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									     Leopard’s Tale                          Tel: 260509/10; 260543; 260621; 0978 772600                                          27 May 2010

From the Director - Chris Muller                                                                         

I hope many of you can make it to the Board meeting this evening at 19h00 in the school library. Apart from elections for new board members, we
will be hearing reports from the various committees (Strategic Planning, Building, Policy, Finance).
There are three vacant seats on the board, and three candidates: Sipho Phiri, Judith Robb-McCord and Arden Strasser.

Congratulations to both casts and crews of THE LITTLE MERMAID. Great performances!!!! Thanks also to all parents who worked so hard behind
the scenes.

Congratulations also to Alta Conte for her ongoing efforts to arrange sports opportunities for our students, as well as students from across Lusaka and
the region. Last weekend the campus was a hive of activity, with hockey and soccer tournaments bringing hundreds of students from all walks of life
to compete and celebrate. It embodies much of what we stand for at school. We all appreciate the extreme effort that goes into the coordination of
such events throughout the year. Thanks to Ms Conte and her team!!!

At the end of this school year, Theresa Barnard can no longer continue in her role as Chair of the PTA. On behalf of the entire school community I
would like to thank Theresa for the incredible efforts she has made, and the way in which she brightened up and improved things at school over the
past 2 years. Apart from organizing and supervising countless events, she has been very creative in finding new avenues to improve the school experi-
ence for all our students. Theresa will still be around as a parent (she is now in full-time employment), and I know that she will still be there to help us,
if no longer at the helm.

We are still looking for someone to take over from Theresa as chair. If you are interested, please let me know, or contact a member of the PTA Execu-
tive directly.

Remember you can now see the results of our parent survey on the school web site. Go to, and click on Downloads.

June 1st is the deadline for RE-ENROLMENT DEPOSITS (you should by now have received your invoice – if not, please see the business office im-
mediately). Given the squeeze for spaces in many classes, it is important to note that failure to meet this deadline may result in your child losing his/
her space. There has been some strong sentiment about us enforcing this policy mores stringently, but there is great demand for places, and we cannot
keep applying families in limbo throughout the vacation. The practice of re-enrolment deposits is widely adopted in international schools. If it pre-
sents you with a dilemma, we ask that you please communicate with us, so we can look for alternate arrangements.

A few more points of information:
BUS REGISTRATION – If you want to participate in next year’s bus service, please send you registration form to Shantall in the main office before
the end of the school year (forms were sent home, and are also available in this week’s Leopard’s Tale).
SUMMER CAMP - Remember to register for our summer camp, which takes place for four weeks following the close of school in June.

I would like to underscore the importance of awareness of food allergies in the school. Most common of these is allergies to nuts. If at all possible,
avoid sending your child to school with products containing nuts. Kids eat together, kids share. That is good. Those with allergies are taught to avoid
sharing food. But not having such food around is still the best way to prevent a possible tragedy.

Our 12th Graders have finished the IB exams. The Prom and the graduation ceremony follow this. In the course of next week, they will experience
Washing Machine week. During this time they learn how to cope with life away from home – how to cook, wash clothes, sign checks, earn some
money. 12 years of education, and they’re still missing some of the basics……. It is a time of celebration, and we encourage everyone, where possible,
to join the celebration of so many years of hard work.

Have a great weekend.

Please note that the last day of school, June 10, ends at 12 noon (final assembly from 11h00 - 12h30).

From the Secondary Principal - Jim Anderson                                                               

Middle School Science Fair—
Congratulations to all of our Middle School Science Enthusiasts who were able to participate in last week’s Science Fair! While each student’s display
only represented a fraction of all of the work that they put into the project, the presentations were excellent. Most impressive perhaps was the
thoughtful and informed manner in which each student was able to address the questions posed to them by parents, teachers, and fellow students.

