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An Introduction to Kauai Vacation


									An Introduction to Kauai Vacation

A Hawaiian trip is one of the most exhilarating experiences for any
person in the globe. The 51st state of America features a lot of rich
culture and history that will surely give you an unforgettable stay. A
Kauai vacation is considered a top choice because of the various
beautiful sights as well as the traditions that make it one majestic
island. Find out more about the place especially its unique layout and

About the Island

The name Kauai probably originated from Hawai’iloa, the Polynesian
explorer who is known to have discovered Hawaii. Hawai’iloa was said to
have a favorite son whom he named the island after. It also translates to
“food season” or “place around the neck” just as how a father would lift
his favorite child. The population in the island ranges over 60,000. The
United States Census Bureau defines Kauai as Census Tracts 401 to 409.
This includes all of Kauai County except for the islands Lehua, Ni’ihau
and Ka’ula.

Kauai or Kaua’i is the oldest and fourth largest main island in the
Hawaiian archipelago. It is also the 21st largest island in America which
lies 105 miles across the Kaua’i Channel, just northwest of O’ahu. It is
also called “Garden Isle” with blooming flora and fauna, great weather
and captivating volcanoes.

The island is of volcanic origin with Kawaikini the highest peak standing
at 5,243 feet and Mount Wai’ale’ale at the center of Kauai at 5,148 feet.
It is one of the wettest places in the plant with annual rainfall
resulting to deep valleys, canyons and waterfalls.

Lihue Airport is the main air transportation hub of the island. There are
several towns and cities all over Kauai but majority of the distinctive
ones are located from the northern tip of Hawaii Route 560 to the western
end of Hawaii Route 50. Some popular places include Kapa’a, Lihu’e,
Wailua, Princeville, Hanalei, Hanapepe, Kilauea, Lawa’i and Anahola.

Kauai resembles the shape of an almost perfect circle over an area of 552
square miles. The location provides warm waters from the Pacific Ocean as
well as great temperature any time of the year. About half of the
shoreline of the island is comprised of Kauai vacation beaches. You can
expect to find some very rare species of animals and plants both on and
off shore such as bamboo, orchid, hibiscus, sandalwood, eucalyptus, java
plum, kiawe, iwi, nene goose, sea turtle, whale, dolphin and

What to Expect

You get to enjoy several open and commercial beaches all across the
island as well as the vast richness of marine life. Hiking is another
great Kauai vacation activity because of its mountainous regions
specifically the Waimea Canyon or the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”
rising up to 4,000 feet. Another popular site is the Napali Coast
featuring captivating coastline views, free-flowing waterfalls, secret
sea caves and tall cliffs.

Enjoy the tropical weather of a Kauai vacation all-year round.
Temperatures also drop later in the afternoon for cooler nights. There
are micro-climates on the island wherein both lush and dry areas exist
Mount Waialeale has a beautiful rainforest having more than 400 inches of
rain per year.

Other areas usually have sunny days and warm breezes and surrounding
sites around the peak are generally unaffected by the rain. Coastal spots
have an average of 18 inches of rain annually. Rainfall usually occurs at

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