FERC 101: Follow, Find & File by carolynelefant


									FERC 101: Follow, Find and File
Are you an energy company, trade association or an in-house counsel who
would like to learn more about common Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
(“FERC”) filings and how those filings are made?

Are you a new associate or energy professional interested in locating a FERC
decision, tracking down a company filing or monitoring an ongoing FERC
proceeding but don't know how to go about it?

If that's the case, then FERC 101: Follow, Find and File is for you.

Taught by Carolyn Elefant and Natara Feller, two             TUESDAY MARCH 22 at 2pm Eastern Time.
former attorneys with the FERC, and now in private           The program will be in an online webinar format.
practice with their own law firms, FERC 101 is a practi-
cal webinar that will help you protect your interests        COST: $59.00
before FERC and get the most out of the FERC
website.                                                     FERC 101: Follow, Find & File is ideal for any level of
                                                             participant - from non-lawyers to in-house counsel and
The 75-minute webinar will cover the following topics:       law firm associates. Energy professionals, compliance
                                                             officers and attorneys alike will find this 75-minute
 • What information is available on FERC's website?
                                                             webinar incredibly useful in their day to day responsi-
 • How do I navigate the FERC website and search for         bilities protecting their organization’s interests before
   documents about a company or proceeding?                  FERC.
 • How can I stay abreast of FERC decisions?
                                                             To register for the program, please visit:
 • How do I subscribe to a FERC docket?
 • What is a motion to intervene, how do I file one?
                                                             For additional information about this program, contact
 • What is a market-based rate application and how
                                                             Natara Feller at natarafeller@fellerenergylaw.com or
   do I file one?
                                                             Carolyn Elefant at carolyn@carolynelefant.com.
In addition, participants will receive an electronic
information packet that will include: (1) webinar slide
deck; (2) list of applicable statutes and regulations; and   646.245.1504
(3) sample filings, templates and checklists. Participants
will also receive a recording of the webinar within 72       www.lawofficesofcarolynelefant.com
hours of the event.                                          202.297.6100

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