Final Exams—
Final exams for our students begin during the last days of May. (See details below.) At AISL, exam grades are counted as one major assessment
among many in the determination of each student’s semester grade. This means that final exams are balanced with the variety of work that each
student completes throughout the semester. I believe that this explanation is necessary because many of our families come to us from systems where
the results of exams determine all, or the majority of, a student’s semester grade.
However, while we do not overly weight final exams, we do believe that these assessments are important. Students will face formal examinations in
university, and we want to prepare them for this inevitability. We also believe that exams are a way, though not the only way, to assess cumulative
knowledge at the end of a semester.
With the above thoughts in mind, I believe that you may find the information below to be helpful:

Exam Study Tips
   * Proper time management. Manage your time of study by making a schedule with 10 to 15 minute breaks in between.
   * Have all the materials you need on hand plus other materials you might use as references. Then read through.
   * Give more time to review those subjects that you consider difficult or the most important for your course.
   * Write down questions as self-review. You can also form a study group or get a partner and take turns asking each other questions.
   * Utilize the review questions at the end of each chapter in your textbook.
   * If there is a different textbook for your subject available, you can use it to have another point of view of your lesson.
   * The essence of studying is to review. By constantly repeating each lesson, understanding them and even explaining them in your own words, you can
     acquired mastery.

Imagine yourself taking the exam successfully and confidently. You are now prepared to face the examination.
Tips for the Exam Day
     * Have a good sleep on the night before the exam so you wake up rested and energetic.
     * Take a good breakfast: eat healthy cereals, fruits, veggies and protein.
     * Come to the test venue early so you have time to move around and relax. Have all your materials with you.
     * If you feel nervous and tense, take a deep breath until you feel relaxed.
     * When test papers are given, read carefully; if there is adequate time, have an overview of the whole exam.
     * Answer questions directly and clearly. Concentrate on answering the questions you know first.
     * When you are done, review your paper.
Source--An abridgement of an article by Kristina Daguia:

Reminder--Final Exam Early Release Times--
Final Exams begin for 11th Graders on May 28th. As with all Fridays, school will end at 12:55 for all students.

Exams for students in grades 8-10 begin on May 31 st and conclude on June 2nd. Consequently, students in grades 8-11 will be released from school at
the times shown below during this three-day period:

Monday, May 31st—12:40
Tuesday, June 1st—12:40
Wednesday, June 2nd—12:40

(While exams finish early on Wednesday, students will participate in an end-of-exams celebratory exercise until they are released at 12:40.)

Because school buses will remain on their normal schedules, students will need to arrange transportation in order to leave campus following their early
release time. We will hold a supervised study hall for those students who cannot arrange for transportation at 12:40 on Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday from 12:40 to 2:35. (Students remaining on campus will be given time to eat lunch between 12:40 and 1:10.)

Please also note that the schedules of students in grades 6 and 7 will remain the same as they do not have formal exams.

*Note—Students who receive extra time due to SEN needs will complete their exams at 1:00 on Monday and Tuesday.

From the Secondary Principal Continued...
Important Upcoming Dates --
  29 May      PROM
  31 May      EXAMS (8-11) - Ending 2 June
  31 May      12th Grade Life Skills/ “Washing Machine Week” - Ending 4 June
  5 June      GRADUATION
  10 June     Last Day of School

From the Primary Principal                           - Sean Areias                                              email:

Congratulations to the casts of the Little Mermaid. They gave four wonderful performances of this Disney classic last week. A special thanks goes to
Bryony Miller, Heida Porrata-Doria, Sabrina Manhart, and Ime Morales for their direction and support of the students. Also, thank you to all the
parent volunteers who helped with photos, makeup and costumes.

ELC to Grade 1 Play/Sports Day
The Sports Day for Play School to Grade 1 will be held on 1st June 2010, which is Tuesday next week. This event will start at 10:00hrs and run until

The purpose of this Sports Day is to provide an opportunity for all children to participate and enjoy various fun-filled, low-skill and fitness activities.
The emphasis is on cooperation, fairplay and team spirit, rather than on winning and individual performance. Be fit and have fun!

