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Product Catalogue - draft catalogue

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 Product Catalogue

Working with Nature ~ Naturally
           Since 1982

Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors
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About Bio-Ag
Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors is a family-owned and operated company. Our
mission has been to produce and supply products and services that warrant and
support true sustainable agriculture. This business, since our founding in 1982,
has been devoted to understanding and working with nature, then researching
and developing agricultural methods and products that work in co-operation with
nature’s biological systems.

Through our research, we at Bio-Ag have become a major supplier of natural
products and services for livestock and crop production. We have been able to
help so many farmers better utilize their natural resources to reduce their de-
pendency on chemicals and drugs and create an even more profitable business.
Our customers have seen an improvement in the health of their livestock, im-
proved breeding rates, less burnout, fewer calls to the vet and lower cull rates.
We want to continue to support the farmer to be prosperous and to leave the
land naturally healthy and vibrant for future generations.

           The Bast Family: Murray, Florence, Lindsay & Parry
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Table of Contents
About Bio-Ag                                   2
Mission                                        4
What Does Bio-Ag Do?                           5
Mineral Premixes                               6
Feed                                           12
Feed Supplements                               16
Natural Healthcare                             24
Soil Amendments/Fertilizers                    29
Water                                          34
Livestock Housing                              36
Services                                       38
For Your Home                                  39
Education                                      40
Terms and Conditions                           42
Product Listing                                44
History of the Company                         47
Murray’s Message                               48

Cross Reference List by Livestock Group
   Premixes                                    10
   Calf Starter                                14
   BACP (Dairy Protein Concentrate)            14
   Bio-Lac Probiotic                           16
   Acadian Kelp Meal                           18
   Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt          17

  Poultry Premixes                             10
  Complete Feed                                12
  Aqua-Zyme Boosters                           25

  Horse Premix                                 10
  Complete Feed                                15
  Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt           17
  Acadian Kelp Meal                            18

  Goat & Sheep Premixes                        10
  Acadian Kelp Meal                            18

  Premixes                                     10
  Pig paste                                    26
  Pig starter                                  10

Page 4                                 To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

  Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Is Committed to
  Developing and Distributing Quality Agricultural
  Products and Services That Work in Co-operation
  With Nature’s Biological Systems. To that end, we
  use no GMO products (genetically modified organ-
  isms) and no drugs in our livestock products.

                       To Order:
                  Call: 519-656-2460
                 (24-hour Answering Service)


                   Fax: 519-656-2534

                1400 Greenwood Hill Rd
                         Box 189
               Wellesley, Ontario Canada
                         N0B 2T0

                      Office Hours:
             Monday—Friday 8:30am—5:00pm
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What Does Bio-Ag Do?
Bio-Ag is an agricultural consulting, manufacturing and distributing company.
We develop and distribute agricultural methods and products that work in co-
operation with nature’s biological systems.

Our company enables farmers to increase their profits and to produce quality
food by strengthening the biological systems on their farms. We supply farm-
ers with well-researched information and products that improve and maintain
the health of their soil, crops and livestock. All Bio-Ag products are selected
for distribution on the basis of their efficiency, ecological soundness, and
economic value.

Our company specializes in solving agricultural problems. We encourage
farmers to create environments that promote quality crops and healthy live-
stock. Our firm carries nutritional supplements and products formulated to
keep each animal in optimal health, plus soil amendments to keep your soil
in optimal health. Conditions differ from one farm to another. Bio-Ag custom-
izes its treatments, taking into account the entire ecosystem in which a crop
or animal exists. We use time-tested methods of treating animal sickness.
Bio-Ag Consultants strives to address the source of each problem rather than
merely treat the symptoms an animal or a crop displays. All Bio-Ag represen-
tatives and distributors are concerned with meeting customer needs.

Bio-Ag carries a diverse product line. Our main focus is on livestock and re-
lated nutritional products, which are shipped internationally, and throughout
the USA and Canada regularly.

                                  The Bio-Ag Facility in Wellesley, Ontario

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Mineral Premixes

The Bio-Ag Difference
Bio-Ag GMO Free Premixes in many respects look no different on the surface
than any other competitor premix. However, one of the decidedly outstanding
features of the Bio-Ag Premixes is the effect of using che-
lates - the Copper, Iron, Cobalt, Zinc and Manganese Cho-      Premixes Available:
line Citrate Chelates which are inputted specifically to
assist the Krebs cycle.                                        • Dairy
                                                               • Beef
Another thing that is of marked difference is the fact that
Bio-Ag Premixes use Selenium Yeast as a source of Sele-        • Goat
nium along with Sodium Selenite. Bio-Ag knows that this        • Sheep
product does not have the toxic side effects associated        • Hog
with straight Sodium Selenite.                                 • Horse
Bio-Ag has also paid attention to the idea of having good      • Poultry
micro flora in the gastro intestinal tract of the animal. To
this end, the addition of our probiotic/plant extract prod-
uct Bio-Lac, is a very important feature of the premix. The probiotic/plant ex-
tract combination, first of all, establishes the proper pH in the stomach and
digestive system. The plant source extract contains numerous types of en-
zymes and many features that stimulate the immune defence mechanism of
the animal. In a hog study Bio-Ag was able to demonstrate a 30 to 50% in-
crease in white blood cells. Bio-Ag also saw far less heavy metals passing
through the manure. This is due to the chelates and the ability of these en-
zymes to break down and utilize more of the minerals. Therefore producing
better mineralization and healthier animals.
Bio-Ag Premixes pay a lot of attention to the correct amounts of elements
such as Methionine, Lysine, Niacin, Vitamin K, Biotin, etc. We believe that
each animal can put out its genetic potential if the proper nutrition is in place.

Bio-Ag’s Attention to Minerals
All minerals are not created equal when it comes to animal nutrition. Bio-Ag
sources and utilizes only those minerals that provide the highest bio-
availability on nutrient value to your animal, giving you maximum return on
your feed investment dollar and less heavy metals.

Special Chelates
Chelated minerals are trace minerals that have been attached to an organic
compound. These chelates take a different pathway than the normal trace
minerals for their absorption. Bio-Ag’s chelates are bound by Citric Acid and
complexed by Choline, free of protein, as opposed to the practice of using
chelated minerals bound by protein.
                                                                         Page 7

Proteinate chelates are less expensive than our chelates, however research
studies have shown the following:
    • This Citric Acid/Choline chelate gives a negatively charged chelate and
       a negatively charged chelate is naturally attracted to the positive charge
       on the wall of the stomach. Transfer takes place immediately and our
       chelated minerals are absorbed into blood stream nearly 100% intact.
       These chelates aid in increasing bioavailability of nutrients and oxygen
       into the cells of the body to aid in the proper respiration and burning of
       nutrients, which in turn gives healthier animals, less burnout and young
       with less scour problems, less sickness and death. Other chelates are
       not absorbed into the blood stream until they reach the small intestine
       and then only at rates as high as 80% but as low as 60%! Your livestock
       deserve 100% of what you’re paying for!

Copper and Cobalt are very important for proper liver function and production
of B vitamins. Coupled with our water-soluble B Vitamin stress package, the
animal has a head start on wear and tear and stress found today. Zinc helps
bolster the immune system along with better white blood cell production.
Manganese has much to offer in terms of better reproductive performances
as well as less joint disorders. Iron, in chelated form, helps get more oxygen
into the system, which helps fight viral and bacterial infections. More oxygen
also assists in better respiration of food inside each cell. Science knows that
all nutrients have to reach inside each cell to produce optimum perform-
ance—Bio-Ag’s chelated minerals arrive there ready to do the job.
Natural Vitamin E
Vitamin E is one of the important vitamins, functioning as an antioxidant.
Along with Selenium, it helps boost the immune system of the animal with
Selenium. There are two different forms of Vitamin E (synthetic and natural).
The natural source Vitamin E can be more costly to use, but research studies
show the following:
•     Bio-Availability of synthetic E was only 53% of natural source E.
•     Levels of Vitamin E in the blood and in various organs were higher when
      Natural Vitamin E was fed compared to synthetic.
•     Superior potency of natural source Vitamin E in a livestock study
•     In another study, the researchers found the body prefers natural vitamin
      E to synthetic.

