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  The Newsletter of the Redmond Cycling Club                                                                            November 2004
                                                                          And while you’re out there, promoting peace and
Message from the                                                       prosperity through bicycling, check out these guys:
Prez: And Now for                                             Met one of them at Interbike and was
                                                                       impressed with their mission and also their gear. These folks are
Something Com-                                                         taking trolling for stokers to a higher plane and, one hopes, show-
pletely Different                                                      ing people from other countries that we – meaning U.S. bicyclists
By Tom Killion                                                         and our citizens in general – are basically decent and helpful
                                                                       humans not all bent on gobbling up, paving over, or just gener-
   Well, maybe not. After all, what do we really do but ride our       ally mucking with the rest of the world. It’s a hard task because
bikes, work on our bikes, talk about our bikes, and maybe even         the news these days is tilted heavily towards the macho, but give
dream about them. Jobs, family, politics, etc? What are those          these guys credit for trying.
but unfortunately necessary life impediments? Biking is where
we enjoy life. And drink good wine, and beer, and coffee, and             Closer to home, we can always offer our assistance to our
eat great pastriesand food – NONE of which would be possible           fellow bicycle clubs in their endeavors. Cascade has always had
without BIKING.                                                        very active educational and political arms, so get involved!

   I suppose that there are other enjoyable pursuits, like garden-        What can we do as RCC members? You might attend the
ing, hiking, and maybe one or two other things, but they pale in       Bicycle Alliance auction on Saturday November 13 and support
comparison.                                                            the cause. The Club donates RAMROD (and Cannonball and S-
                                                                       2-S!) tickets every year, and this year we have donated a framed,
   Which is why I propose that we all take to wearing campaign         signed maillot jaune from Greg Lemond.
buttons reading “I LIKE bIKE”. A candidate we can ALL get be-
hind. Support your hobby/lifestyle/addiction with pride!                  Early next year is the Bike Works auction, which is a grass-

                                                                                                (continues on page 2)

General                                        Group Health Publication
                                               Takes Up Topic of Senior
Meeting:                                       Drivers and Safety: Choos-
                                               ing to Give Up Driving                           Sacred matters                           3
Monday, November 1, 2004                                                                        Manastash                                4
                                               By The Editors
Monday, December 6, 2004                                                                        Halloween                                4
                                                  In several recent issues, we have             Cycling’s Future in Seattle              5
                                               discussed the subject of senior drivers and      BGT Missing Link Extension               6
Third Place                                    their potential effect on cyclists. This topic   Fall Flatlander                          7
Lake Forest Park Town Centre                   was dramatically brought to our attention        520 Bridge EIS                           8
17171 Bothell Way NE                           by member Thomas Zylstra’s story of the          Rides                                    9
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155                     car-bicycle accident he incurred.                Officers                                 9
Social meeting 6:30 PM
                                                  In the Summer/Fall 2004 issue of
Business meeting 7:15 PM
                                               “Senior Outlook,” a publication of Group
                                               Health Cooperative, adjusting to ceasing         Submissions due to Janet Heineck
                                               to drive was the topic of the lead article.      or Duane Wright by the 18th of each
                                                           (continues on page 2)                month.
Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                       October 2004             1
                (from page 1)                    were printed. One of these especially          Corrections
                                                 gives heart to cyclists. “I gave up my car
From the Prez                                                                                     In the August/September issue, in the
                                                 four years ago and have never regretted
roots organization in Columbia City                                                             S2S results, it was stated that Mike Raaka
                                                 it. First I bought a better bike, which cost
dedicated to helping kids get that first (or                                                    was the only rider to complete both Can-
                                                 exactly the amount I would have spent for
better) bike and learning right. (See http:                                                     nonball and S2S this year. In fact, Scott
                                                 my next semi-annual car insurance. I bike,
// for more                                                        Youngren also completed both rides.
                                                 bus, or walk, which keeps me quite fit. I
information.--Ed.)                               call that my medication, the only one I take
  In the meantime, keep checking the             at age 72. Talk about savings! A positive
RCC website for information on upcoming          mental attitude is, no doubt, the most
Club events such as the elections at the         important factor. Some seniors wait until
December meeting, the Christmas Holiday          they have an accident before they stop
party, and the President’s, aka Cabbage          driving. How much better to make such an
Patch, Ride.                                     important decision voluntarily.”