In recognition with the ‘FIFA World Cup’ taking place in Africa for the very first time this year, children can be dressed on Sports day in T-shirts, caps
etc with the name or flag to support any team/country participating in the ‘World Cup’. Please just ensure that the attire is appropriate for physical
activity such as trainers, t-shirts and shorts, and hats. Also ensure that your child has enough drinking water.

Primary Assembly Hosted by Kindergarten
You are cordially invited to attend the next Primary School Assembly hosted by the Kindergarten in the PAC on Friday, June 4 at 7:30 a.m. in the
PAC. The kindergarteners will perform skits and songs related to their unit of inquiry, Just Imagine. We look forward to learning from them!

Away Next Week on Grade 5 Field Trip
I will be away from June 1-4 next week chaperoning the Grade 5 field trip to Wild Tracks. I’m looking forward to some quality time with the students.
Should you have any urgent matters, please feel free to see Chris Muller, our Director, while I’m away. Otherwise, I will be available when we return.

Important Primary School Dates
June 1                 ELC to Grade 1 Play/ Sports Day
June 1-4               Grade 5 Field Trip to Wild Tracks
June 4                 Primary Assembly in the PAC, Hosted by Kindergarten (7:30 a.m.)
June 5                 Boot Sale/ Blood Drive (from 8:00 a.m. onwards)
June 9                 Grade 2-5 Sports Day (12:00-2:00)
June 10                End-of-Year and Awards Assembly (11:00-12:30)
June 10                Last Day of School (12:30 Dismissal)
June 10                Progress Reports Sent Home
June 11                Teacher Professional Development Day

  An enrolment survey was sent out at the beginning of the school year and leaving paperwork is currently being collated for those
  who had indicated that they were leaving on these forms. For those who were unsure at that time, but now know they are leaving,
  please could you write an official letter to the school stating that you are leaving and your child’s expected departure date. We can
  then start collating their leaving paperwork. Please be aware that this takes some time, particularly if you are requesting recom-
  mendation forms to be completed by teachers. After the end of the school year, it will be very difficult to have recommendation
  forms completed by teachers as they will have left for their vacation.

School News                                                                                                                  email:

                                                  Important Dates from the Media Center

May 25th                       Overdue notices sent to students; notices to parents via email
May 28th                       All student/staff/parent library materials due

May 31st                       Inventory of items begins in the library (matching shelf list to items, putting items in order, scanning each
                               item, repairing materials, locating bindery materials in collection, etc…)

                               Students, parents, and staff who wish to have their items checked out over the break and due in August
                               need to bring them into the library for a visual check by library staff. Items will then be checked out until
                               August 17, 2010.

June 1-3rd                     Bill notices for overdue materials sent to students, parents and staff (via email)
                               Students WILL NOT receive reports until clear from library, etc…
June 4th                       Final bills generated for students, parents, and staff – students who are not cleared from the
                               library WILL NOT receive their reports until items are returned or paid for.

                                Summer Library Hours: June 23, 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 9, 10
                                                  8:00 – 15:00

A reminder that the 2010/11 tuition fees invoices were sent out at the end of April and that a
deposit is required by June 1 to retain a place for your child. If you have not received your
invoice/s please contact the Business Office on 260509/10 immediately.

On Friday, October 22nd, 2010, there will be a Zambian Independence/UN Day Parade and Food Fair at AISL. We are very excited about this
Please bear this in mind over the break, so as to be prepared for this lovely event. Parents will be asked to volunteer to bring in foods for the Interna-
tional Food Fair. If you plan on sharing a national dish, you may wish to purchase certain ingredients if going home for the June/July break. Thank
you in advance for helping to make this a special day when we celebrate both our host nation, Zambia and the international diversity of our school.

Zambia Weekly is a free e-zine that extracts the stories you really need to know about. It provides an effortless way of keeping up-to-
date with current affairs in Zambia. The editor has no political, religious, or economic affiliations, but it is hoped that Zambia Weekly
one day will be able to finance itself either through advertising or other means. Zambia Weekly is being distributed by email every Fri-
day. If you would like to subscribe (free) to Zambia Weekly, please contact the editor, Camilla Hebo Buus, on or 0977 461 877.

