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Advertising Ratecard for Fringe Programme _Discounted Rate_ - Key


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									  Display Advertising Rates and Booking Form
  for the 2011 Fringe Programme

Key Dates
Discount Rate Booking deadline:             17:00, Monday 31 January 2011
Standard Rate Booking deadline:             17:00, Monday 11 April 2011
Artwork deadline:                           17:00, Wednesday 27 April 2011
                                            (artwork received after this date will not be placed)

Booking an Advertisement
To book display advertising space in the 2011 Fringe Programme please print the appropriate pages of this form
and post it to:
Advertising                                                 or fax to:
Festival Fringe Society                                     +44 (0)131 220 2524
180 High Street
                                                            or scan and email to:
Edinburgh, UK

These advertising rates are for Fringe participants only.
Commercial advertising rates are available from the Fringe Marketing Department on 0131 226 0026.
Display Advertising Sites
The 2011 Fringe Programme is sized 200mm x 293mm (Portrait). We will provide Submission Guidelines with full
details of the sizes of these advertisements and how they should be presented on confirmation of your booking.

         1/2 Vertical                    1/4 Vertical                    1/8 Horizontal

Discount Rates – book by 17:00, Monday 31 January 2011
Please note that all ½ page advertisements must be booked by this date.
To qualify for the discount rate your booking form and payment must be received by the Festival Fringe Society before the
31 January deadline.

Half Page Advertisements (Please note that half page advertisements will be placed by section only, must be
booked by 17:00 Monday 31 January and must be for two or more shows, equally weighted in the advertisement)
    Size                           Price                          VAT (20%)                            Total
   ½ page                        £2500.00                         £500.00                            £3000.00

Placed by Section (please indicate on the attached booking form which section of the programme the advertisement
should be placed in)
     Size                          Price                          VAT (20%)                            Total
      page                        £625.00                         £125.00                             £750.00
   ¼ page                        £1050.00                          £210.00                           £1260.00

General Placement (advertisement to appear in any programme section)
    Size                           Price                          VAT (20%)                            Total
     page                         £535.00                         £107.00                             £642.00
   ¼ page                         £915.00                         £183.00                            £1098.00

Standard Rates – book by 17:00, Monday 11 April 2011
Please note that no ½ page advertisements can be booked after the Discount Rate Deadline.
Placed by Section (please indicate on the attached booking form which section of the programme
the advertisement should be placed in)
     Size                         Price                 VAT (20%)            Total
      page                        £720.00                          £144.00                            £864.00
   ¼ page                        £1200.00                          £240.00                           £1440.00

General Placement (advertisement to appear in any programme section)
     Size                          Price                          VAT (20%)                            Total
      page                        £615.00                         £123.00                             £738.00
   ¼ page                        £1050.00                          £210.00                           £1260.00
Late advertising bookings may be accepted up until Thursday 21 April 2011 subject to availability.
Please see Late bookings in the Terms and Conditions for details.
Booking Form (Discount Rates)
This form must be received with full payment no later than 17:00 on Monday 31 January to qualify
for the discounted rates. If you are booking after this date, please download the Standard Rates form.

Contact Information (Please fill in all the fields in this section)
 Performer’s or performing
         company’s name

                Show title

           Contact details      name


                                city                      country                          postcode

                                phone no.                                                  email

Placement and Pricing
      Placed by Section                                        General Placement
      (Please select section of the programme below)


             Children’s Shows


             Dance and Physical Theatre



             Musicals and Opera



Placed by Section                                         General Placement
                page             Cost:         £625.00                      page             Cost:     £535.00
                                  Vat:         £125.00                                        Vat:     £107.00
                                Total:         £750.00                                      Total:     £642.00
             ¼ page              Cost:         £1050.00                  ¼ page              Cost:     £915.00
                                  Vat:          £210.00                                       Vat:     £183.00
                                Total:        £1260.00                                      Total:    £1098.00

             ½ page              Cost:         £2500.00
                                  Vat:          £500.00
                                Total:        £3000.00              For office reference
Payment Details
Please select a method of payment.