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The Bio-Ag Difference

Kelp Meal
Bio-Ag uses a unique species of seaweed, occurring naturally in the cold wa-
ters of the North Atlantic and containing 60 naturally chelated minerals, vita-
mins, amino acids and carbohydrates. The natural process helps to make the
minerals more stable which reduces risk of over-supplying trace minerals;
less risk potential for toxicity. Alginic Acid, the predominate carbohydrate in
Kelp Meal, is believed to bind mycotoxins and pathogenic bacteria, assisting
in eliminating them from the body. Kelp Meal helps increase the utilization of
all the feed ingredients, improving the overall health and performance of live-

Bio-Lac, our own registered probiotic, is a unique lactobacillis fermentation
product with plant extracts formulated to maintain a high population of desir-
able microorganisms in the digestive system. It acts as a competitive exclu-
sion agent, limiting any path for pathogens to enter the blood stream. Bio-Ag
adds to this prebiotic and probiotic product, plant extracts which enhance the
immune response system. The proper beneficial bacteria help to break down
feedstuffs, through the metabolic process, improving the utilization of protein.
Bio-Lac stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria already pre-
sent in the animal’s digestive tract. The growth of harmful bacteria, such as E.
coli, is suppressed.

Selenium and Vitamin E are normally added to the diet to help prevent oxida-
tive damage to the cells. There are two sources of Selenium: organic and inor-
ganic. The main sources for inorganic Selenium for feeds is Sodium Selenite,
while the source for the organic form is Selenium Yeast. Bio-Ag uses the or-
ganic form, along with the Selenite, because research shows organic sele-
nium is better utilized by pregnant animals compared to inorganic. This im-
proved Selenium status of the female has many benefits, such as a lower
incidence of selenium deficiency problems, improved immune function and
reproductive performance. Also noted, selenium from the organic source was
transferred across the placenta to the developing fetus compared to no trans-
fer with the inorganic source. Studies indicated Selenium content in milk was
2-3 times higher when Selenium Yeast was used, compared to Sodium Se-
lenite. Being transferred to developing young during both gestation and lacta-
tion, leads to a positive immune response in your young, an added bonus.
                                                                         Page 9

Redmond Natural Trace Mineral (NTM) Salt
Bio-Ag uses this salt because just as the name says it contains trace minerals
along with the sodium chloride. This rock salt contains minerals such as Cal-
cium, Potassium, Sulphur, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Phosphorus, Manganese and

Flax Oil
Flax oil is a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It is also GMO free while
many of our competitors use Mineral oil which is a petroleum derivative and
contains no vitamins or minerals. Flax Oil is a component that animals can
metabolize very well and utilize the energy.

Organic Premixes
Since 1999 Bio-Ag has been producing premixes that were certified organic by
Organic Crop Producers & Processors Inc. (OCPP) and now these premixes are
approved for organic use by Pro-Cert Organic Systems. We are able to produce
a version of most of the conventional premixes listed in this catalogue that
would be approved for organic use. Please contact us for more details.

                                    Bio-Ag’s Mixing facility, Wellesley, Ontario

Page 10                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

                       M0-5      Dairy All Phos 0:5
                       M1-4      Dairy White 1:4
                       M1-2      Dairy Red 1:2
                       M1-1      Dairy Green 1:1
                       M2-1      Dairy Blue 2:1
                       M3-1      Dairy Gold 3:1
                       M5-1      Dairy Yellow 5:1
                                                            Size:       25 kg bag

M1-1B Beef Green 1:1
M2-1B Beef Blue 2:1                   Size:     25 kg bag

                   MG1-1 Goat Premix 1:1
                   Size:      25 kg bag

MS1-1 Sheep Premix 1:1

Size:     25 kg bag

                                                              Size:      25 kg bag
                      MO35 Poultry Starter +
                      M34 Poultry Grower*
                      M33 Poultry Layer*

Swine                                   Size: 25kg bag
MP50    Pig Starter 50           (*5 bag minimum order)
MP100   Pig Starter 100          (*5 bag minimum order)
M2      Hog Grower*
M4      Sow*

                    Horse Mineral

                      Size:     8.5 kg pail MHP2-1P
                                25 kg bag MHP2-1

  * Available in Version Approved for Use in Organic Agriculture
  + Only Available in Version Approved for Use in Organic Agriculture
                                                                       Page 11

                   Custom Premixes
To determine the best formula for use with your livestock, Bio-Ag offers ration
balancing, tailored to your feeding requirements for enhanced livestock nutri-
tion and improved herd health. Your homegrown feeds are tested at a local
laboratory to provide accurate analysis information. Bio-Ag incorporates these
feeds into the ration to keep purchased feed costs at a minimum.

Custom Premixes provide the opportunity to combine your selected feed sup-
plements into one product to reduce handling and ensure your livestock are
receiving the nutrition they require based on results of our ration-balancing

Our Dealers & nutritionist work closely with you through all the seasons of
feeding. As your input feeds change, so too may your livestock nutritional

Our clients appreciate that we are willing to adjust their rations with each
feed change. We then can customize each premix order to reflect the ex-
cesses or lack of particular elements in your feedstuffs.

Our floor-stock premixes supply maintenance levels of Kelp and Bio-Lac. Salt
is not included in our floor-stock.

Many of our clients add additional ingredients to further enhance their feed-
ing programs. Examples of these are:
• Additional Bio-Lac to enhance feed conversion and to maintain butterfat
     test-especially during hot, humid weather
• Sulphur to address internal and external parasites
• Products to address molds or toxins in feed
• Additional Kelp to meet the recommended rate of 4 oz [112 g/hd/day for
     a lactating animal
• Our NTM Salt to ensure adequate Sodium intake-particularly in hot, hu-
     mid weather

Our 5-bag minimum order for Custom mixes allows our clients to
purchase small quantities of balanced nutritional packages for Dry
Cows, Prefresh groups and Heifers.

Product can be purchased in 25 kg bags or bulk in totes. Minimum
quantity for tote orders is 500 kg.

        Custom Premixes Available—5 bag minimum order
               Please order 3 business days ahead

Page 12                                        To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Homestead Organics
Homestead Organics manufactures a full line
of Certified Organic feeds to satisfy the needs
of your farm animals. They are expertly formu-
lated for each species and their stage of pro-
duction. Feeds are made with clean heavy
grain and rely on a diversified and consistent
ingredients list. Organic soybean oil is added to
bind the dust. These complete feeds contain
appropriate mineral and vitamin supplements for
the species and the type of production. Products
from Homestead Organics Premium Line contain Bio-Ag premixes.

Bio-Ag carries three Homestead poultry products as stock items:
F60-25 Homestead Chick Starter
F61-25 Homestead Chick Grower
F62-25 Homestead Poultry Layer

By special order:
Homestead Turkey Starter
Homestead Turkey Grower
Homestead Hog Starter
                                                Size:    25 kg bag
Homestead Hog Grower
                                                                       Page 13

Flaxseed is the richest known food source of omega-3 fatty acids (which have

beneficial effects on heart health and the autoimmune system), in addition to
the presence of essential nutrients such as protein essential fatty acids,
vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of both soluble and insoluble
dietary fiber as well as a rich source of lignans. Lignans are phytoestrogens,
compounds found in plants and thought to protect against certain types of
cancers by interfering with the effects of estrogen.
A standard ingredient in Bio-Ag Mineral Premixes is Flax Oil. In addition to
controlling dust in the premix, Flax is beneficial for improved reproduction,
increased milk production and increased butterfat. The elevated
maintenance and gain energy values for flax relate to excellent gain in beef
cattle. Whereas other oils will add fat to the body, Flax Oil converts food to
more useable nutrients. An excellent source of energy, Flax Oil and pellets
can be easily added to the TMR or top dressed to raise energy levels when
feedstuffs fall short of necessary energy requirements.
A recent study in Manitoba has revealed that when Flax was fed to sows, they
experienced less weight loss and maintained more back fat during lactation
than sows fed regular rations. They also took less time to come into heat after
farrowing. Improved weanling weights were also realized from feeding flax to
the sows.

                          Flax Meal
                              Size:              25 kg     Tote bag
                              Conventional:      F106      F106-1
                              Organic:           F62-3     F62-2

                          Flax Pellet

                              Size:    25 kg  Tote
                              Organic: F62-3P F62-2P

                          Flax Oil
                   Size:          4L     20L     55L    206L
                   Conventional: P21-4L P21-20L P21-55L P21-B
                   Organic:      P20-4L P20-20L P20-55L P20-B

Page 14                                              To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Bio-Ag Calf Starter GMO Free
16% DM, 2:1 Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio

Bio-Ag Calf Starter is designed to grow vigorous,
healthy calves with well-developed skeletal
systems. Our calf starter gives calves a good
start after birth by supporting the immune
system. Our special formula contains Bio-Lac
probiotic, Kelp Meal, Natural Trace Mineral Salt
and Bio-Ag Premix.

Both the Calf Starter and Concentrate Pellets
are GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organisms).
We have done this to keep with our philosophy
of keeping our product line GMO-free. We
believe strongly in providing only the best             Size:   25 kg
products to our customers so they can produce
                                                        Code:   F64
high quality food to the public.
                                                        Ask about Bulk Delivery

Bio-Ag Concentrate Pellets (GMOFCP) GMO Free
48% DM

Ruminants require different protein fractions in
their diets so that they have the ideal
proportions of bypass, degradable and soluble
protein. This is important to enable efficient
utilization of protein and energy at all stages of
digestion. To achieve these goals, Bio-Ag multi-
sources a combination of natural plant
proteins and carefully blends the ingredients to
ensure optimum efficiency, which translates
into enhanced production.

