Sophocles' Oedipus the King

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					Sophocles’ Oedipus the King
Golden Age
• Athenians started to become
  very proud of their work
• Treasures from the Athenian
  Empire were spent on building
  magnificent buildings such as:
    - Parthenon
    - Temple of Athena
• Sophocles career coincided
  with the rise, maturity, and
  downfall of the Athenian
• Asclepius the healing God was
  introduced to Athens
About Sophocles
• Lived from 496 – 406 B.C.
• Born in Attica
• Citizen of Athens
• Began career in 468 and ended with his
• Wrote 120 tragedies, only 7 remain
• One of the most influential writers of
  Ancient Greece
• Came from a wealthy family which
  enabled him to study all of the arts
• Was well known by the community for his
  knowledge and talents at age 16
• Won 18 first prizes
Oedipus the King

• Sophocles latest piece of work
• Aristotle considered it a perfect trajedy
Main Characters

• Oedipus- King of Thebes
• Jocasta- His wife
• Creon- Jocasta’s brother
• Teiresias- old blind prophet
• A priest
• Oedipus leaves the town were he grew up to try
    to avoid his destiny
•   Oedipus kills his father unknowingly
•   Arrives at Thebes which is under a curse by the
•   Oedipus solves a riddle to get rid of the curse
•   He becomes king of Thebes and marries Queen
    Jocasta who is his mother
• There is a plague in Thebes
• Blind prophet explains to him that Oedipus
  is the plague and that he murdered his
• Oedipus Accuses Creon that he is setting
  him up
• Messenger arrives and tells him that his
  father, the king of Corinth, has died
• Also confirms that King Polybus isn’t his real
•   A shephard comes and confirms that King Lauis
    is indeed his father and that Oedipus is the one
    that murdered him
•   Also confirms that Jocasta, his wife, is his
•   Jocasta hangs herself
•   Oedipus gouges his eyes out then exiled
•   Leaving his children to Creon
• Oedipus left Corinth because he heard a rumor that he
  wasn’t the son of King Polybus
• He asks an Oracle if that is true and the Oracle doesn’t
  answer the question but tells him that he is destined to
  mate with his own mother and murder his father
• Oedipus leaves Corinth after hearing that because he
  doesn’t want that to happen
• He ends up murdering his biological father, King Laius,
  and then solving a riddle to become King of Thebes and
  to marry The Queen which is his mother
• Oedipus left Corinth to try to reverse his
  destiny but ends up finding the path that
  would lead him right to it
• Let fate run its course
Sophocles Influence
• Sophocles’ service to his community and
  many works of art is why the Athenians
  glorified and respected him so much
• After his death at age 90, his plays
  continued to be performed in his memory
• Both of his sons became playwrights
• Athenians argued with each other what
  Oedipus represented