PTA News
This is one of our most popular events and takes place in the covered court at 8:00am. We have now sold out of tables, so please just come by and
enjoy. Hope to see many of you there for both the Boot sale and the Blood drive - thank you!

Pre-order from for those parents who would like to place a pre-order for the next school year.
The cut off date is the 11th August 2010.
Please place the form, which is available on the website or from the office, in the PTA BOX in the PRIMARY OFFICE – the box is painted in a
leopard print or please hand it to Shantall or Sarah. Due to an unfortunate incident last year please do not place money with the order, once
collection is made at the shop, you may then pay for your order & a receipt will be given. The shop will be open on MONDAY the 16th August 2010
until FRIDAY 20th, resuming normal times thereafter on a Tuesday morning 7:15 – 8:00 & Thursday afternoons from 14:00 – 15:00.
Thank you for you kind assistance & understanding.


      THURS 27                        FRI 28                       SAT 29                      MON 31                   TUES 01 June
  Board Meeting at 7pm          All Student/Staff/             Secondary Prom              Grade 8-10 Exams           ELC to G1 Play/Sports
     in the Library             Parents Library                                                  Begin                        Day
                                 materials due

                                                                                            Washing Machine
                                G11 Exams Begin
                                                                                             Week Begins

       WED 02                      THURS 03                        FRI 04                       SAT 05                      MON 07
                                                                                           IB GRADUATION
                                   June 01 - 04                                             CEREMONY AT
                          G5 Field Trip to Wild Tracks

Sports Report - Alta Conte                                                                                          email:
Sports Results
Rugby Vs. Baobab College
On Friday our U/9 & U/11 boy’s rugby teams traveled to Baobab College for our 2nd round of rugby matches Vs. Baobab College. The players all
played very well.
AISL won 35 – 0
AISL won 75 – 0.
Thank you to all the parents for their enthusiastic support! It was two great games of rugby!
Unfortunately the games against Musikili has had to be canceled, due to Musikili not being able to field and U/11 team.

ISAZ Junior Hockey tournament:
On Saturday AISL hosted the first ISAZ Junior Inter – schools tournament. We had a great turn out of about 6 schools in each of the age groups.
U/11 Boys:
AISL Vs. Musikili, AISL won 3 – 0                  Vs. Italian School, AISL won 2 – 0
Vs. LICS, Draw 0 – 0
Vs. Baobab College, AISL won 1 – 0                  Vs. Rhodespark, draw 1 – 1
U/13 Girls:
Vs. Musikili, AISL lost 0 – 1                      Vs. LICS, draw 0 – 0
Vs. Birdsfield, draw 0 – 0                           Vs. Italian School, AISL won 2 – 0               Vs. Baobab College, draw 1 – 1
U/13 Boys:
Vs. Musikili, AISL lost 0 – 2                      Vs. LICS, AISL won 3 – 0
Vs. Birdsfield, AISL won 2 – 0                                  Vs. Baobab College, AISL lost 0 – 1
Vs. Italian School, AISL won 5 – 0                  Vs. Rhodes Park, AISL won 5 - 0
Congratulations to all the players and thank you to all the parents for their support. The next ISAZ JUNIOR hockey tournament will be taking place
at Musikili Primary School on 05 June, a 2 hour drive outside of Lusaka. This is a great hockey tournament, with a great family atmosphere. The
school bus will depart from AISL @ 06h15 and if parents are driving through to Musikili with their child, they MUST ensure that they depart Lusaka
by 06h30 to arrive on time for the start of the tournament.

Saturday Soccer League 2010:          23 May 2010:
5 – 7 age group:
Oxygym 1 Vs MTN 6                             The Dotted Line 1 Vs. Tashe Investments 0                    Oxygym 0 Vs. Debonairs 2
8 – 10 age group:
The Dotted Line 1 Vs. Orion Capital 4         Access Bank 0 Vs. Autoworld 0                                JSI 1 Vs. Bluespan 2
11 – 13 age group:
Pam Golding 0 Vs. Barclays 1                  Barclays 3 Vs. LaFarge 1
LaFarge 1 Vs. Amaka 0                         Standard Chartered 1 Vs. DLA 1
14 – 17 Age Group:
Homenet 0 Vs. Mahindra 0                      KTL 0 Vs. TS Tyre Services 1                                 LINK 4 Vs. ZAIN 2

Sports Report Continued...

