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Timbali Graduate Farmers exhibit at International Floriculture ...2011221101255


									                                                                                                               November 2010
It’s the season to be jolly! In South Africa, this is more than a Christmas song. We see the signs of the economy and
business world slowing down in certain areas and speeding up in other industries. At Timbali, we are also preparing for a
quieter season. We look back reflecting on our input and the goals achieved during the year, and we know that the team
can rest with a peaceful mind. This year, we have spread joy through our flowers, through the jobs we created, and through
the changes and growth we’ve seen in the Timbali team and all our farmers. We’ve spent a joyful time singing while we
work, and experiencing the growth of the flowers as personally as possible. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season, with
time to spend reflecting on the joy you’ve spread, and with a warm wish of growth for the new year. Till we meet again next
year (our next newsletter will be out in January 2011), travel safely and spread abundant zest where you go. And remember
– Timbali flowers are available this holiday season from florists country wide to decorate your festive tables with.
Timbali Graduate Farmers exhibit at International Floriculture Trade Fair in Holland
                                   The graduate farmers were given the opportunity to exhibit on the South
                                   African Flower Export Council (SAFEC) stand at the International
                                   Floricultural Trade Fair in Aalsmeer, Holland from 3 to 5th November
                                   2010. Through SAFEC, the graduate Timbali/AmaBlom farmers took part
                                   in an EMIA initiative of DTI. EMIA is the Export Marketing and Investment
                                   Assistance Fund of DTI. The main objective of the Fund is to support
                                   South African Export Companies with costs related to the international
                                   marketing of their products. The Fund can also assist with market
                                   research, matchmaking, technology transfers and joint ventures. A small
Graduate Timbali farmers and Susan component also supports investment promotion.
van Heerden, Timbali’s sales coordinator
at the International Floriculture Trade    The Amablom farmers visited various Dutch flower growers during this
Fair in Holland.                           visit to Holland. The farmers were impressed with the Technology used
                                           by the Dutch growers and the state of the art Greenhouses used, where
                                           everything is controlled electronically. Day length is controlled by electric
                                           lighting and darkening of the greenhouses. The climate, humidity,
                                           fertilizer and PH is controlled by computers and even the sorting of the
                                           flowers is being done mechanically.

                                          The visit was used to benchmark Amablom production processes and
                                          quality with the production processes and quality of the Dutch growers.
                                          Farmers had the opportunity to visit the Gerbera breeder company
                                          Florist. All AmaBlom Gerbera cultivars are being imported from Florist.
                                          Here the farmers were taken through the whole breeding process. They
                                          were introduced to a number of new cultivars and had the opportunity to
                                          discuss problems that they experience with existing producing cultivars.
                                          The visit to the Aalsmeer Flower Auction Market and The International
                                          Floricultural Trade Fair opened a whole new world for the farmers
                                          allowing them to look beyond the Multiflora, South Africa’s National
A once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Flower Market. They had the opportunity to compare their flower
Dutch Growers and experience the quality and packaging to the standard of the best in the world.
culture and country.
                                           Different post harvest treatments were discussed to see if they can do

                                       things better and more cost effectively. All the AmaBlom farmers agreed
                                       that through the Timbali enabling environment they produce the same
                                       high quality of cut flowers than the Dutch and other world class growers.
                                       On their return, the farmers received an enquiry from an export company
                                       for a specific cut flower and they are investigating export opportunities in
                                       this regard.

