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									   Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Prema Clothing   A Toronto based team providing you with clothing and apparel solutions. In our chang-
                 ing times, we are here to fill the gap between wanting to do the more responsible and
                 more eco-friendly thing and doing it. We provide you, our customer, with many organic
                 and sustainable options for your custom apparel and accessories printing.

   ecomum        ecomum has expanded its inventory to include organic clothing for adults and kids, as
                 well as hemp and other alternative fabrics, reusable swim diapers, detergents, baby
                 carrying slings, waldorf toys and more.

  Axis Gear      Toronto’s eco-friendly screen printer. (Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp)

  Eco-ganik       “Organic, natural and sustainable fashion should be a staple, not a luxury. We want to
                  give the eco-minded customer a lot of options for her wardrobe for any occasion. If
                  we can offer a beautiful garment, at a comparable price, why not choose eco-friendly?
                  We are a young, chic, modern brand and we want to emphasize that you can look amaz-
                  ing on the outside and feel good about it on the inside. Eco-Ganik is the go-to brand
                  for any earth conscious, fashion savvy girl. We’re making the world a better place, one
                  outfit at a time.”

  Ecosandals      A non-profit importer and reseller of sandals produced by Akala Designs Limited, a
                  cooperative business based in Nairobi, Kenya. This astonishing international e-
                  business, based in one of Nairobi’s most destitute neighborhoods, currently employs
                  nearly 30 Kenyans in the designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of really
                  great sandals made with recycled tire treads.

 grace & cello    we only work with fabrics that we can justify as having a minimal impact on the envi-
                  ronment, and we weigh the pros and cons of every fabric we use in our collections
  Hemp & Company       Specializes in selling environmentally sustainable products that are well known for
                       their effective use of land and water resources. We manufacture our own clothes
                       using hemp and organic cotton blends and we manufacture in Vancouver, Canada.

    Lela Designs       Putting the green in ladies golf! Our fashion forward designs have been on the
                       forefront of the eco luxury golf niche for years and each season we better our
                       practices creating more choices for the earth loving consumer.

  Linda Loudermilk     Redefines sustainability with design that gives back to the earth. Linda Louder-
                       milk clothing outfits the movement, providing the uniform for this new kind of
                       earth warrior – an infusion of hope for an abused but resilient planet.

     Loomstate         Launched in New York City in 2004 by designer Rogan Gregory and Scott
                       Mackinlay Hahn, Loomstate was founded as a casual brand dedicated to creating
                       demand for certified organic cotton using socially and environmentally responsible
                       methods of production.

The Healthy Hemp Guy   Men’s, women’s and children’s hemp clothing.

    People Tree        For every beautiful garment People Tree makes, there's an equally beautiful
                       change happening somewhere in the world. We like to think of it in terms of our
                       little shoots-and-roots motif. We provide you with exclusive fashion - the shoots
                       - while at the same time we work deep down through the roots, improving the lives
                       and environment of the artisans and farmers in developing countries who work to
                       produce it. It's Fair Trade throughout.

      Effort’s         15 years ago we started by supplying companies with eco-friendly Hemp fabrics to
                       Wholesalers, Designers, Internet and other Eco-Friendly businesses across North
                       America. Since then, we've grown with the industry and evolved into designing and
                       making a quality line-up of clothes and accessories for the whole family. (Bamboo
                       & Soy as well)
       LivEco            We are a friendly Canadian online retailer of Eco-friendly products worldwide,
                         with a dominant focus on hemp clothing and home products. Based in Ontario Can-
                         ada, we pride ourselves with having fair pricing, great shipping options and follow
                         up service. With our main emphases on Environmental Consciousness, you can rest
                         assured knowing that our product line is all about Eco-Friendliness.

   Green is Black        Retails women’s and men’s green clothing, eco clothing, shoes, and accessories cre-
                         ated by cutting edge designers who use hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and soy, as
                         well as reclaimed, recycled and vintage materials. We only deal with manufactur-
                         ers who employ fairly paid labour practices: this eliminates the dilemma of choos-
                         ing between fashion and ethics.

Salts Organic Clothing   All of Salts Organic Clothing is designed and produced in North America. This is
                         important to us because we want to support the communities that we live and play
                         in. Salts clothing is made of the highest quality organic fabrics available and we
                         are constantly seeking beautiful new fabrics to work with.

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