Summer Holiday Camp June – July 2010:
Parents please find attached to this Leopard’s Tale the brochure for the Holiday camp. In the brochure you will find all the details and the costs. If
you are paying before the start of the camp, please kindly pay Mrs. Mee or Rosanna in the Admin office. The cost of the camp is K60:000 per
day OR K300:000 per week. Hurry and sign up, as the camp is starting to get full. If parents would like to help with this camp in
any way at all, please kindly email me on
Saturday 5th June: U/15 Girls hockey tournament @ New Olympics Sports centre. 08h30 – 13h00
Saturday 5th June: U/11 & U/13 Girls & Boys hockey tournament @ AISL 08h30 – 13h30
     •    Please note that the above dates and venues may be subject to change!

Urgent swim coach needed:
Swim Coach Job Description:
In our quest to provide top-level professional swim coaching for members of the AISL Torpedoes Swim Club, we are looking for a qualified swim
coach with the following credentials:
     •   Minimum level of qualification required is a FINA Level 1 certification but preference will be given to applicants who also have a FINA
         level 2 and/or FINA level 3 certification.

Experience: Extensive experience with the coaching and development of three levels of swimmers:
    • Elite swimmers who are competing on an international level and are producing swim times equivalent to Level 2 and Level 3 age-group
        swimming in South Africa. This would comprise about 10 % of the present Torpedoes swim squad.

     •    Above-average swimmers who are competing regularly at a national and local league level and are producing swim times which are equiva-
          lent to Level 1 age-group swimming in South Africa. This would comprise about 50 % of the present Torpedoes swim squad

     •    Development swimmers who are not yet capable of producing the local league standard qualifying times and as such, require extensive
          development with regard to basic technique, stroke correction, fitness etc. These swimmers would be equivalent to Level 0 age group
          swimming in South Africa. This would comprise about 40% of the present Torpedoes swim squad

Successful applicants would be required to take on the following duties and responsibilities:
    •   Manage and coordinate all the “wet” operations of the swim club.

     •    Attend all local league galas, including those outside of Lusaka, where he/she would be required to supervise warm-ups, provide pre-race
          advice and post-race critique for each swimmer.

     •    Design and coordinate an annual swim camp in October each year for club swimmers.

     •    Design and coordinate monthly training programmes for the various club levels of swimming.

     •    Keep accurate records and files for each swimmer with regard to training attendance, swim goals and other personal information.

     •    Mentor and develop assistant coaches.

     •    Provide regular feedback to swimmers and parents through the use of group emails, individual log books and informal meetings with
          swimmers and/or their parents when required or when necessary.

     •    Be responsible for discipline and conduct of swimmers during training and at galas.

All lost but found items are placed in a “lost but found box” in the PE Storeroom (Primary) and photo copy room, next to Mr. Anderson’s office (Sec-
ondary) for students to check on a regular basis. All lost and found items are displayed on Fridays for both parents and students to check. We ask that
all drinking bottles, lunch boxes and sun hats/caps be marked, so that we can return these to the classrooms.

Become a mentor! Kucetekela Foundation is looking for adult volunteers to serve as mentors to Zambian secondary school students in Lusaka. The
Kucetekela Foundation (KF) is a U.S.-based organization that provides scholarships to academically promising but financially disadvantaged
Zambian children to attend high-quality secondary schools. If you are interested in mentoring, Patti Madigan and Julie Washburn are hosting an
evening introduction to Kucetekela and the mentoring program on Wednesday, June 2nd at 1800 h, 16 B Cheetah Road, Kabulonga. (Come directly
from work and enjoy a glass of wine and light snacks.) Please RSVP to Julie at or call 0975496256.

