            and a TrueNorth Platinum Solutions Partner of HDS.
professional staff at eleven locations. SVA’s business
objective is to link the high quality professionalism of   For over 11 years, SVA has offered ISV members
the respective ISVs with our experience, knowledge         System/390 solutions as well as z emulation on Intel
and our flexibility to ensure the most advantageous        platforms using FLEX-ES. A team of highly experienced
solution for customers. Our main aims are:                 sales managers and systems engineers will be
                                                           available to share their knowledge of both of these
• High availability architectures                          environments and assist customers plan their future
• High performance computing                               needs.
• Data protection, integrity and Disaster Recovery
• Storage Area Networks
• Virtual solutions in the server and SAN environments.

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH                          Tel +49 (0) 40-25 33 67-90
Aled Hughes                                                 Fax +49 (0) 40-25 33 67-91
International Sales Manager                       
Poststraße 25                                     
D-20354 Hamburg

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