  Get out the rain gear and ride!                   Another story offers hope to all those at
                                                 this transition point. “Gradually I became
                (from page 1)                    able to relax and realize the world had not
                                                 stopped just because I no longer drove.”
Group Health
                                                   The article included a list of sources for
In the previous issue, readers had been          additional help, including a directory of
asked to submit stories of their own experi-     resources, a booklet of “Tips for Assessing
ences of giving up their car keys and no         Safe Driving,” and driving classes for older
longer renewing their driver’s licenses.         adults.
The common misconception, that seniors
are NOT disproportionately responsible           The Conference Bike
for accidents, was expressed. “Many of
you challenged the idea that statistics can
clearly prove that seniors cause more ac-          The ConferenceBike is a tricycle pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle.
cidents than another age group.”
                                                   Thanks to alert reader Greg Sneed.
   Or perhaps the results showed that
readers harbored a misunderstanding, or
wariness, of statistics. The article went on
to clarify that “while younger drivers are
most frequently cited for speeding and
tailgating, elderly drivers are more likely
to get citations for failing to yield, turning
improperly, and running stop signs and red
lights--all indicators of diminished driving
   Although cyclists certainly have reason
to worry about speeding and tailgating,
one could argue that motorists’ failure to
yield, improper turning, and running stop
signs and red lights pose the most serious
hazards for bicyclists.
  Of the many stories submitted, eleven

Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                       October 2004          2
The Sacred Road Surface                            Athens Olympics officials had no            giving an interview to MSNBC during the
By Duane Wright                                 understanding of the finer points of bicycle   convention, city police showed up and
                                                racing and did their best to prevent any       arrested him, confiscating his bicycle and
  Cyclists love smooth asphalt but will tell    graffiti from appearing on the courses. Ru-    printer. Kinberg was charged with criminal
you that far too many of their miles have       ral communities on the route of the recent     mischief and criminal possession of graffiti
been recorded on roads with too many            2,000-rider Madison, Wisconsin Ironman         instruments. The court case has yet to
cracks and pot holes. And if we never           insisted that race organizers put up a bond    be resolved. For more information, see
see another FOOT of chip seal it will be        to ensure that any graffiti would be cleaned   website cited above.
too soon! That’s why it’s hard for us to        from the road surface after the event was
understand when some people insist that                                                           Kinberg’s printing device begs for practi-
they are upset when graffiti appears on the                                                    cal applications. SIR organizers pre-rid-
road.                                              Nowhere was the sacredness of               ing brevets could mark the courses with
                                                pavement more affirmed than in New             custom Dan Henry arrows complete with
   It’s hard to imagine a Tour de France        York City during the Republican National       club logos in full color. Cascade’s STP Dan
without messages of encouragement               Convention. Joshua Kinberg, an innovative      Henrys could come complete with Group
chalked onto the road surface by fans           cyclist, attempted to enable the masses to     Health Cooperative logos. The possibilities
during a late night bout of drinking and        write their thoughts remotely on the city’s    are endless.
patriotism. In this year’s race, the Trek he-   pavement. “Using a wireless
licopter often gave us an eyeful. The final     Internet-enabled bicycle outfitted
several kilometers of the Alpe d’Huez time      with a custom-designed printing
trial course was nearly solid with text. In     device, the Bikes Against Bush
one short segment of coverage, the follow-      bicycle can print text messages
ing messages leaped out from those in the       sent from web users directly
many languages represented on the road:         onto the streets of Manhattan in
“EPO Lance”, “Lance Sucks”, and “^#@k           water-soluble chalk.” (From http:
Lance.” Patient Lance-loving viewers got        //
their reward when a minute or so later the
message “Lance, rip their $%^#s off” was          Kinberg never was able to
picked up by the ‘copter cam.                   demonstrate his device. While
                                                                                    Rider displays the portable pavement print-
                                                                                    ing device (Kinberg)