•    A specially formulated dairy supplement
•    An excellent source of energy

                                                       Size:     25 kg    Bulk
                                                       Code:     F102     F103
                                                                          Page 15

                           Horse Feed 14% Complete Feed
                           14% Premium Horse Feed is GMO free and

                           contains several Bio-Ag Products: Kelp Meal, NTM
                           Salt, Black Earth, Flax Meal, Bio-Ag Horse Mineral,
                           Bio-Lac and Perma Guard D.E. It also contains dry
                           garlic to bolster your horse’s immune system. It is
                           a maintenance health product for horses to help
                           detoxify and keep their system clean. It can be fed
                           straight or top dressed with other grain and should
                           be fed with a good quality hay. We have received
                           very positive feedback from the customers who
                           use this product and we are sure you will also see
                           good results.

                                                 Size:       25 kg bag
                                                 Code:       F60H

Chicken & Rice Dog Food
Our unique Chicken and Rice formula includes
many of the excellent products and ingredients that
we promote for all of our nutritional formulas. Our
customers and dog breeders have been very happy
with our dog food and we’re sure you will be too.

                             No Artificial Flavours
                           No Artificial Preservatives
                          Formulated with Kelp Meal
                                Low in Sodium
                                     No Corn
                               Made in Canada

                                                         CHICKEN & RICE FORMULA
                                                          GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:
Nutritionally balanced
 for all life stages                                     Protein (min)      26%
                                                         Fat (min)          15%
                                                         Fibre (max)       2.5%
Size:    8 kg     18 kg
                                                         Moisture (max)     10%
Code:    F95      F96

Page 16                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Bio-Lac Probiotic
What is a Probiotic?
Probiotics have been described as the opposite of antibiotics. While antibiot-
ics destroy life, probiotics build up or promote life. The function of a probiotic
is to improve the growth and development of the normal, desirable microbial
population in the gut, allowing them to maintain domination over the undesir-
able organisms. A probiotic can be a live (viable) culture of a microbial spe-
cies, a dead (non-viable) product of microbial fermentation or an extract of
plant origin.
How it works
Proper nutrition means having beneficial micro flora in the gastro intestinal
tract of the animal. Through the addition of Bio-Lac, with its varied bacteria
and abundance of plant source enzymes, the animal establishes the proper
pH in the stomach and digestive system. Based upon cellular response to
inputs, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oxygen brought to the cell,
Bio-Lac is formulated to provide the bacterial and enzyme boost to make this
cellular response work more efficiently, giving maximum feed conversion.
•    Enhances the animal’s ability to defend against viral and bacterial infec-
•    Improves overall health and productivity of your herd
•    Strengthens helpful microbial populations and suppresses harmful bac-
     terial growth
•    Counteracts ill effects of antibiotic treatment by sustaining the good bac-
•    Increased conversion rates and production
•    Drug free, GMO Free Inputs

                       Size:    1L        4L          20L
                      Code:     F68E     F67E     F67E5

                     Size:     1 kg      4.5 kg    25 kg
                     Code:     P66EA       F66P    F66E

                               Bulk Totes Available
                         Organic Bio-Lac Coming Soon
                                                                        Page 17


                                                                                    Feed Supplements
Natural Trace Mineral Salt
Natural Trace Mineral (NTM) Salt is almost pure salt (95% Sodium Chloride),
yet it provides livestock with many needed trace minerals such as Calcium,
Potassium, Sulphur, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Phosphorus, Manganese and Zinc.
In ancient times, a great salt-saturated sea existed near present day Red-
mond, Utah. Water from the sea eventually evaporated, leaving a bed of rock
salt where it lay undisturbed for thousands of years.
Mineral rich, Redmond salt chunks offer quality at competitive prices. Rock
salt chunks are more weather resistant than pressed salt blocks. You save
salt for the cows instead of allowing it to wash away with the rain. Since Red-
mond salt naturally possesses a full array of trace minerals, it’s relatively in-
expensive to produce and is reasonably priced. Manufactured salt blocks
must be artificially mineralized. This additional expense is often passed on to
you, the customer. Given a choice, livestock prefer Natural Trace Mineral Salt
to manufactured salts. Choose Natural Trace Mineral Salt to supply your live-
stock with salt and valuable trace minerals.
Natural Trace Mineral Salt can also be used to help preserve forage. Sprinkle
on top of forage at the rate of 2 lb per square meter to help slow down mold
process. Sprinkle on bales appropriate amount for size of bale when storing
(1 lb per square meter).

Anti-Caking Agent (formerly Conditioner)
Redmond Anti-Caking Agent is a trace mineral colloidal silicate, which con-
tains a combination of nearly 50 mineral compounds.
                  Redmond Anti-Caking
                  (formerly Conditioner)             NTM Salt
                  Size:    50 lb                     Size:    50 lb
                  Code:    F33                       Code:    F32

          NTM Salt, Random Rock                      NTM Salt, Pressed Block
          Size:    Random                            Size:    44 lb
          Code:   F39                                Code:    F39B

Page 18                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Acadian Kelp
Kelp Meal Feed                             Why use Kelp Meal?
Supplement                                •   Promotes regular,
Kelp is the richest single source of          strong heat cycles
trace minerals. Pituitary, adrenal and    •   Increases ovary
thyroid glands benefit from the trace         size
minerals Kelp Meal supplies. Since
Kelp Meal provides nutrients              •   Improves
essential to these vital glands, it           conception rates
helps to balance the entire animal            and increases the
system.                                       number of normal
Modern intensive farming practices            healthy births
have resulted in soils with               •   Boosts the immune system by
deficiencies that are reflected in the        enhancing the endocrine
low nutritional content of grasses            glands
and grains grown on these soils, and      •   Increases sperm counts,
in the health of animals raised and           motility and durability
maintained on these crops. Lush and
otherwise nutritious grasses may fail     •   Improves foot health
to supply the needs of animals            •   Stimulates appetite and
because certain trace elements are            improves digestive capacity
                                          •   Raises production and
Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed,                  performance levels
from the cold North Atlantic, has         •   Produces healthy coats
been used for centuries as a natural      •   Maximizes overall animal
source feed supplement. Today,                health
thanks to modern processing
technologies, the benefits of Asco-       •   Helps to detoxify the body
phyllum nodosum seaweed are                   after exposure to moldy feeds
available in a cost-effective, dried,     •   Helps build bone marrow –
granular form that can be                     the source of healthy blood/
conveniently added into the regular           immunity
feeding program. The kelp is 100%
                                          •   Can be mixed directly into the
solar dried to ensure its nutrient rich
                                              feed, top dressed onto the
properties are preserved.
                                              feed or fed free choice
                                          •   70 trace mineral chelates, all
                                              bio-available to the body

                                          Size:      3 kg     7 kg     25 kg
                                          Code:      FER16    F16P     F16
                                                                        Page 19

Perma Guard D. E.

                                                                                  Feed Supplements
Fossil Shell Flour                        Fossil Shell Flour added to stored
                                          grains not only protects against
For millions of years in the waters of    insects but aids in storage. Over the
earth, diatoms (microscopic plants)       years customers have reported many
took minerals from the waters and         other important benefits of feeding
created protective shells. They lived     D/E such as fly and odor control, as
in vast quantities and as they died,      well as some elimination of some
their shells drifted to the water         parasites.
bottom. The material in their shells is   Insect Infestation
mostly silicon dioxide, along with
small amounts of trace elements.
                                          D/E besides its purity, has several
These deposits are called                 very important characteristics
Diatomaceous Earth (D/E). There are       (including 15 trace minerals) which
many varieties of diatoms, as well as     some people have used as an alter-
salt and fresh water deposits but only    native insecticide.
very few deposits are pure enough to      D/E smothers the insect. Actually the
be classified as “food grade”.            process is more complicated as D/E
                                          kills in 9 ways, all physical—not
PERMA GUARD uses fresh water
                                          chemical. There is no buildup of
deposits for its Fossil Shell Flour.      parasitic resistance.
The purity of fresh deposits are
exceptional, providing “food grade”
designation without impurities found
in other D/E. The Chinese have used
D/E in animal feed for over 5000
years. Today, thousands of animal
owners and breeders have found it
beneficial to add D/E as a feed
additive, with many beneficial results.