FOR SALE (Week 2 of 2)
Household items. See full list on notice board in staff lounge. Toyota Carina, 1500cc, YOM 1998. Excellent condition. Duty free price US$4,700.
Duty around $1,500 (to be paid directly to ZRA) Contact Colleta on 0979453225; 261656.
Experienced and very reliable driver looking for a new job. Mr. Island Zulu has been our driver for the past year. He has had the responsible job to
drive the children of the family, as both parents are working full time. Before working with us, he has been with another family from the European
Union. Mr. Zulu is a safe driver, absolutely reliable and is very committed to his job. We can recommend him warmly. For more information contact
Carolin Kettner on 0977 713374. Please call Mr. Zulu on 0976 749298.
GOODS FOR SALE (Week 2 of 2)
Guitar, upright fans, Ladies golf clubs, exercise bike, round dining room table, curtains, sofa, LG washing machine, bookcases, printer and two large
pot plants for sale. Contact Jean, 0978770021.
Lorrence Muchinga has 4 years experience with both class c and ce drivers license. Call him at 0977 585120.
Kelvin Muyuwani has worked as a cook for 4 years. He is also good at gardening and he is honest. Please call him at 0977 968245.
Loveness has 7 years experience in child care, laundry and also cooking. She is very honest, reliable, hard working and efficient with good references.
Call her on 0974 688124.
Lenia Zimba has 18 years of experience as a cook, housekeeper and nanny. She is available with immediate effect. Call her on 0977 358763.
Vincent Moyo is a qualified gardener with good references, and immediately available. Call him on 0978 088109 or 0978 236599. For references
contact Anna Riby on 0979 890589 or email:
Grace Banda is available immediately. Please call her on 0979 320496, or her former employee, Mr. Nshashila on 0977 282013.
Ruice Zimba is honest, responsible and hardworking, and has good references. Contact her former employer, Miss Choma on 0979 602745, whom
Ruice worked for for 6 years, or contact Ruice on 0979 240502.
EXPERIENCED COOK/CHEF (Self advertised) (Week 1 of 2)
Philimon Banda is an experienced chef and has been doing this for the past 17 years. He can cook English food as well as Mexican dishes. Call him at
0975 120033 or 0976 524766.
Susuki Escudo automatic’ 2003, mileage 37,541km, dark green with tinted windows, 4x4 four wheel drive optional, serviced frequently, power
windows, always reliable! Final price is US$5,000. Also selling a 21’’ Logik TV and TV stand for US$100. Call Heida on 0979 313803 or 266176.
A father of 8 children with 19 years of homeschooling experience is offering tutoring services in any subject, primary or secondary. Also experienced
in ESL, lessons for children or adults, individual or group. Call Mark Murray on 0978 124192 or 281814.
Memory is a Montessori specialist teacher with good references offering private tuition, call 0977949288.
If you are, we sure could use your deep freezer and jungle gym/swing set. Please call 0977 227122 or email:
Male, white-gray tigered, 2 years old, all vaccinations, castrated. We are leaving in June, so immediately available. Call Barbara on 0979 452081.
HORSE TO GOOD HOME: "King" is 13 years old and has a gentle temperament. I will be leaving Zambia sometime between the end of June
to early of July. I would like to give King to a family. He responds extremely well to gentleness. If interested, please contact: Terry Henning with text
message at 0977273324; call Rick Henning at 0978790946 (available on this phone 8:00 to 5:00) or evenings 265973.
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER: 1993, (dark green), 4WD, AC, all power windows and locks, a third row of seats that folds up in the rear (or removable
for more space), roof rack, extra lights in front and radio. An excellent family car and great on rough terrain. AND best of all TAX FREE!!! Con-
tact: Terry Henning with text message at 0977273324 or call Rick Henning at 0978790946 (available on this phone 8:00 to 5:00).
ROYAL ENFIELD 350 MOTORCYCLE: comes with lots of spare parts. Black leather seats. In fantastic shape and a great way to get around. I
bought this motorcycle new in New Delhi, India. It has been kept under the car port, so it has been well protected. AND best of all TAX
FREE!!! Contact: Terry Henning with text message at 0977273324 or call Rick Henning at 0978790946 (available on this phone 8:00 to 5:00).
Sturdy cardboard boxes needed for our local move. We can even return them if you would like them back! Contact Amara on 0976 211513, or
email: amararobinson
$3500, Non diplomat must pay duty, manual transmission, brand new tires, 60,000 miles, great condition. Please contact Brandy at 0966864034 or