     Please make cheques payable to: Festival Fringe Society Ltd
     We can only accept cheques in UK sterling drawn from a UK clearing bank. Eurocheques/Euros are not accepted.

     Credit/Debit Card
                         Name on Card

                           Card Number

     Card holders Address and Postcode

                               Start date
                                               Month           Year

                                End date
                                               Month           Year

             Issue number (if applicable)

             Total amount to be charged        £

     I have read and understood the terms and conditions and authorise the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to debit my account
     for the total amount listed above



                                                   Day        Month          Year

     Please ensure that all your card details are correct, that the funds are available and that you have notified your card
     issuer about the transaction. If your payment is not authorised for any reason when we attempt to process it and we
     have to contact you, a £15 administration fee will be applied.

American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted

Please retain a copy of the completed booking form for your own records.
All bookings must be accompanied by payment to be considered registered for deadlines stated above.
Terms and Conditions
Acceptance                                                                        Late Bookings
A1. The Festival Fringe Society (‘FFS’) will accept orders for publication        LB1. Late advertising bookings may be accepted subject to availability.
of advertisements in the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme                 However, please note that bookings received after 11 April and before
(‘Programme’) exclusively on the following terms and conditions (‘terms’).        21 April 2011 cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the programme or in the
A2. By placing an order, the advertiser (which is the person placing              requested section and will be placed only if space is available. See L2 for
the order for the advertisement whether he/she is the advertiser of               conditions.
the person(s), event(s), organisation(s) or service(s) referred to in the
                                                                                  Half-Page Advertisements
advertisement or the venue, agency, promoter, manager or media buyer for
same) accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms in full.                      H1. Half-page advertisements are subject to additional restrictions
                                                                                  on content. An advertiser may only place an order for a half-page
A3. Acceptance of bookings is provisional, dependent on the official
                                                                                  advertisement in order to advertise:
registration of the person(s), event(s), organisation(s) or service(s) referred
to in the advertisement to be included in the Programme, in accordance              (i) One or more venues or organisations.
with all relevant guidelines and restrictions set out by FFS. If FFS has not        (ii) Two or more officially registered shows/events.
received and approved the corresponding registration materials by the final       An advertiser may not book a half-page advertisement on behalf of only
show registration deadline, FFS will cancel the advertisement and issue a         one Fringe show/event. Each show advertised must be given approximately
refund to the advertiser less 20% of the booking fee.                             equal weigh in the advertisement. Any advertisement contravening this will
A4. Bookings will be accepted based on FFS’s projection of available              be rejected and deemed cancelled (refer to D1). This will be subject to FFS’s
space in the Programme at the time an order is placed. FFS will strive only       sole discretion.
to accept orders as space allows. If it is subsequently determined that an        H2. Half page advertisements will be accepted on a first come, first served
advertisement booked in good faith cannot be included solely because of           basis, will be subject to availability and at the sole discretion of FFS
space restrictions, the booking will be cancelled and the advertiser shall        H3. Half page advertisements must be booked and paid for in full by
be entitled to a full refund if the advertiser has paid in advance for the        17:00, 31 January 2011.
A5. Each show or venue listed in the Programme may be advertised in               Liability
no more than one advertisement, except in cases where a secondary                 L1. FFS shall take reasonable measures to reproduce advertisements as
advertisement is deemed not to treat the person(s), event(s), organisation(s)     provided by the advertiser, but cannot guarantee that the advertisement will
or service(s) already advertised as its main subject or one of its main           be of the same quality.
subjects. This will be subject to FFS’s sole discretion. Multiple bookings of     L2. FFS cannot guarantee the position of advertisements and all such
the same advertisement will not be accepted.                                      decisions will be at the sole discretion of FFS. FFS will take reasonable
A6. Materials for an advertisement must be provided no later than the             measures to ensure that an advertisement booked to appear in a specified
deadline specified in this rate card and in accordance with all guidelines        section of the Programme will be placed there. If space in the specified
and specifications prescribed. Artwork received after this date will not be       section does not allow for this placement, the advertiser will have the option
included in the programme and will be deemed cancelled and payment                to receive a full refund, or to change the placement specification for the