Anti-Caking Agent
Perma Guard Fossil Shell Flour when
added to feed, coats each particle,
and separates the particles of food.
This provides two important benefits.
First, the feed does not clump and
therefore is less likely to mold.                    Size:     2.5 kg     50 lb
Second, this allows the feed to “flow”               Code:     F10PP      F10P

Page 20                                          To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Apple Cider Vinegar
• Feed grade
• 6% Acetic Acid
• Diuretic on cows with mastitis
• Aids in balancing rumen pH
• Helps to prevent acidosis or Alkatosis
                                             Size:     4L        20L       55L
                                             Code:     F37       F38       F36

                Black Earth (Humates)
                Black Earth as a feed supplement acts like a carbon filter
                inside the body absorbing toxins then eliminating them
                through the alimentary tract. In soil applications, Black Earth
                improves water-holding capacity and microbial growth.
                Composition – Graphite IFN 6-26-410
                Arbon    55-70%
                Oxygen 25-33%
                                                 Size:        50 lb
                Hydrogeb 4-6%
                Sulfur     .4-2%                 Code:        F15

BayMag (Magnesium Oxide)
Magnesium is an essential nutrient for plant and
animal life. It is a required element in plant
photosynthesis and a necessary nutrient for animal
health. Magnesium oxide (MgO) is the most commonly
used source of magnesium for ruminant nutrition. It
also offers an available source of magnesium for
various fertilizer applications.
                                                               Size:     25 kg
                                                               Code:     F19

                      Bentonite Clay
                      A natural, unaltered, high swelling sodium bentonite
                      designed for use in agriculture applications; also known
                      as “montmorillonite”. Beneficial effects include
                      increased feed consumption, feed efficiency
                      maintained, milk fat levels, more rapid daily weight,
                      reduced soil eating, reduced craving for long hay and
reduced cost of feed per pound of gain. Bentonite seems to have the greatest
effect in high moisture rations.

Recommended Dosage: 2% of the total feed ration              Size:     50 lb
                                                             Code:     F31
                                                                     Page 21

                                                                               Feed Supplements
Citric Acid
Used as a pH balancer, for farms with identified water
problems dealing with alkalinity. Can be added to Bio-Ag
Custom premixes if warranted.

Size:    25 kg
Code:    F14

                      Garlic (Dehydrated)
                      •    Aids Immune System against viral infections
                      •    Low temperature drying preserves enzyme factor
                           and Allicin content
                      • Adds distinct flavour to products

                                                Size:      2 kg
                                                Code:      F107

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
Epsom Salt is a moderately available source of magnesium. It
can be used where available magnesium is low. It provides
13% sulphur and 16% magnesium and can be used as a
laxative on livestock. It is produced by reacting magnesium
oxide with sulfuric acid.

Size:    25 kg
Code:    F48

                   Yucca Liquid
                   Pure Yucca Schidigera Extract—AG-AIDE 50
                   Sarsaponin from the yucca plant reduces the free
                   ammonia levels and enhances performance. By feeding
                   Yucca, ammonia levels are reduced, manure odour is
                   reduced and air quality improved.

                   Available by Special Order Only

                                                        Size:     5 gal
                                                        Code:     F26

Page 22                                       To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

                  Feed Grade Limestone B2
                  High calcium lime product to supplement premix to
                  increase calcium level. It offers 98% Calcium Carbonate
                  and 0.45% Magnesium. For barn liming or for use in feed
                  as a calcium supplement.

                                               Size:    25 kg
                                               Code:    F30

  Vita Ferm-Topdress
  A concentrated Vitamin and Mineral top-dress for fresh or
  stressed cattle. Offer to cattle in Prefresh period through
  Freshening or period of stress.

  Recommended feeding rate: 2 oz/head/day

   Size:    25 kg
   Code:    M11

            Sulphur helps to contain amino acids in livestock and soil. It is
            a component of thiamin, biotin and coenzyme. It is important in
            lipid, energy, and carbohydrate metabolism. Some clients find
            it helps to minimize internal and external parasites.

                                               Size:    50 lb
                                               Code:    F23
                                                                   Page 23

Bio-Lac/Kelp Custom Forage Mix

                                                                              Feed Supplements
•    Enhanced ensiling process may be due to increased lactic acid
• Increased lactic acid levels cause pH to drop quickly
• Controlled ensiling temperatures reduce nutrient losses & produces
     sweet smelling, palatable forages
• Recommended for dry hay, balage,          Custom Order Only
     haylage and corn silage                Size:    50 lb
• Application rates dependent on            Code:    F73
     moisture and forage type               Ask about Organic options

Bio-Lac / Sugar Custom Forage Mix
• Use this product when weather has been cold & wet; Brix [sugar]
     readings are low; plants are under stress
• See Bio-Lac/Kelp above for other details
• Application rate 3-4 lb/2000 lb [1.4-1.8 kg/1000 kg]
                                              Custom Order Only
                                              Size:   50 lb
                                              Code:   F074
                                              Ask about Organic options

Bio-Lac/Kelp/Sugar Custom Forage Mix
•    Use this product for early forage cuttings
            [late May-early June]               Custom Order Only
• Low Brix readings & immature plant            Size:    50 lb
• Immature Corn:                                Code:    F77
     - just forming yellow on cob               Ask about Organic options
     - if corn has been hit by frost
     - immature plant due to drought; poor growing conditions

Gathering Forage Samples
• Use a bale corer
• Gather from 8-10 different bales or areas of the field when loading loose
    into wagons
• Place samples into a clean pail and
    mix together to make a composite
• Fill a 500 ml-1 L plastic bag of the
    composite mix
• Freeze wet samples; keep dry hay
    at room temperature

Page 24                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Natural Healthcare
Natural Health Care Products work in conjunction with our feed supplements
and premixes, to ensure the optimum health of all your livestock.

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine, as well as a well-established heal-
ing system. Known to the ancient Greeks, the modern system of homeopathy
was introduced and developed in the 19th century. Today homeopathy is well
accepted as a safe and effective alternative form of medical treatment. Home-
opathy has a significant role in both curative and preventive medicine. A ho-
meopathic system can be employed to the benefit of the livestock farmer by
utilizing these two approaches—
1. Preventive Medicine Approach, and
2. Therapeutic Approach, or the emergency treatment of individual cases.

It is generally accepted that a program of preventive medicine is the ideal state
of affairs, which is the main aim of the complete Bio-Ag Consultants and Dis-
tributors Inc. nutritional and homeopathic program. Bio-Ag has been concerned
not with the increasing cost of conventional drugs but with their side-effects. As
well as with the build-up of resistant strains of bacteria due to the continued
and often indiscriminate use of antibiotics. The aim of the Bio-Ag program is to
build up the health of the herd and increase the resistance of its individual
members to disease. As a consequence, this will increase productive efficien-
cies, as the healthier the animal is, the more efficiently it will process the feeds
given to it, and the quality of the products provided by the animal will improve.
This involves a program from birth throughout the animal’s useful life.

How Does Homeopathy Work?
Homeopathy is a healing process in which the medicines stimulate and encour-
age the body’s natural healing forces of recovery. It is based on the practice of
treating “like with like”—treating an illness with a substance that produces, in a
healthy body, similar symptoms to those experienced in the sick body. For ex-
ample, in humans Ipecacuana (from the root of the plant) if taken by a healthy
person will cause vomiting but if taken in tiny homeopathic doses will cure vom-

D121      Homeopathics-Single
D122      Homeopathics-Mixed

                                                     Size:    30 ml
                                                     Special Order: 125 ml, 250 ml
                                                                    Page 25

Contents of Kit:
• 100 ml Bottle of Liver Tincture
• Homeopathic Checklist Pad
• 100 ml Bottle of Bio-Lac Liquid
• 27-30 ml Bottles of Commonly Used
  Homeopathic Remedies
• Homeopathic Alternatives & Feed

                                                                                Natural Healthcare
  Supplements for Farm Animals Reference
  Book (can also be purchased separately)
• Plastic Storage Case for Easy Storage

Aconite 30c
Apis 30c
Arnica 30c                            Size:     27 remedies
Bacillinum 200c                       Code:     D302
Belladonna 30c
Bryonia 30c
Cal Phos/Mag Phos 30c
Caulophyllum 30c
Cocci Remedy 30c
Colubrina 30c                         Mastitis Remedy 30c
Conium Mac 200c                       Phosphorous 1M
Croup Remedy 30c                      Phytolacca 30c
  (Aconite-Hepar-Spongia)             Pulsatilla 30c
Hepar Sulph 30c                       Sepia 30c
Hypericum 30c                         Silicea 30c
Kidney Remedy 30c                     Staph, Strep, E.Coli 30c
   (Apis-Bryonia-Lycopodium)          Bio 87 (Anti Viral)
Ledum 30c                             Bio 88 (Anti Bacterial)
Lycopodium 1M                         Bio 93 (Immune System Booster)

                    Aqua-Zyme Boosters
                    Acts as a de-stressing agent giving chicks a solid start.
                    Helps to maintain good intestinal flora and enhance the
                    immune system in the crucial first day after hatching.

