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the Naval Hospital, Great Lakes Pharmacy - Welcome to the Naval

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									Welcome to the Naval Health Clinic, Great                         Branch Health Clinic 1007,                            MEDICATIONS STOCKED
Lakes Pharmacy Department. Our goal is to                         Recruit Training Command
provide excellent Pharmaceutical Care by                           In-clinic prescriptions only.              The listing of medication stocked is called the
providing individualized care, counseling, and                      Mon – Sun: 0700 - 1900                    "Formulary". When products are not carried, we
pharmaceutical services to every patient.                                                                     will attempt to contact your provider if an
Prescriptions are filled when presented at the                     Branch Health Clinic 237,                  appropriate substitute is available. If you are
window, and immediately dispensed to the                           Service School Command                     unsure if we carry a medication, please obtain a
patient. The following information is provided to                                                             copy of our formulary in person, or from our web
assist you in utilizing pharmacy services at                       In-clinic prescriptions only.              site:
Great Lakes.                                                         Mon - Fri: 0730 - 1600                   http://greatlakes.med.navy.mil/Pharmacy/Formul
                                                                                                              ary/Formulary Alpha Aug 07a.doc
A complete description of Pharmacy services is                              REFILLS
available on the NHGL Web site:                                                                               Your provider may also contact us from his/her
http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nhcgl/Patients/Pa          Refills are done by phone only (except for           office, by dialing (847) 688-3374/3375.
ges/Pharmacy.aspx                                        recruits). For refills, please dial (847) 688-
                                                         2757, or 1-800-552-8569. Refills are available               DOD MAIL ORDER PROGRAM
      PHARMACY LOCATIONS/HOURS                           for pick up 2 working days after the time the
                                                         refill was called in. Refills will be kept on the    DOD beneficiaries are eligible to use the
Naval Health Clinic Pharmacy (200H)                      refill shelf for 10 working days from the date       TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program
                                                         the refill is called in.                             (TMOP).        For more information regarding
Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1700                                                                                        TMOP, beneficiaries may visit the Express
Sat: 0800 - 1200                                         When calling for prescriptions, please have          Scripts Website at www.express-scripts.com, or
Sun and holidays: Closed                                 the following information ready:                     contact TMOP member services, at (866) DOD-
                                                                                                              TMOP (866-363-8667), within the United States,
The Pharmacy has minimal staff on Saturdays              *Prescription serial number                          or toll-free, at (866) ASK-4PEC (866-275-4732),
and longer waiting times should be anticipated.          *Last 4 digits of sponsor's SSN                      outside the United States. They may also visit
                                                         *Pick up site                                        the        TRICARE        pharmacy     website:
Burkey Mall Satellite Pharmacy                                                                                www.tricare.mil/pharmacy/tmop.cfm Brochures
                                                         REFILLS MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE                     are also available at the main (200H) and the
Mon - Fri: 0930 - 1730                                   SITE YOU CHOOSE ON THE AUTOMATED                     Burkey Mall pharmacies.
Weekends and Holidays: Closed                            REFILL SYSTEM.
                                                                                                                      THIRD PARTY COLLECTIONS
Services offered:      Filling new civilian and
military prescriptions and the PRIMARY refill            To protect patient privacy, patient-specific         You may be asked to provide information
pickup site.     CHCS prescriptions, input by            information    regarding       new     or   refill   regarding additional insurance.
NHCGL providers, may also be picked up here.             prescriptions will not typically be released via
Please ask your provider to designate Burkey             telephone.                                               CIVILIAN PRESCRIPTIONS
as the dispensing pharmacy when entering the
prescription into the computer.                            OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) PROGRAM                     Valid, written prescriptions from civilian
                                                                                                              providers are filled for medications on the
Burkey Mall Satellite Pharmacy carries the               A limited number of OTC medications are              NHCGL Formulary. Faxed, telephone, or verbal
same formulary medications as the hospital               available, upon request, at the main                 prescriptions cannot be accepted.       Narcotic
pharmacy. Burkey offers a window dedicated               Pharmacy.       The Burkey Mall Satellite            prescriptions must be filled within 7 days from
for refill pick up, providing the quickest refill pick   Pharmacy does not participate in the OTC             the date written.
up service available at Great Lakes.                     Program. The program is for self-care of
                                                         current, acute, minor illnesses only.
Prescriptions for controlled medications, other
than narcotics must be filled within 30 days of                    QUESTIONS
the date written and once filled, may be refilled
for 180 days, if refills are authorized.             Additional questions may be answered by a
Prescriptions for non-controlled medications         Pharmacy staff member, via e-mail, at
may be refilled for 1 year, from the date written,   NHCGreatLakes-Askarph@med.navy.mil, or
if authorized. For most medications, an FDA          by calling the Pharmacy, at (847) 688-
approved, generic medication is dispensed in
accordance with state and federal law.
Prescriptions marked “Dispense as Written”
may not be filled, depending on medication
availability. Quantities may be adjusted to
reflect DoD, TRICARE, or NHCGL policies. A
maximum quantity of 90 days supply may be
dispensed, if authorized by the provider.
Civilian prescriptions can only be filled during
normal working hours, with a pharmacist


In order to receive medication for another
beneficiary, over the age of 18, please present
a completed Prescription Pick-Up Authorization
Form from the patient for whom the medication
is prescribed.
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                                                                  Healthcare Business
                                                            Business Operations Department
                                                                   3001A Sixth Street
                                                              Great Lakes, Illinois 60088
                                                             Voice: (847) 688-5328 X3103
                                                                 Fax: (847) 688-2976

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                                                                     Rev. 11/2007

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