CEP 2010-2011 Parent Involvement by amycappelli


									Olmsted School #64 Parent Involvement Component CEP 2010-2011
Current Initiatives

Organizations         Description                                        Participation

  OPTO                The Olmsted Parent Teacher Organization            19 members, including parents
                      meets monthly to discuss school issues,            and staff, participate on the Board
                      organize fundraising and use of funds, and         of the OPTO. Meetings are well
                      coordinate work of volunteer committees.           attended. SBMT and DPCC
                                                                         reports are presented to
                                                                         coordinate all school organization

  SBMT                The Site Based Management Team meets               12-15 participants sit on this
                      monthly. SBMT is the shared decision-making        committee. Decisions of this
                      body of the school and includes parents, staff,    committee are made after lengthy
                      and administrators. Discussions focus on           discussions of the issues. Meeting
                      academic, social, facility, and safety issues of   minutes are posted on the school
                      the school.                                        website. Reports are given at
                                                                         monthly OPTO meetings and to
                                                                         the school newspaper.

                      The District Parent Coordinating Council is a      One parent representative and
  DPCC                district -wide group meeting monthly.              one alternate volunteer for this
                                                                         committee. Reports are provided
                                                                         to the OPTO, SBMT and school
                          The Parent Facilitator acts as a liaison       One parent representative
  Parent Facilitator      between parents and administration at the      volunteers for this duty.
                          school, assists in the orientation of new
                          families, attends DPCC, SBMT, and PTO
                          meetings, disseminates important information
                          regarding school procedures, and sets up the
                          Parent Room.

Olmsted Foundation        The Olmsted Foundation provides funding for    Six or more parent volunteers are
                          scholarships and supports student needs        involved in organizing events;
                          through donations from a walkathon, dinners,   families participate in fundraising
                          and various alumni events.                     and events.

Fundraising and Family Events

Back to School Night      Back to school night is organized by the         Approximately 451 people
                          school administration for families to meet their attended the event.
                          teachers and hear presentations. An
                          information table is set up to provide
                          information regarding parent organizations.

Innisbrook Sale           Wrapping paper, candy, and novelty sale        $7,572 raised.
                          sponsored by The OPTO to support school
                          activities. One parent volunteer chairs this

Chicken BBQ               Fall dinner sponsored by the OPTO to build     400 attendees, 20 volunteers,
                          Olmsted community and raise money to           $1,253 raised.
                          support school activities. Parent volunteers
                          organize the event.
Spaghetti Dinner/Raffle   Winter dinner sponsored by the OPTO to            525 attendees, 30 volunteers,
                          build Olmsted community and raise money to        $5,050 raised.
                          support school activities. Parent volunteers
                          organize the event which includes a basket

Spring Candy Sale         Candy sale sponsored by The OPTO to               $8,962 raised.
                          support school activities. One parent
                          volunteer chairs this activity.

World Arts Fair           A day- long community celebration of music,       300 attendees, 40 volunteers,
                          art and world culture. A variety of interactive   $3,093 raised.
                          stations are set up based on the theme. A
                          parent team chairs the event which is
                          supported by student volunteers from local
                          colleges as well as parents.

After -School Clubs       The after -school program is held once a          10- 15 parent volunteers
                          week for 6 weeks in the fall and spring terms.
                          Parent volunteers teach and organize
                          enrichment classes in the arts and crafts,
                          sports, foreign language, dance, yoga,

