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					Parts of a Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are usually composed of several parts, each with
a particular job in making the entire machine work. This
makes mowers simple and complex at the same time.

Simple because being familiar with each of them makes
replacing each part easy as long as one knows what needs to
be changed.

They are also complex because it takes a competent mechanic
to know where a particular part goes and to service the

Don't worry though, because if you're just an ordinary
lawnmower owner, we've listed for you some of the basic
parts of a lawnmower.

1. Blade

- this is where metal meets the grass. The blade is
responsible for cutting the grass and doing it neatly and
evenly. Depending on the mower, it can be made of materials
such as steel, aluminium and plastics.

2. Engine

- if you own a motorized lawnmower, this is what keeps your
blades turning. Engines used in lawnmowers are typically
the single stroke types which pack enough punch for the

3. Handle

- this is the part of the mower where you have the most
control, for the human-powered ones at least. When buying
this part, make sure to get that which is made of sturdy
parts like stainless steel or any lighter alloy and fitted
with rubber to prevent your hands from slipping.

4. Wheels

- help in moving the lawnmower, especially for large ones.
They can be made of different materials depending on the
type and size of lawnmowers.

For example, small, push-type lawnmowers are usually
equipped only with plastic wheels while larger ones like
the ride-on types have steel wheels.