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Welcome Subcommittees and Volunteers Special Levy


The year is now in full swing and it’s incredible to think that we are already in May. Something else that you
will notice is in full swing is the progress with the Access Control system as well as the Boundary wall. There
is an update to this and the other projects that the Special Levy was raised for further on in the newsletter.

Subcommittees and Volunteers
Although this year is already almost coming to an end in terms of the tenure of the current HOA, we would
still like to urge people to volunteer for subcommittees. If there are still people that would still like to be on
a subcommittee, please email the relevant portfolio owner.

                       PR and Events           -
                       Landscaping             -
                       Maintenance             -
                       Security                -
                       Estate Manager          -

This is to ensure continuity in terms of portfolios and to also involve more people in terms of transferring
our Estate into the home we dream of.

We had called for volunteers in terms of the Easter Egg hunt. This was eventually cancelled due to the lack of
interest which is sad for the kids who would have enjoyed this.

Special Levy
Feedback on the Special Levy

In all the time that I have been writing the newsletter I haven’t had as big a response to anything as when
we first mentioned the special levy. This has obviously drawn a lot of attention which shows that there is a
lot of interest in this matter. Below is feedback on the special levy and the progress to date.

A copy of all the quotes will be placed on the website in due course to add transparency to the process. It
should be remembered that it isn’t always the best price that has been selected, but on a number of factors
to try and determine the most suitable service provider.
Access Control

The access control system is now up and running with more than 90% of residents registered on the system.
Although it was first stated that the HOA would go door-to-door, this proved to be impossible as people
didn’t have door bells, were not at home, a member of the family was not at home or the residents simply
ignored their bell.

It was then decided that it should be done in the Estate Manager’s office and all thanks to Dean Puntis and
Mark Trollope for implementing the system. People may not realize the time and effort taken in
implementing the system, as well as late nights of capturing data by these two. For their effort, some
residents even felt the need to shout and swear at them, without an eye on the future and the level of
protection and control a system like this adds.

To those residents who understand, thank you for your patience in this matter, especially when the
fingerprinting dates also fell on the coldest nights of this year.

The article below is from the Edenvale News and the fact that crime is on the up in gated communities. This
made our upgrade even more important.

The fingerprinting of the Domestic workers and Gardeners will begin within the next couple of weeks, but
we will keep you informed as to the process. Please could you also return the old access cards as these will
be used as part of the Visitor Drop-Box System, further saving money for the Estate.
Boundary Wall

The work has started on the boundary wall now that the rain has let up a bit (see the rainfall figures for the
year-to-date further in this newsletter). We look forward to having our Estate restored to the state that it
first was.

This is a mammoth task but the results will be worth it. We appreciate the patience of all those who will be
affected by the repairs, but this is one of the necessary evils. All residents who live against the boundary wall
will be liable for the repairs and maintenance on the inside of the wall.

Electric Fence

A site visit was held with a number of potential contractors (including some residents) to assess the Electric
Fence and ensure all quotes were based on an Apples-for-Apples basis. A number of additional
vulnerabilities were identified, including gaps and wiring irregularities that have to be addressed along with
the Tamper Rings. Quotes have been received and the contractor should be given the go-ahead shortly.

Tarring of Roads

The quotes are being finalized as the roads had to be reassessed after all the rain. More info on this shortly.


This has been the most difficult of all the work (and the most expensive). The ground water and excessive
rains have made this a difficult process, with new damage being done inadvertently daily to the coves.
Additional time needs to be taken to ensure that the best possible solution is selected on these coves.
Details to follow.

Other Estate Issues

Dumping in Modderfontein Strip

I’m amazed that these are actually issues in an Estate like ours, people who feel the need to dump all their
rubbish in the Modderfontein strip (Greenbelt bordering Modderfontein Road). This includes building rubble
and other household and garden refuse. Please refrain from doing this. We all live together in this Estate and
perpetrators will be fined.
Pikitup Strike/ Waste Removal

During the strike by the Municipal Workers (and Pikitup?) there was no household waste collected by
Pikitup. The HOA arranged for the collection of this waste at the Estate’s cost. This was an unbudgeted
expense, but absolutely necessary for the health and hygiene of all residents. Unfortunately, this is not
sustainable if a strike of this nature happens often or protracted lengths of time and provisions may need to
be made for this in the future.

Thanks to all residents for their understanding during this time.


A letter was sent out during April regarding the possibility of postboxes for the area. There seemed to be
quite a strong demand, so we hold thumbs that this will materialize. Thanks to Percy Govender for
investigating the matter and driving the process.

Guards Christmas Hamper

There were a few people that emailed me to tell me that I had not included their details in the newsletter as
having contributed towards the guards’ hampers. As mentioned previously, if I have omitted your name, it
was not done intentionally, but it does not mean your contribution was not appreciated any less than those

Thanks to The Lawrences in 361 and The Beseti’s in 439 who have also made contributions but were omitted
in the last newsletter.

Building and Renovation Procedure

All the guidelines are available on the website and ignorance of them is not an excuse. It is every resident’s
responsibility to understand the process before building. Please see the link below.

Any building of any kind, including pools etc need to follow this procedure. Ignoring or transgressing the
procedures will result in a fine.
House Numbers

There has been some confusion regarding house numbers after the letter circulated by the council in terms
of the new house numbers etc. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, please do not change anything yet.
We are in the process of engaging with the council as there have been some errors in their numbering.

In addition, the majority of residents have already numbered their houses according to the previous 3-digit
numbering given by the developer. Please keep this numbering displayed until the council gives us a formal

Disclaimer Boards

There are a number of disclaimer boards dotted around the Estate. These are in place for the protection of
every resident. We have had a number of instances where these were removed or damaged. Please
remember that anyone caught vandalizing any Estate property will face a stiff fine.

Monthly Rainfall

Thanks to Mr Fulks who has reported that we have had 325.5mm of rain in January, 210mm of rain in
February, 153mm of rain in March and 123mm of rain in April. This means that for the first five months we
have had a total of 811.5mm rain at an average of 162.5mm

New Event Ideas
I have had no suggestions for events since the previous newsletters. Anyone who may have ideas and would
like to join the Events subcommittee, please let me know at

We had to cancel the planned Easter Egg hunt as there were no volunteers who came forward to offer to
help organize the event.

Business Adverts
Any resident who would like to hand out pamphlets needs to speak to Martin Ludick regarding the process.
These will be handed out with the weekly newspaper to make sure the process is the least intrusive for
One Liners
Ann's Pet and Plant Services: while you are away there is a reliable someone to look after precious animals
and plants - phone 072 012 2306

Travel Counsellor – For Incredible travel specials and five star travel service and support contact Claudine
Hoines - 083 270 2588. Claudine is a resident in the Estate

Tax Returns, CK Registration & Bookkeeping Services: Require professional assistance - contact Ilona 073
223 7699 or e-mail

Slimming: A natural way to kick start summer, helping you shed those extra kilos, bring back your energy
and stay healthy!!! Great for all ages. If you’re interested in knowing more about the products, please
contact Maria Hall on 082 570 1995.

Tentoku Beauty Salon: Based in Emerald Estate for convenience. Offering all beauty treatments including
massages, Gel and Acrylic Nails, waxing and tinting. May Special – Back Massage and Pedicure R210.
Contact Gaylene at 083-660-1825 or

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