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       ANNUAL REPORT FY 2010
This annual report highlights the activities                                 FY’10 BUDGET
provided by the Wilde Lake Community                      The fiscal year 2010 covers the period from May 1,
Association (WLCA) during FY'10. WLCA                     2009 to April 30, 2010. The following budget was
                                                          utilized during that time period. The first line item is
operates four buildings in Wilde Lake Village:
                                                          our grant from Columbia Association. Other income is
Slayton House, where the village office is located,
                                                          derived from programs, classes, rentals, tuitions and
and neighborhood centers at Bryant Woods,
                                                          special events.
Faulkner Ridge and Running Brook. Slayton
House hours are Monday – Thursday, 9am –                  INCOME
9:30pm; Friday, 9am – 5pm; Saturday, 9am – 2pm.           CA Assessment Share                                 261,973.
The following residents served as elected                 Rental Income                                       132,000.
representatives on the Wilde Lake Village Board of        Tuitions & Registrations                            137,482.
Directors from May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010:              Interest Income                                       2,200.
Nancy Alexander, Chair                                    Special Events Income                                 7,000
Vincent Marando, Vice Chair                               Miscellaneous Income                                  3,410.
Helen Kolbe (until June 2009)                             (copier, product sales, documents, etc.)
                                                          TOTAL INCOME                                        544,065.
Terry Kuhn
Bill Santos
Larry Schoen (appointed November 2009)
                                                          Administrative Salaries                             258,000.
Ed Sroka (deceased July 7, 2009)
                                                          Technical/Janitorial                                 17,560.
Wilde Lake Representative to the Columbia Council:
                                                          Camp Salaries                                        40,000.
Philip Kirsch                                             Payroll Benefits and Taxes                           45,000.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           Contract Labor                                        8,000.
               The Slayton House staff                    Newsletter Expense                                   12,000.
Bernice Kish            Village Manager                   Advertising                                           7,660.
                        Gallery Director                  Program/Special Events Expense                        8,000.
Carole Black            Special Assistant                 Operating Expense                                    20,950.
                        Revitalization Coordinator        Business Expense                                      2,500.
Linda Stevens           Facilities Coordinator            Janitorial Expense                                   23,000.
Carol Hobelmann         Program/Events Coordinator        Fees                                                 15,700.
            Neighborhood Center Facilities Coordinator    (Accounting, legal, payroll service, fingerprinting, CPR &
Kathleen Brice          Bookkeeper/Asst. Special Events   First Aid for Camp instructors, ASCAP, Notary)
Kathy Verheul           Camp Coordinator                  Utilities                                            50,920.
Kristin Shulder         Covenant Advisor                  Taxes                                                   125.
Steve Teller            Technical Director                Insurance                                             8,050.
Yvonne Wampler          Receptionist/Manager on Duty      Repairs & Maintenance Expense                        26,600.
Mae Whyte               Receptionist/Manager on Duty
Floyd Richardson        Set-up                            TOTAL EXPENSES                                       544,065
Aaron Castro            Set-up
Village website:
Village email:
                                   VILLAGE BOARD
The Wilde Lake Village Board consisted of: Nancy Alexander, Chair and Vince Marando, Vice Chair,
and Helen Kolbe, Terry Kuhn, Bill Santos, Larry Schoen and Ed Sroka. During 2009-2010, the Board
dealt with several issues and village concerns. The Board set priorities for the year and this report
highlights their success in fulfilling these objectives.
  CB – 29 & Development of Wilde Lake                      CB-58 & CB-59 (formerly ZRA – 113)
    Village Center Community Plan                         As with CB-29, the County Council drafted two
              (WLVCCP)                                    bills based on recommendations from the
CB-29-2009 (Formerly ZRA-102) was a major focus for       Planning Board. The Board drafted and presented
the Board throughout the year. The Howard County          testimony on these bills, which were approved by
Council reviewed the recommendations of the               the Council.
Planning Board and developed the initial draft of CB-
29. Mary Kay Sigaty met with the Board in June 2009       NON-RESIDENTIAL GUIDELINES
to explain the major points of the bill.                  AND PROCEDURES – Architectural
The Board developed and presented testimony on                   Advisory Panel
the initial draft of CB-29 in June 2009. Legal counsel
                                                          As per the approved non-residential guidelines
provided assistance on interpreting the bill and
                                                          and procedures, the Architectural Committee
drafting testimony.
                                                          formed the Architectural Advisory Panel,
 July 2009 the Board held a worksession with Ms.
                                                          consisting of architects and the chair of the
Sigaty and Jen Terrasa, Howard County Council
                                                          Resident Architectural Committee (RAC). This
District 3, to review the proposed amendments to CB-
                                                          panel will review any architectural applications
29. The Board then drafted and presented testimony
                                                          for non-residential properties in the village. Bob
on these amendments, which was presented in
                                                          Tennenbaum, Nick Mangraviti and Jervis Dorton
August. The bill was passed in September, 2009 and
                                                          were appointed as the consulting architects for
became part of the zoning regulations.