                                       The international exposure was invaluable, because it allowed the

                                       farmers to benchmark their quality with that of the-best-in-the-world-


Preverance paid off for Thully, Timbali’s farmer of the year
Hard work and perseverance has paved Thully Prudence Maluka’s
path to success for the Unit holder of the Year Award – Thully Maluka.
Thully was born on the 2nd of August in 1979 in Bushbuckridge. She
commenced her primary education at Barny Primary School and
proceeded to Maviljan for her schooling. Due to financial constraints
she could not further her studies after completing her matric at
Ngwaritsane High School. Thully is the youngest of three siblings and
has a son.
She started her working experience as a labourer at Timbali in 2004
and in 2007 she became a pre-incubation trainee framer with Timbali.
She registered as an SMME in 2008 and entered the incubation
system. Currently Thully is in the process of graduating from being a
trainee SMME into a fully fledged graduate business owner. This
means that Timbali is gradually letting go of the ropes so that she can
begin driving the business to its ultimate success. In order for Thully
to benefit from the cluster model of shared infrastructure costs and
service; her business will be operated as part of Timbali’s Cut-flower      Thully – Timbali’s farmer of the year –
Science Park. Thully was named Unit holder of the Year after                holding some of her Gerbera produce,
comparing her financial and technical performance with the other               packed and ready for dispatch.
Timbali farmers.
Timbali is currently facilitating the process whereby she may have
access to a production loan from MEGA which will be used for a new
plant production cycle. She will also continue marketing her products
under Timbali’s Amablom brand, which has proven successful over
the past six years.

Festive Arrangement: I’m Dreaming of a Modern Christmas...

                                          Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Christmas Season!
                                          This very special time of year when we join with our loved ones
                                          in sharing centuries-old traditions, in a modern way, such as trying to find a
                                          parking space at the mall. I traditionally do this by driving around the
                                          parking garage until I see a shopper emerge from the mall. I then follow
                                          her, in very much the same spirit as the Three Wise Men, who more than
                                          2000 years ago followed a star, until it led them to a parking space.
                                          So... My design for this Christmas Season... very mod !!!
                                          1               1 (done)        2               3

                                          Request this step by step design guide from, or
                                          visit our website to download.

Farmer trained to improve crop health in Limpopo
     Samson Baloyi is a 46 year old farmer from Makumeke near
     Thohoyandou, Limpopo. His wife, Soldah and he have been
     married for 18 years. They have three children. He started
     working at KIC (Katz International Cooperation) as a delivery
     man. Samson started farming at the Makumeke cluster in
     1996 and was selected in October 2003 as the secretary of
     the cluster. Today he is farming on a 1ha plot in the
     Makumeke irrigation cluster earning an average of R3 000pm
     and he is passionate about farming. When asked why he
     wants to farm his answer was “In what other occupation can
     you produce good products that is good for your health and
     can help the community to earn an income” His dream is
     together with Timbali and the other clusters like Dovheni and
     Shigalo to expand their production. Since working with                Samson Baloyi, one of the Limpopo off-site
                                                                            farmers benefiting from Timbali Training
     Timbali supported by their Industry Partners Omnia, Syngenta                  and Support programmes
     en Netafim, he has learned more about the technology
     packaging of how to prepare soil, using the appropriate and
     correctly calibrated equipment. Irrigation maintenance and
     scheduling practices were demonstrated to assist the farmers
     with producing better quality produce during the on-coming
     hot summer season. Several workshops were held to identify
     specific pest and disease challenges. Red Spider, White Fly
     and Aphids were identified, their life cycles were described.
     This information is vitally important for the farmers to be able
     to do proper scouting and identification of pests. Powdery
     Mildew, Black spot, early and Late Blight were work shopped
     with the farmers to ensure that they manage the diseases

        proactively and to increase the quality of their produce.
        These services are part of Timbali’s off-site incubation
        assistance to clustered farmers that have access to land.
Thank you for visiting us                                                      Compliment of the month:
                                                                               Jac Duif – SAFEC CEO
    Tafadzwa Nyanzunda, Deputy Manager - Agribusiness, Department of                                   Compliments go
    Economic Development & Tourism, and other members of the KZN                                       to    Jac    Duif,
    Provincial Government                                                                              SAFEC CEO and
                                                                                                       experienced cut-
    Our sister Incubator, MMI’s Board Of Directors
                                                                                                       flower specialist.
    Representatives from DTI:
                                                                                                       The staff and
        o Stephen Hanival, Chief Director Agro-Processing, Industrial                                  farmers         at
             Development Division                                                                      Timbali     thank
        o Johannes Potgieter, Chief Director, the dti                                                  him sincerely for
        o Charles Mills, Acting Director, Innovation and Technology, the dti                           his expert advice
        o Dr Gerhard Neetling, Board member of Agriskills Incubator.                                   in the cultivation
                                                                               of Cut Flowers. His ongoing support to
                                                                               Timbali and the Amablom farmers are
                                                                               valued and noted with gratitude.

Timbali Technology Incubator is sponsored by STP


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