Creativity Fair           This exhibition fair highlights projects showing 15-20 parent volunteers move
                          innovation and creativity. Entire families from projects, cook for a “Taste of
                          Grades K-11 participate.                         Olmsted” food fair, and support
                                                                           students in their efforts.
Dual- Language Parent     Parents of Dual -Language program students 25 parent volunteers, 160 children
Workshops                 attend to learn and network in workshops         participants.
                          related to Math, Foreign Language, use of
                          technology, and school expectations
Mother’s Day Plant Sale   Flower sales sponsored by the Pre-K and K            10-12 parents volunteer to set up
                          classes support field trips and school               and conduct the sale
                          activities. Parent Volunteers plan and carry
                          out the sale.
Olmsted #64 Recycling     Parent initiatives to collect plastic bottle caps,   12-20 parents volunteer to set up,
Projects                  aluminum tabs, and recycled items to raise           move projects, bake and cook.
                          funds and encourage green living. Parents
                          collect and turn in recyclables.
Three Kings Cultural      Dual- language parents supply food for a             30-40 parents/families in
Celebration               luncheon for all families in the program.            attendance
Earth Day Celebration     Parents organize and sponsor green activities        6-10 parent organizers
and Projects              such as tree-planting, rain barrel design,
                          contests, plays, recycling
PRISM                     Parent volunteers teach special classes in           30-40 parents/families in
                          arts, history, architecture, etc. during school      attendance
                          hours as part of our Type I component of GT

                          Parent volunteers organize an evening of fun         10-12 parent organizers, 100
Math Night                and educational Math activities for all age          parents and families in attendance
 Volunteer Committees

Library Volunteers           Volunteers assist in shelving and checking        20 parent volunteers
                             out library materials.

Banking Volunteers           Parent- run banking program allows                15 parent volunteers.
                             children to deposit to a savings account

Parking Lot Greeters         Volunteers greet cars in the morning and          2 parent volunteers
                             walk children safely into the building. This
                             program resolves morning traffic issues.
Grounds Improvement     Volunteers organize spring and fall             12 parent volunteers
Committee               grounds clean-up days, plant bulbs,
                        maintain planting beds, etc. Each class
                        planted a sapling in the spring donated
                        through a grant program.

Recycling Program       Parent volunteers sponsor educational           4 parent volunteers
Volunteers              programs regarding environmental
                        stewardship and hold class recycling

Staff Appreciation      Parent volunteers host a catered breakfast      6 parent volunteers
Volunteers              for the teachers and staff.

Student Directory       Parent volunteers organize directory            3 parent volunteers
Committee               information, print and distribute directories
                        to all families.

Allocations Committee   Parent volunteers meet to discuss and           7 parent volunteers
                        approve purchases of equipment, funding
                        for field trips and other programs. Funds
                        are allocated from fundraising sources.
After- School Clubs     The After -School Club program runs for 6       10-15 parent volunteers
                        weeks in the fall and spring terms. Parents
                        offer a variety of activities in the arts,
                        sports, crafts, and educational topics.

Baking Committee        The baking committee provides                   45 parent volunteers
                        refreshments for school events.
Olmsted Odyssey         Parents submit news, articles,                  6-8 parent volunteers
Newsletter              photographs, and reports for publication.
Future Initiatives

Goals                   Description                                              Projected Participation
Production of new       The proposed packet and brochure will provide            3-5 parent volunteers to design,
school information      information regarding our school mission, academic       produce, and assemble packets
packet and brochure     programs, admissions process, procedures, and            to be distributed and available at
                        parent organizations                                     school
Improve New Student     School-hosted orientation workshops with                 3-5 parent volunteers to organize
Orientation Process     presentations by parent volunteers to guide new          and conduct workshops
                        families into the Olmsted program.
Build Community         Involvement with Just Buffalo, Buffalo State College,    Parents involved with
Partnerships            WNY Book Arts, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and other      organizations facilitate
                        organizations will continue and expand.                  cooperative effort
Fitness and Health      Parents will advocate for healthier lunches,             3-5 parent volunteers
programs                breakfasts, and in-school activities that promote
Promote School Spirit   Parents will host events to bring families into school   5-8 parent volunteers
                        for school spirit- building events, such as father-son
                        basketball games, grandparents day, lunch to thank
                        parent volunteers, etc.
Improve Communication   Parents will research solutions for school -to -home     6-8 parent volunteers
with Families           communication via mailings, provide for bilingual
                        translations of notices and phone calls, and promote
                        use of the Buffalo District Website.

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