                                                          the Panel. Kimberly Blanchard, the RAC Chair,
 part of the recommendation in the bill, the Board
                                                          was also on the committee.
began working on the development of a Village
                                                           The first application under these procedures was
Center Community Plan, which defined boundaries
                                                          from KFC. The Panel made recommendations and
and parameters on what should be included in the
                                                          the application was signed off by the AC Liaison.
redevelopment of the Village Center. In November,
the Board approved the WLVCCP. Note: As per CB-                       OTHER BOARD
29, Geoff Glazer of Kimco presented the Village Board               ACCOMPLISHMENTS
with a letter of intent to redevelop the Village Center   Approved the donation of space for Family and
in October, 2009.                                         Children’s Services, and Howard County Drug Free.
 December, 2009, the Board held a community
  In                                                      Approved donations to Wilde Lake High School,
meeting to present the WLVCCP to residents,               Bryant Woods Elementary School, and Running
distribute a survey and get resident input on the plan.   Brook Elementary School.
Revisions were made based on resident concerns.           Sponsored Village-wide clean-ups and yard sales,
 January, 2010, Geoff Glazer of Kimco, held a
  In                                                      as well as co-sponsoring a Columbia-wide
Village Concept Planning Workshop to present an           Hannukah celebration, “Roots of Howard County”
alternate boundary for the village center, which          Celebration, Searching for Spring event, National
                                                          Night Out, and, with Wilde Lake merchants, a Taste
included several properties along Little Patuxent
                                                          of Wilde Lake.
Parkway. The Board contacted these property owners
                                                          Worked with Dept. of Highways to adjust timing
to get their feedback on being included in the village
                                                          of traffic signal at Twin Rivers Rd. & Gov. Warfield
center boundary.
                                                          Approved a donation to the Maggie Brown Fund,
in memory of the president of Columbia Association.             villages and CA. Major Issues addressed were Master
 Appointed Ashley Kiani as Teen Rep.                           Planning, Village Revitalization and Pedestrian Issues
                                                                Related to Downtown Development.
                                                                ●Developed testimony on CB-29, CB -58 and CB-59
       COLUMBIA COUNCIL                                         based on input from Villages and residents
        REPRESENTATIVE                                          ●Created programs and/or began research to address
                                                                Village Revitalization (engaging the business
Phil Kirsch served as the Wilde Lake Representative to the      community and public safety and environmental
Columbia Council and CA Board of Directors. As Chair of         sustainability (transportation improvement and
the Board of Directors, Mr. Kirsch worked with the Board        sustainability/Green funding)
to:                                                             ●Developed a Guest Speaker Series which included:
●Recommend a new policy (Best Practices Law                     County Delegation – Liz Bobo, Guy Guzzone,Shane
Firms/Lobbyist), and revisions to existing policies (conflict   Pendergrass and James Robey
of Interest Policy on Outside law Firms, Purchasing).           County Council – Mary Kay Sigaty and Jen Terrasa
●Review Program Performance: (Columbia Neighborhood             RAC – Kent Menser and Jean Friedberg
Swim League, Volunteer Center, Martial Arts, Columbia           HC Economic Development Authority - Dick Story
Archives, School Age Services, Group Fitness).                  HC Police – Major Gary Gardner and Team
●Monitored the progress of the Customer Services System
●Monitored the ongoing implementation of the Continuous
Quality Improvement Program.
●Monitored the progress of the two major lake dredging
●Solicited community volunteers and selected Financial
Advisory Committee as well as specific charges for the
committee to investigate
●Worked with the External Relations Committee to conduct
public meetings and solicit input on the Symphony Woods                        WLCA STAFF
Park Plan                                                       The WLCA staff provided support and assistance to
●Developed Strategy Sketches for key strategic issues           the Village Board, Columbia Council Representative,
related to Downtown Development and CA’s Aging
                                                                and all residents. The staff assisted in the planning
                                                                and participated in the following special events and
●Explored the topic of connectivity and commuter uses for
CA’s pathway system related to downtown Development
                                                                • Village-wide yard sale
and changing demographics. Proposed new Key Strategic
                                                                • Village-wide clean up days
Issue related to pathway enhancements and connectivity.