will be refunded less 20% of the booking fee.                                     advertisement to General Placement if space permits and receive a refund
A7. FFS may, without any responsibility to the advertiser, reject, cancel         of the difference between the original and revised booking rates, if the
or require any advertisement to be amended that it considers unsuitable           advertiser has paid in advance. Refunds are subject to these terms and
or contrary to these terms and remove, not print, suspend or change the           acceptance of revised bookings, and will be at the sole discretion of FFS.
position of any such advertisement. FFS will not publish any advertisement         L3. If a booked advertisement is not published at all solely due to a
for any advertiser who has not paid any sums due for any advertising in           mistake on FFS’s part, the booking will be cancelled and the advertiser
the Programme or any other debts owing to FFS. The advertiser will remain         shall be entitled to a full refund if the advertiser has paid in advance for
responsible for all outstanding charges.                                          the advertisement. This shall be the advertiser’s sole remedy for failure to
                                                                                  publish the advertisement.
                                                                                  L4. FFS shall not be responsible, under any circumstances, for any loss of
C1. The advertiser guarantees to FFS that:                                        profit, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated saving, loss
  (i) Any information supplied in connection with the advertisement is            of revenue and/or any other loss that happens as a side effect of the main
  accurate, complete, true and not misleading.                                    loss suffered by the advertiser or any loss that could not be contemplated by
  (ii) It has obtained the consent of any living person whose name or image       FFS and the advertiser. FFS’s maximum total liability for any loss or damage
  (in whole or in part) is contained in any advertisement.                        arising out of or in relation to any advertisement whether in contract, tort or
  (iii) The advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful, are not        otherwise shall not exceed the total amount of the charges for the relevant
  contrary to the provisions of any applicable law, regulation or code of         advertisement actually paid by or on behalf of the advertiser
  practice, are not libelous or obscene and do not infringe the rights of any     L5. The advertiser will fully reimburse FFS for all claims, losses or expenses
  person (including any person’s intellectual property rights).                   arising as a result of any breach of or failure to perform any of these terms
C2. If the advertiser requires an amendment to the advertisement after            and/or the use or publication of the advertisement by FFS in accordance
materials have been provided, or if FFS deems an amendment necessary              with these terms.
in accordance with these terms, this will be the sole responsibility of the       Rights
advertiser. All materials for the revised advertisement must be supplied to       R1. The advertiser grants FFS the right (free of charge) to:
the FFS advertising officer.
                                                                                   (i) Use such of the advertiser’s names, trademarks and/or logos as FFS
Any amendment will:                                                                may consider necessary for the purposes of publishing the advertisements.
  (i) Be subject to FFS’s sole discretion.                                         (ii) Reproduce the advertisement in any media at any time from the
  (ii) Adhere to these terms.                                                      date the advertisement was published in the Programme for promotional
  (iii) Not substantially alter the content, subject or spirit of the original     purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, the content, layout and format of
  advertisement.                                                                   any reproduction in any media will be subject to variation at FFS’s sole
  (iv) Be made with revised materials received by FFS no later than                discretion.
  27 April 2011.                                                                  R2. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect the statutory rights of
Any amendment may be subject to a surcharge (£50.00 minimum),                     an advertiser who is a consumer.
applied at FFS’s sole discretion.                                                 Cancellation
Payment                                                                           D1. The advertiser may cancel an advertisement provided that notice in
P1. All payments must be received in full at the time the advertisement is        writing is received by FFS no later than 21 April 2011. FFS will issue a
booked.                                                                           refund to the advertiser less 20% of the booking fee. Please send notice of
P2. To qualify for the early discount rate, payment for your advertisement        your intention to cancel to the FFS advertising officer. Cancellation will only
must be received in full by 17:00, 31 January 2011.                               be effective on confirmation of receipt of your notice in writing.
P3. From 01 February 2011, payments for advertising must be received in           General
full at the time of booking                                                       G1. Subject to clause R2, these terms shall be governed by Scottish law and
                                                                                  the courts of Scotland will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to these terms.

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