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A common deformity of the foot, a bunion is an enlargement of the bone and tissue
around the joint of the big toe. Heredity frequently plays a role in the occurrence of
bunions, as it does in other foot conditions. When symptomatic, the area may become
red, swollen, and inflamed, making shoe gear and walking uncomfortable and difficult. If
conservative care fails to reduce these symptoms, surgical intervention may be warranted.
Your podiatric physician will determine the type of surgical procedure best suited for
your deformity, based on a variety of information which may include X-rays and gait

Ling P. Chen Info:In fact, a recent assessment found, podiatrists provided close to 40
percent of all foot care services in the United States, compared to 13 percent for
orthopedic physicians and 37 percent for all other physicians, including primary care
doctors. Nearly all health insurance plans provide coverage for the services of doctors of
podiatric medicine. Podiatrists work in a variety of healthcare settings, including private
or small group practices. Many also serve on the staff of hospitals and long-term care
facilities, faculties of schools of medicine and nursing, as commissioned officers in the
Armed Forces and U.S. Public Health Service, in the Department of Veterans Affairs and
in local health departments.

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How Do You Get Diabetes?

No one knows why people develop diabetes, but once diagnosed, the disease is present
for life. It is a hereditary disorder, and certain genetic indicators are known to increase
the risk of developing diabetes. Type 1, previously known as insulin-dependent diabetes
mellitus or juvenile-onset diabetes, afflicts five to ten percent of diagnosed cases of
diabetes. This type occurs most frequently in children and adolescents, and is caused by
the inability of the pancreas to produce the insulin needed for survival. Type 2,
previously called noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or adult-onset diabetes, affects
the other 90-95 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes, many of whom use oral
medication or injectable insulin to control the disease. The vast majority of those people
(80 percent or more) are overweight; many of them obese, as obesity itself can cause
insulin resistance.

Dr. Ling P. Chen, MD:

Seal of Acceptance

The American Podiatric Medical Association awards its Seal of Acceptance to a wide
variety of shoes (and shoe-related products), which have been deemed to enhance a
consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment.

The intent of such endorsements is to make a significant contribution to the foot health
and foot health education of the public.

For a list of shoe companies holding the APMA Seal of Acceptance, visit the APMA's
online seal information.
Ling P. Chen Info
Nearly all private and public health insurance plans provide coverage for the services of
doctors of podiatric medicine. Even though third-party coverage of podiatrists’ services
generally includes the medical and surgical care of foot complaints, details of such
coverage can and do vary among the plans. The same applies to federal health insurance
plans, including Medicare, federal employee health benefits, and federal employee
compensation programs.

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