                    (seasonal: please order 3 days ahead)

                                            Size:   1 booster / 100 chicks
                                            Code:   AQUA

Page 26                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

                           Rum-Inoc-Gel contains a source of live naturally
                           occurring microorganisms, which supplies essential
                           vitamins and lactobacillus organisms to dairy and
                           beef cattle. It replaces gut flora and is used to treat
                           scours, pneumonia, mastitis and cattle off feed.

                                                  Size:     300 cc
                                                  Code:     F4

Paste Gun
To be used specifically with the Rum-Inoc-Gel tube
for accurately measured dosages.

Size:     Each
Code:     F5

                           Pig Paste
                           Contains oral Iron and a source of live (viable)
                           naturally occurring microorganisms. Formula
                           contains Trace minerals & Vitamins A, D, E and

                                                  Size:     300 cc
                                                  Code:     F41

Solka Hoofgel
Contains Copper and Zinc in a special chelated form.
Adheres well to the hoof for maximum effectiveness and
prevention. Works well with Vet Wrap. This product has
been tested by the Animal Health Service in the
Netherlands and has been found to be effective in
cases of Mortellaro/Interdigital Dermatitis. It is effective even after contract
with manure. Both individual and group treatment programs available

•   No bacterial resistance
•   Contains no antibiotics                                   Size:     300 ml
                                                              Code:     OHG
                                                                      Page 27

Vet Wrap
- Use with Solka Hoofgel to wrap infected hoof
- Trim hoof professionally
- Clean & dry hoof thoroughly
- Apply Solka Hoofgel on wound & into foot split
- Pack the wound
- Wrap hoof; starting on hoof & covering packing

                                                                                Natural Healthcare
- Apply the bandage crossways to protect foot split   Size:   4.5 m
- Cover with tape for extra protection
                                                      Code:   OHVW

Reduces irritation of the udder (after gestation).
Helps to eliminate bacteria and prevents odours.
Made from botanical extracts.

Size:    120 ml
Code:    V6-2

            Protein Feed
            A liquid whey product used to bolster the thymus gland, as well
            as the animal’s immune system. Can be used for a number of
            different conditions such as mastitis, high somatic cell count,
            uterine infections, or to clean up uterus after calving.
            Partners well with injectable Vitamin C for acute and chronic
            No Milk withdrawal.

                                                 Size:    120 ml
                                                 Code:    W1

Page 28                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

                        Vitamaster NF (formerly Amino B Complex)
                        • Combination of B Vitamins in injectable form
                        • May 2008 reformulation adds dl-methionine &
                             Lysine to the product
                        • Use for Cattle off feed; liver disorders; Stress
                        • Works well with Protein Feed and injectable
Size:     100 ml            Vitamin C for Mastitis; each product should be
Code:     V1                administered individually
                        • No Milk withdrawal
Nutri-Mins is formulated to supply a readily available source of
vitamins and a chelate of iron, copper and cobalt. Nutri-Mins is
used to supplement the diets of poultry and livestock that are off
feed. It helps to ensure a healthier digestive tract, better growth
rates and feed conversions, improved conception rates and less
susceptibility to disease and stress.

Size:     1 gal
Code:     V41

                   Vitamin C Crystals
                   Ascorbic Acid has been known to strengthen the immune
                   system. This allows the body to fight infections, fevers and
                   respiratory illness more effectively
                   • 97.5 % Coated Ascorbic Acid crystalline powder
                   • Works well for group treatment
                                                                   Size:     1 kg
                   • Can be added to feed
                                                                   Code:     P83
                   • Water soluble
                   • Conditions to avoid: humidity & warming

Vitamin C Injectable
This injectable vitamin C is used to buffer calcium.
Partners well with Protein Feed to manage Acute
and Chronic Mastitis; high somatic cell count.
No milk withdrawal.

           Size:      100 ml
           Code:      V6
                                                                       Page 29

Soil Amendments / Fertilizers
Our Philosophy
Soil. What is it? Dirt, ground, mud when wet, sand, loam… is it only NPK???
We have been so misled by the experts for years. Soil is a wonderful, unique
substance that varies all over the world—indeed from farm to farm and field
to field. As we know artificial NPK heightens dependency on more NPK and
herbicides. This tightens soil structures and makes trace minerals less avail-

Nutritionists as well as “Dieticians can prescribe all the diets they like. The
results will be unpredictable until such time as the soils that produced the
constituents of the diets are taken into account. Dietetics will progress and

                                                                                   Soil Amendments
‘protective’ medicine will be effective only when it is remembered that the soil
makes both the food and the man” (p. 263, Soil, Grass and Cancer), Andre
Voisin, 1959)

Remember—we are the earth—we ultimately consume what we have done to
the earth in some way, shape or form. Today we have a health crisis on our
hands—Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. In order to keep pace
with our increasing global population we are forcing increased output. More
food, more cheaply, without much thought for its biological values. Animal
and ultimately human nutrition is the most important problem facing mankind
at this time. Intensive agriculture is removing vitamins and minerals from the
soil and many are not replaced by chemical fertilizers.

Obviously the only thing we have learned from history is that we have not
learned much. We need to see availability of nutrients in our soil NOT just
what is there. Just remember, you and I are only dust.
                                            ~ Murray Bast, President Bio-Ag

  Diseases are created mainly by destroying the harmony
                   within the elements of the soil

Page 30                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Soil Amendments / Fertilizers
Our soil amendments add cost-effective nutrients to the soil. They include:
Calphos (Soft Rock Phosphate), Jersey Greensand, Kelp Meal, Soluble Sea-
weed Powder, Liquid Seaweed and others.

Soil Testing is Available. Our soil testing includes organic matter; trace min-
eral content; pH levels; base saturation levels or total content of calcium,
magnesium, phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium; and
cationic capacity (the ability to exchange electron charge between the various
elements in the soil).

We work with Sittler Manufacturing to formulate mixes that work for YOUR soil
and farm conditions.

                                                          This soil web
                                                          demonstrates elements
                                                          of living soil.
                                                                          Page 31

Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate (granular) 0-3-0
An extremely fine clay containing Phosphorus, Calcium and valuable trace
• Colloidal-consists of ultramicroscopic particles
    contributing to greater absorbance
• More available than Rock Phosphate
• 20% Calcium contributes to increased pH
• Slow release offers multi-year value
• Low water solubility
                                               Size:        50 lb     tote   Bulk
                                               Code:        FER11     FER11- FER12

               Atlantean Plant Fertilizer (formerly Feed Mother Earth)
               This product is custom formulated to use outside on lawns,
               vegetable and flower gardens. It contains molasses, nitrogen,

                                                                                       Soil Amendments
               phosphorus, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. These
               nutrients feed the soil life. With the soil life fed and active,
               domestic plant growth will excel.

Size:     1L        10L
Code:     FER39     FER38

Jersey Greensand (Glauconite) 0-0-7
An iron-potassium silicate that imparts a green colour to the
mineral in which it occurs. Greensand is highly recommended
for the conditioning of pasture lands, orchards, field crops,
fruits and vegetable crops.
• Natural marine potash
• Consistency of sand, but absorbs 10x more moisture
• Abundant mineral composition increase bacteria
• Loosens heavy soils; binds loose soils                  Size:        5 kg    50 lb
• Chemical free
• Spreads easily                                          Code:        FER22-5 FER22

Kelp Fertilizer Mix
Research done in the 1960’s at Iowa State
demonstrated the use of this fertilizer applied in
the row at time of planting was found to be very
effective in controlling corn rootworm. The Brix
readings in the corn plants will be much higher and
as a result the corn may withstand cooler weather
and even the occasional drop below freezing.
If a corn crop is following another row crop. (i.e. corn,
soybeans, etc) then the application of the Kelp
                                                              Size:     25 kg
Fertilizer Mix is advised.
                Ask about our liquid product                  Code:     FER14

Page 32                                           To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

                          Lawn & Garden Mix 0-4-1
                          Bio-Ag’s own specialty fertilizer mix composed of all
                          natural ingredients, which can be used on lawn or
                          Ingredients: CalPhos, Kelp Meal, Carbonatite,
                          Gypsum, Green Rock, Boron, Black Earth, Chelates
                          and Marl.
                                                   Size:    25 kg
                                                   Code:    FER35

Acadian Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder 1-1-16
• Promotes better root growth leading to better plant
• Improved root growth leads to enhanced nutrient
• Improved crop size & uniformity
• Improved crop yield
                                           Size:     500 gram               20 kg
                                           Code:      FER21                 FER20

Acadian Liquid Seaweed Concentrate 0-0-5
Offers comparable benefits to Soluble Seaweed Extract, in a liquid
concentrate. This allows for easier dilution and mixing.
             • Enhances germination and emergence when used as a
             seed soak
             • Promotes better root growth
             • Improves frost resistance for sensitive plants
                                                  Size:     10L
                                                  Code:     FER18

Acadian Kelp Meal 2-1-3

Contains elements necessary for plant growth (boron, calcium and selenium) with
high concentration of organic matter.