And the Sacred Bicycle
Submitted by alert reader Peter Beeson
   St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, in Menlo Park, Cal., is located on a popular
cycling route. On Sunday, October 10, 2004, Reverend Dennis S. Tierney con-
ducted his second annual blessing of riders and their steeds. The event was
also a chance for cyclists to donate bicycles for farm workers in San Mateo

                                                                                    Reverend Dennis S. Tierney gives his bless-
                                                                                    ing to cyclists and their bikes (photo by
  Cyclists have a right to the road too, you noisy, polluting, inconsiderate        Kat Wode)
maniacs! I hope gas goes up to eight bucks a gallon!--The dad of “Calvin &
Hobbes,” responding to Calvin’s request for traffic safety poster ideas. From
Strickland, “The Quotable Cyclist”. New York: Breakaway Books, 1997.

Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                     October 2004             3
Manastash 100k Saturday October 2, 2004                             We had good weather with temperatures 50 to 55, half over-
By Greg Sneed                                                     cast, and no rain, but it did get cold and spat a few drops above
                                                                  Indian John Hill. After the Cle Elum bakery stop, we enjoyed
   Sixteen of us rode the Ellensburg Manastash metric century     heavy tailwinds back to Ellensburg.
last Saturday. Our riders included Sylvia, Charlie, Gil, Robyn,
Alex, Bill, Neal, Rod, Ralph, Ann-Marie, Greg, Lovey, Susan,        Overall it was a B+ ride for October.
Curley Sue, Terry, and Heartbeat.                                   Seeya soon, G
  The distance was 62 miles and the elevation gain was 1,800
feet, with a stop at the Cle Elum Bakery. Lovey and I averaged
13.5 mph.

Burnaby Velodrome Racing                                          RCC Halloween Party
    •    November 26-28 2004                                        Saturday, October 30,2004, 6pm.
                                                                    Potluck and BYOB.
    •    January 7-9 2005                         The club will provide plates, napkins, cups, utensils and some
                                                                  soft drinks.

  As our president says “You’re either for                          Where:
                                                                    Where: Susan’s house
us … or a Guiness.”                                                 6845 48th Ave NE (View Ridge/Wedgwood neighborhood)
--Gil Sneed                                                         Seattle, WA 98115
                                                                    (206) 529-1398
                                                                    Costumes strongly encouraged.

Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                October 2004            4
CYCLISTS: WHAT TO DO IN A TRAFFIC                                         other at-fault motorist is uninsured or when a hit-and-run motorist
CRASH                                                                     cannot be located. The cyclist’s insurer denied the claim and the
From LAW                                                                  North Carolina Court of Appeals agreed, because the state’s con-
                                                                          trolling statute says you must file a police report within 24 hours
  A League member who is an attorney in North Carolina urges              of the accident. For more information on the case, see http:
cyclists: All bike-car collisions should be reported to police officers   //
immediately for safety as well as insurance reasons, even if you          030947-1.htm..
don’t think you are hurt. If you’re involved in a hit-and-run crash
while riding your bike, be sure to file a police report that same day.      Sent in by alert reader Arlie Swanson.
Your own auto insurance may cover you. If you delay and injuries
crop up at a later date, you risk losing the benefits you’ve paid for
                                                                             When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when
under your own auto policy.
                                                                          work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth
   Recently, a North Carolina cyclist was struck and brushed off          having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road,
the road by a passing motorist. Initially, he thought he’d merely         without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.--Arthur
sprained his wrist and did not call the police. Five days later,          Conan Doyle, in an 1896 article for Scientific American. From
however, when his pain worsened, he discovered he’d fractured             Strickland, “The Quotable Cyclist”. New York: Breakaway Books,
his arm. He asked his own auto insurer to pay for “uninsured              1997.
motorist” benefits, which cover your personal injuries when an-

