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Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association by hcj


									Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association
                                                   MEMBER INFORMATION
First Name of Parent(s) or Individual Dancer or Teacher:                         *Please circle designated voting member

Address:               (Street Address/Box #)

                       (City)                                                               (PC)

Phone:                                                    E-Mail Address:
                                                    DANCER INFORMATION
Name of Dancer:                                                                    Birthdate:
Dance Teacher:                                                                     Age as of Sep 30/10:

Name of Dancer:                                                                    Birthdate:
Dance Teacher:                                                                     Age as of Sep 30/10:

Name of Dancer:                                                                    Birthdate:
Dance Teacher:                                                                     Age as of Sep 30/10:
                                                       MEMBERSHIP TYPES
                                    (see website for additional membership info
Full Membership [designated dancers (any dependent child to the age of 25) and one parent or legal guardian; or an
individual dancer over the age of 18 years]
                     One Dancer        $65/year
                     Two or More Dancers            $75/year

Associate Membership [non-competing dancer; or any person, who is not a dancer and is interested in supporting the aims
and objectives of the Association]
                 $15/year

Teacher Membership [teaches dancers from the SHDA, or is a non-practicing teacher who resides in the Saskatoon
district. Teachers who participate in fundraising are eligible for the same benefits accorded to full members.]
                 Teacher     $5/year                                         Fundraising Teacher $5/year
                        FULL MEMBERSHIP COMMITMENTS for 2010/2011

Folkfest               16 Volunteer Hours                                      *Received $150 cheque dated August 1, 2011
*Full Members: If Folkfest volunteer commitments are not met when your shifts are scheduled your cheque will be cashed.
It is your responsibility to provide a worker to cover your full membership commitments.
Dance-Outs             Minimum of 3 per year/dancer (not including Folkfest). Complete and forward dance-out form as shown.

I hereby give permission for the names and/or pictures of the dancer(s) listed above to be used by the SHDA in their
newsletter, website, media, and other publications. In consideration of accepting this registration, I hereby, for myself, my
heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the
Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association, its agents, representatives, successors, and assignees, for any and all injuries
suffered by me at or through activities sponsored by Saskatoon Highland Dancing Association.

(Signature of parent or guardian if dancer is under 18 years of age)

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