                                          Size:     3kg      7kg       25kg
                                          Code:     FER16    F16P      F16
                                                                      Page 33

Sul-po-mag (Feedate)
Feedate is a soluble sulfate of potash-magnesia. It is a
crushed mineral that will not alter the soil pH. Apply where
magnesium and potassium are deficient and calcium is

                                                 Size:      25 kg
                                                 Code:      F22

                            Spritzer Garden Duster
                            The garden duster works great for application of
                            Perma Guard Diatomaceous Earth in your garden.

                                                                                  Soil Amendments
                            Allows the powder to get under the leaves of plants
                            where bugs live. An excellent tool to dust fine
                            powders over and under plant foliage in garden or
flower beds. Works well to dust under dense leaf/plant growth.
Directions: Fill cylinder with desired product; carefully insert plunger and
direct at plants.
                                                  Size:      One size available
                                                  Code:      FER10S
Sol-u-Bor (Boron)

•   20.5% Boron
•   Water soluble
•   Essential micro-nutrient for healthy growth of plants
•   Improves connective tissue in animals

Size:    50 lb
Code:    F21

GroPal Growers Solution
• Highly concentrated pure ocean water [100x]
• Evaporated and naturally condensed
• Approximately 93% of Sodium naturally
    precipitates out of solution
• 91 vital Ionic Trace Minerals remain in
• Excellent source of trace minerals to nourish all crops types
• Use as foliar application repeated over growing season
• Dilution ratios vary from 200:1 to 500:1 dependent on       Size: 1L 20L
    crop type                                                 Code: F75 F76

Page 34                                        To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

                          Stenner Pump
                          Bio-Ag Stenner Peristaltic pumps are especially well
                          suited for the application of even the smallest
                          quantities of chemical used. You can adjust the
                          inclusion rate to a fraction of a drop per stroke.

                                            Size:    110 volt    220 volt
                                            Code:    WAT1        WAT11

Hydrogen Peroxide
Bio-Ag Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is an 35% NSF grade
Hydrogen Peroxide, an effective alternative to chlorine
treatments in livestock barns, swimming pools, hot tubs and
septic systems. NSF grade is the highest grade; only grade
deemed safe for human consumption.
- Clean up and help break down waste in septic tank systems
- Aids in breaking down manure in pits when agitating
- Along with White Vinegar, ensures that
milk pipelines are kept clean in dairy barns. Size:     4L     20L    55L
                                              Code:     WAT3-2 WAT3-1 WAT3

                   White Vinegar
                   Bio-Ag White Vinegar is an effective alternative to harsh
                   chemicals in your dairy pipeline. Bio-Ag White Vinegar is
                   12% acetic acid.
                   Suggested use: in a 20-gallon sink
                   Rinse/Acid cycle: 4 ounces White Vinegar
                   Works well with Hydrogen Peroxide and TCI 1227 Liquid
                                            Size:     4L        20L      55L
                                            Code:     F55       F57      F56

Grander Units
The treatment of wells, ponds and irrigation water brings great
results in the field of agriculture, increasing crop yield, root
development and optimal quality of manure composting. At the
residential and personal level, Grander brings the unique
benefits of revitalized water into your home where its many
benefits can be enjoyed by you, your pets, your lawn and your garden.

Size:     Dependent on application
                                                                      Page 35

TCI 1227 Soap
TCI 1227 H.D. is designed for the closed system hot aqueous
cleaning of plastic, rubber compounds, glass, all ferrous metal
alloys as well as general cleaning and sanitation of walls and
floors. It is odourless, fast sheathing, quick drying and
harmless. This composition is non-etching or clouding to glass.
The effluent wastewater is not harmful but beneficial to the
Size:       20L
Code:       017

pH Test strips (5.5 - 8-0)

                 These test strips are used to check the level of pH in your
                 sample. By dipping the test strip into the sample, you can
                 compare the test strip change in color with the test pattern
                 found in the container to determine pH levels

                                                             Size:   Roll
                                                             Code:   WATO11

Hand pumps

The hand pumps are for hand dispensing a variety of
liquids safely and reliably from 25, 60, 110 and 200 Liter
This pump provides a safe and clean method of
dispensing Hydrogen Peroxide, Flax Oil and Vinegar.

Code:     WAT3-P

                      Peroxide Test strips

                      These test strips are used to check the level of
                      Hydrogen Peroxide in your sample. By dipping the test
                      strip into the sample, you can compare the test strip
                      change in color with the test pattern found in the
                      container to learn the concentration of peroxide.

                                                             Size:   50 strips
                                                             Code:   WAT4-1

Page 36                                            To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Livestock Housing
Livestock housing is important because of the holistic nature of agriculture.
We know that the comfort of animals is pertinent to their health. Animals that
are comfortable and content will give you the greatest production. Increased
stress levels cause sickness in animals just as it does in humans.

Important factors are:
•   Proper lighting—especially in the winter when the use of full spectrum
    light has the same effect as sunlight on the pineal gland for heats and
•   Reduced flies using non-chemical methods such as Diatomaceous Earth
•   Sanitation—bacteria control in pens and behind cows can be addressed
    with Stalosan F
•   Proper water source—test your water once a year for bacteria, alkalinity,
    heavy metals, etc
•   Ventilation cannot be stressed enough—cattle are better off in cold barns
    than in a humid environment with closed doors
•   Electrical pollution can be a problem and can be tested. Call us for de-

Livestock Safety Cushion
The Livestock Safety Cushion helps protect your livestock
from sharp corners, posts, protrusions and hard surfaces.

Features include:
• Completely concealed mounting hardware
• Large radius profile-no corners
• Interlocks at any angle
• Multi-wall for heavier impact loads
• Low friction polyolefin
• UV stabilized for outdoor applications
• Cost effective in any new of existing facility

                                                                 Code:     O12
                                                                         Page 37

Stalosan F
Stalosan F is a safe, non-toxic powder, applied to animal
housing, to help prevent infection and help improve the
environment around animals in order to optimize health,
growth and feed utilization. Stalosan F is economical and
easy to use; animals do not have to be removed during
                          Size:     10 kg      25 kg
                          Code:     OS10       OS

LED Lights
• Most environmentally friendly technology available [no mercury]
• High reliability and long life [up to 100,000 hours]
• Low power consumption and low voltage [2.0-3.6 Volts; 0.1 Watts]
• Very strong; less breakage and damage
• Stays cool to the touch after hours of use
• Directional light; less wasted light

Call for more information on this new product line

Full Spectrum Bulbs
•    Provides true colour as in Natural Sunlight
•    Long-life averaging 4000 hours
•    Reduces eye fatigue
•    Reduces nutritional problems

                                                                                   Livestock Housing
•    Extremely important for livestock in limited
     access to the outdoors
Options for barn and home         Size:     60 watt 100 watt 4’ tubes 8’ tubes
use. 40W to 150W available        Code:     L5      L3       L2       L1

                   Manure Buster

                   Bio-Ag Manure Buster is a bacterial product that is ideal
                   for manure pits, lagoons or above ground steel tanks. It
                   can also be used effectively in flow gutters, wash downs
                   and composting. This means that there will be less
                   pollution in your soil, better nutrient availability for your
                   soil and a better release of nutrients in your soil.

Size:    9L
Code:    OMB

Page 38                                            To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Bio-Ag representatives are experts in the field, literally. They will give you
straight forward answers regarding your specific agricultural problems.
The variety of services provided include:
• Livestock Nutrition—production/reproduction and disease control
• Electrical pollution affecting your operations
• Feed sampling and ration balancing
• Custom premixes
• Water and soil analysis
• Homeopathic alternatives to animal health care

Electrical consulting
Electrical pollution is invisible, silent, odorless and tasteless — a challenging
pollutant effecting humans and livestock.
Since the early 1970’s, when North America changed from linear to non-
linear loads, the creation of EMF’s [high frequency electro magnetic fields]
has steadily increased. Contributing factors are: increased requirements of
computers, televisions, variable speed motors, high-efficiency bulbs and
dimmer switches. EMF’s can lead to a distortion in the 60-cycle sine wave.
The creation of harmonics and transients [electrical surges], which ride on the
normal 60-cycle wave, create this electrical pollution.
There are solutions. Bio-Ag supports a trained consultant to assess your
agricultural operation. Residential testing meters and filters are available.
Contact our Head Office for details.

