Florida Community College System

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					Regional Admissions
    Florida’s Community Colleges…
    Providing Access for All

   High Quality           Affordable
   Open-Door              Small Classes
    Admissions Policy      Flexible Schedules
   Close to Home          Student Life
Florida’s Community Colleges…

  Providing Access for All
Diverse Program Offerings
  College coursework/AA transfer to
  Career education degree and certificate
  Bachelor’s degree programs
  Online/distance learning programs
Advising Tips for Students
    Get Ready for College
“The more courses students take and the more
 challenging those courses,
 the more likely these students will be
 college ready and will persist to a college degree.”
               Crisis at the Core; Preparing All Students for College

                    Practice Independence!
                      Take Challenging Courses
                      Goal-setting
                      Time Management
                      Study Skills
Apply Early!
 Get Money for College!
   Go to College Goal Sunday (Feb 24th)
    for help with financial aid
   Bright Futures Medallion Scholars
    get 100% tuition and fees FREE
    for associate degree programs

 Get What You Need!
   Determine Financial Aid & Residency Status
   Common Placement Test (CPT)
   Register Early for Best Course Options
Chart a Course!
(Avoid Excess Hours)

   See a Community College Advisor
   Go to FACTS.org for planning
   Choose a Major
   Know where you want to transfer
   Complete the AA degree before
    transferring to a university
Get Involved in Student Life

 Internships
 Study Abroad

 Honors Programs

 Volunteer Opportunities

 Leadership Development

 Athletics
      Admission Requirements
      for Degree-Seeking Students

   Standard High School Diploma
   High School Equivalency
    Diploma (GED)
   Previously demonstrated
    competency in college-credit
    postsecondary coursework
   Home School Affidavit
                High School Diploma
   Certificate of Completion

   CPT-Eligible Certificate of Completion

   Special Diploma
Entry Level Placement Tests
   CPT required unless exempted by
    SAT/ACT scores:
             Minimum Test Scores
       SAT   Math                    440
             Critical Reading        440
      ACT    Reading                 18
             English                 17
             Math                    19
       CPT   Algebra                 72
             Sentence Skills         83
             Reading Comprehension   83
Test Early to Reduce
    Approximately 65% of
    prior-year high school
    graduates entering
    community colleges
    need remediation
    in one or more areas.
     Types of Diplomas/Degrees

          Degrees               Complete In
Associate in Arts Degree (AA)      2 years
      Associate in Science
          Degree (AS)              2 years

      Associate in Applied
     Science Degree (AAS)          2 years

      Applied Technology        1 year or less
        Diploma (ATD)
     Certificate Programs       1 year or less
     Baccalaureate Degree          4 years
                      Web Resources
   Florida’s Community College System
    General information about our 28 institutions; reports and other
    helpful resources

   2+2 Pathways to Success Advising Brochure
    Information for students planning to transfer from a community
    college to a university for completion of the baccalaureate degree

   Department of Education/Paperless Communications
    Get electronic copies of all DOE memos


Brenda C. Spencer, Ph.D.
Division of Community Colleges
        (850) 245-9903