           FRI 28            MON 31              TUES 01 JUNE            WED 02          THURS 03
    Samosas/Brownies       Pizza/Samosas/       Sausage Rolls/Pies/     Half Moons/     Samosas/Waffles /
   /Pies/Pizza/Hot Dogs    Cupcakes/Greek       Donuts/Wraps/Roast     Cakes/Burgers/    Chickpea Salad/
                          Salad/Sandwiches/       Chicken & Mash          Lasagna         Pizza/Creamy
                          Spaghetti & Mince                                              Chicken & Rice

           FRI 04            MON 07                   TUES 08            WED 09          THURS 10

     Samosas/Brownies      Pizza/Samosas/        Sausage Rolls/Pies/    Half Moons/     Samosas/Waffles/
    /Pies/Pizza/Burgers    Cupcakes/Greek        Donuts/Wraps/Fish     Cakes/Burgers/        Pizza
                          Salad/Sandwiches/        Fingers & Mash         Lasagna
                          Chicken Chowmein


Mixed Dried Fruit             K5,000     Biltong                         K9,000

Popcorn                       K1,000     Pizzas Small                    K3,000

Salted Peanuts                K2,000     Pizzas Large                    K5,000

Muffins                       K3,000     Wraps                           K10,000

Water                         K2,500     Hot Lunches & fruit             K15,000

Brownies                      K3,000     Small Hot Lunch for Primary     K10,000

Fruit                         K2,000     Pies                            K7,000

Samosas                       K2,000     Hot Dogs                        K8,000

Munchos Nax                   K1,000     All Rolls                       K8,000

Crisps                        K3,000     Special Salad                   K12,000

Yum Chums                     K4,500     Coffee/Tea                      K5,000

Burgers                       K10,000    Hot Chocolate                   K5,000

Apple/Grape Juice             K6,000     Milk                            K3,000

Swift Drinks                  K4,000     Drinking Yoghurt                K5,000

Liquifruit Juice Boxes        K4,500     Yoghurt                         K5,000

Liquifruit Juice Cans         K6,000     Filter Coffee                   K6,000

Soda Water Cans               K5,000     Mini Pastries                   K3,000

Doritos                       K3,500     Croissants                      K3,000

                              LEOPARDS HILL HALF MARATHON
                                                 10K; 5K; & KIDS

              American International School of Lusaka (AISL)
                       Request for School Bus Service 2010/2011

Father’s Name:___________________________                Tel: ____________________

Mother’s Name: __________________________               Tel: ____________________

E-mail:         ________________________________________________________

       Name of Child                                         Age             Grade

________________________________________                   _________       __________

________________________________________                   _________       __________

________________________________________                   _________       __________

________________________________________                   _________       __________

Type of Service requesting:          Morning Pick-up Only                $ 1,345.00

                                     Afternoon Drop-off Only             $ 1,345.00

                                     Morning & Afternoon                 $ 1,925.00

Address of Pick-up and Drop-off:    (plot & street) _____________________________

                                    (Area of Lusaka)___________________________

Date Bus Service is to begin:      _______________________
Date Bus Service is to end:        _______________________

Name of person or entity to be invoiced:______________________________________

Address of invoice:                 (plot & street)_____________________________
                                    (Area of Lusaka)___________________________

AISL will provide bus schedule information once it is determined whether bus service is available for your child
/ children.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For AISL use only~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                  Date request received:__________________
                  Record Number:        __________________
                  Bus Number:           __________________


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