Ration balancing
Bio-Ag staff design completely balanced minimum cost rations. Bio-Ag
focuses on maximizing the amount of protein and energy the farmer can
obtain from homegrown feedstuffs, to limit the amount of purchased feed.
Through feed analysis, Bio-Ag is able to advise the farmer how to:
•    Use their own resources efficiently and effectively
•    Properly balance their animal feed rations at the lowest possible cost

Lab testing
Bio-Ag is pleased to offer a variety of supportive tests through outside labs to
provide further details for your farming operation.
Key tests include, but are not limited to:
     ·    Feed analysis [by wet chemistry]
     ·    Water [many options available]
     ·    Soil
     ·    Mold identification and Mycotoxin screens
     ·    Feed fermentation analysis, volatile fatty acids
Bio-Ag Dealers and staff can confirm the sample collection and submission
                                                                         Page 39

Real Salt
Real Salt‘s incredible taste is truly unique and
something only Mother Nature could create. We bring
Real Salt to you in its natural state, without additives
or chemicals of any kind.

First taste Real Salt, then try any other salt.
The difference will amaze you!
                                             Size:     9 oz      26 oz     25 lb
                                             Code:     O16       O15       O14

                          Stetzerizer Filter/Meter
                          The Stetzerizer filter is designed to filter harmonics
                          and other high frequency current from the phase
                          conductors to the neutral bypassing the loads and
                          reducing the potential for leakage into the human
                          Stetzerizer Microsurge filters fit into a normal home
                          or office electrical plug. The filters are effective for
                          high frequency currents entering:
- From the power system or
- Generated in the home or office
                                                        Size:      Filter    Meter

                                                                                     Services / Home
Stetzer Meters plug into outlets & help you             Code:      O4        O5
determine where filters are needed.

Bio-Pro Universal Chip
The Bio-Pro Chip is designed to reduce the Electromagnetic
Radiation (EMR) from Cell Phone devices, PDA’s, laptops and
any remote device. EMR’s have been linked to various stress-
induced problems and illnesses and could very well be
compromising your health and well being.
                                                                    Code: O6

Page 40                                         To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

January Seminar
3rd Wednesday in January
Milverton Arena
Speakers from past events include: Hon Eugene
Whalen, Wendy Mesley, Jeffrey Smith & Dr. Shiv

                              Customer Appreciation Day
                              2nd Wednesday in July
                              Bio-Ag Head Office in Wellesley, Ontario
                              Come join us for supplier displays, beef on a
                              bun and organic ice cream

Visit for updated information about Bio-Ag.

Bio-Ag has a number of books to inform our clients. Some available titles are:

Albrecht Papers, Volumes 1,2,3,4
Boericke: Pocket Manual of Homeopathy
Bread From Stones
Goodbye Canada
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Healing the Planet One Patient at a Time
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How to Heal the Earth In Your Spare Time
Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health
MacLeod: Treatment of Cattle, Goats, Horses or Pigs
Natural Cattle Care, Goat Care, Horse Care
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Information about GMOs

What are GMOs?
Genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are created
by taking genes from organisms such as bacteria, viruses or animals and
inserting them into other, often unrelated, species. Unlike traditional
breeding, genetic engineering creates new organisms that would never occur
in nature, creating new and unpredictable health and environmental risks.

The term ‘genetically engineered (GE) food’ refers to any product containing
or derived from GMOs. In Canada, up to 70 per cent of the processed foods
found in grocery stores contain GE ingredients. The most common GE
ingredients come from crops like corn, soy, canola and cotton. Biotechnology
companies genetically engineer these crops to produce a pesticide or to
withstand the application of herbicides.

We have books and other information available about GMOs. If you are
interested please contact our head office.


Bio-Ag has a staff person who works with organics and government
regulations. We can work with your certifier and provide up to date
information about changes to regulations as they evolve.

With the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) overseeing organics in
Canada (as of December 14, 2008), we feel it is important to stay up to date
with all requirements to better serve our customers.

Page 42                                     To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Terms and Conditions
Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors     usage of any product that we sell. The
Inc. Staff and Dealers are committed    user assumes the full responsibility
to providing our customers with qual-   when a product is dispended, dis-
ity products and services.              persed, administered or used in any
Customer Payment Policy                 manner. It is the responsibility of each
                                        user to read the product label direc-
Cash, personal or business cheques
                                        tions, call your certifier to verify prod-
are accepted payment methods for
                                        uct for organic use, and to use consis-
product and services. We also accept
                                        tently with its labeling.
Visa MasterCard and Direct Deposit.
Our customers have the privilege to Price Disclaimer
pick-up orders at Bio-Ag’s place of Our prices are subject to change
business, located at 1400 Green- without prior notice. Please call for
wood Hill Road in Wellesley, Ontario. current pricing. Our Dealers and cus-
We also deliver in designated Dealer tomer service personnel will be ready
areas. Shipping by Canada Post or to answer your question.
courier is also available. We give a 3% Organic Symbol Disclaimer
discount for current Retail accounts
                                        The products in our catalogue that
who pay cash or cheque on the day
                                        have the organic symbol are products
of pick-up/delivery or if the order is
                                        that, according to Bio-Ag Consultants
paid within 5 days of the invoice date.
                                        & Distributor Inc’s understanding of
We reserve the right to request a
                                        our suppliers’ written and verbal infor-
credit application at any time.
                                        mation, are suitable to use in organic
Ask us about additional savings with
                                        farming practices. However, it is the
Pre-paid Retail accounts.
                                        sole responsibility of the purchaser to
Product remains the property of Bio-
                                        evaluate whether the products bought
Ag Consultants and Distributors Inc,
                                        are accepted by the purchaser’s or-
until paid in full.
                                        ganic certifying agency.
Customer Service                          Inspection of Shipments
The staff and Dealers of Bio-Ag Con-
                                      Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors’
sultants and Distributors Inc. are
                                      customers are encouraged to inspect
committed to you, the customer. We
                                      each shipment of product upon its
encourage you to call us with your
                                      arrival. Any damage should be imme-
questions. We wish to meet our cus-   diately detailed to your Dealer, upon
tomer’s needs completely and effi-
                                      the bill of lading or Invoice. With 3rd
ciently. If we do not answer your tele-
                                      party transporters, the responsibility
phone call during business hours, our
                                      of damage that occurred during ship-
24-hour answering service enables
                                      ping is upon the shipping company
you to leave your order or message
                                      unless the damage occurred as a re-
with your name, address and phone
                                      sult of unloading by the purchaser.
number. We will return your call as
                                      Please notify Bio-Ag Consultants &
soon as possible.                     Distributors of any damage within 24
Liability Disclaimer                  hours of receiving your shipment.
Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors Any concerns relating to failure to
Inc. will not be liable for the wrong receive product, incorrect quantity of
                                                                      Page 43

Terms and Conditions
goods or incorrect products must be         tributors will ship the out-of-stock
made with 30 days of the date of the        item free of charge when it be-
invoice. Failing to do such, the cus-       comes available.
tomer is deemed to accept the in- Retail Sales Tax policy
voice/shipment as accurate.
                                         Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors
Product Returns                          must charge tax on applicable prod-
Product can be accepted for return ucts sold to residents of the province
only if it has not been in a barn. of Ontario. There is an exemption
Product must be unopened, clean made for those who purchase prod-
and in its original factory condition.   ucts that are used in their farming
After 30 days, a 10% restocking fee operations to produce products for
will apply. After 60 days, no returns or sale. Bio-Ag Consultants & Distribu-
credits are available.                   tors Inc. must have an Ontario sales
Shipping costs for returned goods are tax number or provide a signature
the responsibility of the purchaser that the product is used in the busi-
unless a mistake has been made by ness of farming. Products for personal
Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. use must have sales tax added. Bio-
The responsibility of Bio-Ag Consult- Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. is
ants & Distributors Inc is limited to liable for any tax that is not collected
reimbursement of return shipping when such is a situation is exposed by
costs of wrong items that were an Retail Sales Tax Audit.
shipped by mistake.                      Returned Cheque Policy
Order Cancellations                        Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc.
Order cancellations are accepted on        charges $ 15.00 fee for any cheques
floor stock until the time of shipping.    that are returned because of insuffi-
Custom mixed products can be can-          cient funds. The customer will also be
celled until the point of production.      responsible to pay any additional
Special orders from outside suppliers      charges that may be incurred from
can be cancelled until order is placed     the bank.
with that supplier. Cancellations after
                                           Warranties, Disclaimers,
shipping occurs will result in a default
to the procedures listed in the above
                                           Liability Limitations
                                           Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors war-
Product Return policy.
                                           rants that all products manufactured
Out-of-stock Item Policy                   by it will contain the ingredients de-
Any items that are out-of-stock when       scribed in their packaging or provided
a customer orders, will be handled         on request, subject to immaterial
according to the following terms:          variations. Bio-Ag Consultants and
• Shipment of the entire order will be     Distributors provides no other war-
  held until the order can be shipped      ranty or performance guarantees with
  in full when that is acceptable for      respect to any products or services by
  the customer.                            itself or its Dealers. Bio-Ag Consult-
• If the out-of-stock item needs to be     ants & Distributors Inc provides no
  shipped later than the original ship-    warranty whatsoever for products it
  ment, Bio-Ag Consultants & Dis-          does not manufacture.

