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   Getting employees' ideas and getting their
    involvement is critical in our rapidly
    changing world. If your company is going to
    be competitive, it's mandatory to involve not
    just hands, but the ideas from everyone in
    your organization.

   This issue is about ways to involve
    employees.     People    who     work    for
    organizations often have ideas and thoughts
    that could make all the difference but they
    don't express them.

   Employee involvement significantly benefits
    a business by tapping into their greatest
    resources, their employees.
What is Employee Involvement?
What is Employee Involvement?

 It is a participative style of management
 and a range of activities that are designed
 to increase employees' understanding of
 the organization, utilize their talents,
 enable them to influence decisions, and
 encourage their commitment to the goals
 of the organization.
What is the Purpose of
Employee Involvement?
 Why is it important to capture ideas and
 suggestions? For starters, the process
 improves individual motivation and morale.

 Involvement programs help capture the
 creativity, energy, and ideas many people

 They also allow departments and individuals
 to work cross-functionally, and create an
 environment of learning and constant
What are the Benefits of
Employee Involvement?

Employee involvement can:
     improve efficiency

     improve quality and competitiveness

     increase job satisfaction and motivation

     Encourage      co-operation   and     improve
      industrial relations.
Methods of Involving Employees

 There are two methods of
 involving employees:
    indirect  involvement  where   a
     representative acts on behalf of

    direct involvement where employees
     are involved in decisions about how
     they work
Methods of Involving Employees

    Effective communications are essential to
     the success of employee involvement.

    It is important to create the right climate and
     maintain communications systems which
     aid a free flow of information within an

    Regular meetings also help to involve

   One of the greatest underlying
    factors in the success or failure of
    any organization is the power of its
    people, and how well that power is
    focused    towards     meeting   the
    organization's objectives.

   Employee involvement is a process
    for empowering employees         to
    participate in managerial decision-
    making and improvement activities
    appropriate to their levels in the

   Empowerment       means     that   all
    employees feel that they have the
    responsibility and authority to
    participate in decision making and
    problem solving in their appropriate
    operating levels. It's obvious that a
    whole company of skilled and
    capable problem solvers will have a
    distinct competitive advantage over
    an organization with only a few keys
    contributors and an army of drones.

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