Cyclists, Conlin and the City Council Put Heads                           tween the September 14th and Octo-
Together on the City’s Future for Cycling                                 ber 12th sessions, the teams will travel
NEWS Release:
                                                                          their designated areas on bike to look
                                                                          for improvements.
SEATTLE - Councilmember Richard
Conlin and the Bicycle Alliance of                                        At the October 12th session, the teams
Washington are sponsoring an event                                        of cyclists will present their reports with
that calls the City’s cyclists to put their                               maps, photos and written descriptions.
heads together and identify ways Se-                                      There will be a discussion of the issues
attle can become a great city for cy-                                     they found in their designated regions,
cling. The Bicycle Facilities Collaborative                               of new ideas and recommendations.
events will take place beginning Sep-
tember 14th and October 12th, from                                        When the reporting is complete, partici-
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM in the Bertha Landis                                    pants will then prioritize all recommen-
Room of City Hall.                                                        dations. The results of these sessions
                                                                          will be incorporated into a report to the
“We know this is a great city to cycle                                    City Council and will guide future deci-
in, says Councilmember Richard Conlin,                                    sions about cycling in Seattle.
“but we know there are many improve-
ments to be made. We think this is a                                      For more information, call Councilmem-
creative way to discover how to make                                      ber Richard Conlin’s office at 684-8805.
bicycling in Seattle even better.”
                                                                          Jackie O’Ryan,
Prior to the first session, participat-                                    Communications Specialist
ing cyclists will form six teams, one for                                 Seattle City Council
each geographic area of the city. They                                    Office: 684-8159
will have received background materi-                           
als to review, giving them information
on current projects, future plans, and
the city’s proposed budget. Then, be-
Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                        October 2004            5
Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link
By Duane Wright
   On Saturday morning, September 18, a group of over 100
cyclists, community leaders and other Burke-Gilman Trail sup-
porters braved gray skies and a slight drizzle to turn out for a
groundbreaking ceremony near Shilshole Bay for the segment
of the trail between the Ballard (Chittenden) Locks and NW 60th
Street, to be completed by spring 2005. City Council members
Richard Conlin, who bicycled to the ceremony, and Jim Compton
addressed the crowd. Also handling shovels for the groundbreak-
ing were council members Richard McIver and Jean Godden. See
the Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail website at http://www.burke for more information.

                                                                       Event attendee wearing vintage tee

     Map indicates the segment of Missing Link
     expected to be completed by spring of 2005

                                                                    Dignitaries breaking ground. From left,
                                                                    Richard Mcgiver (Seattle City Council),
                                                                    unidentified (WSDOT project liaison), Jean
                                                                    Godden (Seattle City Council), Unidenti-
                                                                    fied, Jim Compton (Seattle City Council)
   Richard Conlin (Seattle City Council), address-
   ing crowd                                                                              (continues on page 7)
Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                     October 2004        6
B.C. Randonneurs Fall Flatlander 200k
Sunday September 12
Photos and Captions by Peter Beeson

                                                              Peter & Maggie Beeson: Smiling at the
 Cate Mallory and David Huelsbeck: Brimming Full of                           Start
              Energy and Good Cheer

                                                      Cate and Naraya Enjoy Great Conversation and a
                                                             Shared Passion for the Open Road

        The Peloton Navigates BCʼs Beautiful
        Country Roads: Farms, River Roads,
             Beautiful Scenery All Day!

                                                         The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man.
                                                      Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the
                                                      bicycle remains pure in heart.--Iris Murdoch, “The Red and the
                                                      Green”. From Strickland, “The Quotable Cyclist”. New York:
                                                      Breakaway Books, 1997.

Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                  October 2004            7
Seattle City Council Members Respond to Suggestion to Include Madison Park - 520
Bridge Connector in Bridge Environmental Impact Study
By Duane Wright
From Jean Godden
  As an Executive Committee member on the SR 520 Bridge Project, I appreciate your suggested changes to the Draft Environmental
Impact Study (DEIS).
   While the City of Seattle is represented on the Executive Committee and plays a role in the policy-making and planning for this
project, bear in mind that the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and Sound Transit are the lead agencies on
this project. As such, you will want to make sure and send your comments to WSDOT for inclusion in the official record for appropriate
   The project is currently in the environmental analysis phase with the DEIS due by the spring of 2005. Two alternatives are being
analyzed to build a 4-lane and 6-lane replacement. In each of these proposals, a 14-foot-wide bicycle/pedestrian path is proposed
along the north side of SR 520 through Montlake and the Evergreen Point Bridge connecting Montlake and the University District to
the Eastside. Like you, a number of other individuals are requesting that the DEIS include a bike path connector between SR-520 and
Madison Park. I will certainly keep your concerns and suggestions in mind as we move forward on this issue.
  The Executive Committee will be meeting between 1-4 p.m. on October 7 at St. Luke’s Church in Bellevue. For updated information
and details on this project, please visit
  Again thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

From Richard McIver
   Thank you for your email, asking for City support for the study of a possible bicycle connection from Madison Park to a rebuilt 520
bridge in the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), which is to be prepared by the Washington State Department
of Transportation (WSDOT). I have received over a hundred such emails, an indication of the interest in such a connection among
Seattle’s large and vocal bicycling community.
   The City has its own 520 Executive Committee, to guide City policy on such questions. The members of that committee are my
Council colleagues Jean Godden and Richard Conlin, along with Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, and Seattle Department of Transportation
(SDOT) Director Grace Crunican. It is my understanding that SDOT staff recommended that the committee not ask WSDOT to include
this issue in its DEIS. Staff reported that such a connection would most likely be very expensive, would create problems with views,
and have adverse environmental shore and over-water impacts. There was also a concern that some in the Madison Park neighbor-
hood have expressed strong opposition to such a connection.
   While not a bicyclist myself, I can certainly understand the appeal of such a connection to bikers, particularly those who live in the
Madison Park neighborhood and who commute to jobs on the eastside. Councilman Richard Conlin has asked the Executive to pro-
vide him with their evidence that such a connection would create unacceptable environmental impacts. I will be interested in seeing
what information that is available on the issue. Depending upon what it shows, I may well find myself in agreement with you, and urge
my colleagues to ask for further study of the question within the DEIS.
  Again, I appreciate your efforts in bringing this issue to my attention.

From Richard Conlin
   Thank you for your message about the possible inclusion of a bike/ped connection to the Madison Park area in the Draft Environ-
mental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the 520 bridge replacement project. This idea has been recommended by the communities adjoin-
ing 520 through the 520 Local Impact Study, a study funded by the City and State to examine possible neighborhood transportation
improvements to accompany the bridge reconstruction.