Page 44                                        To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Product Listing (Alphabetical)
A   Apple Cider Vinegar                                20
    Aqua-Zyme Boosters                                 25
    Atlantean Plant Fertilizer                         31

B   BayMag (Magnesium Oxide)                           20
    Beef Blue 2:1                                      10
    Beef Green 1:1                                     10
    Bentonite Clay                                     20
    Bio-Ag Calf Starter 15% GMO Free                   14
    Bio-Lac Dry                                        16
    Bio-Lac Liquid                                     16
    Bio-Lac / Kelp Custom Forage Mix                   23
    Bio-Lac / Kelp / Sugar Custom Forage Mix           23
    Bio-Lac / Sugar Custom Forage Mix                  23
    Bio-Pro Universal Chip                             39
    Black Earth                                        20
    Books                                              40

C   Calphos Soft Phosphate                             31
    Citric Acid                                        21
    Customer Appreciation Day                          40

D   Dairy All Phos 0:5                                 10
    Dairy Blue 2:1                                     10
    Dairy Protein Concentrate (GMOFCP)                 14
    Dairy Gold 3:1                                     10
    Dairy Green 1:1                                    10
    Dairy Red 1:2                                      10
    Dairy White 1:4                                    10
    Dairy Yellow 5:1                                   10
    Dog Food                                           15

E   Epsom Salt                                         21
    Electrical Consulting                              38

F   Flax Meal                                          13
    Flax Oil                                           13
    Flax Pellet                                        13
    Full Spectrum Bulbs                                37
                                                     Page 45

Product Listing (Alphabetical)
G   Garlic-dehydrated                           21
    Gathering Forage Samples                    23
    GMO’s                                       41
    Goat Premix 1:1                             10
    Grander Units                               34
    Gropal Growers Solution                     32

H   Hand Pumps                                  35
    Hog Grower                                  10
    Homeopathic-Kit                             25
    Homeopathic-Mixed                           24
    Homeopathic-Single                          24
    Homestead Chick Grower                      12
    Homestead Chick Starter                     12
    Homestead Hog Grower                        12
    Homestead Hog Starter                       12
    Homestead Poultry Layer                     12
    Homestead Turkey Grower                     12
    Homestead Turkey Starter                    12
    Horse Feed 14% Complete                     15
    Horse Mineral                               10
    Hydrogen Peroxide 35%                       34

J   Jersey Greensand                            31
    January Seminar                             40

K   Kelp Fertilizer Mix                         31
    Kelp Meal                                   18

L   Lab testing                                 38
    Lawn & Garden Mix                           32
    LED lights                                  37
    Lime (Feed Grade)                           22
    Liquid Seaweed Concentrate                  32
    Livestock Safety Cushion                    36
    Lubribio                                    27

M   ManureBuster                                37

N   NTM Salt                                    17
    NTM Salt Pressed Block                      17

Page 46                                         To Order Call: 1-800-363-5278

Product Listing (Alphabetical)
    NTM Salt Random Block                               17
    Nutri-Mins                                          28

P   Paste gun                                           26
    Perma Guard D.E.                                    19
    Peroxide Test Strips                                35
    pH Test Strips                                      35
    Pig Paste                                           26
    Pig Starter 50                                      10
    Pig Starter 100                                     10
    Poultry Grower                                      10
    Poultry Layer                                       10
    Poultry Starter                                     10
    Protein Feed                                        27

R   Ration Balancing                                    38
    Real Salt All Natural Trace Mineral Table Salt      39
    Redmond Anti Caking                                 17
    Rum-Inoc-Gel                                        26

S   Sheep Premix 1:1                                    10
    Soap TCI 1227                                       35
    Sow (Nursing & Dry)                                 10
    Solka Hoofgel                                       26
    Soluble Seaweed Extract                             32
    Sol-u-Bor (Boron)                                   33
    Spritzer Garden Duster                              33
    Stalosan F                                          37
    Stennerpump                                         34
    Stetzerizer Filter                                  39
    Stetzerizer Meter                                   39
    Sulphur                                             22
    Sul-po-mag (Feedate)                                33

V   Vet Wrap                                            27
    Vita Ferm Topdress                                  22
    Vitamaster—NF                                       28
    Vitamin C Injectable                                28
    Vitamin C Crystals                                  28

W   White Vinegar                                       34
Y   Yucca Liquid                                        21
                                                                              Page 47

History of the Company
Murray Bast took over his father’s dairy operation in 1974 and the farm has been
chemical free since. Murray’s experiences with cattle and how the soil, nutrition, and
the environment that affects them, encouraged him to start Bio-Ag Consultants &
Distributors Inc. in 1982. Bio-Ag is a company committed to developing and distributing
quality agricultural products that work in cooperation with nature’s biological system.
Head Office staff (located in Wellesley, Ontario) and all of Bio-Ag dealers and
associates provide these products and services to all farm clients in meeting nutritional
requirements on their farm, as well as working on health issues on farm.

Murray Bast and his wife Florence, now operate a 125 acre Beef cow/calf and finishing
operation along with Alpacas. Their farm is operating on an intensive system of pasture
and livestock management. Murray has devoted his time to livestock management,
nutrition and research.

The Bast farm is also home to another business — Greenwood Wellness Clinic Inc.,
which flows naturally from Murray’s interest in nutritional issues for animals. Murray
has studied how the elements of nutrition, the soil and the environment impact human
health. Murray is a Registered Homeopath with the National United Professional
Associates of Trained Homeopaths. The clinic also has a Chiropractor and 2
Naturopathic doctors on staff, including Murray’s son Lindsay. Visit for more information

Bio-Ag is proud of its dedicated staff and distributors who have helped us become an
excellent supplier and source of information to our customer base. Bio-Ag at present is
working in Ontario with 14 dealers, as well as several feed store operations carrying our
product, as well as 2 U.S. distributors. From our Head Office and Manufacturing facility
in Wellesley, Ontario, Canada, where we have 17 staff working to meet customer needs
and requirements, we ship product to sites throughout Canada and we are developing
export agreements, as overseas markets are developed. Product has been shipped to
Mexico, South America and China, as Bio-Ag aggressively looks for world markets for
the products we carry.

We thank you for your interest in our company.
Hopefully, the information presented here has given
you a glimpse into the nature of our company and its
principals and products. If you visit our web site, you
can find out more about Bio-Ag and its unique
products. Please do not hesitate to contact us if
there is any way we can accommodate you.

  For more information on our dealer network and
  contact information, please see our web site, at:
                                                          Bio-Ag Head Office, Wellesley ON

           Murray’s Message
Thank you for picking up one of Bio-Ag’s first
ever catalogue. This has been over 26 years
in the making but I hope it will help our
customers to see the wide variety of products
we have to help your farm operation become
more efficient as well as greener.

This catalogue is dedicated to Dr. John Wittaker DVM (1931-1990) who
inspired me to begin this company. His guidance and direction helped me to
see that alternatives to drugs, chemicals, vaccines, hormones, chemical
fertilizers, etc. existed when no one else was talking about other options. He
suggested I read Soil, Grass and Cancer and this book changed the way I
approached my personal life as well as livestock and agriculture from that day
forward. Dr. Wittaker’s thinking was light years ahead on things like:
• bacteria and what their role/function in the body was;
• Infections;
• the real potential of mold and fungus on the blood stream as well as the
     immune system;
• soil biology and what we do to the soil and its’ biology when we dump
     chemicals on the ground;
• fertilization, cropping, health, disease, etc.

In the years since his passing his observations still surprise me and are miles
ahead of many researchers today. This knowledge has led Bio-Ag to become a
leader in quality products and first class nutrition.

Everyone from call takers to sales people at Bio-Ag are committed to putting
you first. We look forward to assisting you with your need—large or small.

Thank you and continue ‘Working with Nature ~ Naturally’
Murray Bast
President Bio-Ag

                     Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors
                     1400 Greenwood Hill Rd
                     Box 189                         519-656-2460
                     Wellesley, Ontario              1-800 363-5278
                     Canada                          Fax: 519-656-2534
                     N0B 2T0               

                                Printed on Recycled Paper

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