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Underground buried cable conduit and accessories


buried cable
conduit and

                Engineers often specify or
                use uPVC sewer and water
                pipes as conduits for
                buried electrical and
                cables. However
                these pipes are
                not designed
                for electrical
                applications, they
                are designed for
                conveying sewage
                and water.

                Kabelflex is a revolutionary,
                purpose designed flexible
                cable conduit system
                developed in Germany and
                manufactured in South
                Africa. Kabelflex has a
                unique double walled
                corrugated construction and
                is manufactured from high
                density polyethylene

Kabelflex -
The flexible
solution to
your cable
                            Sizes                                  Specifications                        Installation
                            Kabelflex is available in four sizes   Kabelflex is manufactured to the      Kabelflex is light, clean and easy
                            (DN50, DN75, DN110, DN160). The        highest quality standards             to handle. It should be installed in
                            size is quoted as DN (diameter         and carries the SABS certification    accordance with SANS 1200 “Civil
                            nominal) followed by                   mark in respect of South African      Engineering Construction” section
                            the nominal outside diameter in        National Standard SANS 61386-24 :     LB “Bedding of Pipes”, with
                            millimetres.                           2005 (type N 450) entitled “Conduit   reference to flexible pipes.
                                                                   systems for cable management          However clause 3.2 can be relaxed
                            Sizes DN75, DN110 and DN160 are        Part 24 : Particular requirements     to include fill material with a
                            supplied in 6 metre straight           – Conduit systems buried              plastic index (PI) not exceeding
                            lengths with a knock on coupling       underground”. This is an IEC          12. Please ask for our installation
                            and have a double wall                 standard that has been adopted by     brochure. Proper installation is
                            construction. Sizes DN50, DN75,        SABS.                                 extremely important.
                            DN110 and DN160 are also
                            available in a very flexible version   Nextube is an SABS ISO 9001 :
                            supplied in coils. They have a         2000 listed company.
                            double wall construction and are
                            supplied complete with a coupling
                            and a pilot string with a breaking
                            strain of 30kgf. This string should
                            only be used to pull in a more
                            substantial hauling rope.

                            Different lengths are available
                            on request.

  Beware of low quality
imitations – look for the
     yellow line, only on

                                                                                                         Pilot string
                                                                                                         installed in coils

                            Flexibility                                                                  Friction
                            Due to the inherent flexibility of                                           Kabelflex has a waxy paraffin like
                            Kabelflex the number of fittings                                             surface with a low co-efficient of
                            such as pre-formed bends can be                                              friction which makes the draw-in of
                            kept to a minimum. It also                                                   cables very easy. The co-efficient
                            facilitates installation as the                                              of friction with a polyethylene
                            conduit can be laid around                                                   sheathed cable is only 0.3. This
                            immovable obstructions. It is ideal                                          means lower cable pulling forces,
                            for use in under road boring                                                 longer pulls, and less cable stretch
                            applications.                                                                and damage.
Chemical Resistance
As Kabelflex is manufactured from
                                                                                                                       Kabelflex -
HDPE it is highly chemically                                                                                         Cost effective
resistant. It is unaffected by acids
or alkalis in the most aggressive                                                                                   and innovative
soils and is also resistant to
petroleum. A detailed chemical
resistance specification is
available on request.

                                                                            Compression Resistance                 Temperature Resistance
                                                                            Kabelflex has excellent                Kabelflex has an upper working
                                                                            compression resistance, or “ring       temperature of 100°C versus
                                       Impact Resistance                    stiffness” due to the reinforcing      60°C for uPVC pipe (measured in
Jointing                               Impact resistance is a measure of    effect of the external corrugations.   accordance with DIN53446). The
Kabelflex is joined by means of        how easily a pipe splits or cracks   Kabelflex has more than 5 times        thermal conductivity of HDPE
push fit couplings (which provide      when subjected to an impact          the ring stiffness of normal duty      (0.4W/mK) is also better than
an IP30 index of protection). For      force. Pipes with a low impact       uPVC sewer pipe** (550kPa              uPVC (0.14W/mK) which means
conduit sizes DN75, DN110 and          strength will tend to crack and      versus 100kPa). High ring              better dissipation of heat
DN160 optional profiled rubber         split when handled roughly or        stiffness is an important              generated by cables.
seals are available which are used     when plate compactors are used       consideration where conduits are
with the couplings to provide a        during installation. Kabelflex has   buried in areas with high              UV Resistance
watertight connection resistant to     a far superior impact strength to    superimposed loads, for example        Kabelflex is designed to be
a 2 metre head of water. Special       uPVC sewer pipes especially at       at road crossings. All buried cable    buried underground, however, it
cutting tools are available for        low temperatures, which means        conduits should have a ring            is UV resistant and can be
quick and accurate cutting of the      easier handling and less             stiffness of at least 450kPa.          stored outdoors for up to one
conduit.                               breakages.                           **110mm pipe to SABS 791-1986          year.

       uPVC             Kabelflex
Technical data:                     Kabelflex conduit size                                DN50             DN75                DN110              DN160

Standard conduit colour is black,   Outside diameter (mm)                                   50               75                 110                 160
other colours available on          Inside diameter (mm)                                    40               63                  95                 137
request. All specifications are     Standard straight length (m)                           n/a                6                   6                   6
subject to manufacturing            Standard length coils (m)                               50               50                  50                  25
tolerances.                         Min. bending radius (mm) 6m length                     n/a             1 400               2 500               4 000
                                    Min. bending radius (mm) coils                         150              250                 350                 450

Accessories:                        Description                                           DN50             DN75                DN110              DN160

Kabelflex is a complete cable       1.       Coupling                                       •               •                    •                    •
conduit system and a number of      2.       Sealing ring                                   •               •                    •                    •
accessories are available to        3.       End plug                                       •               •                    •                    •
complement the conduit range.       4.       Spacer module                                                  •                    •                    •
                                    5.       Bell mouth (manhole entry)                                                          •
                                    6.       Mandrel                                                                             •                    •
                                    7.       Duct brush                                                                          •                    •
                                    8.       HDPE flexibend 0° to 90° (radius mm)          not             >250
                                                                                                           –                   >350
                                                                                                                               –                    >450
                                    9.       uPVC long radius bend 90° (radius mm)       required          350                  500                 600

                                1                                      2                                        3                                            4

                                                                                                                                                                  Specifications subject to change without notice
                                5        6                             7                                        8                                            9

Technical                           Property                                         HDPE                           Unit                       Test method

properties                          Density                                        appr. 0.95                     g/cm     3
                                                                                                                                               DIN 53 479
                                    Tensile strength at break                        23 – 30                      N/mm2                        DIN 53 455
HDPE:                               Ball indentation hardness                        30 – 65                      N/mm2                        DIN 53 456
                                    Notched bar impact strength                        >5                        mJ/mm2                        DIN 53 453
                                    Thermal conductivity                           0.40 – 0.46                    W/m K                        DIN 52 612
                                    Coefficient of elongation                    1.5 – 2.0 x 10-4                   K-1                        DIN 52 328
                                    Dielectric strength                             800 – 900                     kV/cm                        DIN 53 481
                                    Specific insulation resistance                  appr. 1016                   Ohm . cm                      DIN 53 482

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                                                                                                                       South Africa
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