                                                           (continues on page 9)
Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                     October 2004            8
                                             information about the adverse environ-         The hope is that a study for this connection
           Rides                             mental impacts, but the information I have     can be done whether or not it is part of the
                                             received has not convinced me that the         original DEIS.
Saturday, November 6, 2004
                                             connection should be ruled out.
                                                                                               Thank you once again for your thought-
Tacoma Museums
                                                I am now therefore prepared to per-         ful comments. I am hopeful that the City
Arlie Swanson & Duane Wright.
                                             sonally recommend that it be included in       will be able to work with WSDOT in finding
9:15 a.m. ferry, Fauntleroy. Moderate. 45    the 520 DEIS, and will consider asking         a way to study the possible bicycle/
                                             the Council to pass a resolution endors-       pedestrian connection to Madison Park.
We’ll cross Vashon and catch the
                                             ing study of the bike/ped connection to
Tahlequah ferry to Point Defiance. Then                                                      Mayor Greg Nickels
on to downtown Tacoma where one can          Madison Park.
                                                                                            Thank you for your letter urging
choose from the brand spanking new
Tacoma Art Museum, the pretty darn           From Tom Rasmussen                             support of a bicycle/pedestrian lane
new Glass Museum, or the not so very old                                                    connecting the Madison Park to
                                                Thank you for sharing your thoughts
Washington History Museum (mix and                                                          SR 520. The City has received the
match). Lunch possibly at Ruston. Bring      with me regarding a potential study of a
                                                                                            recommendations from the SR 520
lights (though we’ll try to be back before   bicycle/pedestrian connection from Madi-       Local Impact Study, which include
dark).                                       son Park to SR 520. I have been advised        the recommendation of studying                   that this connection was not part of the       a bicycle/pedestrian connection                       original Draft Environmental Impact Study      between SR 520 and Madison Park.
                                             (DEIS) proposed by the Washington State        I am pleased to convey to you
2005 SIR Brevets                             Department of Transportation (WSDOT)           that the City recently sent a letter
Schedule                                     for its bridge replacement project.            requesting WSDOT to further                I agree that there should be such a         evaluate the concept of a bicycle/
                                             connection to SR 520. Also, I believe that     pedestrian connection from
Tuesday, July 19, 2005                                                                      Madison Park to SR 520.
                                             we need a better route for pedestrians and
Gold Rush Randonnee (1200 km)                                                               I would like to thank you for
                                             bicyclists to the Montlake area and across
Begins in Davis, CA                                                                         your commitment to supporting
                                             the ship canal. The current Lake Wash-
                                                                                            alternative transportation options                 ington Boulevard connection through the
                                                                                            for the citizens and visitors of our
                                             Arboretum is narrow, circuitous and, I feel,
               (from page 8)                                                                great city.
                                             risky for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Seattle City Council                            At this point the DEIS process is too far
   Although City staff raised concerns       along the process to be able to include
about adverse environmental impacts          the bicycle/pedestrian connection in the
associated with such a connection, at my     DEIS. However, because of the broad
request the recommendation against it has    community support for the connection, the
been removed from the City’s response        City will write to WSDOT requesting them
to the Study. I had requested concrete       to consider evaluating this connection.

2004 RCC Officers                            Secretary:                                     Newsletter Editor:
President:                                   Amy Harman                                     Janet Heineck
Tom Killion, 206-418-0870                                                       Social Director:                               Newsletter Layout:
Vice President:                              Greg Sneed, 206-784-1265                       Duane Wright
Shane Balkovetz                                                            Web Mistress:                                  Webpage at:
Treasurer:                                   Linda Knapp, 206-524-9630            
Susan Cady                                                         Email List at:                                                             

Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                                  October 2004            9
                                     Redmond Cycling Club Membership Subscription Form
                                     Individual/Family* Membership Dues: $15 per calendar year
Please complete this form and mail                                                  Redmond Cycling Club - Membership
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                                       Redmond Cycling Club Information
The Redmond Cycling Club (“Where HILL is not a four-letter word”) is a group of cycling enthusiasts from the greater Seattle area.
We meet on the first Monday of each month at 7:15 p.m. at Third Place, Lake Forest Park Town Center, 17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake
Forest Park, WA 98155. Social hour starts at 6:30 p.m. Club phone number is (206) 781-3903.
Our members participate in endurance riding, racing, training and informal social rides. We sponsor the popular Ride Around Mt.
Rainier in One Day (RAMROD) and the cross-state ultramarathons CANNONBALL and S2S.
For more information, attend one of our monthly meetings, write us at P.O. Box 1841, Bothell, WA 98041-1841, or email us at You can visit us on the Internet at

                     Redmond Cycling Club
                     P.O. Box 1841
                     Bothell, WA 98041-1841

Redmond Cycling Club News                                                                              October 2004               10

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