; Success of Self in Healthy Relationships
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Success of Self in Healthy Relationships


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									Success of Self in Healthy Relationships

Overall development must take place in order for one to enjoy a healthy
body and mind. If a person will not be able to know about the strengths
and weaknesses, he or she cannot prosper. Moreover, self- development is
a process that consists of various components like self-identity, self-
awareness, self-consciousness and self-control.

If an individual will not have self- control over feelings and
situations, it can create problem for the person and that will in turn
hamper the overall development of the self. We must learn to control the
self in order to avoid unhealthy practices that affect the mind and body.
It will lead to many problems if we fail to exercise self-control. The
arena of self-control is wide ranging from respect to willpower and thus
it is the capacity of an individual to apply the willpower of an
individual to overcome the weaknesses and shortcomings of an entity’s
body and self.

To have control over one's life we must develop the will to infuse
motivation so that even the most difficult times in our life are
manageable. We must keep enthused and cultivate inner strength. Moreover,
self- control contributes in stooping our inner self from taking steps
towards bad path that might be harmful for us.

There are various ways to gain self-control. One of them is to start
using the motivation and confidence that you have so that you can easily
face difficult situations without much anxiety. For example if you are
worried that how will you pay your pending bills, start taking it in a
positive sense and not only as a liability. Then you will notice that you
have gained confidence in yourself and that will make your work easier.
Therefore, having confidence and self- control are the main ingredients
for the self- development of an individual.

In addition, you should try to find methods that will provide energy to
your morale. As there are different energy levels, the level of willpower
also varies. To forget about the tensions, you can divert your thoughts
from the problems to something that makes you happy like listening to
songs, having conversation with friends and various others. This will
help in relieving your troubles and you will gain control over your
thoughts and emotions.

We must cultivate strong willpower, as well as self-awareness and
discipline to have control of our personal and social life. If an
individual will gain self- discipline, he or she will be able to have
control over the situations and emotions. Like if a person does not want
to hear about some particular topic, he or she should ask themselves that
why did that topic made them feel irritated or why did he or she does not
like that topic. This will contribute in knowing about the shortcomings
of an individual and then accordingly one can work out on things that
disturb them. It will make it easier to control the situations that cause
you to feel emotionally upset.

Self- awareness is also very important because if a person will be
unaware of his or her own inner self and emotions, he or she cannot
develop as perfect human beings. Moreover, if they will face threat from
some external factors, they will not be able to face them with courage.
Therefore, self-awareness should be achieved with having a positive
outlook towards life.

Thus, the key to self-control is to have knowledge about one’s weaknesses
so that they can be altered and put into use for better results. Self-
control is vital for a person to have a distinct identity in the society.
However, this self-control should be such that would contribute in
shaping your life in a good and positive sense.

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