●Partnered with HC Police on Public Safety Education            • National Night Out
●Prepared Columbia Association Watershed Management             • Breakfast and More with Santa
Plan                                                            • Puppet shows
●Developed a Columbia Association Watershed protection          • Camp of the Arts performances
Framework which creates policies to ensure continued            • Marvelous Movies Film Series
focus and effectiveness of the Advisory Committee               • Artists’ Receptions
●Held a Symphony Woods Community engagement                     • Open Space Luncheon (postponed due to snow)
initiative through public meetings held at Slayton House        • Senior Luncheons
and on the grounds of Symphony Woods                            • Searching for Spring Egg Hunt*
Village/CA Meetings – Initiated a series of meetings to         • Columbia International Day*
improve communications and teamwork between the
• Taste of Wilde Lake
• “Artfully Wilde” Craft Show and Sale
• Fashion Show**
• Volunteer Recognition Event                                         COMMITTEE
• Roots of Howard County in Celebration of African        The Architectural Committee (AC) is composed of
American History (This was jointly sponsored by several   the five members of the Village Board. The AC
villages).                                                meets immediately before the Board meeting on the
●“Out of the Bins” Art Sale                               first and third Monday of the month. The AC gives
●Lunch and Theatre Event**                                final approval to all RAC recommendations and
●Columbia-wide Clean-Up Day                               hears appeals if requested. During the past year the
*These were Columbia-wide events.                         AC:
**In coordination with the Bain Center                    *Sent 6 15-day notices to properties which were in
The staff also provided the following services:           violation of the covenants.
●Resident Concerns - Information and Referral             *There were two appeals this year.
●Free notary service to Wilde Lake Residents              *Recommended 5 cases to CA’s ARC for action.
●Sale of Wilde Lake Products                              *Appointed Bill Santos as AC Liaison. The AC
●Welcome Packets for Newcomers                            Liaison is required to process applications within
●Use of copier                                            five business days of the RAC recommendation.
●Informational bulletin board at Slayton House & at       Any appeal is heard by the entire AC.
kiosk on Village Green
●Howard County phone directories
●CA and Wilde Lake resale documents
●Commuter assistance and bus schedule information
●Howard County and Columbia Maps
●Bike and hike maps
Slayton House staff also provided support to the Board,
maintain the village website & the weekly email                   FACILITIES REPORT
                                                          Slayton House on the Wilde Lake Village Green is
                                                          the headquarters of the Wilde Lake Community
  RESIDENT ARCHITECTURAL                                  Association. All meetings of the Village Board
      COMMITTEE (RAC)                                     and its subcommittees, the Architectural
                                                          Committee and Village Center Committee are
The 2009-2010 Resident Architectural Committee
                                                          held at Slayton House. Classes for preschoolers
*Consisted of six volunteer residents of Wilde Lake:
                                                          through adults are offered throughout the year.
Kimberly Blanchard, Chair, Mark Brooks, Vice Chair,
                                                          In addition to dance classes held in a specially
Meg Burke, Jeff Friedhoffer, Kirsten Eland, and Alan
                                                          designed dance studio and tap classes held on a
*Met the second & fourth Tuesday of each month.           designated floor, the theater at Slayton House is
*Volunteered approximately 220 hours for the year,        the home of Silhouette Stages Theatre Company,
including meetings and on-site visits of applications.    Dance Dimension, Central Maryland Youth Ballet,
*Reviewed 113 applications for exterior alterations.      Musical Theatrix, Spectrum Theater, Granite
Kristin Shulder, the Wilde Lake Covenant Advisor, can     Classical Tutorials, and the Camp of the Arts, a
be reached at 410-730-3987 or email her at                summer theater arts program for children ages 7-                   18. The theater also hosts many instrumental,
dance and vocal performances throughout the year.          month in the Bill White Room at Slayton House.
Weekdays the theater, Bill White Room and Wilde            Residents are invited to attend and speak out
Lake Room are used for business meetings and               about any issues or concerns during Resident
seminars. Many weekends it is transformed for              Speakout. An agenda is posted on the bulletin
private celebrations and it is the home for a religious    board in the entryway at Slayton House. It is also
congregation on Sundays. Slayton House also offers a       posted on the website and included in the weekly
monthly film series, Rainbow Theater, monthly              email newsletter.
performances aimed at preschoolers, and two                RESIDENT ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE
galleries that display the work of local artists. An art   (RAC):
reception, which is free to the public, and sponsored      The RAC meets the second and fourth Tuesday of
jointly by the artists and Slayton House is held at the    each month in the Bill White Room at Slayton
opening of each exhibit.         Senior lunches with       House. Application deadlines coincide with
entertainment are held quarterly. The Wilde Lake           meeting dates in order to be considered at the
Community Association facilities were used a total of      following meeting. Applications as well as copies
2,632 times from May 2009 to April 2010. This              of the Wilde Lake Architectural Guidelines are
includes free uses, community uses and rentals and         available at Slayton House and on the website.
leases by CA lien and non-lien payers.

Bryant Woods Neighborhood Center
10449 Green Mountain Circle
Faulkner Ridge Neighborhood Center
10518 Marble Faun Court
Running Brook Neighborhood Center                          Accepted by WLVB 06/07/10
5730 Columbia Road
There are three neighborhood centers operated by
WLCA. Each center is leased to a nursery school for
use Monday-Friday during the school year. In
addition the centers are used by community groups
for meetings, evening classes, village social events as
well as church services. Last summer Bryant Woods
was used for a vacation bible school and dance camp.
Faulkner Ridge was used for condo association
meetings, church on Sunday and other organizations’
meetings. Running Brook was used for condominium
association meetings.

The Board meets the first and third Monday of each

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