The Great Self in Healthy Relationships by truth4reviews


									The Great Self in Healthy Relationships

People reach a certain time in their lives when they wish to know more
about themselves. It is a response to the way one acts or reacts to
others, which cause confusion because of one's inability to see where the
feeling is coming from in the mind. Our quest for knowledge triggers us
to discover our need to create the healthy self and to learn what makes
us tick. Often times, we employ the help of a trained professional to
help us delve into our inner selves. There are also some times when self-
discovery is best done by alone. We may still have some hesitation
trusting our innermost knowledge to strangers.

When one wants to learn where his or her prejudices are coming from, it
is always best to analyze your childhood. This very malleable age is the
time when foundations to our adult behaviors are formed. Sometimes,
children are controlled and molded to be good adults by the adults
themselves. Education and training can cause one to bottle up his or her
emotions and feelings without expressing them until later in his or her
lifetime. It is for this reason why children are often scolded for being
boisterous and quarrelsome. In retrospect, they should be left to trash
things out among themselves and gain the confidence and knowledge of how
to solve problems.

Self-discovery and self-analysis are good ways to learn about the inner
self. Our inner selves are most of the time just beneath all the
trappings of civility and proper behavior. Usually, we surprise ourselves
when we lash out and lose our tempers. It is true, especially when one
unleash his or her emotions, which cause him or her to lose control. We
note the need to find an outlet to escape these emotional responses.

During these emotional times, we say things that have been bottled up for
so long inside us and we act irrationally. This is not to say that we are
rude or irrational just because we let out steam. The things that we
usually bottle up inside are not all mean or rude but because they are
kept inside and hidden, the pressure just makes them come out in an
explosive action.

Self-discovery and awareness is accomplished by delving into the psyche
mind to discover the healthy self. Discovering how we reach decisions
and opinions can also open the way to knowing why we choose those
decisions. Being different is what makes us all who we are in life. Thus,
we must learn to accept difference. Deep inside we are all different, no
matter how many similar traits we have with others. It could also be the
other way around where we are the same in the surface but very dissimilar
in the inside.

On the other hand, subliminal learning can help find ways to reach in
inside you and discover you as a person. As persons, we have a
personality that may be identical or not identical to other people. We
can use subliminal learning to figure out our problems. We may be
feeling things that are entirely different from the personality which
people are used to with us but these feelings have roots in us. Possibly,
we have kept them bottled up or have controlled them for too long.
Eventually, one's feelings and emotions will lash out. It can manifest
through our behaviors and actions specifically under stressful
situations. Still, one must consider that the outbursts are not the end
that justifies it all. A stressful situation cannot be used to justify a
twist in a positive behavior expected from you.

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